06 February 2011

Sunday blog week 19

Cheating, this was actually taken last night before i went to my friends.
001. Waaah I'm sad! I haven't been a good blogger at all. It's making me sad cause i love blogging I just haven't had time and I'm really not feeling this blog at the moment. But I have had a little break (not at my own choice) due to work load and i think it has helped! I feel fresh and new (lolz) and will start again on Monday to the old better blogger i used to be. hahaha sorry that made me laugh! but no yeah I will be back to regular posting on Monday hopefully.

002. My weekend has been a lazy one once again, I just stayed at my best friends house last night and now she has given me her sore throat yay don't we all love her. But it's okay.. I think it'll go by tomorrow! Can't wait to go back to college, I always miss it when It's the weekends god thats sad isn't it..But it's just so fun!

003. I went shopping today and bought new underwear, Every girl needs underwear! it made me feel better. but what didn't make me feel better was the fact that in every shop there were 'Valentine bra and knicker sets' URGH! please fook off valentines day i don't like you! Unless someone could randomly give me a boyfriend then i would be fine but it's not gonna happen. What are all you doing for Valentines day? Sorry that i don't like it! I just don't see the point in it haha. Any of you feel the same?

004. so i know i promised you all a video but i just didn't have time! I was going to get one done today but i have just got back and now have to get on with some art work. I'm sorrry! such a bad blogger. I defiantly want to do one though as i love hearing what bloggers sound like and i think it would be a good thing for me to do. I just have to think of something to say! I am very shy in front of a camera as i tried to do a video a few weeks ago and i couldn't get the words out! didn't realise i was THAT shy. But I'm sure I'll do it soon so keep an eye out!

005. I'm going to apologise once again for the lack of blogging and when i am blogging i'm not really in to it. My mind is everywhere! this work is doing my head in. But after all this preparation and research and experiments with illustration is over i get to concentrate on doing my final illustration and i think that'll be fun! I'll keep you all updated

006. Thanks again for all the comments! your all too good to me. Even when I'm being boring you always comment and it makes me happy. so thank you! i WILL repay you soon!

007. Another thing is i got an email from photobucket saying i was close to going over my limit of storage or something? and i cannon't believe this is happening it's so annoying. I really don't know how else to upload my pictures? And i don't want to have to pay for 'pro' photobucket. Anyone got any recommendations?? or any way i can still use photobucket it would be much appreciated

So I will post tomorrow I am sure! charging my camera as we speak to i will be up and running. I'm thinking off maybe wearing my camel jeans as i haven't really worn them enough to justify paying 40 quid for them. I do love them! I just don't feel confident in jeans..But I shall try! thank you all again

                               Love, Rose


  1. Totally agree with you about Valentines day. A money making gimmick designed to make single people feel horrible - (I could just be biased because i don't have a boyfriend of course).

    P.s. you have beautiful hair :) x

  2. you're a fab blogger! hope your sore throat is better soon:)

  3. Don't worry I don't see the point in valentines day either - and I've got a boyfriend. I think it's a bit like new years eve, you're put under a lot of pressure to do something and it never really lives up to it. Me and the boy spent our first valentine's at some awkward 18th birthday party of some girls from my school, and our second we went out for a dinner but he didn't think to book the table, luckily they managed to squish us in but it's hard having a nice meal when all the staff are waiting for you to hurry up and leave so they can have your table.

  4. Seems like I haven't been on your blog in monkeys long! I've missed you! Totally with you on Valentines stock haha, it's a cute day but not for me :) I fancy your hair and your camel jeans, gimme gimme!xx

  5. nice way to think haha!
    I think Valentines could be a nice day but of course not having someone to share with is sad, but someday we will get our right one! :)

    cute blog


  6. There isnt much point in Valentines day, but if I did have a boyfriend I would love the day!!!
    X (P.S I still have all my art to complete)

  7. Agreed about Valentines day, it is shit, money making etc, and my last name is Valentine and I get teased all day. I am, however, going to use it as an excuse to bake very naughty calorie filled cakes to give to my boyfriend (and then sneakily eat most of them myself). Have an anti valentines day night with some girlfriends? x

  8. Gorgeous hair. I'm not going anything on Valentines apart from working, ha! Screw it. Hope you're feeling better soon x

  9. Such a nice photo of you :) Hope your throat gets better soon and don't worry, i don't really see the point in valentines day either!

    Stacey xx

  10. I've never been crazy about Valentines Day either, I think it's a little tacky to be honest. I do have a boyfriend but we will probably just go for a few drinks, nice to do something but no need for the tackyness.
    As for the photobucket account you could always open a new one under another email address? Hope you're feeling better soon! and DEFINITELY wear the camel jeans, mine are a size too big but you have no excuses x

  11. Pretty pic, hope your throat feels better soon. Hmm I can't think of a way round photobucket. Have you tried flickr? That might work, I don't think they have storage allowance xx

  12. Don't worry I hate Valentine's to with or without a boyfriend. It's just really forced, you don't need all that crap to show someone that you love them. Blah, I'm such a scrooge ha. And you're not a bad blogger, you've just been busy and I always read your posts regardless of how often you post a week. Just post when you feel like it, you don't need to feel forced too. Keep up the good work, I love your blog :) x

  13. i agree with you about valentines day, it's just so cringey! although i'm sure i'd feel differently if i actually had a boyfriend!xxx


  14. Thanks for the comment Rose :) I have no time either. I tend to do them at the weekends, it's the only creative thing I have time to do :( it helps that I love to eat cake! haha.

    Hope you're well. x

  15. oh i totally agree with you on valentines day!!!! my friend is coming to visit me and we are going to wallow in singleness together, there will be alot of junk food consumed :). I hope your throat feels better!!

  16. thank-you for the follow! :)
    enter my giveaway? <33

  17. lovely photos! Your Sunday posts remind me tons of www.llymlrs.com
    Its nice to take a photo every week will be fun to look back in the future!

  18. Ah hope you feel better soon!
    Oh and the photobucket thing happens to me all the time it should tell you what date your account gets restored with full usuage again, so i just use the blogger image thing untill then!

  19. i love how you've inspired this demise of valentines day and nice photo by the way, wish my hair was that long!


  20. completely agree with valentines day, although as sad as it sounds, me and my best friend get each other a little gift.. don't know why!

    you look amazing on this! you're hair is gorgeous, im so jealous


  21. i have camel jeans to for 40 quid but i just never really wear them!i need to more! thanks for your comment :)

    get well soon,x

  22. I've been pretty bad at blogging too, uni, work and general life has made it difficult, ive started to become active-er though so hopefully it will go well! I've got a sore throat too, pain in the arse I'm telling ya lol! and I hear ya when you're talkin about valentines day! I've never been with anyone on that day but I don't mind really, I think of love like - it'll happen when it happens! I enjoy the thought of being swept off my feet on that day though...
    I can dream for now!

    I'm shy infront of the camera like I've mentioned before, I sound very strange to what I think I sound like too haha! Not good, you should go for it though - talk crap! talk about anything lmao! Like a diary thinggy ma-jing!

    I use 'flickr' to upload my photo's, you have a limit per month but the quality of the uploading process is brilliant, it doesn't ruin your photographs as much as Photo Bucket.

    Camel jeans sound very nice indeed! I'm still in shorts... ahhhhhh never gonna change haha!

    Katie. x

  23. you have great hair !
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  24. ah, valentine's is so lame! even when i'm with someone, i refuse to celebrate it :) hope you're feeling more on task soon! xx

  25. Your hair is perfect :) Lovely blog

    The Flower Girl


  26. you are very pretty, as for the photobucket thing you should try flickr. thats what i use.

    xoxo monika.

  27. hey hun sorry for the late reply to your qu, my wedge booties are actually from marks and spencer! limted edition range and only £35! such a steal! hope ur able to get a pair now :) xo


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