31 December 2010

New years eve

Happy New year everyone! I bet your all planning your night out tonight! in some ways I'm happy 2010 is over it wasn't the best of years and i can't wait for 2011 to begin. BUT it's not like I'm just going to change over night (even though that would be good!) so in some ways 2011 is going to be the same as 2011 until i change it for the better! anyway i am stressing right now because I'm meant to be going to a party but i feel really terrible because my family are all down for new year and i feel like i shouldn't abandon them?? but i want to go out. I'm not even sure anymore!! it's becoming too stressful for me too handle. So i thought I'd ask you lot what do you think i should do? Sit down with the family (minus the brothers but that really doesn't bother me) and have a big meal and then get merry and watch some tv it will be a lot of fun and i do love my family to bits. but would i rather go out get drunk with my friends at a party? I DON'T KNOW! what would you lot do?

this is what i'm planning to wear if i ever do decide what i am doing. I haven't really dressed it up i might put a belt round the top to make it small because it is rather huge. or just scrap the top all together and just wear the  velvet dress?

i think it looks a bit too black! and not very interesting so i'm not too sure what to do!

i want to say a massive thank you to everyone who commented on my last post! it's the most comments i've ever received on a post so i couldn't be more grateful! i read every single one. I used to comment back on them all but i found it too hard! please blogger get a replying system please!

I hope you all have a lovely new years eve what ever your doing! and i shall post again in 2011. and please help me with the  decision making! thank you lovely people

28 December 2010

A little lost

I feel a bit weird cause i haven't really blogged or read any blogs in days! I caught up a bit this morning but yeah. sorry about that! I've been spending time with my family.

So i hope you all had a wonderful christmas!  I know i did. I was very grateful for  what i got and it was such a lovely day, very relaxing day with just a small amount of my family. I watched films and eat till i couldn't fit any more in. the food was AMAZING! and i am a very foody person. I eat like a horse so Christmas day is always the best. As i said i caught up on blogs and everyone seemed to get amazing things for christmas! I did have pictures of what i wore on christmas day and pictures from christmas day but annoyingly and weirdly? my camera didn't want to save them. So i now don't have any i am very upset about it! maybe i could recreate christmas just for you lot haha. But do not fear i have some pictures of me today! 3 days ...after christmas! oh well. it'll have to do

Jeans Topshop £40 | Top Marks and Spencers (mums) | Necklace Wallpaper Rose |
so this is what I'm wearing today! it's a lazy day today my cousin and auntie and uncle and new baby cousin (SO EXCITED I LOVE BABYS) are coming down today. So i didn't make much of an effort!. i got these jeans for christmas and i love love love them. I've wanted them before and i did feature them on my blog and i am so happy i've finally got them. I don't think I've worn jeans in over a year now or something so it's a nice change! haven't really styled them yet but I'm sure they will go with a lot of things in my wardrobe! the top is one i don't seem to take off at the moment. It's so comfy and loose and goes with everything it's my mums and it's  from marks and spencers. I've also got my Wallpaper Rose giveaway price! I absolutely love it. and don't take it off it goes with everything! so thats my outfit for today. i thought I'd also show you some of the presents i got! not that i got that many because most of it was money which i couldn't be more grateful for (£250 smakers to spend)

Wah nail art pen!
Urban Outfitters frame

they are just two of the present i got! i couldn't find the rest because some of them are put away. But i am so happy with my wah nail art pen! one of my brothers bought it for me. I've already tried it out and it's so easy to use! everyone should get it if you love doing a bit of nail art like i do. And it's not that expensive either (£6) the other present was also from my Brother but the other one. It's a black frame from urban outfitters! ah i love this too. It goes with my bed and it's so lovely. I'm going to hang it on my wall with my collage of photos i've done (well started) so i didn't include all of my presents because I'm thinking off doing a haul video sometime this week! or in the near future, because I'm not sure if i'll get  it done as family is here till new years day. and i doubt i'll be in much state to do a video on new years day, but we'll see! one last photo i have for you is my nails.

leopard print! using my nail art pen. still practicing but i'm sure i'll get better!  I used Beauty UK nail varnish which i am in love with because it only cost me £1.99 and it's such good colours and stays on for a while too. I'm using the Jade no.52 and the lilac colour for the dots. I don't know the number of the lilac colour because all the writing has rubbed off the bottle. 

So i hope you have all had a lovely christmas! and that you all fat from turkey, i sure am. 
I'm spending my day playing with my new baby cousin and eating a big meal. it's like a second christmas actually cause we have presents to give out! yay i am excited. I will post again tomorrow hopefully if i get time in between eating and playing with cousins.

25 December 2010

Merry Crimbo

image from wehearit

Merry Crimbo my lovely blog readers! I am sitting here on the sofa with my brother waiting for my Auntie to arrive so we can open presents. So i thought I would do a post for you lot! nothing special just to say I hope you all have a lovely Christmas day today and  you get all the presents you want.
I'm spending my day watching good christmas tv, opening presents, eating as much and as humanly possible and well of course spending time with my family.

24 December 2010

Christmas Eve


i did actually just write a whole start of this post but for some really annoying reason it decided to delete it all and the pictures? so you know what i don't think I'll do it again! it was only about a top i bought from a charity shop so yeah. I'll carry on with what i was going to say before below
oh i know remember what i was going to say. It was thank you all so so so much for supporting my blog since i started it in September! wait i can't remember when i actually started it. I think it was early september but thank you everyone. I was never confident or happy with myself and the way i looked before this blog and you've all made me grow in confidence and i am just so happy! I love this blog. And i can't wait for it to grow, Happy christmas everyone! 

this is what came through the door this morning! My wallpaper rose giveaway prize! I was so happy. 
It was lovely for it to come on christmas eve and the way it was all packaged just put a smile on my face!

isn't it just lovely! everything about the packaging was great. the little sticker saying merry christmas was great too haha!
So now onto what was actually in the the package!

(for some reason this post is being the most annoying it's EVER been. Everything hasn't gone right, the writing is annoying the pictures keep disappearing when i re arrange them and it's REALLY annoying me urgh)
I love it all. the locket is lovely and it has a little tea pot on it as well so it's just perfect for me! and the little pearl. ah i love it! I'm actually wearing now because i love it so much. I'm also wearing the earrings now too! Roses for rose hahah! these are lovely and so cute and small. I love the colour too. I'm glad to have these to add to my jewellery collection. So thank you very very much!!

so what i'm wearing today is my shirt i bought in the summer! I haven't worn it since my birthday meal in september so i thought it needed a good wearing! It's normally something more dressy but i decided to dress it down as normal. I paired it with my body con skirt that i never take off and my american apparel jumper which also i never take off. And i added my £1 belt from primark. tada a simple outfit for a day in town! I also put on my new necklace too! it really goes with this outfit i love it. I also have the earrings in on those pictures but of course you can't see cause it's not of my face. I also put on my new duffle coat! which i have to say is SO warm and kept me very cosy while elbowing people out the way to get my last minute presents. very bad idea i must say! next year i WILL be more organised.

the start of the wrapping! just need to finish it all off. That is how I'm spending the rest of my day doing. I need to wrap all my presents! then I'm off out for a bit. So i hope you all have a lovely lovely Christmas and i will probably wont post tomorrow because I'll be busy eating and...eating! but i should be back boxing day or the day after? who knows! sorry for the long post. I had a lot to say it seems! lots a love and a merry christmas!

22 December 2010

Winter Coats

So today i went into town with my mumma and did a bit of christmas shopping, I had to keep getting sent away while my mum looked at things for me which was funny, But i don't think she ended up buying anything, I think she's going tomorrow! I always get money because i like to spend it in the January sales, (who else is as excited as me for the sale!!) i love them and i always travel up to London to spend my money. I saw so many things i wanted today but i just couldn't afford anything.
I need your help again! seeing as you were all so good at helping me on my last help post i thought i'd ask again! this time it includes clothes. The only problem is i don't have pictures of the clothes so it might be a bit hard? but I'll carry on anyway

So as i was walking through town we went into Comme des Garçons and i fell in love with this camel coloured coat. It kind off looks like this but more.. well just amazingly beautiful! if you get me and fitted with a double breasted buttons! I'm not sure but i just fell in love. It was £230 but had been marked down too £165 now thats pretty good i think! and if i was too buy it i would go down on boxing day and hopefully it'll be marked down more. So yeah theres that one. The other dilemma i have is to either get a vintage duffle coat from a shop in the Brighton Lanes and costs £20. A big price difference, it fits perfect and it's a dark blue one with checked hood and inside it fits well and isn't too long either! it's the right length i am in such a dilemma!. The only problem with getting the expensive coat is the fact i go to Art college and would probably get it dirty and it's a posh coat to wear to nice things, which isn't what i need i need a practical coat. But i love it too much! so i know this isn't great cause i don't have the exact pictures of anything but if you could help me i would be so grateful! 

right so i also have some pictures of what i wore today! I haven't worn this coat in ages so i thought I'd give it an outing today to my usual denim jacket which seems to be glued to my back. I'm not that keen on this coat I'm not sure about it..I used to love it it's just not my style anymore! but anyhoo this is what it looks like
Scarf Beyond Retro| Coat Topshop | Skirt H&M |
Thankyou again for all the comments you all give me! makes me smile a lot. and it's 2 days till Christmas eve.. I AM EXCITED! i hope you all have a lovely christmas. Tomorrow I'm off for a Starbucks, Lunch and some charity shop shopping with my best friends. Hopefully it'll be good! if i buy anything I'll post about it. I'm supposed to be buying christmas presents but ya know..Everyones needs a treat!

21 December 2010

Almost christmas

is everyone excited, I KNOW I AM! It's now 3 days till christmas eve. I love christmas eve the most because each year me and my friends go for a Starbucks on christmas eve evening. It's lovely! not sure if I'm doing it this year though. but it's like a tradition. If i do go I'll be getting a chai tea latte! mm there my favourite. anyway on to the point!
Thank you everyone so much for the help with my pictures! I wasn't sure what to do and i was so worried i wouldn't be able to post again. But no it's all fine! i think anyway. I signed up to photo bucket and so it should work. lets hope so otherwise i'll cry!
So i haven't got any new pictures but i thought I'd show you some of the pictures i took on Sunday and was meant to upload but didn't!

so it wasn't the most exciting of outfits. But i'm finding it hard to be inspired in this awful weather. All i want to do is sit in bed with a big jumper on and my woolly socks. But i tried okay i tried haha! I'm once again wearing my body con skirt..It's an essential to my wardrobe i don't know what i ever did without it! in fact I'm wearing it as I'm typing this too. so as i said it was a simple outfit but i wore my vintage scarf around my neck to give it a bit of something, then i put my woolly scarf on over the top because i realised it was about -10 outside and wasn't a good idea to wear a small scarf around my neck. I do love this outfit. it's so comfy and well i don't know but it's something i could wear over and over again (which i do).

I also found this headscarf in my mums room. I wasn't sure about it but i put it on and took a picture for you lot! what do you think? I thought i looked like a farmer with it on but meh who knows. and my hair seems to have changed colour in this picture! it looks ginger/strawberry blonde!
I'm still trying to find a good way of taking pictures. Because i don't own a stand or anything, i normally lean it on my tv or stand on my bed like the ones above. hmm I'm sure I'll work it out!

this is what my weekend consisted off really. I didn't do much at all and i kind off enjoyed it! i just relaxed with my cats and put the christmas decs up.  not an amazing picture of the tree because i did it in the evening, but I'm sure i'll be taking a lot more so don't you worry!

I've had some good emails recently. I love getting emails and one was from Wallpaperrose saying I'd won the christmas give-away! ah i've never ever won anything before (sad i know) so i was so excited when i found out. If I'd been home yesterday i would of found out sooner but i was at a friends so i found the email today! thank you so so much.

I hope everyones having a great christmas holiday and i shall defiantly be posting again, now that the photo uploading has been sorted! yay i am one happy person today. Today my day consists of tea drinking and baking with my mum, have a great day everyone!

20 December 2010


Ok this is a bad post, but i didn't know how else to get help, every time i do a post i try to upload pictures on to the post and it tells me that i have used up all my 1gb space..WHAT!? i didn't know there was a limit to uploading pictures to blogger. anyone have any idea whats hone wrong? and how to fix it. thank you for your help, And i will be doing a proper post when i get back from some shopping. But i thought I'd do this just so i know if anyone else is having the same problem and can help me!

19 December 2010

Sunday blog week 13

It's weird to think next time i do a Sunday blog it'll be boxing day! Hmm that might mean i won't do one. But i probably will. oh and before i do the picture someone asked me..well wouldn't say asked actually but they said to me 'your sunday blog post is interesting but it's blatantly copying lily melrose' ok so i do a sunday blog and so does she. But I've seen a lot of blogs that actually do sunday blogs like this and if i remember correctly i did link her when i first started this sunday post saying i got the idea off her! is that such a crime! i didn't actually answer the question cause i don't go on Formpsring anymore the amount of abuse people get is just ridiculous. I don't get that much but still! so i hope i cleared that up.  Maybe i should change or just scrap it i don't know.

001. photo i took today. Having another lazy day today! this morning i went round to my best friends house for just a catch up and then i came home in the snow! it's been snowing all day in Brighton today but it's still not that thick. we seem to have had the least out of everyone, well from what i've heard on twitter and stuff!

002. for the rest of the day i am going to be baking with my mum. she's making a christmas cake but i think I'm going to make the recipe i saw on Lyzi's blog.  I love her blog so much and it looks like such a nice recipe so i shall give it a go and report back!

003. I forgot it was a sunday blog this sunday haha, so i do have pictures of my outfit (even though it was a very very boring outfit) so i might do another post later in the evening. And i do have some pictures of my christmas tree and my cats! so we'll see.

004. My christmas holidays have been very lazy and boring so far. but thats what i love about them! thats what the holidays are for. Tomorrow i think I'm going christmas shopping because I've left it all to the last minute once again so i need to get cracking.  It's weird but I'm actualy missing college! I love it and it's weird not being there. I have some good friends there so i miss them, It's nice my college because a lot of my friends go to big colleges that are more popular..not sure if thats the right word but yeah! and mines a more smaller college so the class is smaller and we all get on so well it's lovely.

005. I'm watching Annie at the moment with a cup of tea! ah love Sundays. I don't know what I'll do without xfactor though!

006. so i hope your all having a great weekend and are having a lovely christmas holidays! how much snow has everyone had? I'd love to know!  thank you to all the comments on my last two posts again! It makes me smile i love it. And thanks to everyone that follows I'm almost at 130..NEVER thought this would happen so i appreciate it a lot. Enough with all the cheesiness.

Some people you should all follow 

18 December 2010

Bad day

I've had one of the worst days today. I don't even know why! it was one of those days where everything was going wrong. oh well! i think I'm just over tired and need to relax, glad it's the christmas holidays because i can relax and do nothing. i do have a lot of work to do but hay ho! instead of a 'week in photos' i did a day in photos! even though it was an awful day. so here are some of the photos

1. my pepper pig advent calendar. Never too old for a advent calendar right? especially a pepper pig one
2.the dusting of snow we've had in Brighton. not much but enough for my cousins not to travel from London. if you follow me on twitter you will have heard me moaning about this.
3.the pile of work i have to finish. I need to get a distinction on this Fashion project otherwise I'll be annoyed at myself!
4.my wooly socks! they are so comfy. but keep falling off because there too big
5. watching Friends
6.not moved from this all day
7. comfy lazy day clothes
8.nose ring and snood

oh and before i go i would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has commented on my last two posts! it made me so happy. specially as it's something i made and you all commented so thanks! you did make my day a lot better. I've had a very lazy day today. been a tiny bit bored because family were meant to come down but because of the weather they didn't which is a shame, But tomorrow I'll be venturing out to carry on (or start in my case) christmas shopping! I always leave everything to the last minute me. Tonight will be a lazy night again, I'm so tired at the moment so it's nice to relax after finishing college for christmas hols, I'm going to try and get all my work done and dusted this holiday and get it up to a  good standard because i keep missing out on a Merit in my projects by one mark! so i just need to step it up and get it all done. I'm determined to get either a high merit or a distinction on this Fashion project. I think i can do it! got the christmas tree yesterday but it had wilted a bit because my mum got it from her work because they didn't need it anymore cause  they all broke up for holidays. but it just needed a bit of water then we were going to decorate it today but all the lights aren't working. so tomorrow is the day! or tonight. my mum has just gone off to get some new lights. I will put some pictures up tomorrow! hope your all having a great start to the christmas holidays and haven't had too much snow. or have if you like snow! i normally do like snow but it's ruined the plans and i haven't seen my cousin and new baby cousin for over 3 months now waah! but anyway I'll post again tomorrow 

17 December 2010

Feeling festive

title says it all. I am in the  festive mood today last day of college was good we rewatched the fashion show and it looked amazing, the teachers we're really happy with us and said it was the best they've ever had and it's been going on for 10 years so thats an achievement. And none of us knew this but a women from 'Brighton fashion week' was sitting in the audience and she was so impressed she said she wants to work with us so this is such a good oppurtunity especially as i would love to go into fashion! ah so excited this could be good. there is a video of the fashion show but it doesn't seem to be working but if it does i will some how try and post it. Another exciting thing the lovely Jennie Masters of http://jenniemasters.blogspot.com/ awarded me Stylish Blogger Award. aww! so thanks to her. It's great!
I haven't got much to say again today because I'm so tired i feel like i could sleep already and it's only 5 oclock! so i thought I'd show you how i had my hair for the fashion show. the hair had gone a bit flat cause it was after i got home and stuff but hay ho!

haha the last 2 pictures make me laugh. the hair did go flat so it was a lot better at the actual show! and i did have special make up on. But yeah! i thought I'd show you some pictures of it.

Sorry for the boring posts recently. I should be back with more interesting ones soon broke up for christmas today so it'll be good and I'm feeling festive. the christmas tree is up! so i'll be putting some christmassy pictures up tomorrow.