13 February 2011

sunday blog week 20

No make up on as i have not gone out today!

001.  It's sunday! and doesn't it feel like it. I've been doing work ALL day and if you follow my
twitter you will realise how much it's killing me. Yeah so sorry for stressing out over it and writing rants on twitter. and most of my posts now are just me moaning about Art. Urgh I apologise a lot for that! this week is assessment week so i will be stressed but i wont have any work to do! so in some ways it's good. And I will probably be doing a lot more outfit posts as i wont be in college as much.

002. My interview is on Wednesday and i am really scared, everyone is telling me oh it's fine you'll get in! but theres always a space in my mind where i am worrying. What if i don't! I'm screwed. Hopefully i will though as i have worked my butt off for this course and i know i moan and i find it fucking difficult but doesn't everyone? I'm not used to this much work haha!

003. anyway on to a different subject...Woah that took me a long time to actually think of a different subject. Art is taking over my life it has to stop! anyway yeah..I've decided i defiantly want my belly button pierced! I am going to do it in the half term which is 2 weeks away i think. I have a tenner at the moment so i need to save another £20. I'm not sure if i should tell my mum cause i think she'll say no! i can do it without her permission but i feel a bit bad. So I'm not sure what to do! if she says yes she'll hopefully pay for it. then i can get it done sooner ;) I got a comment saying 'isn't it a bit old fashioned' ermm wasn't sure if it was a hidden dig at me but who cares! I want it done so i will get it done.

004. I was really hoping to get a video done today but of course that hasn't happened. I will soon i promise i promise! and i will hopefully get my blog shop up and running soon as well! I know I've kind off abandoned it since i started it but i just haven't had time to sit down and sort it all out. I was going to use ebay cause a lot of people have had success with hat but I'm not sure, I think I'd prefer to use a blog shop..Anyone got any helpful tips for ebay just incase it is better or something? I will appreciate it!

005. so once again thank you all for coping with me and my moany/stressed self! I promise i wont be stressed the next time i post and i WONT talk about art! want to get it all over and done with so i can relax. In some ways I'm glad it's half term soon! but i will miss college cause of everyone there.

Thank you all so much again, your comments always put a smile on my stressed face so keep em' coming!

One person to follow this week:
lovely blog and lovely girl, who always takes time to comment on my blog.

lots of love Rose


  1. good luck for the interview, you seem to have been working really hard so i'm sure you'll be fine!x

  2. as much as i hated the stress of art at college/uni i kind of miss it! it's really weird not having deadlines or anything to work towards. try (!) and enjoy it as much as you can :) hope the interview goes well! stay positive and be yourself, you'll be fine xo


  3. Cute pic! Hope the stress dies out for you soon, and I can't believe how fast this week has gone! x

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  5. i dont think you're alone with all the art drama, i know a few people who aren't enjoying it and it's stressing them out!xx

  6. You look beautiful in your picture, nice to see a natural, fresh faced girl as its rare these days, esp in the streets I live within!

    Ahhh the interview! I remember I was so nervous, I went to two interviews. I went to stafford uni first and I was ill so I was coughing throughout, I wanted to die! I didn't like the place though, I was only set on going there because I thought moving out would be a good idea - and I'm glad I stayed at home, I wasn't ready to move out. I remember she gave me a place but I refused and went to the local uni, which was brilliant. My interviewer for that was more relaxed even though I was 4 hours late due to not knowing I had an interview until I checked my email haha! So I'm sure you won't be as bad as me, interviewers like to see that your'e confident in your work so if they try and make remarks about it they're just doing it to see a reaction, they want to see passion. So don't hesitate to say 'Well, that's your opinion that I respect althoguh I shall have to disagree' and then explain why, about your passions. Get artists/fashion designers in there too as they'll probably ask, or mention things that inspire you throughout the everyday, you mentioned tumblr, so mention images and maybe even bring a selection of images in just to show them. I'm waffling on now but hope you understand what I'm on about haha!

    I wouldn't say its old fashioned, old fashioned has nothing to do with anything actually. That's like saying ear piercing is old fashioned, we still do it! Whatever makes you happy, do it. Hopefully your Mum won't moan at you about it, Mum's can never stay mad at you so that's always a bonus ;)

    I usually only buy things from ebay however when I used it to sell something I hated the fact they took about £3 for comission, the item was sold for £30ish so it was around 10%, not sure if its changed though in all honesty! Blog shops seem good and you may have more success.

    Didn't expect the link! thank you :), you're a lovely person!

    Katie. x

  7. I saw thAt comment, it was so weird!
    Good look with your interview!
    And you're always so apologetic about your blog,but it's amazing dw!

  8. lol, wasn't a dig at you!

    button piercing was all the rage back in the early 90's, which is why i stated its 'old fashioned' IMO.

  9. You should do whatever you want to do with your body. Who cares what other people think? A couple of years ago I heard a friend saying "My friend wants to get her bellybutton pierced. She's 17! Who gets it done when they're 17? It's something you do when you're younger!" Erm.. I got mine done when I was 17! I don't care if nobody else likes it or they think it's boring because I only have a plain silver bellybar in it, I like it and it makes me feel good! No piercing is old fashioned.. people have been getting their ears pierced for years and nobody has a problem with that! My mom didn't want me to have my nose pierced, I got it done when I was 18 and she didn't talk to me for a week! Rant over, sorry haha.

    Good luck with your interview, I'm sure you'll do well! Like you said, you work really hard! I'm so glad I didn't have to have an interview for uni!

    http://strangeness-charm.blogspot.com x

  10. hardly old fashioned!

    and i don't mind your moaning about art, makes me feel a bit better to know that it stresses someone else out too!



  11. Cute photo!
    Good luck with your interview on Wednesday, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)
    Don't worry about moaning and being stressed, your only human! :) xx


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