31 March 2011


Roses excited face there
I can now say i am in the Blackberry world, How have i not had one before!? I love it so so much. So if you want please DM me on twitter your bbms! I'd love to talk to some of you people.
Anyway onto my outfit today, I thought I'd try something different to what i normally wear..OKAY not that diffrent but oh well. I wore a shirt i haven't worn for a while. Was a bad idea though a sheer shirt without a top underneath and unusually windy weather? VERY COLD.

I like this outfit, Well I like the colours of this outfit the blue and the pinky colour of the shirt do work well together. I also wore my spotty tights and loafers as per. I need to get some new clothes! but thanks to the Ebaying i have a spare £90 in my bank which will be spent on buying me some new spring clothes! couldn't be more excited. So thanks to any of you if you bought anything off me! And also i am waiting on my parents to buy some envelopes so i can send the other stuff. So sorry for the wait! they will be there soon.
Quick post really. I've got to get on with my work it's the final deadline Monday and its looming on me that i have a ridiculous amount of work to get on with. This weekend isn't going to be a fun one! oh well i think watching Friends and endless amounts of tea will get me through it!
Thanks for all the comments and stuff you all make me smile!

30 March 2011

Lack of

trying to warm myself up with tea after i got rained on.
Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for not posting at all this week! I've been so busy with college it's ridiculous. I was going to try and be a good blogger this week but it hasn't worked! I've not posted since Sunday. And this post is shitty, blah oh well! I need to concentrate more on college right now but i am still reading all your blogs and things.

I'll update you a bit on my week as i hate leaving a post without much writing (i have to ramble..I'm sorry!) well to be true my weeks been pretty boring, eat sleep do art work and go to college thats what it's mostly involved. College is taking over my life! BUT on some very good news i got one of my projects back today and i got a Merit! FINALLY a fucking merit so i am feeling a lot better about myself. Maybe the whole 'believing in myself' actually worked. So yeah i know it's not amazing it's only a merit but for me thats good so i don't care!
i should be back posting regularly i want to do an outfit post tomorrow, the weather was so shit today in Brighton it was unreal i thought it was meant to be getting warmer but it's been raining ALL day so it's not been great. I've had one of those days where everything that could go wrong does..
firstly i tripped and stubbed my toe on the pavement this morning (in front of a lot of people) was not fun and now my toe hurts, then i got no work done at college cause i was distracted. THEN i was waiting with my friend and the pot of blue ink i left in my bag exploded everywhere so my favourite bag now has a blue stain on it. not nice! and it went all over my legs and knees as i lent my bag on my legs and now i look like i have either really cold knees as they are blue or i like to paint myself blue. THEN my light blew up so i am sitting in a dark room at the moment till my dad fixes it. and i cut my leg 3 times and it bled..YAY for my day!

I will stop boring you with my ramblings so goodbye.
one last thing I've been addicted to listening to this...go on it's amazing, In response to your comments i have heard the original bon iver cover. I was addicted to listening to that and now i've gone on to this. Fan girl or what? I've seen bon iver live they are truly amazing

27 March 2011

Sunday blog week 25

001. I wasn't sure if it should be week 26 cause i actually didn't do a sunday blog last week! and this is the 26th week. Oh well it'll just have to be week 25 (OCD not coping well with that) lol joke i don't have OCD but i am picky about things.

002. today was a loooovely day in Brighton . the sun was shining again! i spent most of the morning and afternoon doing art work well TRYING to do art work! i got a bit done but i mostly sat and watched friends with a tuna sandwhich and copious amounts of tea. But then i went to meet my friend for a little bit and sat in the park. It wasn't as hot as it had been  but it was still nice and warm! so many people out and about in shorts and vest it's starting to feel a lot more like summer!

003. My week has been good, college was okay! It's starting to get a lot more stressful as deadlines are in a few weeks. have to get a merit! I'm taking some advice from a lot of people as so many people have said this to me but i am going to start believing in myself more (maybe that'll help?) so i am saying this..I CAN get a Merit and i will. Now lets hope this works hahaah

004. Next week is going to be spent mostly in college again, depressing that i don't get much of the sun being in a studio 9-5 apart from my 20 min break and my hour lunch.. Oh well it's still lovely to walk home in the sun. BUT the exciting news is i am getting a blackberry on Thursday! which i am very excited about. Haven't had a good phone for ages and it's really good as most of my friends have blackberry's and i can bbm them.

005. So i hope you all had a lovely weekend and are having a lovely sunday evening. Lets hope the weather was nice where you are! I've been good with blogging this week I have posted a lot more regularly then i normally do it's been nice! i do love this blog.
not to keep going on about it but i am really poor at the moment and need some money hahah! but if you haven't already if you want to please check out my ebay account for some of the clothes i am selling! thank you.

2 to follow this week
new blog i came across http://popsyblog.blogspot.com/
and of course the lovely Ella who has been so nice to me this week! http://www.ellamasters.com/

26 March 2011


I came home this morning to find a little envelope I was very excited as it was my giveaway prize from the lovely Ella Masters. It was the lovely Gold Stud earrings from RubyRaeLove

Isn't the packaging lovely! I also loved the little note written on it. It made me smile a lot! so thank you so so much i can tell i will wear these all the time they are really lovely. I was going to show you the little envelope they came in as it was cute but i realised it had my address on it so i wasn't' sure if that was a good idea hahah. Anyway i also have an outfit post from Friday at college. I didn't go home after college yesterday so i didn't get time to do so yesterday. but here you go!
Strap top H&M|Levi shorts Urban Outfitters|Blue Cardigan Beyond Retro| Leopard print belt H&M|
So again I am wearing my levi shorts. I love them! tiny bit tight round my arse area but who cares hahaha. I wore them with my new leopard print belt which i bought in H&M a few months ago... Can't even remember when actually! But yeah i thought they'd go pretty well with these shorts. Quite a plain outfit actually just a black strap top and the blue cardigan again. It ended up being too hot to wear the cardigan at lunch which was a nice surprise! I'm stuck in the studio all day so id on't get too see much sun apart from my hour lunch break, dominoes in the park anyone! the weather doesn't  seem as warm in Brighton today but then i wouldn't know as i am stuck indoors doing my work. Have to get it done though! re doing all my projects I've done in college to try and get a Merit. I have an assessment in 2 weeks to determine if i get into second year and if i don't achieve a Merit (Which at the moment I'm not) then I wont get on to second year and that will be fucking awful and I'll become a bum with now education and no job. So that wont be good! so i better crack on with some work. so I hope your all having a lovely Saturday! I got another anonymous comment today, some anonymous people are lovely! and i have had some really nice comments from them. but the ones I'm getting recently aren't as lovely. I mean I'm not getting loads but it's just the odd one that is amongst all the other lovely comments from people. They do make me laugh though which i guess is better then letting them get to me.
Just found some Ikea swedish meatballs in the fridge..My day has just got better

24 March 2011

Hello sun

Hasn't it been a lovely day today! well...for the people that went outdoors! I was stuck inside getting on with some ebay stuff and finishing off my college work. Which i have to say i didn't do much off! I was meant to go swimming with my friend then i decided not too go cause i need to save my money. and my friends pissed of with me. UGH! things fucking piss me off sometimes. ANYWAY I'll show you my outfit that i wore today, got dressed for nothing right?
T-shirt H&M| Cardigan Topshop| Shorts Urban Outfitters| Tights Primark|
Even though i got dressed for nothing, I actually really like this outfit! I'm in my good old breton striped t-shirts. It's a must have right? I think I'll be wearing this tomorrow for college. I'm not sure if it's warm enough for no tights or not..Today it defiantly was but tomorrow is meant to be a little cooler! so I'm not sure. but I'm loving this weather! it's so lovely. shame on week days i am stuck in a studio 9-5 so i don't get to see much of the sun. But at lunch i can spend an hour in a a little tiny park next to my college so guess thats nice! might try and get a tan soon as i am scarily pale.

Bit of a bad mood right now, I was in such a good one earlier and then blergh..Oh well! I better get on with some work as i got a task sheet set today over the internet (due to not being in college) and I've not done any of it yet! woops. Oh and before i forget i have added some more things onto ebay, would be so grateful if you could all take a look as i need to save some money to buy a new phone! thanks lovelies

Edit - why am i always moaning in these posts? I am very sorry. One day i will do a post without one single moan in it. but i am British so i guess it's what you expect. I AM A HAPPY PERSON I PROMISE!

22 March 2011

Two for tuesday

the title..God i wish i was getting a two for tuesday dominoes right now! but no I'm not. It's actually because i have two outfits to show you!

Today was a pretty shit day, College is annoying me. I just didn't want to be there today! and my friend wasn't in so it was pretty shit, I did get a white hot chocolate from moksha thought so i guess it wasn't too bad! have any of you tried the white hot chocolates? SO much better then normal hot chocolate. I didn't get much work done today but oh well I'm spending all day tomorrow finishing it and hopefully I'll get another  white hot chocolate anyway I'll get on with the outfits! firstly I'll show you what i wore today. It was SO warm in Brighton today it made me so happy. I was hot in a cardigan!
Shorts Vintage Levi from Urban Outfitters| Stripey top H&M| H&M black cardigan|
So once again i am wearing my stripey top! I told you it was glued to me. bit trampy isn't it? thinking off wearing it again tomorrow. Hmm probably shouldn't! I mean it's not dirty buuuut it's a bit trampy. Oh well! so yeah this was my outfit today. to be fair i did take the cardigan off most of the day as it was too hot to wear it! can you believe it.. yes it was TOO HOT! woo yay for the weather. this picture is a bit of shit one but the outfit did look better in real life i promise, I did feel very summery as well! Can't wait till i can wear this outfit with my Office gladiators and no tights! oh i can only dream right. so anyway the shorts are quite tight..i think i've put on weight on my arse! I'm the kind off person who has a small waist but i feel my hips and ARSE are huge, well thats what i think anyway. I am a bit conscious of my bum.

 outfit i need your thoughts on. I am thinking off wearing it tomorrow! and seeing as i have never worn these camel jeans i think i need to! it's mean to be hot again tomorrow so i think i can wear the outfit without a cardigan. What do you all think? not amazing photos and i haven't tried it out with shoes yet but tell me what you think! can i be trampy and wear a top 3 days in a row? Hmm. Oh i want to show you all my new earrings!

there actually my friends but I'm thinking off buying them off her! as i am in love. They we're from Urban Outfitters in the sale for £3! pretty good me thinks.

I've also re done my blog, cleaned it up a bit? what do you all think

21 March 2011

Welcome back

Hello lovely people! I am back. I have had internet troubles since Friday which was REALLY bloody annoying and very inconvenient as i had loads of art research to do. But oh well I am back now! and all is good. God who knew everything revolved around internet! it was actually quite nice not being surrounded by distraction and i actually got loads of worked done and i felt really relaxed. And that i didn't want the internet anymore..But now that I'm back i have defiantly missed it! especially all the blog stuff. I hope to catch up on all your blogs and start commenting on them.

I want to say thank you firstly as i came back to a load of new followers and a lot of lovely comments. especially from Hayley saying I'd won her giveaway! which is a lovely surprise! so thank you for that.
Anyhow i am back and i am back with a outfit posts! I planned i t all for friday and then bam no internet. Oh well here you go!

Top and skirt H&M| tights and necklace Primark| Cardigan vintage|

so this outfit was from Friday at college! I bought myself a new stripy top..EVERYONE needs a stripy top!  so i am very happy with it. and I don't seem to be able to take it off haha, becoming one of those pieces i wear to death. I wore it today but with my topshop cardi! And I'm actually thinking off wearing it with my camel jeans tomorrow! really need to get some wear out of those jeans as i haven't worn them yet! the outfit looked better without the blue cardigan i have to say! and I actually spent the day without the cardigan on but i didn't get a picture!

Can't do a blog post without talking about college right? It is good! I had a great week last week with the typography project and thanks to not having internet i did extra work over the weekend which will be good! i do miss last week (I've realised i'm not good with change hahaha) we changed tables this week and i hate the people i'm siting with..No offence to them but they don't talk at all! and I'm a very talkative person. And last week i was sitting with the people i liked. Oh well! I'm sure it'll get better. It's a illustration project on fairy tales, well the dark side of fairytales! I'm looking forward to doing some scary illustrations. I'll keep you all updated!

I also want to say a absolutly MASSIVE thank you to the lovely Katie. As you have noticed i have a lovely new header! and it was done by Katie. I couldn't be more happy with it and i just want you all to take a look at her blog as it is amazing as is she! and so is her artwork. so thank you Katie <3

Hope you all had a great weekend! and I realised i haven't done a Sunday blog..Ah It's weird missing a week out! maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Thank you all for the comments and stuff it put a smile on my face when i came home! well apart from the one anonymous comment saying I'm a useless blogger.. Well F you.

Love, Rose

15 March 2011

I think i might cry

Firstly, sorry if you follow me on twitter. Your having to put up with my rather depressing tweets, I literally in the worst mood! It's all because i broke my camera, who knew a camera could make someone cry hahaha, lol I'm childish..Or maybe just over emotional! but it was my aunties camera so i kinda feel fucking awful for braking it. And I just made £40 on ebay and i was so happy i could go buy some new clothes as i am in need of some. But now I'm going to have to spend it on getting a new camera lense and they are £50 at the cheapest...Oh well! it's my own fault for dropping the camera. ANYWAY lets get on to something less depressing ( just realised you didn't reeeally need to know about the camera) Oh well.
Cardigan Vintage|playsuit H&M| Scarf H&M| Belt Primark| Tights Primark| Ring Miss Selfridges|
so this was my outfit for today, I went for the rather boring outfit that i felt comfortable in because well...It's  comfy! my trusty playsuit that i think sadly should be thrown away. Oh well i love it too much to care that the straps broken. I wore it with my big blue cardigan that is just so comfy i could sleep in it. and my scarf! Love the fact it's kind of warm enough to go out without a coat and not freeze to death, bring on spring! or summer i guess. The ring is from miss Selfridges it was only £3 or something as it was broken but oh well! Tomorrow i have a day off! which i couldn't be happier about. I'm going to have a lovely lie in and then get cracking with some work. I'm doing my typography project and we have to make a whole alphabet in 3D forms. I chose kitchen things and i am going to do things with tea as i am such a tea freak! I'll explain better tomorrow as i will probably post a picture of what I've been doing! then I'm off out for late lunch and a Starbucks with the best friend as it's her birthday! I feel terrible for not getting her a present but I've been so busy with college that i haven't got round too it I'm also feeling a bit down as we haven't really been as close as we normally are this week. Do you ever get that with your friends? Blergh oh well! And know the fact my cameras broken i kind off can't afford it. My families really struggling with money at the moment! Oh well I'm sure it'll get better. It's also my Dads birthday tomorrow so we should be going out for a meal later in the evening! might take the opportunity to dress up..
Just thought I'd add. I'm going to add some more things to ebay tomorrow! so keep an eye out. Got some good things coming on to the ebay shop hopefully! thanks to any of you who bought anything off my ebay last week! it really helped

13 March 2011

sunday blog week 24

thought I'd try a different sunday picture as you ALWAYS get the ones where I am sat in bed without any makeup on! actually...i am sat in bed in this one. Oh well!
001. Firstly i just want to say how sorry i am for not posting ALL week! I just don't know how it happened. the week was such a busy week but it was also a good week. Normally when I'm really busy at college i hate it and i hate college but this week something clicked and i like it..Who knows maybe I'm becoming a different person who doesn't moan as much. Naaaaah course I'm not i love to moan!

002. I think this blog is going to have to be put on a hold for a little while, I really want to post daily but it's so hard to find the time to do so! especially when i have so much work to do. But i think this week is less stressful. I hand in my 3D project monday and then we're going onto do a typography project which I think will be pretty good! so hopefully I'll get some posts up but i just want to say i wont be posting regularly for a while i don't think :(

003. so my week was good last week and my weekend was good too! On Friday i went to  a house party at my best friends house for her birthday, that was good. I didn't get a picture of my outfit but i wish i did! I borrowed my friends shorts and they we're the 'paper bag' shorts that I've been seeing a lot of people wearing. I really liked them! might buy them off her hahaha.

004. Saturday was spent sleeping, I never really get hangovers but this one was a bad one.. I fell asleep watching snog marry avoid and woke up 3 hours later probably wasn't a good idea as i had a lot of work to finish! Saturday morning was weird we all woke up at 7 in the morning and ran to the shop to get coke. Do you ever wake up after a night out and have the driest through EVER. I gulped down so many coke cans. but now I'm craving them so much! I swear once you drink one you want more and more and can't stop haha

005. woah looks like i have a lot to say today! I should be putting more stuff on ebay today I had a great success with it before and I'd like to do it again. Also sorry for anyone who bought anything off me i posted them Friday so I am sorry for the delay! but thank you all for buying stuff off me i made £40 which is great.

006. So i hope you've all had a lovely weekend and week. I'm so so sorry for not posting and being rather lazy at this blog! but you've all still stuck by me  and kept commenting! I still go on blogger when i'm not posting i just don't have the time to post. So i always read your comments when you sent them. so thank you all!

do you ever have the feeling someone is stealing your best friend. Thats what i have right now urgh

06 March 2011

Sunday blog week 23

001. Ew why do i always post no make up pictures on this blog, I don't even go out the house without make up on but i seem to be okay with having my make up less face all over the internet! hmm. Anyway it's probably because my Sunday didn't invovle ANYTHING really.

002. Today i got up about 10ish and in my surprise i was actually more productive then i thought i would be, I actually got up had a cup of tea and then got down and did some work..I've been drawing an apple and an onion this afternoon ( i know i know very very exciting) so yeah, they aren't that good and didn't go aswell as some of the other drawings i did earlyer in the week but i can work back in to them! on the subject of art work (when do i ever not talk about this?) i want to say thank-you for the advice on talking to my tutor about my work! I think i will.. It's helped so thank you all!

003. So yeah my Sunday has been pretty boring, I've been keeping myself occupied with art work but also listening to mumford and son on repeat to stop myself from either stabbing myself or crying over the boringness of this work lolz. I'm going out later with a few people for my friends work do thing. I really shouldn't as i have college tomorrow morning and i have to make 3 3D samples this afternoon but oh welll.. I don't care at the moment college is pissing me off too much!

004. I don't seem to have much to say on this blog recently, I'm sure I'll get back in to the swing of things sooner of later, I do love this blog! I'll take pictures of my outfit that I'm wearing tonight to show you all, if i ever decide! I'm thinking maybe the outfit i wore on Friday? cause i don't want to go too dressy. Tell me what you think!
005. ehehe my new chest of drawers! I just had to show you. I love them. It means i can now get rid of my hideous wardrobe and other chest of drawers and have these beauties in there place! my mum bought it or a fiver at an auction she works at. I'm off to drink more tea and draw more apples yay for my afternoon being full of fun, I'm listening to Sign No More - Mumford and Son which is making it a lot better!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and a lovely sunday!

05 March 2011

A little distant

Dress Urban Outfitters| Tights Primark| Belt Primark| Cardigan Vintage|

Firstly I am so so so sorry for not posting all week, I kind off don't have a reason excuse to why i haven't. I guess i just haven't been feeling up to posting and i wasn't really into the blog this week at all! but don't you worry i am back now and will be for a long time.

Anyway about the outfit! this is what i wore last night, I bought this dress about a year ago for my school prom but i ended up not wearing it so it's been at the back of my wardrobe for ages, but since getting a new chest of drawers i had to move everything from my wardrobe into them and i found it and fell in love again. I forgot how much i liked it. I mean it's quite simple but i like that cause it's easily dressed up and easily dressed down too. So i went for the dressed down option teaming it with my big blue cardi that seems to be glued to me and my spotty tights, I also put a belt round it as it's not very fitted in the waist area so it just hangs a bit badly on my shape. I also wore it with my wedges but i didn't get a picture to show you. you can't really see the detail at the front of the dress which is annoying but it's kind of high neck with lovely cut out detail like the back.

I'm sat here with a cup of tea which is nice! I haven't had one  today as i went to town (how did i live without my early morning tea?!) but yeah I should be getting on with some art work which is kind of why i did't post this week, I got told i got a referral on my project which basically means i failed. So on Friday we had to work back in to the projects and i asked why i failed and they said that my project was good blah blah but i needed to work back in to it? made me more confused at least tell my WHAT you want me to do and whats bad about it so i can work back in to it. Urgh i don't know! It put me on a downer all week so thats why i was a bit distant. Oh well I'm sure it'll be okay! I might post some of my work as i did love this project (also why i was so annoyed as i enjoyed this project and actually worked really hard) it was a illustration project on Marilyn Monroe!
So i hope you all have a lovely Saturday night. I want to say a massive thank you to all of you for following and supporting my blog! I have just gone over the 300 followers mark and i couldn't be more grateful! I do love doing this blog. Hopefully I'll get a giveaway sorted soon.

Not to pressure you (lolz) but my Ebay items are all ending tomorrow so if you haven't already, please do have a look to see if you like anything it would mean a lot