28 December 2011


I received a lovely package through the door on Christmas Eve and it was this lovely Twiggy necklace made by Jaymie, now me and her have a love for Twiggy like theres no tomorrow so this necklace is my new favourite thing. I LOVE IT! I even wore it on Christmas day so thank you so much lovely!

heres a bit of info on the lovely Jaymies shop, All the jewellery is hand made and drawn or painted by herself unless otherwise stated. No one piece of jewellery will be exactly the same (due to the hand illustrated element) so you will own a totally unique piece. All purchases will come gift wrapped and looking pretty. Jaymie also takes commissions for jewellery so if there's a particular icon or image that you would like to be made into a necklace, ring etc then you can just get in contact :) 
a few other pieces from the shop! go check it out HERE and also her blog HERE

Also there is a discount on at the moment 15% off if you spend at least £15 in Jaymie's shop by using discount code SALE15
go on you know you wanna!

27 December 2011

Christmas day in pictures

I don't normally do posts like this but I thought I'd do a sort of day in pictures for my Christmas day! cause we all like to know what people got up to (or is that just my nosey self?)
A few photos of the day, was a really quiet day with just me my 2 brothers and my parents. it was really lovely and was so nice to spend some time with my brothers actually (woah) we had really nice food well the best food I've ever had! annoyingly don't have a good quality picture of the dinner but cor it was fucking good.
I didn't get much at all (which i knew i wouldn't) i got a necklace and some gloves on the day which isn't much but my parents are giving us some money in January as a Christmas present they just can't afford to give it to us now haha! I guess my blackberry was an early Christmas present to myself cause I bought it using my money from Grandparents.
we don't normally let the cats sit at the table if you thought we did, pedalo (the cat) decided he wanted to try some prawns so we let him hahaha
Hope you all had a really lovely Christmas and got spoilt! I'm going to take my old blackberry into a shop tomorrow and hopefully get a bit of money from it so I can do a bit of sale shopping! already mentally filled my shopping bags online at Monki and Urban Outfitters, got to say UO is a good sale this year! not sure if i can face town though I've heard it's bloody crazy in Brighton town SO many people, may have to use my elbows to look round Topshop.

went for a walk today in the country which was nice, haven't got dressed since Christmas day so i guess it was nice to get some fresh air hah! still nursing a food baby 2 days later. Literally never eaten so much food in my life. I've had a really nice relaxing Christmas actually and I'm trying to forget about how much college work I've actually got to do (oh god I'm dying inside at the thought) but who cares, tomorrow I'm going to brave the town centre with my mum to take back my phone and do a bit of sale shopping not really sure how we'll cope cause my mums not good in town on the best of days so Sales is baaad news! really want to check out Urban Outfitters though so may just pop in there. Then seeing my friend as she's been away for christmas, missin ma bitch lily.

Again hope you all had the best Christmas and got really spoilt! I'm sure you all did.
Love, Rose

24 December 2011

Christmas Spirit

Jumper: Urban Outfitters 
Shorts: Topshop

Hello everyone, And Merry Christmas to you all! even though it is Christmas Eve but I doubt I'll post tomorrow seeing as the day will be spent eating A LOT of food and all that.
Outfit from the other week which I forgot to post I haven't worn these shorts in ages and kind of forgot I owned them! I'm not sure what I think about them, they aren't very flattering actually but I like them with my blue jumper from Urban Outfitters which of course, you've all seen before!
I've had a good week apart from loosing my phone and cutting my knee open on a drunk night out but we'll forget that. Well actually we wont cause I've spent all my money on buying a new blackberry which then later to find out my friend had my old blackberry in his pocket. Gotta love life right? 
Ah well! I had the money from grandparents and I could of done with a new phone I guess so it's a christmas present to myself (new low?) probably need to start sorting my life out.

Few pictures of the Christmas tree to get me in the spirit! the pictures are off my favourite decorations on my tree. I am being a bit of a scrooge right now. not that I don't like Christmas (who could hate it?!) just I think it's come around a bit too quick and I just haven't had time to get excited! Not getting much this year but thats not what it's about. It'll be nice cause this is the first Christmas where it's literally just my family, so just me my mum , my dad and my 2 brothers. Nice small Christmas this year! me and my mum made mince pies earlier this week home made ones are so much better then shop bought especially warmed up with a cup of tea.

Right I am off this is a short post but I didn't want to not post before Christmas! thanks again for all the comments on my last post I had a lot of commenters this time for some reason so it was lovely to read them all. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and I can't wait to read all the blog posts about what everyone got! I'm off to sit in bed and watch muppets christmas carol. I am being lazy today
Love, Rose

Oh also I update my tumblr a lot recently (i blog a load of shit but who cares) so if you want to follow!

14 December 2011

Between the two

I should clean my mirror
 Top,Playsuit,Belt- Primark
Coat- Forever 21
Scarf- Beyond Retro

Pretty simple outfit but one that I think I really like, Stripes are something I wear religiously which you all know.  I wore mine with my trusty black playsuit from Primark. I lived in these last year but my style seems to have changed recently i wore my old H&M one to death. Sneakily tucked the T-shirt into the belt. This mens T-shirt from Primark is probably one of my best buys and at £6 was a bargain
I love my coat I've always had a hatred  towards them even if i liked the coat I still wouldn't wear it? I don't even know why. But I've turned a corner and I LUV DIS ONE think I got it just at the right time as well this weather is fucking ridiculous

Got home early from college today so managed to get these photos done, trying to still find a good place to take them.. but they are coming out better then before i moved my room around! so i guess thats a plus.  College has been stressful recently but I am now on Christmas holidays and I'm going to make the most of it! bring on Starbucks all week.
Well in all honesty I will be spending most of it trying to finish my personal statement (dying) and finishing off all the work I need to catch up on but I' m not too bothered I do enjoy this work cause it's textiles! got quite a long christmas holidays this year I got back on the 4th for a day then get the week off due to assessment so that'll be nice! praying for snow I love the snow, Brighton always looks amazing when it snows.

was having an alright hair day today compared to most days looks really blonde in these photos as well! Getting a few inches cut of soon I think as it's getting a bit too long and is staring to piss me off. I wont get much off though cause it's taken me a lot of effort to get it this length haha! Scarfs and long hair = a matted mess, anyone else get that? or just me. Quite depressing I've put on weight this week I always hate it when it happens but hopefully I'll eat healthy these next few days. I can tell from these photos it's gone to my legs. Blergh! maybe I'm just having one of those dayz ya know

hope your all having a really lovely week it's gone quite quick actually which is great and it's so close to christmas, hoping none of my family expect any christmas presents.. I'm skint and haven't managed to get them anything (crap crap crap) bad daughter/sister I know! not that my brothers will get me anything. 

Right I'm going to stop talking shit

currently trying to resist the urge to eat my advent calender, my Brother did and then trod in dog shit.. I like Karma

09 December 2011

same old

Cable knit jumper- UO
Jeans- Topshop
Coat- Forever 21
Scarf- Beyond Retro
Rings- JWLRY
Shoes- Schuh (vans)
Hello everyone! not going to apologise for not posting cause it seems to be all i do at the moment but the lighting and just life has been getting in the way!
This was my outfit from today which seems to be something i go to almost everyday, obviously with different variations. But jeans a jumper and vans is my wardrobe at the moment oh and on the topic of vans i jumper on the quite late bandwagon and bought myself a pair! not sure why but i thought i needed a comfy pair of shoes and these are my luv right now. don't care i look manly i luv em!
this is also the coat i mentioned in my last post which is from forever 21! I like it as it's not long and thats the one thing i always find puts me off coat is the length but this one is just right. Also my new rings from JWLRY wear them all the time! dropped the pink one on the floor and someone trod on it which was one of the most annoying things, but i bent it back and it's okay now! Today was a lovely day i went for a starbucks and a wagamamas lunch with my friend Amber
chicken katsu curry anyone? best thing I've had even though it was a little pricey (for me i am stingy ok) but yeah today was lovely and it's going to become a friday routine to go out for a christmas starbucks and lunch.

So at least I've finally managed to do an outfit post which feels like an alien thing to do! been one of the worst bloggers ever this month but it's hard. Been quite busy with life and college and the lighting is just awful most of the time. I've moved my bedroom round so i have some good spaces to take outfit pictures which is a bonus! Hope your all well and are excited for Christmas! I am but my families having quite a lot of money problems recently so i mean it's going to be a budget christmas! but it's not all about that so it should be fun. more looking forward to new years eve to be honest!
Kind of failing at life recently if you follow me on twitter/tumblr you'll have heard my moaning. But college is taking it's toll and I've been having a lot of days off. Not like me at all but somethings just changed and my motivation is else where and not in college.. Ah well hopefully I'll get back into the swings of it soon! needing this christmas break more then ever right now. Also stressing a lot about UCAS and well just my life in general. I'm thinking off having a gap year just because i don't think i want to go to university straight away but then again i think i might make a mistake not going. Ah so so confusing and stressful wish i could just hire someone to do my life for me and make all the right decisions! anyone got any tips on Gap years? Anyone wanna tell me about their experience would be a lot of help.

Love, Rose