29 June 2011

Wed 29 Jun

Jeans Topshop
Top and Belt H&M
Bag Beyond Retro
was almost going to not post this blog post just due to the fact i am, once again wearing stripes. I'm sorry i just can't not! they go with everything and i feel so comfy in them.
Boring outfit i know, I went for comfort today as all i did was go to town and eat a mcdonalds and then come home at around 5, I'm so adventurous i know. The weather was weird it was in between so one minute it was cold and windy then it was boiling hot, So i kind off was stuck on what to wear! got way too hot in my jeans earlier seeing as they are so tight. 
I don't think I've ever posted this bag on here before, I've had it for quite a while and i did wear it to death a year ago or maybe 2 can't quite remember when i got it. It's from beyond retro and literally only cost me like £15. Which i thought was pretty good. I loved it before but now I'm not so sure. I guess it's okay! I felt like a change today so decided to use it instead of my usual tapestry bag that i use all the time now.

Just realised in the last photo there is a group of mugs on my bedside table, does anyone else seem to gather a collection of mugs through out the day. I do..I end up with about 5 and if i don't bother to take them down that day i end up with more and more. I need to clean my room i do i do.

this photo is making me happy, i finally borrowed it off my friend Millie and i am so excited! Lol becoming such a Harry Potter nerd but i just love it. I am not a true HP fan though as i have never read any of the books and I'm going straight to the last haha. So bad isn't it! don't shoot me all you potter fans. I'm taking it for the flight to turkey to keep me occupied and then when i get back to England i am going to hopefully buy the rest and read them all in order! But i just NEED to know what happens to ron and hermione I'm going to come right out and say it but i am obsessed with Ron. Ok I'll stop as i am very very very late on the Harry Potter bandwagon so you don't all need to hear about my obsession

Okay i have one last thing to say! If i get time..For a little good bye thing  (for a week) I'm going to do a little video blog! hehehe aren't you lucky bastards. So SO SO i need you all to ask me some questions for me to answer! I tried this once when i had less followers and people reading my blog so it failed a little and only got asked 1 questions, so plz be nice and ask me some! anything you want to hear about me I will answer. you can ask me on here, Twitter, or tumblr so go awn you know you wanna!

Thanks again, I am very almost (sort off) close to 500 follows and i couldn't be happier and still in a little shock! Hope you've all had a lovely day and hopefully i will get the video done tomorrow. If not i will save the questions if i get any, for a day when i get back to England so don't worry your effort wont go to waste! 

Love, Rose 

27 June 2011

Catch up

Strap top H&M
Shorts Levi Urban Outfitters
Sheer shirt Topshop
I'm sorry for the crappy pictures, I was in a rush to take these as i was just going out to my friends 21st but i guess you can make out most of what I'm wearing. Anyway yeah as i said i was off to my friends 21st on Friday and it was lovely, Lots of people there i hadn't seen in ages and friends from childhood who i hadn't seen since last year! so it was really lovely. Drank a bit too much and had a jagerbomb? I think it is hahah never ha one before but it was...weird. I wasn't sure if it was dressy kind of clothes so i kind off went for the in between, pairing my sheer shirt which i bought from Topshop ages ago with my denim shorts. In real life this outfit did look better it just doesn't seem to photograph to well.
I've been rather distant from twitter/internet this weekend as i have been busy and it's been lovely! but i caught up with all blogs i hadn't read yesterday when i got in and reverted back to my twitter ways so i am not gone don't you worry!

I'm spending the day at home today, Probably lazing around in the sun. I am feeling really ill actually which is typical of me i have the worst sore throat and i can't stop sneezing, feel like i just want to sleep all day but no no..I can't waste this lovely weather we are having! so i am going to get my bikini on and sit in the garden with my cats (LOL crazy cat lady) a load of my friends are all still at college. Sucks to be them..I'm completely finished and now on summer hols so it's great!

I've mentioned it on twitter this last week but i have become so obsessed with harry potter! no joke. I am like a crazy fan like the rest of you, So so late i know but hay ho! I watched the final one yesterday and omg..So good! can't wait for the last to come in cinemas! I may just have to re watch them all again today.

Right I am off to make myself a big breakfast and sit in the garden, I am on a healthy eating diet because i weighed myself yesterday for the first time in ages and i have put on fucking weight, fuck life right now hahaha. Oh well! if it went to my boobs I'd be happy but it just goes all to my arse.

So i hope you all have a very lovely day in the sun, my pale skin doesn't cope tooo well with it! I am off to Turkey on Friday which i am so so so bloody excited about! can't wait. Literally want this week to be over now so i can go. so i guess I will be posting as much as possible this week cause I'll be gone for a week!

23 June 2011

Stripes once again

Top H&M
Shorts Urban Outfitters Levis
Belt Old from Topshop
Ok i did do this post before but for some reason on my laptop it wasn't working properly. I think it was working for others though, I'm not sure. Anyway i deleted that one and I started again so sorry if you saw the other one and are now seeing it again haha.

Yup i am wearing stripes once again, I'm sorry i just can't not i love them too much! this was an outfit i wore yesterday to just pop into town with my friend as her textile lesson was cancelled. I Was rooting round my coat hangers and saw this belt hanging up, I completely forgot i owned it! i am so glad i found it though as it is very lovely. I got it a few years a go from Topshop and it came in a really nice lilac colour too. Wish I'd bought that one! so yesterday was a lot nicer then today, Well it has been sunny today but literally every half an hour theres down poor of rain and it's just ridiculous. I think i might cry soon and curl into a ball of depression due to no tan. Oh well turkey a week tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my friends sisters 21st so that'll be good. I'm planning on getting extremely drunk.. I mean it's a 21st right i can't not? its just at a restaurant cause my friend owns the restaurant and it has a terrace so it'll be lovely. IF it doesn't rain. Right I am now sitting in bed watching Harry Potter i thought Michelle would be proud of me for doing so hehe! I'm going to come right out and say it and shoot me if you will! but i have never really gotten in to the whole harry potter craze. And i so wish i had! I do like the films and i wish i had gotten into it when it all came out and shit. but i didn't! so i have decided to watch all the films back to back, but i am still only on the first and it's already 4 so I don't know how far I'll get. Yup i know i am not a true harry potter fan! any-who hope you've all had a lovely day today and i hope it's been sunnier in places more then it has in brighton (H8 U BRIGHTON) 

21 June 2011

why weather why

Stripe T-shirt (H&M)
Lace Shirt (CharityShop)
Jeans (Topshop)
Jacket (American Apparel)
Hello lovelies, (not going to lie i fucking hate the first 2 pictures sorry for how bad they are) Isn't the weather shit. Well it is in Brighton, I'm kind off sick of it i have to say and i can't wait to get away and go to Turkey. Ugh come on sun i want you back! 
My outfit today was kind of a 'omg i am so tired i can't be fucked to think' outfit, And in the end i actually quite liked it so maybe i should go for the tired dressing more..
I haven't got as many photos as i thought i did as the full body ones came out so bad i can't actually face putting them up. So the outfit isn't shown that well on here so i might take some again to show you.
anyway i had to dress in the kind off mis match of the weather, It wasn't raining at the time but it wasn't warm either so i put a hoodie over my lace shirt just in case the weather turned against me and pissed down, which it did may i add. 
I quite like this outfit (in real life NOT in these photos) doesn't seem to be an outfit that photographs too well but i don't care right now.
spent my day at college and it was shit we had prize givings and i got no fucking prize and then we we're meant to have a picnic and it rained so we couldn't LUVIN THIS SUMMER WEATHER. Then i met my friend in town and then got home by 1 and since then I have been watching Made in Chealsea and Rizzle Kicks on youtube I'm a lazy shit i know. I think college and the stress has kind off caught up with me and i am just sleeping it off! Feeling a little better now then i was yesterday so thats good.
Also thanks again for all the comments on my last post, I'll tell you i got the tickets in the end for Turkey which is all good! i am going a week on Friday SO excited! I guess i wont be posting that week as i don't think i have wifi and i kind of want a break from internet etc

I talk too much but anyway i need your help, I have a photography summer project and it's based on re inventing yourself the brief is to take 4 photos of yourself in these situations

1. re invent yourself and photograph in a way that depicts your childhood career. not going to lie i wanted to be a farmer..so thats going to be a weird one to do

2. re invent yourself as a new superhero. UGH don't wanna do this one i have no ideas!

3. if you were an animal what would you be

4. if you could re invent yourself as a building what type of building would you become? think about your own personality.

I have no ideas right now so that is why i am asking you, what do you think i could do!

Love, Rose 

20 June 2011

Sunday blog week 35 done on a Monday

couldn't find any pictures of me to use so heres one of me and my cat the other day

001. another late Sunday blog, I'm sorry about that. I'm kind off thinking off giving up the Sunday blog feature as well.. I don't really think it really works.. I dunno i was just thinking it earlier and maybe I'll give it up, but then i have no regular features on my blog. But i don't really mind

002. I was going to post this yesterday but i had no picture to use. Probably because i was feeling extremely hungover and not in the picture mood. So yeah i went out on Saturday for my friends surprise birthday thing which wasn't a surprise cause she knew about it but it was okay, I left quite early because i wasn't feeling great and wasn't in the mood to walk home in the rain so left earlier. but it was lovely to see a few of my old friends that i haven't seen in bloody ages! it's nice to catch up. I told myself i wasn't going to drink but i did..And i hadn't been out in ages because I've been so busy with college that it seemed to take more of an effect then it usually does hahah. Oh well!

003.so yesterday i spent my day in bed all day, i watched UP and then played sims 3 and thats kind off what I'm doing again today. I'm not feeling too great for some reason its the kind off illness where you don't know whats wrong with you, you just don't feel..Right. So I've decided to spend my day in bed again

004. tomorrow is my last day at college which is really great! it'll be sad-ish cause some of these people i wont see for ages and might not see them again but then again it'll be nice not to see some of them ( hehe i am so nice) but I'll miss my good friend from college so hopefully I'll see her this summer. It's a picnic AW my college is well cute. So i should probably get up today actually so i can go get some food for it. I'm thinking pound shop...

005. this week is probably going to be a lazy one. All my friends still have college for another 3/4 weeks so i probs will be lounging around but i do have a friends 21st party on Friday which will be fun! it's my friends sister but she's like a sister to me so it'll be lovely. Got to try and think of something to wear never been to a 21st before!

006. so I've decided to kind of re think my blog, not re think just..Well i am not going to be posting loads of crappy outfit pictures and i will try and make them as best as possible before i post otherwise i am just not going to post. So it's either good photos or just not blogging. So hopefully I can start to work my camera out and get the best quality it can provide.

007. Im also slightly panicking, i thought my holiday tickets were booked as i am well was meant to go on 1st July. BUT i found out yesterday we haven't booked the ticket cause my passport wasn't ready. but ugh i don't know, Please someone ease my mind and tell me there will still be tickets for a holiday that is 2 weeks away..PLEASE! i mean it is still in school time so maybe that means there will be. If i don't go i think i'll literally cry for a week. I've been looking forward to this!!! waaaaah

Thanks again for listening to my rambling, this is kind of a weird Sunday blog I'm not feeling myself so i don't really know what I'm talking about but i do want to say a massive massive thank you to Michelle for mentioning me in her latest blog post i have never had so many page views before so its really nice of her to do so. and I gained like almost 10 google friend followers and more bloglovin followers. alotta love for Michelle right now!!

Edit- I got a ticket it's all worked out better as i am now getting a flight just 3 hours after the others, a week on Friday i go! so excited i need a tan

16 June 2011

stripes is all i need

Jumper H&M 14.99
High waisted leggings Topshop
Oh wow these are awful photos of this outfit, I am so bad at taking pictures of my outfits but oh well!
This is what i wore today, Pretty boring outfit because all i was doing was lazying around the house. But i wanted to show you cause this is the new jumper i bought yesterday when i went in to town. I've had my eye on it for a while but never bought it for some odd reason so i went and did yesterday, Probs not a good investment seeing as it's summer now.. Well from the look of the weather today it's definitely not summer! so i guess it'll be good for wearing on the days where it's hot but with a little wind. Ah i dunno! I just loves it. Especially as it's striped and has elbow patches.
I also thought I'd show you all my new bikini i bought as a few of you asked me on twitter where i got it. so here it is. I also thought I'd show you just my bikini..Cause I've never featured it on here before.
Bikini top Debenhams £16
Bikini bottoms Topshop £1
I was going to take a picture of me wearing it but then i realised i would be shoving my hardly there boobs in your face so i thought it would be better to just take a picture of them separately. So that is the bikini top it came to like £16 i think so not too bad seeing as some bikinis from topshop are £25!! Its very padded but for me its jsut what i need as i am SO unconfident about ma boobs seeing as i hardly have any (no joke) so all the padding i can get i will take. And who wants to feel bloody self conscious on the beach ay. So the bikini top is great! I got black as it goes with everything but it does come in another colour i can't remember exactly what it was though. I also thought I'd show you my bikini bottoms cause well I've never shown my bikini on here..Not that i really need to? but yeah anyway! they cost me a pound from Topshop a few years ago which i thought was a really great saving. And they only had my size left in the sale. Love it when that happens it's like it's fate and you just have to buy them. So yeah i love them. They do look really red in the photo actually they aren't that red in real life.. More of a orangey red actually.

Anyway not a great outfit photo today seeing as i haven't really got a good outfit on. I woke up at 9 and cracked on with my essay and to my surprise i got it finished at 12!! I actually finished an essay..I am proud of myself! sounds vain but omg i am the shittest person at doing anything academic let alone even attempt to write an essay so i am proud i got it done in that time. Probs one of the shittest essay you'll ever read but hay ho i don't care. Then I've spent the rest of the day being quite productive actually..Well if you call drinking tea and eating bagels while doing the odd cleaning productive. I did change my bed so i have lovely nice crisp bed sheets ah so nice. And I have done more of my 'Drawing a day' challenge which is going well. My tutor said it would be good to take with me to Uni to show that i am dedicated to getting better at Art. I prefer more textiles so i am trying to work on my art skills which before i started my Diploma were AWFUL.

Wow ok if you've read all of that then i love you, I do ramble a bit too much don't I.

14 June 2011

I guess the sun is back

Playsuit and belt Primark
Blouse Charity shop
Wow isn't it amazing weather today, Lol starting a conversation off about weather..I'm very british.
well I'll carry on cause i started! Brighton beens fucking amazing today the weather has been the best for ages probably because all of Sunday and Monday it was raining/grey. But yay i finally got my legs out again! I love not wearing tights although i did have a rather bad shaving rash on my legs today cause i am stupid. I didn't realise how hot it was going to be and my legs were hairy so i quickly shaved using just tap water on my legs..Yup bad idea worst shaving rash EVER. right on to something a bit less gross

This is what i wore today, I got boiling so i ended up taking off the lace shirt. but yeah pretty simple an all black outfit in weather like this..I like to be stupid. Today was an okay day i got a lie in from college which was nice! normally in at 9 but was in at 11 today and finished by 1 so it was good, All we did was take a guided tour around the exhibition our college puts on every year which i have to say is pretty good! and then i went to town to meet my two friends i actually ended up taking back the shirt from this post just because i am so stingy and i thought i would get a lot of wear out of something else more practical. Especially something i can wear to Turkey.

luckily my scheduled post worked on Sunday! I was actually home only a little bit after it went out so i guess i could of written it then but oh well. London was fantastic best photoshoot I've ever done (lol only done 2) but omg it was good. It pissed down with rain again (i think i have THE worst luck, the only two photoshoots I've done and both have rained) but it was still great and i loved loved loved the clothes i wore! it was for JOYs range called Louche and it is going over to germany or something? not entirely sure i should probably find out but it is going 'global' the women said. So yay! She said I'll get a lot of work out of it. Which is exciting!

Wow i seem to have a lot to write about today, I love doing these posts..It always calms me down as i can get all my thoughts out and stuff (and i do have a LOT of thoughts) anyway yeah I've not got college all week so i think if the weathers stays nice i will be working on my tan. AND trying to finish this essay :( I left it till last minuite once again so i have till Friday to write a 2000 word essay on artists i know nothing about yet wish me luck i think I'll need it. I am off to London again on Friday i think! gawd been so much lately. This time it's just to get my passport sorted and everything in time for Turkey in about 2 ish weeks ( SO EXCITED) and it'll be nice cause me and my dad can go for lunch after woulds. I like it a the moment I've been spending a lot more time with my dad. I do miss him sometimes cause he's a firemen and a security guard he does work a lot and i don't get to see him that much.

I'll stop talking now as i should be doing my essay right now anyway, but i hope you all had lovely weather like i did today! 

12 June 2011

Sunday blog week 34

I've missed a few Sunday blogs in recent weeks so i want to apologise for that, I don't really know why I'm normally not busy on Sundays so i get them done but i guess i was.. I can't even remember (wow i have bad memory) anyway this is a schedule post so i hope it works as i am probably still in London right now so i thought I'd write it now and yeah yeah yeah ok.

A week in photos well technically it's a few weeks in photos due to missing some:
woo organised Rose. I finally got myself a diary to keep track of everything. It seems to be working this one is from Muji
trying on a maxi dress in Topshop. After this i realised never to buy one..I look awful in them. This was from London a week ago
one of the best restaurant I've been too. Carnaby street London
Saturdays event at Brighton Fashion Week. Crap photo i know
mm baking cookies, they ended up tasting pretty good
Brighton University Degree show (i so want to go there now)
Love the fact i have a video box 5 seconds from my house at the end of the road. 
never thought this would happen, looking at this made me smile ALOT
Wow so a lot of photos from a few weeks, well i guess there should be more seeing as i haven't done this in 2/3 weeks? but any hoo i hope you enjoy them.
I've had a pretty good week this week, especially Thursday. It was one of the best I've had in a long long time! also found out i got a Merit on my project so i am overall a merit now which means i WILL progress on to extended diploma and concentrate on textiles! woo. 

So yeah as i said at the start this is a scheduled post as i am currently in London (yay) off to do a photoshoot with Joy clothing! for their 2011 lookbook or something. Very very excited something like this is what i need to bring my confidence up even more! obviously i am shitting myself but not as much as before. I need to learn to control my nerves and insecurities.

Also wanted to say as i don't really say it enough  thank you to all my followers! I did reach over 400 followers the other week which i think is crazy. Can't believe 400 people read my blog? anyway yeah thank you all! and thanks to all the comments i got on a recent post.. I reached like 37. Most I've ever gotten before! hehe yeah thanks again. 

08 June 2011


tights and playsuit Primark
Cardigan Vintage
Sorry for not posting in almost a week, I'm not really sure why? I was pretty busy over the weekend and then didn't really have anything to post either so i guess thats why. So this was my outfit today my new playsuit from primark which i bought in London which annoyingly also broke before i even wore it but i sewed it up and everything but while writing this it did break again BUT at least i can use a sewing machine. But FKU primark you should better. I do like this outfit i have to say though it's very girly for me..I realised i wear a lot of boyish clothes or dark colours? hmm i guess it's time for a change! (sorry i can't change i love my jeans too much)

you people are all so lovely so i wanted your help once again, I bought this shirt the other day in topshop and i wanted some opinions on it. Anything will do, I mean i have to admit it looks pretty shit in photos and does look a lot nicer in photos but yeah what do you all think? 

Well I've had a busy week at college and it's been 'progression week' so we've been talking about university and shit like that.. Well not shit cause i do want to go to university. Anyone got any good things to say about any universities they go to I mean i am set on going somewhere in London but you never know after looking round Brighton uni i think i want to go there..Not sure i could cope with living at home though haha. I'd want to do a fashion or textiles course so anyone got any that they think would be good? anything will help. I was thinking Falmouth uni is meant to be amazing so yeah

Also photos of my photoshoot are on my tumblr here 
tell me what you think! personally i find it weird looking at myself like that and i don't think it looks anything like me. thanks for all the kind words on twitter as well your all fucking lovely!

02 June 2011

Londons calling

so i went off to London on Wednesday as you all known and i had the best day! I love London too much I've been there a lot this month cause of castings and interview and shit like that and it's just made me want to move there even more! so we got the train at 9.19 and got home about 9..A pretty long day i have to say! and i am still tired now. I didn't buy as much as i was hoping (or expecting) but i got a few nice bits which i am happy with! 
Playsuit Primark £8
I really like this playsuit, I haven't bought any clothing from Primark in quite a while so this is a nice change. Fucking hell though Primark in London is probably one of the most stressful things I've ever been in to so many people! buut it was really good a lot better then Brighton one. So yeah this is the playsuit i got! only £8 I'm not sure i like the ruffle bit on the front so i may cut that off

right this picture isn't a great one again..Mirror picture! I need to be less lazy and start taking proper outfit pictures! I may have to get some un willing volunteers I.e my Mum to take them! but she doesnt even know i own a blog so i don't know how that would work. Ok anyway! this is a picture to show the top and shoes i bought. the top is one i've been wanting a while and almost bought a few times but never did for some reason, not really sure why i never did seeing as it's only £28 but yeah i love it! simple but great. and then the shoooooooes oh how i love shoes. I think I've become obsessed i don't buy many but i always see so many i wish i could wear but wearing heels everyday would be a bit weird at my age. But i thought i had an excuse due to casting so i bought these wedges! £18 primark. god i  love them
probably wont ever wear them but i had to get them..I just had to ok?

Weather was amazing in Brighton today but i was stuck at college helping to sort out the exhibition stuff. Yep it is shit i don't get half term..But I'm not in tomorrow and wasn't in yesterday so i can't really complain. Off to Brighton Fashion Week this Saturday! i hope to see some bloggers there..Anyone going?