24 February 2011

Money doesn't grow on trees

Image from wehearit

Lol dunno where the title came from, It just came to my head when i thought of money.
That is what i want to talk about today! I haven't got a proper post as well..I'm sitting here in the most unflattering and un fashionable clothes known to man so i wouldn't really want to scar your eyes with my lazy day outfit. So instead I am going to swerve you towards my eBay..I've spent all day setting it up you'd like to know! and it's finally all done. There is some clothes that are mostly new and in good condition, some i have worn but are still in good condition. So have a look and help me with my funding for my summer! a girl needs to go to some festivals (and buy some clothes). Thank you!

have a good ol' snoop http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/mummytriplet/ (ignore the name 'mummytriplet' I'm using my mums ebay account as i don't have one) not everything has been listed yet so keep an eye out for more!

some more stuff will be up tomorrow! I've got loads more to sell And I'll also post a proper blog post tomorrow


  1. Thats such a cute picture. I am going to check out the clothes on ebay soon:) Check out my blog if you want :) x


  2. that pic is so cute ha! off to have a looksie now:) hope you are well doll xxx

  3. so cute! does your mum have triplets?! wow :) love it xx

  4. Will be browsing... But no money so may not be able to buy anything:( XXX

  5. I'm watching a couple of things, I won't bid until the last minute though!
    Good luck with selling them

  6. Ooooh I shall have to check it out! What fests you thinking of going to? I went to v fest last year and it was brilliant! The worst thing were the loo's after a couple of days but you don't care about stuff like that when you're listening to great music every day.

    Katie. x

  7. Aww, I love the picture! So cute :) I wish I could get a real dinosaur on eBay, hahaha.

  8. haha I'm going to stay in my PJ's today:) and that picture is too funny.

  9. great picture !! so funny
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think


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