19 February 2011


trying a new way of laying out my blog. I think i write too much at the start and people probably end up getting a bit bored? so i thought I'd let the pictures do the talking (kind off, I'm still going to ramble) so i put the pictures at the start. I NEED TO START TAKING GOOD OUTFIT PICTURES. Having to do them in the mirror is just not acceptable and i apologise a lot for this. I will soon find a good place to do it, there must be somewhere to do it in my room! how do you lot all take your photos?
I'm not in the happiest of moods right now, I'm going to my nans tomorrow and i can't really be bothered to go, where only going for a day but still..

I'm also quite upset today aswell, I was having a nice day with my friend in town and then my two other friends who i haven't seen in a while. We used to be friends in secondary school and now that we're at different colleges i haven't seen them for about a month! and they invited my friend round to one of their houses but didn't say anything about me? Kind of made me quite upset and it ruined the rest of the day. In the end they we're like yeah rose can come..But i mean come on?? at least acknowledge me in the fucking first place ARGH sorry for the rant it's just really put a downer on my mood. I think i'm just being stupid cause in the end i couldn't go anyway but still.

Okay sorry people on to the outfit. I wore this to town today and i was quite hungover and tired so i wasn't really in the mood for getting dressed really hahaa. I did put on my wedges though to make it more well..less boring!

Don't have much else to say really, but about the title of the post is i want to know if anyone of you could ask me some questions via twitter, my email which is rosedl@hotmail.co.uk or by commenting on this blog. About this blog or about me or anything you'd like to know! it would be so much help as i want to finally get a video done and because i haven't' got much planned this week and would like some distracting from my college work i think i should get time to do a video!

thanks again and i am so sorry for being in a very horrible mood today!


  1. Love that outfit, the wedges look really nice :) xx

  2. Cute outfit! I get my boyfriend to take all my pictures in random places around the house, haha.

    Ugh, and that sounds horrible. Friends can be such "friends" sometimes! x

  3. you have the best legs! their so long! love this outfit xx

  4. Love your outfit especially the socks and wedges combo

  5. love your outfit, especially the wedges! i love your blog :)

    (i have only just made my own blog, thats why its a bit bare)

  6. Who cares if your so-called friends didn't invite you, they are probably intimidated by you! haha, i wouldn't worry about it.

  7. hav u done a whats in my bag post?? that would be cool, and a peek into your floral makeup please?

  8. I do love those wedges. They have them in leopard print too and I was deliberating so much whether to get them or not, especially because they were so cheap but no, they didn't have my size! Hope your mood picks up and I don't think you were being stupid by being upset about it! x

  9. I quite like text led posts to be honest! I found when I opened my posts with photos, my comments would all be "nice pixxx" and the like ;) I take my photos with a continuous shot timer and a tripod, nice and simple! Can't wait to finish 2nd year and work hard for some money towards a DSLR though!

    Are you still going to HH tomoz sweet? I'm sure you'll have a lovely time! So close to my home, crazy! Excited to see your vlog lovely, I can't think of any questions at the moment, will probs email or DM you once my brain is less frazzled! xxx

  10. Aw it sucks when one thing can ruin the whole day :( I hope tomorrow is better though! I love your wedges and the colour of your cardy! xoxo

  11. skinny legs
    and that sounds pretty out of order of your friends!
    i'd love to see a vlog, i love hearing what bloggers actually sound and act like!xxx


  12. gorgeous wedges! love love love them :)


  13. i love your vintagey floral bag, i agree do a whats in my bag post

    x Bella

  14. Love the wedges : )


  15. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. I LOVE THAT CARDIGAN! Very jealous, the colour is just so lovely.

    I take mine in the bathroom which isn't the best place. I need a tripod so I can take them in my room. I always think to myself 'what if my family can hear me taking pictures in the bathroom, they'd think im up to something dodgy!!!' - haha!

    Stuff like that has happend to me before, it's quite horrid isn't it? It's just the thought of not being acknowledged that gets me, esp when you're actually standing infront of them but they pay more attention to who you're with. You end up feeling like the 3rd wheel. I found a great quote today that may help - "Holding a grudge is like someone living rent free inside your head" - makes sense, so try not to think about it, dont let it get the better of your mood.

    Don't worry about your mood, everyone gets upset, but like I said before try not to make it mess with your head, stress aint good for your health. It's a bloody pain haha

    Q - Since creating the blog what has been the most rewarding aspect so far?

    Hope your vblog goes well :)

    Katie. x

  16. i love your shoes, you look so pretty.

    xoxo monika

  17. Really nice blog :D


  18. love the layering look ! great shoes
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  19. Your legs are incredible. Don't listen to anyone who says your "twiggly". The outfit is so nice and I love your shoes. Your blog is really inspiring.
    Check mine out if you want xx



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