30 June 2013


drawn by Katie

Thought I'd join in on the whole GFC IS DYING thing, And link you all up with my BlogLovin link.
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I will be blogging a lot more when I get back from my 3 weeks away (I go on the 8th)And I hope you all stick around as I think my blog will soon turn more into a Lifestyle type blog while I gear up to travel to the other side of the world.

Thanks for all following.

20 June 2013

Instagram 4

1. A boring outfit for a boring day, My Asos high waisted jeans and Monki jumper
2. I always get told I look like Rosie from MIC, and for the first time ever I agree slightly
3. pre job training was the most boring 2 weeks of my life.
4. not sure if I've ever put a picture up of Ed but I miss him so much right now so these photos are keeping me going.
1. At least I got this view every morning when I did job training
2. Print clashing on a hot day (Top topshop Skirt H&M)
3. I love the print on my UO dress! 
4. Oh I should never have bought a pack of malted milk, SO good
 1. England you are useless I had to resort back to my bobble hat last week.
2. Lonely nights without Ed 
3. My new £10 dress which I am in love with
4. Happy fathers day to my moody looking dad! 
 1. Always a girl problem, What colour do I paint my nails.
2. Bought some new things from Primark but still unsure about this denim dress
3. Interview clothes are boring
4. Said dress, in action

Hello everyone, These post are kind of cheat posts aren't they but when I don't have anything to blog about I like to do these as you can see what I've been up to.

So on that note what have I been up to. 
Ed has now left which is still heartbreaking, Brighton just isn't the same without him and neither am I. I try my hardest to be myself but I'm not without him. Thank god for the wonders of Skype, Just can't wait for my holiday in Spain so I can spend 3 weeks with him before he goes all the way back to New Zealand.
 I have spent 2 weeks doing 'pre job training' for the new Tkmaxx store which was the most boring 2 weeks of my life and I missed out on all the sun BUT I GOT THE JOB and I am so happy (thanks for all the tweets as well so lovely) finally someones hired me and as soon as I get back from holiday i am just going to WORK WORK WORK all the time take my mind off Ed being on the other side of the world and getting the money to go to the other side of the world!

Thats about it really, Haven't done much apart from job training but now its all finished and I've got the job so I am now just counting down the days to Spain. 
Hope you've all had a lovely 2 ish weeks (can't remember the last time i did one of these) 
Love, Rose

19 June 2013

Put the kettle on

Hello everyone a slightly different blog post to what I normally do. But who doesn't like a good cuppa eh?
I got sent this sample of tea by LoveTea the other week and I was so excited to share with you guys.
Now we all like tea and I can't say I normally experiment much with the tea I make as I just like a good old normal cup of tea or once in a while when I want to 'try' and be healthy I'll have a green tea. 
But this I found so fun, you get sent 3 little tea bags to try out and the leaves sealed securely in the silver packaging.
Now I did have photos of me making the tea etc but my IPhoto deleted them which is annoying. But it was easy to do and the tea tasted SO good, I wasn't really sure what I was getting as I have no idea what 'Himalayan Imperial Black' tea is but I just did it like a normal cuppa and put milk in it and it came out tasting so good if I'm honest I think your spose to have it just black with no milk but I have another 2 tea bags left so will try that next time.

I'd recommend trying out LoveTea as you get a different tea each month as well as free shipping to the UK!
I am now off to soak up the sun in the garden with my new tea
Love, Rose

08 June 2013

Blue days

| Crop Top Primark | Shorts ZARA| Bag Beyond Retro | Nails Barry M 'Satsuma'| Sunglasses Ebay|

I would like to introduce you all to my new favourite pair of shorts, I saw these when I was returning a dress cause I needed the money but I needed these more (I didn't). And I have fallen in love, The perfect blue and the perfect embroidered bottom edge. Oh how I love them
I paired them with a simple black crop top which i picked up from Primark along with a few other colours, these have been so perfect recently for summer only 3 pounds and are great for everyday use. I would normally wear this outfit with a big belt (seen in the last picture) as I don't like it when you can see my belly bar (people probably wonder why i even got it done, i wonder that too..) BUT it seems to have disappeared which is very annoying! 

I haven't got much to say at the moment, I am quite busy these next 2 weeks as I am doing 'Pre job training' which involves sitting in a office room for 5 days a week learning how to 'smile at customers' If I'm honest I would walk out right now and not do it, but it goes on my CV and I get a guaranteed interview for the new Tkmaxx store opening up so it means I have a good chance of landing the job! if only it was a guaranteed job out of it not just an interview. It does mean I have missed out on all the sun this week though which is a shame. 

I've been very not my self this week, as you all know and probably from my twitter too (Sorry about that I tweet a lot when I'm sad it seems haha) Ed has now left. And it really hit me hard I was quite heartbroken. But I'm keeping busy and keeping my mind off it and just counting down the days till I jump on a plain to Barcelona and spend 3 long amazing weeks with him. After that we will be apart for a pretty long time when I make up the money to go to New Zealand so possibly 6 months apart. But I know we are strong enough to do it and get through it and just the thought of being in the amazing country with him is making it all worth while. 

so I hope you are all enjoying the sun can't quite believe its finally starting to feel like summer. About time!
Love, Rose 

02 June 2013

Instagram 3

 1. Huge lunches for me and Ed
2. Spending the last couple of days together doing 'Brighton' things
3. Pier view
4. Pho restaurant! Epic noodles 
 1. Again Pho vietnamese restaurant
2. Last day in Brighton with my boy
3. My two loves
4. The best things in summer 
 1. Pedalo is a weird cat
3. Got given a Rose ooo
4. OOTD, New sandals from Matalan, Joni jean dupes from Primark, and knitted jumper from UO
1. Arrested Development has become a new obsession of ours.
2. Brighton is the place to be in the sun
3. Again my two loves, Edward and Cats.
4. Trying my hand at some nail art.

hello everyone. Another instagram post for you lot today as I got my IPHONE BACK WOOHOO! very happy about it. 
I'm very sorry for the no blogging recently I have had a lot of my mind and a lot of things to do.
I found out a week ago that Ed has to leave the country, Now I always knew he had to leave but we thought it was August so finding out that you have 8 days left with the love of your life is really, really heartbreaking. So I've been spending as much time with Ed as possible.

I'm not going to be blogging much I don't think, as tomorrow is the day that he leaves and I think I may just wallow in sadness for a while as I'm really not ready to be apart. But it has to be done and I know we are strong enough to do this and the moment I step off that plane in New Zealand and see his face will be the best feeling in the entire world. It'll be worth it in the long run!

So I hope you have been enjoying the sun. And hopefully I wont be gone too long. See you on the flip side 

Love, Rose