24 June 2012

denim duo

Denim Jacket- H&M (OLD)
Polka dot shirt- Forever 21
Vest- Urban Outfitters
Belt- Dunno found it in house!
Shoes- Vans

Hello everyone. What is this another blog post you say I'm actually quite surprised but I've kinda started to work my camera a bit better (not that you can really tell from these pictures) so I'm finding it easier to get some quick snaps in. I really wish I had a tripod so I could attempt full body pictures.
Anyway this was a quick outfit I wore the other day. I don't know if it counts as double denim but ye I quite like this outfit! I've been trying to branch out and actually start wearing stuff I don't normally do and trying to actually give a crap about what I look like. I like the spotty shirt with this denim jacket, I've had this jacket for years and I've never really liked it hmm still not 100% on it I don't like the cropped-ness of it but its alright I guess! wearing my trusty vans once again. I don't wear anything else really tbh well yeah no i ACTUALLY don't wear anything else, Breaking in my new black/blue suede ones recently so at least i look a bit less trampy in my grubby, holey, smelly grey ones haha
since putting these pictures up I've realised for some reason that I really need to start wearing more jewellery my outfits always seem to be lacking something and I've realised i think its jewellery! I'll stock up on some when I get home from holiday me thinks.
Talking off holiday! this is my knew bikini which I forgot to show you all. It's from Urban Outfitters and was reduced from like 30 or summin to 14. I never really wear bikinis like this. for its actually colourful which i don't do AND its very 'not padded' lol. Having no boobs is not a nice thing but I'm trying to not give a shit and embrace the no boob-ness in this bikini so we'll see how it goes. But yeah i do really like the print on it so it'll be a nice addition to my holiday wardrobe

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend I went out on Friday for my friends 18th which was nice and now I'm trying to detox for my holiday WHICH I FLY OFF ON FRIDAY EEEE. It's proving hard It was a hard choice not to go out last night but kinda glad i didn't seeing as my friends ended up in a police van. Weird stuff happens when I'm not there. 
I'm off to linger in my laziness 

Love, Rose 

20 June 2012

Whats happening

Leather Jacket C/O - Very.co.uk
Vest top- Urban Outfitters
Jeans (OLD)- Topshop
Ahoy people. Every time I do a blogpost there is a sorry in it! so I am going to pretend this is a post which ISN'T 2 months apart from the last one k? (holy mother of fuck 2 months? why am i so shit)
Anyway this is an outfit I wore yesterday and this is the first outing my leather jacket has got and I've warmed to it (as well as being too warm in it too, hot weather, london and a leather jacket means sweating my tits off most of the day)
the vest is one I've wanted for a while from Urban Outfitters but spending 14 quid on a bloody vest felt like an outrage so when I saw it in the sale for 8 I went straight for it! got a medium cause i like low arm hole vests coz i am a slut who from these pictures also likes to have her bra hanging out (ignore it plz)

to be quite honest I have no idea what I've done in the last 2 months? Who knows. Probably laying in bed knowing me, well no thats a lie I have now finished college which is a relief the exhibition is on atm so if anyones down in Brighton or some shit go to City college and check out the exhibition if yo' like. So ye on the 28th is my last day of college which is just to take stuff down so its sweet as.
And the next day I fly off to Corfu for a holiday so all in all I'm quite excited. I've also been spending a lot of time with my boyf lolll can never say that with a straight face I'm not that type of person, im not a relationship person (well at least I thought) but ye i have and its been nice as he was away for 5 weeks.

so yeah as i said this was an outfit from yesterday and this is what i wore to my casting which I travelled to London to go too, it was for Vivienne Westwood!!! ah so exciting and the place was amazing and posh and I felt a bit common there but who gives a shit aye. I doubt I got it but it was an experience non the less! but I'm hoping as it's a 3 month job with really good pay so would be pretty sweet if i got it

I've kind off given up with blogging. I don't seem to have the 'passion' LOLZ for it anymore as I used too but I'm gonna keep powering on with it and see how it goes. I don't think I could throw all this down the drain anytime soon as I appreciate everyone who follows me your all great.
I'll be back soon and not leave it another 2 months (im sorry but WHERE did those 2 months go? so quickly)

Love, Rose