26 March 2013

White Stripes

| Jumper Monki | Jeans Asos | Studded Vest Topshop|

Sorry for the photo heavy post for such a boring outfit. I am SO bored right now and the boyfriends out for beers so I thought I'd blog some of these photos that I took today (although wasn't going to use as they're not really that good) But boredom does things to you.
So yesterday I had a little trip up to London with my Nan, Dad and Mum to visit my Uncle who's just got out of hospital (chopped his hand in half, and has a missing finger, Ouch! god damn you big scary saws)  
It was a lovely day and nice to see my Uncle in high spirits, He's my favourite person. We were walking along Carnaby Street after lunch, And I couldn't not go in Monki so I ventured in and found this jumper with 50% off! My nan kindly bought it for me and I am in love. Hasn't pictured very well it does look a lot nicer in person I promise!
I wore it with my favourite ever jeans that I recently got from Asos. I've said before that I normally don't branch out from my usual Topshop Leigh jeans but I'm so glad I did as these are bloody good and are so high waisted and flattering. All for £28! (sorry for the slight zip undone) I think I'm going to get the black pair soon.

I thought I'd quickly show you this as well as it arrived in the post today. Quite a while ago I went up to London for a shoot with the lovely Jazzabelle and this is what it was for! so weird to see myself in the pages of a book but its actually pretty fuckin good and I really do like the photographs (I hope that doesn't sound too vain) but the colours in the book are just incredible, And I am definitely going to start up knitting again not that I'm any good but this book has some really good instructions, I'm going to try the bobble hats first.

Oh I almost forgot, Anyone else going to the AX Paris event? hoping to go, Just also hoping I'm not a shy dick like I always am, Anyone wanna meet before hand? Help this lonesome blogger not go in by herself? I'd be much appreciated.  Or Any Brighton bloggers travelling up? Give me a shout on Twitter!

Love, Rose

18 March 2013

18th March

Dress C/O Ravi Famous | Jacket C/O Very.co.uk | Belt My Dads |

Can we all pretend I did actually wear this without tights? Yeah. Ok
I got sent this rather lovely dress from Ravi Famous a couple of weeks ago I chose it due to the fact that I never wear dresses, that probably is a stupid idea but I am trying to branch from my usual outfit choices and try something different to my jeans jumper and vans type outfit. And I really do love this dress, Especially the little backless bit. 
Now yes I did not just wear this but in photographs wearing tights looks like shit, I also did wear a scarf and beanie and all that because well, England's weather is crap! I can't wait for a bit of warmth so I can get my pasty skin out and get my freckles back.

I don't know whats wrong with my body but EVERY FUCKING DRESS I BUY NEVER FITS. Am I really that short? Or am I just stupid and like my dresses too short? Who knows but every dress I seem to try on is always way too long. This one I had to roll over and all that and put a belt on it. I still love it though! 
Oh and due to all this GFC stuff that to be honest I don't really understand you can all follow me on these platforms if you would like to carry on reading my bullcrap.

Love, Rose 

14 March 2013

The Little Deer competition

|Jeans- Jamie Jeans Topshop| T-shirt- The Little Deer | Leather Jacket- C/O Very.co.uk | Beanie- Trainer Spotter | 

I was recently contacted by the lovely people over at The Little Deer to join the blogger competition, to style 1 piece of clothing and 1 piece of Jewellery
And this is what I chose, A CAT ON A T-SHIRT! And some rather amazing sparkly triangle earrings!
Now I'm not going to lie this isn't the best styled outfit I could've done specially now seeing the other entries but hey ho! Wearing the T-shirt and earrings with my trusty beanie and trusty vans, and well.. trusty jeans too! 
I would be very grateful if you could vote for me over me on this page HERE the winner will not only win a £30 voucher but one to giveaway to their followers. So If you think I deserve it then please do vote! 
Love, Rose

11 March 2013

Caseable Giveaway! *NOW CLOSED*

Very excited to announce my first ever giveaway with the lovely people over at Caseable, you could have a chance of winning your very own case. Above are a few examples of what you could win, They have everything from Iphone cases to Kindle and Laptops, if your feeling creative you can also design your own which I think is a really unique thing to do, If you would like to read my post on my own caseable case then click here. So if you would like to win a case of your choice from Caseable then here is what you have to do.
  • Firstly be following me on GFC (I will be checking!)
  • Follow me on twitter HERE
  • Follow Caseable on twitter HERE
  • Sign up to the Caseable newsletter (Which also gets you a £5 voucher) HERE
  • And lastly just leave me a comment and tell me you've entered and what you've done, Leaving your email address so I can contact you! And your twitter name.
And that is it! the giveaway will end on the 18th of March, Next Monday! so get your entries in quick. I will select the winner using random generator and email/tweet you that same day.

I would also like to say (as I didn't realise I would be so close when I posted this) thank you SO much to everyone as I am so close to 900 followers. All the support and everything has just been amazing- Especially as I haven't the greatest blogger at times. But again thanks so much.

07 March 2013

What could you do with £20?

I was recently contacted by the people over at Money Supermarket, to be involved with the pocket some extra cash campaign. Now me being me I love finding money its the best feeling so when I was contacted by them I was very excited! 'What would you do with £20' is a great idea and it made me really think about what I would have done if I'd found £20 in my pocket. So when I was given £20 to spend on what ever I liked, At first I thought well I do need a lot of essentials but I then thought ROSE DONT BE SO SELFISH! so I decided to spend the £20 on my boyfriend as it was his 21st birthday a couple of weeks after. In the end I decided to get him a present that was sentimental and something he could keep forever,

My boyfriend is a smoker and is ALWAYS moaning at how he never has a lighter or they never work in the cold rainy weather in Brighton (his words, He likes to moan at the weather here and sometimes I think well why did you come all the way to England from New Zealand eh? his fault really) so I decided to get him a Zippo lighter but I also thought it would be a really lovely idea to get it engraved so that is what I did! a lovely sturdy lighter that works in the wind and with a little note on the back of it. So I would love to thank money supermarket for giving me the chance to really get a lovely present for him that I think he will remember for ever.