17 February 2011

Half term is finally here!

I am happy but sad at the same time today, I love half term but i miss college! it's weird cause most of the people at college aren't people i see out of college if you get me, but we are such a close group of friends there that when I'm not at  college i miss them! i think i'm the only person that actually truly loves college. Even though i do moan about it a lot i do love it. Anyway it is half term!! and i think it is good to relax i've been so stressed with college work that i think i need to sleep for about a month. Even though i only have a week off! I have to go back over all my projects and get them up to a Merit grade. I think i can do it! I just need to get my head down and do it. I hope i don't get cabin fever for being in for too long. I do have some nice things planned for half term! but most of it IS work. Oh well! I hope you all have a lovely half term too

Now onto the outfit. I have 2 outfit posts today as i haven't posted in a while and i took some in the week. I also have to show you my new shoes that I'm in love with.
(Warning picture heavy post coming up. This is what happens when i don't post for a few days!)

Right this is the outfit from the other day. I was feeling more confident then i normally do and decided to go for a body con dress! woah never do this. Felt VERY self conscious in the end though but luckily i did have a big cardigan on and a scarf. I don't have much boobage (lolz) so i tend not to wear tight tops cause i feel like people might look and be like har har she has no boobs. But yeah! I did like this outfit though i think the colour of the scarf and cardigan go really well together. I'm slightly addicted to weering this cardigan i go through fazes with clothes were i wear something like ALL the time and i love it then i move on to something else. before it was my orangey knit cardi from topshop now it's this. I'm hoping this half term I'll save up some money to go clothes shopping cause I'm so bored with me repeating my outfits on and on and on. So I'm hoping to get a bit of money! on to spending money here are my babys that i bought the other day.

I GOT THE WEDGES! If you follow me on twitter then you'll know I've wanted them for so long. And I went to a 20% off event the other day at H&M just so i could get these and they didn't have my size (wish i'd bought them anyway as you'll find out) so yeah i was upset that they only had a 7. Then i went in the other day and saw them again and thought..Ah I will just try them on even though it'll make me sad. But i realised that they actually fitted me okay.. OKAY in reality they are a size too big but in my eyes they are wearable..sort off! with socks on they are fine. so i bought them. still got the tag on so i could take them back I'm not sure! they we're £15. not expensive in my eyes but that £15 could go towards me getting my belly done. Hmm decisions decisions! oh well I love them.

Well I hope you all have had a lovely week! I've finished college so I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and a room that looks like a pig stye. In serious need of a spring clean! tomorrow I will be having a very very lazy day, all my friends are at college so i wont have much to do but in some ways I'm happy. I need to relax really! 

Thanks for all the comments and support. I know i don't post as much as i would like but now that it's the holidays i think i probably will! I'm meant to be going up to my nans on sunday in Hemmel Hempstead as she had surgery cause she had cancer :( but she is all fine now and nothing was too serious! I might wear my wedges as it's a meal and everything

Love, Rose

I've just realised all my recent posts all the photos have been removed cause of photobucket. WHAT DO I DO!?!? it tells me I've exceeded the amount but i haven't uploaded from that in ages and all the others weren't over the limit, Waah i hope they come back :(


  1. Your hair is so longggggg! I'm so jealous! You look so lovely in these photo's and I love your wedges.

    Hope your college work isn't too stressful :( x

  2. I'm so jealous that you get a half term! I don't have a break until Easter, another six weeks to get through! I'm sure you're glad to get a break from college work though. I love your outfit, the scarf and boots/socks look just darling. Hope you have a lovely time at the meal, Hemel Hempstead is like 40 minutes from my house at home! :O xxx

  3. i love the wedges! I'm loveing college at the moment too, i moan about it constantly as well! Your hair is gorgeous and the cardigan looks so cosy!

  4. Ooooh I have those wedhes in leopard print :) It was a nice tacky splurge. They are SO comfortable, I really want to buy them in black now.
    It would be mine
    + The scarf is the perfect touch to this outfit!

  5. I love your scarf and cameo necklace. I break up tomorrow for half term; i'm really looking forward to all the lie-ins!

  6. i am the same boob wise! always wonder if people notice my lack of boob haha
    those shoes are hawwwt!
    and glad your grandma is ok :)


  7. Love the scarf in your photos and you're right it does go so well with the cardie! You shouldn't feel self concious, you have a great figure! I need one of those body con dresses myself to put under sheer tunic/dress i bought from new look today! also really interesting detailing to the cardie by adding that broach! Also reeeeturn of the jeans :D they really suit you, they make my legs look stubby! you have long legs so they work very well.

    Ahhh bet you're glad to relax now, wish I had half term, mines not until late easter! and i know what you mean about your group of friends, at uni I'm so close to them but we hardly see each other outside but it doesn't bother me, they're a great bunch!

    Great wedges also, I remember buying a size 5 (im a 6) of the topshop aztec studded boots, i love them so much but I don't wear them anymore because they rub me after a period of time, im thinking of selling them, they cost me £75... I was an idiot but I learnt my lesson!

    Tea makes everything better so hope you enjoyed it, have a great week!

    Katie. x

  8. Love both the outfits, and the shoes are gorgeous! Maybe you can get some insoles or something to make them fit better? Lovely post :-D x x

  9. Love that outfit, the brooch is so nice! You shouldn't feel self concious in the bodycon dress! I have no boobs but I think that it can be an advantage! You can wear more things with small boobs than you can with big boobs!!

    I can't believe it's half term already, I've only been back at uni for 2 weeks! No time off for me until Easter!! I can't complain though really, I'm only at uni for 8 hours a week!

  10. Love your outfit <3
    Lovely blog xx


  11. You look stunning in these pictures.! I am so jealous of your long hair. I have t keep mine shorter since I bleached it, it's in really bad condition now!
    C x

  12. oohh I like your hair:) your such a classic beauty.


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