07 January 2012

collar up

jumper/ Urban Outfitters
Shirt/ stall at BNTM
stripey top/ Primark 

so i guess this post should be started by saying Happy New Year!! can't believe it's already 7 days into 2012. I'm sorry again for being a shit blogger but at the moment life is getting in the way a lot has happened recently and I've been quite busy, I had a great christmas break and my new years was really lovely too. So I haven't got much else to say really hah! I hope you all had a good new year too. 
This is a little snippet of my outfit from the other day as I didn't have time to attempt a better outfit picture. I was going for a lot of layering that day as you can tell.
won the very lovely giveaway from Harriet Gray which was a nice late christmas gift I guess haha. I love it and it's illustrated amazingly. I was so impressed by the packaging as well it was great! been using it so much 
I've kind of forgotten how to blog properly, I hate this!
but i thought I'd show the nail varnishes i got for christmas from my Auntie! I'm in love with them all. I've used the greeny one with the silver top coat and it's my favourite nail varnish so far, it's stopping me biting my nails which is a plus! never used Revlon nail varnishes before but I'm quite impressed with them!

Right I'm hoping to get back into blogging now except college is becoming a lot more stressful at the moment, bring on May when I leave. Finished my UCAS application on Friday (finally) so at least that stress is kind of over with. I'm not even sure I want to go to university but I decided to apply just because then I have options! hoping to have a year off though. 
writing a blog post when hungover is a challenge, I need a cup of tea!

Hope again you've all had a great start to 2012!
Love, Rose