28 July 2012

Cut out

T-shirt || Ebay
Jeans || Topshop Leigh
Jumper || Charity Shop

Hello Everyone this is just a quick post as I wanted to blog today. Probably cause I'm bored out of my brains cause I'm too lazy and in a shitty mood to do anything with my day. It's fun when your boyfriend hates you loool.
Anyway this is my new top that I bought off Ebay on a wim the other day. Now I'm not gonna lie I bought it thinking it was T-shirt material if you get me but it's kind off not its more like chiffon or some shit, but what ever it's still alright especially for £9.99 I really do like the colour as well, as you may or may not know i DO NOT wear colour, ever. It's something I just don't like doing and if I'm honest I think I feel a lot more comfortable in colours that aren't as 'out there' as some other ones. I think my shyness does go over the top sometimes. But yeah I thought I'd venture out my comfort zone for once in my life! 
I really do like this top and can see it being a good 'going out' top if i dress it up more. Wearing it today with just my trusty black Leigh jeans which in fact I need to invest in a new pair as these have started to go a bit saggy and grey I'm in love with the high waisted black jeans from American Apparel but the prices just make me run a mile. but maybe if I magically get a job or some money I may invest in some cause you cant go wrong with a pair of high waisted jeans.

Slightly boring post actually I'm just trying to get back to the swing of blogging again. I'm completely skint now after a few nights out in the last couple of weeks, last one ending in me falling down club stairs multiple times and giving my brother my bank card.. WHAT WAS I THINKING. I seem to have bruised the PALM of my hand? how is that even possible. Anyway this now means no more spending for me, I'm in desperate need of a job seeing as I have a year out and my modelling with strike is kinda on a downer at the moment due to me being a bit of a cunt and having to cancel loads all the time last month due to college being at the end and needing to work hard and all that (soz but education first aye?) so they don't seem to be giving me much work. I've had a few castings but no photoshoots for ages so lets hope that changes in the recent weeks as I'm really wanting to work on it more and grow as I can actually do stuff with them now and work as hard as possible on my 'modelling career' LOL what career... OH and on the subject of College I ended up getting a Merit for my second year which means overall I got a MMP which is Alright for me. well pretty good for me seeing as I slacked off for 2 years and did as little work as possible, Glad it's all over now and I came out with a Grade that I am pretty happy with! 

I'm going to linger in my laziness a bit more right now I'm drinking tea and listening to Fat Freddy Drop on repeat. have a listen
love Rose

24 July 2012

better late then never

Grey Top || H&M
Sunglasses || Beyond Retro
Cream Jumper || Charity Shop
Hamsa Palm Bracelet || Kukee
Above Knuckle Ring || Kukee

[[ Thought I'd broken the habbit of a post a month but it seems I haven't, This is going to be a weird post as I'm not quite sure what I have to say or what I'm trying to blog about but anyho. I'm sorry for the lack of posts and all I've been 'busy' HAHAHAHA of course I haven't. I've just been a lazy fucker and not done much with my life, I got back from holiday on like the 7th of July so that was about 2 and a half weeks ago or some shit and I've basically done nothing except go from mine and his, eat pizza drink beer and watch movies and breaking bad. Only recently have I ventured into the wide world cause of the sun so I'm sorry for being so lazy but I've got a lot of free time now as he's back at work (lol) and I'm free for a whole year due to no education and not going to uni. so lets hope this blog goes back to the way it used to be. ]]

With the explanation over I should probably start, pictures above are of the purchases I have made recently. I went shopping with my good friend Amber yesterday just before she goes to sri lanka for 3 weeks and I bought this grey vest top thing from H&M for a fiver I'm glad I found it as about 10 minutes before I almost bought one in Urban Outfitters for a whole lot more and I've been wanting one of these type of tops since I saw them a while ago in Topshop but me being stingy never bought one cause its always a rip off when they charge you like 20 quid for one T-shirt.
Annoyingly a few weeks before I went off to Greece I lost my sunglasses (luckily I had an old Primark pair to bring) but I never bought a new pair as I couldn't afford them. But yesterday I was having a browse through Beyond Retro and found these beauties for 8 quid and couldn't resist! Finally a pair of sunglasses that aren't shitty Primark ones.
Good ol' mirror picture aye. Showing the jumper I bought recently in a charity shop in Hamstead when I went up to London for my mummas birthday. Its a little too big but I do love it! I think I'm 100% more of a A/W type of person, I love layering and wearing jumpers!
For some reason coming back from Holiday always makes me wanna try something different and after seeing loads of lovely jewellery in Greece i felt as though I needed to make my jewellery collection a bit bigger and I came across the great website Kukee now you all know how stingy I am so spending money on jewellery is something I never do. BUT KUKEE IS SO CHEAP! I Love it. I bought this Hamsa palm bracelet and 2 above knuckle rings and I love them both! (blue bracelet is from Kavos)

Thought I'd show you all a few photos from my holiday seeing as I haven't blogged since going
Best week of my life was such a nice holiday and weather was amazing. Drinking and sunbathing for a week in Kavos! I did actually come back with a tan which I was so happy about. But cause Englands so shitty its kind off faded now!
(most pictures taken on disposable, and some taken from my friend Ceris pictures)

I hope your all enjoying this amazing weather we're having I'm hoping it'll last. I'm sorry for the lack of posts for so long now, I will hopefully get back into it and I'm sorry for this rather weird blog post I'll reward you if you actually read through the shit I write! Hope your all well and thanks for all sticking by me as my blogging pattern worsens hahah.

Love, Rose