30 August 2011

wayfaring stranger

I'm getting so bad at thinking of titles for my blog posts, this one is cause I'm listening to wayfaring stranger by Ed Sheeran, going to come right out and say it..But i have a thing for gingers, Ed Sheeran being one of them and we wont go into the others but i find him SO attractive hahha! anyway enough about my crushes and more onto my outfit! a boring one to post about today but I'm on a roll with blogging so i thought I'd go with it.
Jumper Urban Outfitters
Felt a bit dressed up, well thats a wrong word to use as as you see i definitely wasn't dressed up but wearing lipstick makes me feel like that. And i had curly hair for once! Well for me thats curly I literally can't have curly hair it never works my hair just weighs it down so it goes straight after 5 secs.
so once again i am wearing my urban outfitters jumper, my new favourite purchases of this year..Ooo
it's so comfy i love it, And HELLO cold weather! you've come quick. Recent evenings have been bloody cold! I've had to wear socks in bed LOL. I'm loving this cold weather though as i am very A/W person then a summer one. so I am so excited about the clothes i am going to wearing this autumn, so much better then summer clothes. I went to Ikea yesterday which was nice.. My feet ache after it though! meatballs and chips so fucking good,  finally going out on Friday. Haven't been out in so long which is weird but yeah my friend is turning 18 so it'll be good! need to get something to wear though I'm not very girly so i never really dress up..Which is baaad i know! so i think i might try too this time instead of going in jeans. Back at college on Friday which is shit! but atleast i get too see some of my college friends who i haven't seen much this summer! literally wheres summer gone? fuck this years going too fast. It's my 18th in about 3 weeks which is exciting yet scary still not sure what I'm doing..It's annoying having to share it with my 2 brothers (hahaha ungrateful aren't i) but i think we might be doing a joint birthday for first time in ages seeing as it's our 18th and would be good to invite most of our year..who knows who knows! I just want to get extremely drunk

sorry for the rather boring post. I am hoping to get some good outfit pictures tomorrow with my new camera as i am off on a shopping trip (hopefully) with my friend so i have assigned her outfit photo taker so lets see how that goes.
Love, Rose

28 August 2011


Shorts topshop Shirt Forever 21
still trying to work my camera, I'm trying ok I'm trying. I don't want to just stick it on Auto and be done with it thats pointless so I'm learning to work with it and shit..It's hard though! I think i want another lense as this ones 50mm, I think i want a 18-70mm lense. And thanks for all the advice before! It did help..I'm on the lookout for a tripod and a remote.
Kind of a little bummed today, Not feeling great and I'm a little bored! most people i know are at Reading festival so i am in a little bit of 'not going to reading depression' oh well best friends back from it tomorrow and she is now located to my 'outfit photo-taker' I decided without her knowing so hahah.
to cheer me up I took some pictures of my animals wanna see..even if you don't you are
say Hello to Scrambles 
say hello to a blurry Pedalo
dis iz blossom my baby, people think she's a puppy but she's 14 a very old dog!

Have a good Sunday! I'm being lazy today (surprise right?) and I'm going to carry on experimenting with my camera so i can get used to it and stuff. Tumblr person asked me to show me them this blouse so there you go. Thats what it looks like on. I just realised I called this post 'carbooty' and theres nothing about car boots on it..I ran out of ideas for titles and thats the only thing i did today was go to a car boot so tada carbooty title. 

26 August 2011

New camera

I have new camera people, It's a Sony Alpha a200 I got it for £250 which i thought was okay. I went into the camera shop asking for a second opinion on a Nikon D3000 which is what i was hoping to get. But he said with the Nikons is you can only get Nikon lens for the Nikon cameras and apparently they cost a lot so he said if i get a Sony i can then get cheap second hand good lens for it as well. So that is what I'm hoping to do! obviously all that might be a lie but that is what the camera man told me and yeah i don't know. I don't know much about cameras so, the lens on it at the moment is a minolta 50mm lens. I'm happy with it and i got it for cheaper then i would with some other cameras. I would of liked the Nikon D3000 but yeah I don't know.
Anyway these photos are the ones i tested it with today, Still trying to get used to it! I think I will go get another lens soon as well. I'm finding it hard to take outfit pictures with this camera which is a little bit of a bummer! I'll get used to it though I'm sure. photos are of me and my cat for some lolz (un original mirror photo soz) and then i spent the rest of the day drinking tea and eating carrot cake in Real Patisserie, I'm going to try and have a productive weekend as the plans i had made haven't really worked out so i haven't got much to do this weekend. Tomorrow I am going to work with my mum in her antique shop again and then i should spend the rest of it working on my projects, Fun fun fun! hope you all have a lovely weekend and hopefully by the end of mine i will have worked out a better way of getting some good outfit pictures!
Oh and also Strike put some photos up of me on their blog, the photos from the shoot i did in Shoreditch last week!
(Shirt Forever 21, Jeans Topshop)

24 August 2011

Seeing Spots

So today after yet another shopping trip I came home to find my package from Forever 21,
oh how exciting it is getting packages
And this is what i bought! just two sheer shirts but i really do love them, the first one is just a plan black sheer shirt with no sleeves and I think it'll be really nice underneath jumpers with the collar hanging out. then i bought this spotty one which i am a little bit in love with i saw a similar one in Urban Outfitters for yes..£50!! and was so almost going to buy it cause i loved it so much then thankfully saw this on Forever 21 for £12 which is very good i think! 
So they were my purchases and i will so be doing online shopping again! especially from Forever 21. It was so fast and easy i ordered these Friday and they came today. 
Now I've spent money and got back into shopping i can't quite stop! well I will have too soon as my money will run out. Here is another thing i bought today! 
Topshop Shorts £34
see a pattern accuring? I think i am a little bit obsessed with polka dots. I love these shorts and have wanted them for a long time but never got them..Then i found these in my size and just had too! i got them for £30 with student discount so not bad. And I was happy cause i fitted in a size 6 (i thought I'd put on weight and gone up to a 10 but i guess not) i can imagine these working well with the sheer black shirt i bought! I'm addicted to shopping now.
I surprised myself today, I acutally bought make up! I never ever buy myself make up apart from the bare essentials like foundation, mascara etc. I don't own lipstick so i thought I would! and i really do love this colour.
Jumper and Shorts Urban Outfitters
AND finally my outfit for this shopping trip, simple just my old LEvi shorts and my new knitted jumper! doesn't really photograph well cause it just looks like a blue jumper but hay ho! (Ugh can't wait to get a new camera)

Wow I applaud you for going through this post it's a long one. But I thought I'd show you everything i bought! think i might lay off the shopping for a bit but i am a bit addicted... I feel like i want more more more! I'm on the hunt for some new boots and i think i might have found the perfect pair. It's a decision between some lace up black boots from Office or the Brogue boots from there! I'm a little apprehensive (fuck me thats a big word for me to use) about buying the shoes from there as they are quite expensive but i guess it's good to invest in a good pair of winter boots.  I'll probably do a post on them and see which ones you think would be better! so keep an eye out as i will need your advice. and on the look out for a leather jacket i would love one with the fur collar but i don't think they sell any anymore, so wish I'd bought it last year when i was going to!

Ok I am going to stop talking now! Have a lovely rest of the weekend
Love, Rose

23 August 2011

London Purchases

I went to London (Again) and spent some money, heres what i bought:
Jumper Urban Outfitters, Jeans Topshop, Dress H&M
Ok I'm normally very very very stingy, I hate spending money even on things i love. I always find a reason not to buy them but I seemed to have a change of heart when i was in London. Haven't in fucking ages bought more then 1 thing at a time! I'm kind of used to not even buying anything due to having no money! but at the moment I have so i went all out and bought much needed wardrobe staples. Firstly a good pair of black jeans, everyone needs a pair of black jeans don't they! so I bought these from Topshop and they are the same as my blue ones! they are the only ones that fit me as i have quite a weird body shape. My stomach is bigger then my legs (obviously) so if i get a bigger size to fit me round the waist they are way too baggy round the legs and i can NEVER ever in my life found a pair of jeans that fit me nice and tightly round the legs it would always piss me off! but these Topshop jeans ( i think they are Leigh ones) Are perfecto! I love them. So i thought I'd get a black pair! the other thing i bought which i am in love with is this Aran knit jumper from Urban Outfitters. I borrowed my friends other one and i love this one! I never really wear jumpers but this is perfect.
The one thing I'm not sure about is the dress! I've been wanting the Topshop striped dress since seeing this amazing outfit on a girl in Brighton. that dress a leather fur jacket and a pair of ankle boots (simple is what i love) and I've wanted it ever since! but i found this one in H&M costing £12 and i bought it! but I'm not sure i like it as much as i would the Topshop one. Hmm I'm not sure! it is a really flattering shape though which is nice.
Ebay case £2
I love my new phone case, Yes i am a Cath Kidston bitch! I love it..I could own everything Cath Kidston, but ok this isn't a real one it's fake! but i don't care. It cost me £2.89 or something from ebay and i love it. It came from Hong Kong so it took a little while and they did unfortunately send me the wrong colour and print BUT i am happy they did cause i prefer this one anyway. I bought it from HERE and they do a lot of prints and different phones too!

so i had a lovely time in London again! I've been up so much recently it's really great but it was nice to spend some time with my mum which is rare.  And we were good babysitters for my cousin (god i love my baby cousin so much i want to steal him) but i am back home to Brighton and need to crack down on college work which i have once again left till the last minute! I'll probably ask for help in my next post hahah. I always do! but your always really helpful. This week is going to be nice i hope! finally my best friend is back in Brighton and i am so happy! going shopping tomorrow as she has to stock up on Reading things but i am so happy she's home! missed her so much. But yes everyone i know is off to Reading which is depressing! Oh well. Hope you all have a lovely week and hope you all have a lovely time at Reading if you are going (lucky bastards)
Oh before i go! I have just received money for my 18th which is in 3 weeks (FUUUCK)  and i am going to buy a SLR with it..recommend anything you think would be suitable! I have 500 pounds but I'm thinking around the £300 mark! so yeah what ever you think is good or if you have any tips on first time buyers it would all be helpful
Oh and another brightonion has a blog! go have a look here it'll be lovely if you do!

20 August 2011

August 20

Hello lovely people, I've kind off become a bit 'off' with blogging at the moment. I'm not sure if it's time for a little break or not! but anyway I think I'll just post if i have something to write about but try and have a little break from the blogging world for a few weeks (it wont last i can tell already) Anyway!
I've been pretty lazy since coming home from London  on Thursday (more on the shoot later!) it kind of knackered me out! didn't realise modelling was so tiring hahah. But yeah so i spent most of my day yesterday in bed and internet shopping! looked for ages on as many websites as i could and I've found a lot of things i love but i can't afford! for example TOPSHOP ugh why you so expensive topshop! But today i spent the day in my mums antique shop she kind off runs with my Auntie. Never been before so i thought I'd help out today! it's in steyning but i just saw it as a chance to trail through the charity shops they have there! and here are some of the things i bought, 2 to be exact.

t-shirt and belt H&M
skirt 99p Charity shop
  so i bought this skirt! now I've been wanting a maxi skirt for a long while but never wanted to fork out the 40 quid they were priced at in most shops like topshop and shit like that! so when i saw this in Oxfam i thought ooo maybe I'll get it! I wasn't too sure as it's not a very nice material it's kind of a bit plasticy if that makes sense. I'd prefer a more sheer soft fabric but i think for 99p it's actually pretty good! and I mean even if i don't wear it that often it's not like I'm wasting money that much. What do you think?
And then i bought this little purse! I love it, I love tapestry anything so i was quite happy when i found this. I think I'll use it as a coin purse cause i still love my good ol' Urban Outfitters one.

so as i said i was in London on Thursday and it was SO good. Well apart from the fact i got lost in shoreditch haha! but the actual shoot was really great. The stylist was so lovely and she brought her little dog along! best clothes I've ever worn! a £350 vintage tassel dress as an example. Crazy! I found it really fun it was at a kind of warehouse shop thing and upstairs was a old squat haha! but it was real good place to shoot as it was all run down with graffiti on the walls. Hopefully get the pictures back soon. I'm so in love with London at the moment! since going up a lot this month/this summer for shoots I've fallen in love with it more then i did before! and i have to live there. Anyone willing to buy me a flat LOL

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Kind off a little sad as i am missing my friend a lot. Haven't seen her in like 3 weeks COME HOME LILY! and everyone is off to Reading festival next week so i will be aloooone. But I am going to spend most of the week with my lovely friend Amber! it's been months since we've seen each other.

Love, Rose

16 August 2011

nice things

T-shirt International
Shorts UO Levis
Cardigan Beyond Retro
Earrings Forever 21
Loafers Primark
Firstly going to apologise for the awful outfit pictures, I can't quite find the right place to take a good photo. I always chop off my head and ugh dunno hate these pictures! so thats why there is only 1 of my whole outfit. I kind of hate all my clothes at the moment so it's not that good! I haven't worn these shorts in ages though so i thought I'd give them an outing today and these are my new loafers! bit obsessed with loafers my next mission is to find a pair of heeled loafers these black ones were a tenner from primark which i thought was pretty good, I've had a lovely day actually i spent it with my mum which i haven't done in ages! we went into town early for her to go get her hair cut. It's good my mum being a hairdresser she knows the proper good one in Brighton so we get free hair cuts off him! and then we went for lunch in a japanese dumpling bar thing in the lanes. I love it in there! it's called momo's so if anyones in Brighton soon GO there! it's opposite the sunglasses stall in the lanes so go find it. It's so cheap and SO yummy! and then we came home couldn't really be bothered to shop
no joke best tea, go try
and this is how I've spent the rest of my day! trying to find the cheapest way of travelling to London on Thursday for this shoot! so far I think I'm going to get an open return as it only costs me £18 rather then about £30. I have a 16-25 travel card so i get a bit of money off. but does anyone else have any options that would help me a lot! I am travelling before 9 so thats why it's more expensive. Oh everyone go try this tea! so so so good.

I've just received the photos back from my shoot on Thursday well I'm downloading them now as we speak so I'm not sure how they've turned out! i never like looking at photos of myself. (edit: They've come out okay but my face annoys me. Hmm confidence is the one thing i need for my next shoot!)

Hope you all have a lovely day! it's just starting to rain in Brighton which is annoying.

14 August 2011

Room tour

Well hello there! I haven't blogged in a while (ok only a few days) i ended up staying in london all weekend! It was really lovely. I went up thursday afternoon and Friday went along to the shoot which was good. I always get so nervous which is always stupid and makes the photos not work at first but when i get into it it's ok i guess. Need to get over my nerves! I have another shoot Thursday as well. so yeah then i spent the rest of the weekend looking after my baby cousin who i taught to walk!! proud of myself and him of course? we went along to a photography exhibition at the Royal Academy which was good but didn't concentrate much as Charlie (my baby cousin) was talking and laughing the whole way through while i walked him around. All in all a lovely weekend!
I don't have any interesting posts at the moment which is making me rather annoyed. I hate half heartingly posting if that even makes sense. Don't think thats a real sentence but what evs lol! yeah so I'm kinda h8in on my blog at the moment but because i spent all effin day on my bedroom i thought I'd show you all what the end results where. I have done a room tour once before but i have a new wardrobe and chest of drawers now. So here you go.
so there you have it! took me all fucking day. But at least it's nice and clean now, Ok so a lot of people spend a lot of money on buying vintage furniture for your room but i tell ye go to auctions!! well i don't know but the one my mum goes to is bloody brilliant. for example my bed cost a fiver..My wardrobe cost 20 and the chest of drawers cost 10. Pretty cheap i say! still need to get some nice handles for the wardrobe!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I'm knackered was on the tube at half 9 this morning looking like death (wow i really need to wear make up sometimes) and was on the train home at 10 so I've been travelling and then sorting my room out. It's time for tea as well as a film! I'm hoping to spend some of my wages as i haven't yet (fuck me i am surprised at that!!) lets see! i want some new clothes before i go off to London again on Thursday. I want to meet someone for coffee that day! anyone willing hahah? oh and on another note I've come to the decision to grow my fringe out lasted long didn't it? It's not working in photos at all! hmm well I'll see i guess

11 August 2011


Scalloped edge vest International
Leggings Topshop
Cardigan Beyond Retro
Scalloped Blouse Internatinoal
I don't have greasy hair the first 2 i took when my hair was still a little wet after washing haha
This is my very very very simple outfit for today, I like simple outfits OK? This is the new vest i bought when i was away it was from international which i have never ventured into but i was pleasantly surprised. It cost me £6.99! a lot better then the £18 price tag on the Topshop ones. I also went a bought the scalloped blouse for £12.99 which was reasonable as well! It's a little tight..well not tight but it's a weirdly made i think so the arms are quite tight. Probably should of gotten it in a bigger size as i always like wearing bigger tops.  I haven't got much to say today. I'm trying to sort out whats happening i have a shoot on Friday with a really good photographer which is making me really nervous! I'm not normally thaat nervous but i am. And I'm trying to work out if it's easier for me to go up this afternoon and stay with my uncle who lives close to west kensington station, well nearer Barons court. And the shoot is just a few roads away from his so I think it is. But I always feel more organised going up on the day of the shoot so I'm not sure! It's cheaper to go up today though. so I guess I'll do that! Weathers pretty shit today. Rain rain rain and wind! going to wear my fur denim jacket over this outfit to give me a bit of layers! not too sure why I'm blogging this outfit its pretty shit but I'm not in ze mood for a good outfit seeing as all I'm doing is sitting on a train!
Little bit jealous of my brothers today as they are off to boomtown festival! I wanna gooo to a festival wah. Oh well! atleast I don't have brothers for 4 days thats something to look forward to

Still trying to get used to get used to my fringe! I doubt I'll ever get used to it hahaha. Still not sure if I'll be keeping it or growing it out? what do you all think. I guess I'll see how it photographs in this shoot! looking forward to it. I think the photographer I'm working with is Miro Arva, he has shot naomi cambell as well (not nervous at all right?)

Have a lovely rest of the week peoples! and I will update when i get home. Love, Rose

09 August 2011

A week in photos to catch up

Hello people! I am back. I've had a nice week in Newport Pagnell which is close to Milton Keynes (not very exotic right) with my best friend and her family so that was lovely. I thought I was only going to be there from Tuesday till about Friday but i ended up staying till yesterday! not too sure why. Just never got round to getting the train i guess haha.
Well because i haven't really done much since I've been back, I've only been back for a day but I've been sat in bed with a cup of tea catching up on the blog posts I thought I'd fill you all in with the week I had. And a few of the things i bought. so I guess this'll be a 'week in photos' kind of post. I don't normally like doing them cause mine never come out looking as nice as Michelle's week in photos do but oh well!

trying to manage the fringe but failing|| Sunbathing in the garden (hairs gone so blonde due to this)|| Dog walking not my dog (i wish it was)|| Free duvet set from Ikea|| Results of said duvet set||

so there are a few photos of my week, I'm getting used to my fringe but I've worked out that blow drying is a must so thats made it work better. I've had a lovely week and now I'm back in Brighton and will be spending a lot of time with one of my good friends who I haven't seen in a month or more cause of holidays a shit! so that'll be nice. probs spend some of my wages! also I'm going up to London Thursday, well I'm hoping to i have a photoshoot on Friday but it's around the corner from my uncles house so i am going to stay up at his on Thursday night and go photoshoot Friday! on the talk of london i can't quit believe whats happening there right now. What do these people think rioting is going to do? it's getting out of hand! I'm hoping your all safe and all you birmingham bloggers too! there were rumours it was happening in Brighton tonight but yeah i think they were just silly rumours. I bought 2 new tops this week but i haven't photographed them. I will do soon and show you tomorrow! sorry for the rather boring post but i thought I'd say hello to welcome my posting back lol hahah

Oh before i go! Can't quite believe how nice you all were on my last post. Thank you so so much for saying happy birthday to rosedl hahah sounds like it's a person or something. But yeah! i got a hell of a lot of comments (most I've ever had i think?) so i was overwhelmed and very happy. I love rosedl and I'm glad a lot of you are supporting me :)