28 April 2012

Sat 28 April

Dress (worn underneath)-Primark
Jumper-Urban Outfitters
Scarf- Brothers
Sunglasses- Also my brothers
Hello everyone. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! 2 blog posts which aren't months apart looks like I'm getting back into this whole blogging stuff. Anyways this is an outfit I wore yesterday and again sorry for the photographs I just CANT get full body pictures its impossible so I'm doing the best I can with them! First time in ages I've actually dressed like a girl, I really do just go out in jeans and a t-shirt most days if the week but I tried to break my habbit. Not gonna lie I felt so un comfy in this hahah.
The dress is a recent purchase from good ol' primark for 6 quid which I couldn't say no to and they also had 1 left on the rail and it was my size so it was fate. It'll be a really lovely dress for summer! decided to layer it up with my new jumper as well. Still couldn't break the van habit but I just love them too much as you can tell from the battered state mine are in.

I recently did a shoot with a lovely photographer and it has now been published in a magazine!!! Luxxe magazine which is pretty exciting, thanks to all the lovely tweets from people as well. 

so I hope you've all had a lovely week and had a good friday. I'm sitting in bed dying of a horrendous hangover (why do i do it to myself) so I'm drowning myself in pints of tea to cure it.
Love, Rose

22 April 2012

Hell of a long time

Shirt (worn underneath) Forever 21
Jumper - my Dads
Shorts- Urban Outfitters
Hello everyone, It's been a month since I last blogged and it's killing me that my blogging pattern has been thrown out the window due to college, but fear not! I will be back into full swing soon as I leave college in about 2 weeks so I should be getting more blogging done. This was an outfit I wore a few weeks ago now when it was nice and sunny (but I wasn't brave enough to go no tights too milk coloured I'd reflect the sun) but yeah its come to the point that I am so poor and without clothes that I tend to borrow anyones around the house. Todays speciality is my dads jumper! ( I WISH I HAD A FUCKING SISTER) so yeah I put this on quickly once and I realised that I actually did quite like it so I decided to try it out and I think it works!

My style over the last few months has changed dramatically, I'm not as girly as I used to be. I wasn't even girly in the first place so imagine what I'm like now! I can't go out the house in a skirt/shorts/dress without feeling un comfy and weird hahaa. so at the moment I am living in baggy t-shirts, jumpers and jeans and my vans. Fashionable I know! so yeah thats kind of the reason I haven't been blogging because everything I've worn is embarrassingly lazy and un imaginative. I kind of like the fact my styles changed though. But yeah so due to having no clothes I got some money from my Adidas shoot and decide to spend some off it, which was a bad.. bad idea as I'm meant to be saving money for Kavos! but here is what I bought today.
Vans- 47.99
my new vans which I have fallen deep in love with. Ah I love you vans! I have a pair of grey ones as you all know and they are horrible and dirty and ergh so I decided to buy a much needed new pair! and went for these bluely/black/grey suede ones haha don't know how to describe them. They didn't photograph well but god I can't wait to break them in and wear them to death! It was a toss up between getting a new pair of vans or some new nike blazers and I was so close to getting the blazers but I decided they were too expensive.
Urban outfitters- £25
I bought this jumper from UO sale for £25, well £20 or something with student discount. And It's really lovely! I needed a new jumper desperately and this one can work for summer nicely as well so yeah It's good.

so once again I am sorry for the serious lack of blogging, I feel so out of the loop with the blogging community and its horrible! but right now college is my main focus and its the last stretch and then I'm free! I'm doing my final major project right now and I've got about 2 weeks till I work from home then another 3 till I'm finished and I go off to Kavos on the 29th of June so not long now!
a lot has happened since I last blogged actually, I got an offer from Farnham university but have decided to Decline it and take a year out. SO I AM FREEEE FOR A YEAR. Looking forward to a year out really and hopefully it'll do me good. hoping to work on my modelling a lot more seeing as I always have to cancel jobs due to effing college. So we'll see how it all goes! I think I might (might as in a thought probably wont happen) be moving to NewZealand for 6 months next year. but yeah who knows what'll happen!

Hope your all good and have a had a lovely month since I haven't blogged hah. Can't think whats happened since then, I think it was easter? so I hope you all had a good easter! And hopefully I'll be back blogging soon. 
Love, Rose