27 February 2011

sunday blog week 22

001. Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your all having a lovely day. I sure am..Well was untill it started pissong it down, I stayed at my friends last night so i got home this morning and i got a phone call from my best friend saying she was back in Brighton! i was very happy. So i went to meet her for a starbucks and a VERY big catch up. Had my all time favourite..Chai Tea Latte! best thing ever

002. Pictures were taken just before i went out, Have to have my morning cup o' tea before i leave god! my cat came along aswell and almost knocked it out my hand haha. So today has been a good day at the moment I'm sitting here writing this and i really really should be getting on with some art work.

003. Back to college tomorrow, I really am dreading it! I do love college but god it's hard work..It's been nice to not be stressed or once (even though i am at the moment due to not doing work) Oh well it'll be nice to see my college friends as i haven't seen them this half term! I've decided to try and work harder this term as i was flagging behind before. Wasn't good! Need to up my game in time for second year.

004. I am grateful to actually have a half term though as all you Uni lot don't! I don't know how I'll cope with not having one once i go to Uni. On the subject of that when i was in London i went past the RCA and it just made me realise how much i want to go to Uni in London! you know the feeling when you come back from a lovely holiday and you feel a little depressed to be back in grey england! well i kind off have that...but for London! I think i have a problem i just really want to live there so much. Hmm one day one day! people do always tell me I'm weird for wanting to live there so much as it's just another city but to me i see it differently! I guess in some ways i am lucky to live in Brighton though.

005. I don't have much to say today apart from all of that ^ hahah. I might put a film on and get on with some art...Once I've dried my hair and all (had a shower JUST so i didn't have to start work). Thanks to all the comments on my last post! I got more then i was expecting and i recently went over 10,000 page views so thank you thank you thank you! means a lot to me to think people read my ramblings. I also tried to film a video yesterday but i seem to be oddly and rediculously shy in front of a camera. or a laptop in my case! I couldn't get my words out so it didn't go to plan. Oh well I'm sure i will get it done soon! I hope anyway cause i really want to do one.

006. Sorry for mentioning it again but it's really going to help me if i do earn a  bit of money. So if you haven't already please do check out my ebay listings would mean a lot! If i make some money i will be able to buy myself a new phone since i broke my last one! damn you hot tea (when these items finish i have a lot more to add to ebay so keep an eye out)

A few to follow this Sunday afternoon
some very lovely blogs that i read a lot!

26 February 2011

get up and get out of bed

hello from the laziest person in the world. I'm sat in bed AGAIN! Urgh someone sort my life out for me please.

Anyway i hope you all had a lovely Friday yesterday! in the day i did nothing but cut and stick for my college work, boring  but it needed to be done! I will soon get out of bed and do some more college work (hopefully) literally need to sort out my laziness it's becoming a tad ridiculous. I didn't get up to much last night nothing was planned with my friends so that was a bit annoying but my brothers did have people over, at first it was about 5 people then more and more came so i ended up just spending time downstairs with my brothers and their friends, wasn't half bad actually! my brothers are surprisingly nice when there off there heads hahahah (dysfunctional family alert) but no it was nice, I do love my brothers who ever much i moan about them! so i went to sleep at about 2 in the end. They all left around half 1/2ish so i went back to bed and watched step brothers until i fell asleep. 
Today has been a less then productive day even though it is only 20 past 1 as i write this. It's weird weather in Brighton today it's pissing it down and it's really windy but theres sunny sky! so on this rainy day i have made myself a peter pan collar top! inspired by the lovely Gem with her tuesday tips! it's actually a really good one and relatively easy! I used a sewing machine instead of hand tacking it because i couldn't find a needle and I'm not too bad on the old sewing machine. so heres how it turned out!

for some odd reason photobucket has decided to make the 2 bigger pictures blurry! urgh oh well.

The process off making it! It was really easy thanks to the steps from Gems tips. And putting the clear nail varnish really did work! I mean it's not perfect my sewing skills aren't up to scratch (I really need to get back into it) but anywho i like it. And it's made an old top that i never wore into something a lot better! so i am happy.
So if any of you have a spare 10 minutes and some lace i defiantly recommend doing this! check out Gems tuesday tips for some help as well! 

hope your all having a lovely Saturday afternoon, I might be off to meet a friend for Starbucks later but I'm not too sure, should probably get on with some college work seing as it's back to college on Monday! I'm happy though as my best friends home tomorrow! We're going to order a dominoes for when she's back hahah looking forward to it i've been craving one for so long!
I'm happy now as I'm finally seeing my other best friend! I've known her for about 11 years and I've not seen her since christmas! she's the year below me so we're always doing different things so it'll be nice to catch up. Her family is like my second family thats how well i know them hahah!

Also thank-you to the lovely Jennie who mentioned me in her blog post! 

25 February 2011

A bit too lazy

Tiny bit ashamed at myself for being as lazy as i am. for the last 2 days all I've done is sit in bed really...Well today i got a bit of work done but truthfully i did that in bed as well hahah! Oh my god i need to sort my life out.
I don't have an outfit post today as well, I was in bed so i took some pictures of my day for you.

1. All the clothes I'm selling on Ebay at the moment. I tried my best to fold them neatly but I'm not very skilled in that area. If you'd like to see some of them then please do check out the items on ebay

2. The work i got done today, cutting and sticking. Tee hee i work hard don't i! But from the fact that i didn't get anything done today means i can't go out this weekend really, I don't have much planned anyway so in some ways i guess it's good. I might get some work done! I hate not having anything to do on the weekends especially in half term! but the next few weekends coming up are busy so it'll be good!

3.Hoping to go to this exhibition, I saw it in a magazine and cut it out to put in my enrichment book. Anyone else thinking of going?

4. Watching mean girls earlier, Always puts me in a good mood! If you follow me on twitter you would of read my depressed/sad tweets haha, Everyone gets those days right! I think it might be because of work load not going out the house today and i haven't seen my best friend for over a week! but I'll be fine tomorrow. I mentioned on twitter about not spending time with my mum recently. we used to go to lunch every sunday and the lovely  Gem mentioned that i should say something to my mum, so i did! and i think she's taking me shopping tomorrow and for lunch. or we're going Sunday! but it'll be nice. I love spending time with my mum

Sorry for the rather boring post and well, not fashion post! but i didn't like not posting so i thought I'd fill you in with my day. I know it is a boring day but oh well! I'm now sitting here looking at the clock wishing i was going out but no I HAVE TO DO THIS WORK! literally got so much to do it's unreal and yet i still find the time to be on tumblr and twitter. I'll never learn
another exciting thing is i think i may be going to Paris Fashion week!! I'm not 100% sure but my uncles wifes is french and her parents know someone who works in Fashion and they are hopefully getting me tickets to go see some shows! I couldn't be more excited. Even if i don't go to fashion week i think I'll still be going to Paris so what ever happens it'll be SO exciting. I'm thinking off brining my best friend (which she doesn't know about yet) she'll be happy! I don't want to get my hopes up (lol ok i already have) cause it might not happen!

Thanks again for the follows and comments. And thanks to any of you who have looked at my ebay! It'll be a huge help if i earn some money from it, so Thank-you! I'm thinking off changing my whole blog around tomorrow if i get time, I've been wanting a new header for so long and i just don't like the way my blog looks at the moment! hmm if anyone has any suggestions then it would be much appreciated!

24 February 2011

Money doesn't grow on trees

Image from wehearit

Lol dunno where the title came from, It just came to my head when i thought of money.
That is what i want to talk about today! I haven't got a proper post as well..I'm sitting here in the most unflattering and un fashionable clothes known to man so i wouldn't really want to scar your eyes with my lazy day outfit. So instead I am going to swerve you towards my eBay..I've spent all day setting it up you'd like to know! and it's finally all done. There is some clothes that are mostly new and in good condition, some i have worn but are still in good condition. So have a look and help me with my funding for my summer! a girl needs to go to some festivals (and buy some clothes). Thank you!

have a good ol' snoop http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/mummytriplet/ (ignore the name 'mummytriplet' I'm using my mums ebay account as i don't have one) not everything has been listed yet so keep an eye out for more!

some more stuff will be up tomorrow! I've got loads more to sell And I'll also post a proper blog post tomorrow

21 February 2011

sunday blog week 21 done on a Monday

Thought I'd show you all my rings.  Rope style rings are my mums and so are the plain silver ones. nothing that interesting! I'm also wearing H&M gold nail varnish

001. Hello everyone and sorry for the late 'Sunday blog'. Yesterday i spent the day at my nans up in Hemmel Hempstead. It was okay i guess! tad boring but we had an amazing sunday lunch so i can't complain! i got back around 6ish and then just sat in bed for the rest of the evening and eat.

002. and thats exactly what I've been doing today. I was meant to get up early to have a costa with my friend but she ended up getting the train earlier then we expected so i didn't get to say goodbye. So my plans for the day we're cancelled! I wasn't that bothered though as i have sat here doing nothing in bed and i actually quite like it. I'm thinking off maybe getting out of bed around now and doing some work buut knowing me that wont happen.

003. The rest of my week i don't have many plans really either, pottering around the house most of the time i think haha. I do like half term but i've been set so much work it's kind off boring! I better get started on some of it though I've got to get through about 5 whole projects and re do annotation, presentation and some i have to just re do the drawings and the outcomes. Hmm this could be hard and i think it's going to take a long time! thats why in some ways it's good that i have nothing planned cause i really need to get it done. My best friends gone away for the week which is sad! but she said she misses Brighton already and she's only left this morning hahah. Oh Brighton how i love you!

004. so yeah I'm thinking off getting a lot done this week, with art but this blog as well! I want to start putting more effort into it and actually getting some good posts down. I've been a bit blah with it recently. I'm defiantly going to take some pictures for the blog shop this week as my mum said she will help me with all the post and packaging malarkey. not very good with things like that! I'll probably get that done tomorrow so keep an eye out for some new things on there. not promising it though! will defiantly be up this week.

005. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and will have a lovely half term! tell me all your plans. I'm jealous people who are in London and going abroad, I might be going up to london though which will be nice. This week is also 15% off at Urban Outfitters for students!(well i think it is i got an email but it doesn't say anything on the website) I'm trying to save my money this week so maybe by the end of the week I'll have enough to treat myself to something who knows! I'm loving the tan sandals at the moment. I think I'll do a wishlist tomorrow as well as i have a lot of things i want at the moment! (which i have to add..I CAN'T AFFORD. Waah i need a job)

Thanks again for all the follows and comments! I am sort of close to 300 followers. I will repay you all soon with a giveaway! I was going to do one for when i reached 200 but it didn't end up happening!

19 February 2011


trying a new way of laying out my blog. I think i write too much at the start and people probably end up getting a bit bored? so i thought I'd let the pictures do the talking (kind off, I'm still going to ramble) so i put the pictures at the start. I NEED TO START TAKING GOOD OUTFIT PICTURES. Having to do them in the mirror is just not acceptable and i apologise a lot for this. I will soon find a good place to do it, there must be somewhere to do it in my room! how do you lot all take your photos?
I'm not in the happiest of moods right now, I'm going to my nans tomorrow and i can't really be bothered to go, where only going for a day but still..

I'm also quite upset today aswell, I was having a nice day with my friend in town and then my two other friends who i haven't seen in a while. We used to be friends in secondary school and now that we're at different colleges i haven't seen them for about a month! and they invited my friend round to one of their houses but didn't say anything about me? Kind of made me quite upset and it ruined the rest of the day. In the end they we're like yeah rose can come..But i mean come on?? at least acknowledge me in the fucking first place ARGH sorry for the rant it's just really put a downer on my mood. I think i'm just being stupid cause in the end i couldn't go anyway but still.

Okay sorry people on to the outfit. I wore this to town today and i was quite hungover and tired so i wasn't really in the mood for getting dressed really hahaa. I did put on my wedges though to make it more well..less boring!

Don't have much else to say really, but about the title of the post is i want to know if anyone of you could ask me some questions via twitter, my email which is rosedl@hotmail.co.uk or by commenting on this blog. About this blog or about me or anything you'd like to know! it would be so much help as i want to finally get a video done and because i haven't' got much planned this week and would like some distracting from my college work i think i should get time to do a video!

thanks again and i am so sorry for being in a very horrible mood today!

17 February 2011

Half term is finally here!

I am happy but sad at the same time today, I love half term but i miss college! it's weird cause most of the people at college aren't people i see out of college if you get me, but we are such a close group of friends there that when I'm not at  college i miss them! i think i'm the only person that actually truly loves college. Even though i do moan about it a lot i do love it. Anyway it is half term!! and i think it is good to relax i've been so stressed with college work that i think i need to sleep for about a month. Even though i only have a week off! I have to go back over all my projects and get them up to a Merit grade. I think i can do it! I just need to get my head down and do it. I hope i don't get cabin fever for being in for too long. I do have some nice things planned for half term! but most of it IS work. Oh well! I hope you all have a lovely half term too

Now onto the outfit. I have 2 outfit posts today as i haven't posted in a while and i took some in the week. I also have to show you my new shoes that I'm in love with.
(Warning picture heavy post coming up. This is what happens when i don't post for a few days!)

Right this is the outfit from the other day. I was feeling more confident then i normally do and decided to go for a body con dress! woah never do this. Felt VERY self conscious in the end though but luckily i did have a big cardigan on and a scarf. I don't have much boobage (lolz) so i tend not to wear tight tops cause i feel like people might look and be like har har she has no boobs. But yeah! I did like this outfit though i think the colour of the scarf and cardigan go really well together. I'm slightly addicted to weering this cardigan i go through fazes with clothes were i wear something like ALL the time and i love it then i move on to something else. before it was my orangey knit cardi from topshop now it's this. I'm hoping this half term I'll save up some money to go clothes shopping cause I'm so bored with me repeating my outfits on and on and on. So I'm hoping to get a bit of money! on to spending money here are my babys that i bought the other day.

I GOT THE WEDGES! If you follow me on twitter then you'll know I've wanted them for so long. And I went to a 20% off event the other day at H&M just so i could get these and they didn't have my size (wish i'd bought them anyway as you'll find out) so yeah i was upset that they only had a 7. Then i went in the other day and saw them again and thought..Ah I will just try them on even though it'll make me sad. But i realised that they actually fitted me okay.. OKAY in reality they are a size too big but in my eyes they are wearable..sort off! with socks on they are fine. so i bought them. still got the tag on so i could take them back I'm not sure! they we're £15. not expensive in my eyes but that £15 could go towards me getting my belly done. Hmm decisions decisions! oh well I love them.

Well I hope you all have had a lovely week! I've finished college so I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and a room that looks like a pig stye. In serious need of a spring clean! tomorrow I will be having a very very lazy day, all my friends are at college so i wont have much to do but in some ways I'm happy. I need to relax really! 

Thanks for all the comments and support. I know i don't post as much as i would like but now that it's the holidays i think i probably will! I'm meant to be going up to my nans on sunday in Hemmel Hempstead as she had surgery cause she had cancer :( but she is all fine now and nothing was too serious! I might wear my wedges as it's a meal and everything

Love, Rose

I've just realised all my recent posts all the photos have been removed cause of photobucket. WHAT DO I DO!?!? it tells me I've exceeded the amount but i haven't uploaded from that in ages and all the others weren't over the limit, Waah i hope they come back :(

14 February 2011

Not so happy valetines

Hello everyone! and Happy Valentines day. Well for the ones of you that are in a relationship. and if your not i feel your pain! even though i do like being single wouldn't it be nice to have a boyfriend haha? well i hope your days were good what ever happened!

I had to get up early this morning so i did not put much effort into my outfit at all! I went for the comfy option as i was up and out the house by 8.20 which also = to a very moody Rose.
Cardigan Vintage| Top H&M| Leggings Topshop|
sorry for the crappy macbook pictures
so as you can tell I was in a very comfy outfit, A big jumper and leggings. This t-shirt used to actually be a long sleeved one from H&M and I've probably mentioned it on this blog a lot of times before. The other day i got bored and decided to cut the sleeves off. I'd seen a similar top in Topshop that day and was considering buying it but cause of the redic prices in there i thought meh why not just make my own! obviously it wasn't done well (slaps hand as i am meant to be a fashion/textiles student) but i did it late at night and so yeah..Thats my excuse anyway. I used to wear this top all the time but now it's getting a bit warmer or is MEANT to be getting warmer i thought why not change it so i can wear it for summer. I can imagine me wearing it loads in summer with my high waisted shorts. I've just realised in the last picture you can see a bit too much bra-ness! Better keep an eye on that when i wear this again. I think i cut that side a bit badly. I've tried a different way of wearing my hair today i clipped the fringe up each side.. I liked it. It felt nice not having to keep pushing my annoying long fringe up so it didn't look flat! if you get me. So i think I'll be wearing it like this again tomorrow! 

Had a good day today even though it was Valentines day. I was in college at 9 which wasn't that great but i handed in all my work so there will be no more moaning from me! even though i have just got set a new project. And then was home by about half 11! just what i like. I have been sitting at home drinking tea and watching day time tv all day. It's been nice! even though i should of got started with the new project. It's another Illustration project and it's only 4 days long which is quite good in some ways. We picked a piece of paper out a hat and i picked out Marilyn Monroe. And what i have to do is do different Illustrations using different media from a portrait of her. I think this could be fun! I hope i get into it. 

So i hope you all had a loooovely valentines day. Or if your like me and blocked it out your mind then i hope you just had a lovely Monday! Was defiantly in need of a starbucks and my best friend but she was at college today! oh well..Maybe i should just go all out tomorrow and get TWO Starbucks to cheer me up. 

13 February 2011

sunday blog week 20

No make up on as i have not gone out today!

001.  It's sunday! and doesn't it feel like it. I've been doing work ALL day and if you follow my
twitter you will realise how much it's killing me. Yeah so sorry for stressing out over it and writing rants on twitter. and most of my posts now are just me moaning about Art. Urgh I apologise a lot for that! this week is assessment week so i will be stressed but i wont have any work to do! so in some ways it's good. And I will probably be doing a lot more outfit posts as i wont be in college as much.

002. My interview is on Wednesday and i am really scared, everyone is telling me oh it's fine you'll get in! but theres always a space in my mind where i am worrying. What if i don't! I'm screwed. Hopefully i will though as i have worked my butt off for this course and i know i moan and i find it fucking difficult but doesn't everyone? I'm not used to this much work haha!

003. anyway on to a different subject...Woah that took me a long time to actually think of a different subject. Art is taking over my life it has to stop! anyway yeah..I've decided i defiantly want my belly button pierced! I am going to do it in the half term which is 2 weeks away i think. I have a tenner at the moment so i need to save another £20. I'm not sure if i should tell my mum cause i think she'll say no! i can do it without her permission but i feel a bit bad. So I'm not sure what to do! if she says yes she'll hopefully pay for it. then i can get it done sooner ;) I got a comment saying 'isn't it a bit old fashioned' ermm wasn't sure if it was a hidden dig at me but who cares! I want it done so i will get it done.

004. I was really hoping to get a video done today but of course that hasn't happened. I will soon i promise i promise! and i will hopefully get my blog shop up and running soon as well! I know I've kind off abandoned it since i started it but i just haven't had time to sit down and sort it all out. I was going to use ebay cause a lot of people have had success with hat but I'm not sure, I think I'd prefer to use a blog shop..Anyone got any helpful tips for ebay just incase it is better or something? I will appreciate it!

005. so once again thank you all for coping with me and my moany/stressed self! I promise i wont be stressed the next time i post and i WONT talk about art! want to get it all over and done with so i can relax. In some ways I'm glad it's half term soon! but i will miss college cause of everyone there.

Thank you all so much again, your comments always put a smile on my stressed face so keep em' coming!

One person to follow this week:
lovely blog and lovely girl, who always takes time to comment on my blog.

lots of love Rose

12 February 2011


1  2  3  4
sorry for the rather boring post. I am sat here feeling sorry for myself! I've got a hangover a bad one..Never drinking that much vodka ever again don't think I've ever been that sick before, Anyway enough about that! my day has been very very boring so there for i haven't got an outfit post and i didn't not want to post. I mean my posts are becoming so so boring at the moment! I'm finding it very hard to find a balance between college work and the blog, yes my life does not come in to this as art work IS my life right now, so much work to do! I've got to spend all day tomorrow getting it all done for the portfolio review on Monday! 5 big projects to get done for Monday, This is going to be fun right! the inspirtation is all from tumblr. not many photos just thought I'd show you a few images i like at the moment. I really really want to do that to my shorts! the first image. It looks so cool, i also really want my belly pierced have any of you lovely people got it done? if so how much does it hurt. sorry once again for the lack of blogging! I'm thinking off maybe putting my blog on private for a bit until i get back in to the swing of things I hate not being able to blog as much it's really annoying! I love blogging its such a relaxing thing to do. to sit down and just write about my day and what has happened to me, it's like a diary to me gets my feelings out when i'm down at times. I know i always go on about it but valentines day is really not a fun holiday for me! I'm going to try and block out the thought of it on Monday, even though there is a possibility somethings happening with a boy in my class..looool embarrassing. On that cringey note i shall go! I'll be back to my usual self soon i hope. GOODBYE

I don't normally enter anything as I never think I'll get any where from doing it. but i saw this and i saw the likes of Lily entering it so i thought why not give it a go! I didn't realise but the closing date is tomorrow and i wouldn't normally pressure people in to voting. not that i am but i think it's not a good thing to post a blog post about this but oh well! So i just thought I'd ask for your help! if you want to ..Please vote it would mean a lot :)

Style Insider River Island, Vote 

09 February 2011

We could of had it all, rolling in the deep

title is from the AMAZING new song by Adele, It's been stuck in my head for the last few weeks i love it, go have a listen here.

Anyway i am back and with a outfit post! (i hear you all scream with excitement lolz) Finally back in to the blogging cycle, I have missed doing outfit posts. I have to say though this is not a good one as i was in a rush this morning and it always takes me ages to get the right photo as i don't really have much good places too take any photos. AND my room is horrendously messy so it's a bit of a blah photo but oh well! my lifes been a bit hectic at the moment, Well especially this week! theres work sheet sall over my room at the moment and I'm feeling pretty stressed due to the work, and i have to get everything finished for Monday as i have my interview for second year (so so scared) I hope i get in to second year!! I am starting to get bored of my clothes at the moment it's just the same old same old, defiantly in need of something different! or maybe something called SUN. I'm not normally a summer person i mean i love it of course but i don't like my fashion sense in summer, well i didn't last year anyway! it was shit and i didn't have enough money to buy new clothes because i was spending the money on nights out and festivals. But this year i hope it's better! I have a lot of clothes that i think i can tie in with spring/summer as  well as what I'm wearing now in the colder months so all is good i hope!

one was taken this morning before i went to college with my coat on and everything and then the second was taken when i got in from college. I wore my playsuit AGAIN with my friends big blue cardi that i seem to have borrowed taken. it's really big for me but i like that cause it's lovely and warm and aaaah. Defiantly what i needed for a whole day at college. I try to go for more comfort then style hahha my scarf is something i don't know if i've mentioned on this blog. I bought it a few years ago at Portobello market for £3! defiantly a bargain. I wish it was long enough to wrap around twice though. but oh well! my hair has been pissing me off so much at the moment! I just don't know what to do with it, it's very meh and boring in my eyes i wish i had a slight curl to my hair but i don't!! i hate it at the moment.
Scarf vintage| Jacket Topshop| Playsuit H&M| Necklace Primark|
Tomorrow i am going to H&M event. 20% off for students! YAY I am going to buy a pair of wedges that i have been wanting for so long. They are suede and black but when i went in yesterday they didn't have my size in the black only in the leopard print ones. So I'm hoping SO much that they get them in for tomorrow! as they will only come to about £12 which i think is pretty good. I am going to wear them with my jeans and also as going out shoes!

so as i was saying before about my hair, the fact that i hate it at the moment! I thought I would show you something i have come across. It's not new as it's been in the bathroom cupboard for ages but i used it the other day and i quite like it! might give it a go tomorrow, It's...
Sorry for the crap quality picture
Tommy guns Mouse. I don't know if many people have heard of Tommy Guns! I hadn't but it's my mums best friends hair salon, he is such a lovely man! and my mum was actually the one to teach him how to hair dress properly! oh i wish my mum had stuck at it. He now has salons in London and New york! so we get free hair cuts and free products. So i thought why not try it out! I'm going to use it tomorrow to give my hair a bit of volume as today it looked so limp and lifeless! I'll let you know how it all goes.

EDIT- I'm not sure if anyone will read this but if you do then please please please vote for me Here. I don't expect to get anywhere near the top but it would be nice. and you never know! so if you want please vote :) 

06 February 2011

Sunday blog week 19

Cheating, this was actually taken last night before i went to my friends.
001. Waaah I'm sad! I haven't been a good blogger at all. It's making me sad cause i love blogging I just haven't had time and I'm really not feeling this blog at the moment. But I have had a little break (not at my own choice) due to work load and i think it has helped! I feel fresh and new (lolz) and will start again on Monday to the old better blogger i used to be. hahaha sorry that made me laugh! but no yeah I will be back to regular posting on Monday hopefully.

002. My weekend has been a lazy one once again, I just stayed at my best friends house last night and now she has given me her sore throat yay don't we all love her. But it's okay.. I think it'll go by tomorrow! Can't wait to go back to college, I always miss it when It's the weekends god thats sad isn't it..But it's just so fun!

003. I went shopping today and bought new underwear, Every girl needs underwear! it made me feel better. but what didn't make me feel better was the fact that in every shop there were 'Valentine bra and knicker sets' URGH! please fook off valentines day i don't like you! Unless someone could randomly give me a boyfriend then i would be fine but it's not gonna happen. What are all you doing for Valentines day? Sorry that i don't like it! I just don't see the point in it haha. Any of you feel the same?

004. so i know i promised you all a video but i just didn't have time! I was going to get one done today but i have just got back and now have to get on with some art work. I'm sorrry! such a bad blogger. I defiantly want to do one though as i love hearing what bloggers sound like and i think it would be a good thing for me to do. I just have to think of something to say! I am very shy in front of a camera as i tried to do a video a few weeks ago and i couldn't get the words out! didn't realise i was THAT shy. But I'm sure I'll do it soon so keep an eye out!

005. I'm going to apologise once again for the lack of blogging and when i am blogging i'm not really in to it. My mind is everywhere! this work is doing my head in. But after all this preparation and research and experiments with illustration is over i get to concentrate on doing my final illustration and i think that'll be fun! I'll keep you all updated

006. Thanks again for all the comments! your all too good to me. Even when I'm being boring you always comment and it makes me happy. so thank you! i WILL repay you soon!

007. Another thing is i got an email from photobucket saying i was close to going over my limit of storage or something? and i cannon't believe this is happening it's so annoying. I really don't know how else to upload my pictures? And i don't want to have to pay for 'pro' photobucket. Anyone got any recommendations?? or any way i can still use photobucket it would be much appreciated

So I will post tomorrow I am sure! charging my camera as we speak to i will be up and running. I'm thinking off maybe wearing my camel jeans as i haven't really worn them enough to justify paying 40 quid for them. I do love them! I just don't feel confident in jeans..But I shall try! thank you all again

                               Love, Rose

04 February 2011

It's that Friday feeling

Spotty tights Priamrk| Blue cardigan vintage| Playsuit H&M|

Once again I am posting on a Friday, someone give me my life back? I'm sitting here doing art AGAIN. literally haven't had a break all week and it's so exhausting I'm doing a Fashion Illustration project at the moment and i am enjoying it. BUT it's SO SO hard. I'd just like too say thank you for all your lovely comments it really did make me smile! I like to get feedback because i don't normally get feedback from my Tutor.

I know my tutor obviously isn't a bad teacher otherwise she wouldn't be doing it. But there are some people in the class that are fine artists..people that can draw amazing drawings and i am not one of them. And i don't mind! that's not what the course is about but it seems like my tutor only takes notice of them..she never gives me criticism of my work so i never get anywhere with it. I do things that aren't great  but then isn't it all about learning from your mistakes? Hmm I don't know! but it's starting to pee me off actually. Oh well! college is good at the moment i love everyone there and especially like this one boy..lolz feel like a 13 year old! but it's all good. College is stressful but good at the same time.
I just want to apologise for being such an awful blogger recently. I just can't multi task from work and blogging and then sleeping as well. Which is what i want to do most of the time!

I'm hoping to get a video done this weekend. Who knows! I always say it but i think i will...
I've got nothing planned tonight which is a shame but to be honest i think if i did go out i would fall asleep straight away so it's probably for the best. Then tomorrow theres a party going on but i think i might just sit in with my best friend. The weather is really putting me off going out at the moment. It's like gail force winds out there..Defiantly would rather be in bed then out in the wind. Hopefully tomorrow I'm going to town to get some new bits and bobs. I'm in desperate need of some new underwear! all girls need pretty underwear, may even get matching ones. It's depressing me though as Primark are getting Valentines day underwear sets *shoots self in head* who else doesn't see the point off valentines day? Maybe it's just the fact I don't have a boyfriend!

I promise to keep you updated with my (boring) life more often! I hate not blogging. It's one of the best things I've done, I'm so glad that i started this blog and i love to think people can relate to me and actually read what i write. It's gotten me thinking off jobs i want to do. I might start trying to intern for some magazines and see how that turns out. Or intern for some Fashion placements. any of you got anything you think I'd be interested in! something for me to get my foot in the fashion worlds door.

Thank-you all, you lovely people! Thanks for sticking with me while i have been a very dedicated -hmm ok maybe not SO dedicated as i should be- Art student. I am doing a lot of work so i am hoping to get a good mark! sorry for the rather boring and rambling post..I have things to say but I don't know how to write them so i seem to have just rambled. I promise to be back on top form tomorrow!

02 February 2011

I'm back

Hello everyone! I'm so very sorry about being a very bad blogger this week. I've just got NO time to sit down and write a blog post. And when i do have time I'm just too tired to even have anything to talk about. But tonight I'm feeling more myself and not as tired. And i had nandos with the best friend so thats put me in a good mood! and my work actually came out alright today. Well in my own mind anyway. Thats what the post is about! I don't actually have any outfit posts or anything (sorrrrrrry!) but i do have some pictures of my Fashion Illustrations. And I'm in need of a lot of help! now i know there is some artists out there and i know you'd LOVE to help me..Right? hahaha well i hope you are! cause i need some good criticism on my work. I'm finding Fashion Illustration a struggle. A lot harder then i ever thought it was going to be so my work isn't coming out amazing. I'm such a perfectionist! but anyway I'll show you some of the ones I've done this evening and today
This was my first draft that i drew, I drew it with a stick and ink and then blew the ink to make it drip down the bottom. It's simple but i quite liked that.. We we're allowed to take this Fashion Illustration in any direction we wanted and well..I took it this way! I like how it's very simple and how it just shows the structure of the folds and the jawline..

I then experimented with colour and different things with the same template

I then tried out spreading the ink further down the page. And tried out some different eyes! i just splodged ink on the page and blew..I think they turned out okay! still a very simple design, what do you think about the design? Is it TOO simple or is it okay. Don't worry about saying it's shit if you think it is! I don't think it's the most amazing thing ever. I need criticism and help so feel free to say anything!
This one is the same template like most of them. but i used a water colour wash background and tipex to edit out some of the lines and then i splattered ink over the face and watered down ink over the background too.

this one was being cut out at the time but i thought I'd take a picture. I thought I'd try out some different colours on this one what do you all think? still a very simple design.

I ruined this one a bit i think. I don't like the pink on the background but i tried out lips on this one. I think they look a bit shit really..The more i look at this one i don't like it haha!

I then tried out a whole figure drawing because we weren't allowed to do just face/shoulders on all of it so i decided to try this. Simple design again!! I think i like simple things haha. I drew the figure using a stick and ink and splattered coloured ink and water colour on the background.

So there is some of my designs, I've got to do loads more and come up with a final design..So i would love your help! what do you all think?

I'm sorry if this is a boring post for most of you and i do expect to loose some followers or something due to it haha! but i do love getting feedback on my work and this blog is a great way too do it.
I will be back to my outfit fashion posts by the end of the week i'm sure! I've not really been into fashion due to the fact I'm so tired and we're using ink all the time so I've been wearing pretty boring outfits that would not be suitable for show hahaah. Thank you again for all the comments!

                              Love, Rose