09 December 2013


Kia Ora! I am in New Zealand, finally after all the saving, loneliness and early morning skype dates I am finally back with Ed and in NZ
I am so happy to be here (srsly those 11 hour flights back to back KILLED me) and I feel so at home here already its brilliant
If I'm honest I haven't done that much in the last 3 weeks, but I think its because this isn't a 'holiday' I live here now so I was taking the time to settle in and get to grips with my surroundings, I will update you all anyway as I have a lot of photos.


week one was a weird week I arrived on Thursday morning at 7am and I cant explain or describe to you how amazing it was to see Ed at the airport, I had just done two 11 hour flights back to back and i felt like I was dying, I was so disorientated as I fully couldn't get to grips with what was happening, but as I walked out of arrivals I saw him standing there in a suit with a bunch of white roses.... I have never been so happy before in my life.
I arrived to a lovely sunny day and came straight back to Eds house, It was so odd as I felt straight at home here and I still do. Auckland is a welcoming place the whole city just has a really, really nice vibe to it.
after sleeping A LOT I then started to go see things, first up was Kere Kere beach 

I'm yet to find a beach in New Zealand that isn't breathtaking. KareKare was beautiful and it was a super hot day too. I couldn't believe that this was a 20 minute drive from Eds house, the drive was really stunning too through forest which looked like bloody tropical rainforests haha.
After that I didn't do much we lazed about and got drunk and had hungover pizza but then I went to see Mission Bay which according to Ed is an 'average beach'
the drive there was pretty awesome too, I love the sky tower in Auckland you can see it from everywhere!
A not so average beach!


Week two was a good week (not that week one was bad at all)
but I went on a little holiday with Ed over to Waihi Beach which is about a 2 hour drive down from Auckland, Eds family own a 'Bach' down there which is just a house a 3 bedroom house on the beach. I was so excited
Waihi beach is yet another beautiful place, It was a shame as the first couple days the weather wasn't fantastic but it was okay! to me it was a pretty good day weather wise because i wasn't freezing my tits off and it wasn't raining.. I guess thats one good thing about coming from England, I can appreciate even the slightly cloudy but warm days haha!
the last day we went on a big walk along Karangahake Gorge which was beautiful! all the old gold mining caves and train tracks, I really enjoyed that even though I was a bit ill that day!

Thats really it after we came back from Waihi beach we haven't done much since but go around some Op shops (charity shops) and laze about.

I love it here, and I can't wait to see what these next 2 years bring!

12 November 2013

One week to go

With only one week to go (WHAT THE F) I thought I'd update you all on.. Well everything as I have neglected this blog a lot over these last few months.

Since coming back from Spain I'm not going to lie I've probably been the most miserable I've ever been, the first week without Ed was one of the hardest and I never want to have to go through that again. Its sad because as I say that I know in my mind that I WIlL have to go through it all again as thats what you get when your in love with someone who lives in New Zealand but what ever happens it'll all work out. Thats my motto in life and these last few months have made me realise that 'Everything happens for a reason'. Specially when I lost my job, I started to work straight away when I got home from saying goodbye to Ed and sadly I lost my job a couple days after (fuck you homesense) and after that I went back into my miserable stage and excluding myself from things but a week later I got a phone call from Primark and had an interview which I then later got the job for (SEE everything DOES happen for a reason)

and since then I have worked my fucking arse off, and made as much money as I possible can
I guess thats all I can really update you on as I haven't really done much else.
i cant explain the feelings I have at the moment, one minute I'm sad as hell about leaving my friends and family and then I'm so excited to do what I'm doing, then scared, then happy... Its confusing

with one week left though I am trying to fit in everything I can before I leave, it is a shame I'm working this week but I'm fitting things in before I work and after. Spending as much time with my family and friends as I can.

I guess thats it! I will update you all on my journey to NZ. Maybe some tips on long haul or how I dealt with it (seriously I dont know how I will) and of course I will be blogging through out my time in New Zealand (if I'm slacking someone kick me up the arse)

so, so long and see you on the flip side

if you would like to see some tips I wrote up about preparing for a big move/travelling then check them out on Emmas blog! LINK

14 August 2013


Laptop Case C/O Snupped

When travelling a lot of people tend to take their laptops with them, And when I go off to New Zealand I will be bringing mine. At first I was slightly worried as I didn't have a case at all and with all the moving around that wouldn't have been ideal
then I got contacted by the lovely people over at Snupped to review a laptop case and It couldn't have come at a better time.
On the website you can design everything and really personalise your own laptop case. I chose an already made print as, well... I'm a lazy arse! and I really liked this anchor print but you can upload your own image and everything. The already made designs are also pretty sweet too with loads of differnet designs from anchors to bananas 
I have 2 laptop cases now from different places and I really would recommend snupped as its the perfect fit for my laptop not too loose and not too tight. Its also padded inside (I chose a spotty print on the inside too!) and water proof outside, everything you need from a laptop case! I feel safe now to take it to the other side of the world. So thank you snupped