14 August 2013


Laptop Case C/O Snupped

When travelling a lot of people tend to take their laptops with them, And when I go off to New Zealand I will be bringing mine. At first I was slightly worried as I didn't have a case at all and with all the moving around that wouldn't have been ideal
then I got contacted by the lovely people over at Snupped to review a laptop case and It couldn't have come at a better time.
On the website you can design everything and really personalise your own laptop case. I chose an already made print as, well... I'm a lazy arse! and I really liked this anchor print but you can upload your own image and everything. The already made designs are also pretty sweet too with loads of differnet designs from anchors to bananas 
I have 2 laptop cases now from different places and I really would recommend snupped as its the perfect fit for my laptop not too loose and not too tight. Its also padded inside (I chose a spotty print on the inside too!) and water proof outside, everything you need from a laptop case! I feel safe now to take it to the other side of the world. So thank you snupped

13 August 2013

Booked and a new journey for Rosedl

Hello I am back.
I really did think I was going to say goodbye to rosedl for quite some time, BUT I couldn't do it. I've missed blogging and I want to get started on the new direction rosedl will be going in.
So I said goodbye only a week or so ago but I am back and this is the start of the new travelling side of this blog because... I BOOKED MY FLIGHT!

I am off, 19th of November I will be flying across to the other side of the world.
I am insanely excited and I can't wait for it to come around the thought of being reunited with Ed and starting a new life in a whole new country is scary but amazing. Now more on the flight,
At the moment STA travel are having an ahmazing deal on flights to Auckland. I've been searching a long time for flights and have seen some 'cheap' flights floating around. But that is no where near as cheap as STA, before I thought I was looking at paying around £800 for a one way flight and was happy with that but today I went and paid £569 on a one way flight to New Zealand. I don't know much about airfares and shit but I think thats pretty fucking cheap! And I am very happy
I am flying with Air New Zealand which is a well known and pretty good airline which makes the price of the ticket even better as on their website they are advertising flights for £900+ so I got a good deal. I am doing everything else through STA travel too I think, Visa and insurance etc as I just feel a lot more secure doing it that way and they are really really helpful. If you are booking through STA I would book as soon as possible as I saw these deals about a week ago and they are already saying '1 seat left' etc so get in there quick!

Now its up to me to save as much money as possible. Unfortunately as most of you know I recently got let go off my job which is really horrible BUT I am staying positive and I know I will do it. I am doing everything I can to find a new job and I work mornings at a pub so I've just go to be very sensible and not spend money on stuff I don't need, I am actually getting my 21st birthday presents for my 20th so I can go haha.

This blog is now a travel blog! I will be updating you on my 3 months of preparation and getting everything sorted, As I think its nice to read things like that. When I started to think about travelling I didn't really know what I was doing but reading other peoples stories really did help and can make you feel at ease sometimes.
If ANY of you are thinking of travelling, even if its not Australia or NZ then please do check out Emmas blog (I have said this on twitter too) as its been a great help to me.

I've had quite a lot of questions (mainly on tumblr) on what I am doing when I'm there etc and tbh I can't really go into much detail as so far I don't really know. I will be living with Ed at his family home for the first stages and I am so incredibly grateful that I have that opportunity, When I arrive I will start looking for a job and hopefully from there I will start to earn my own money and maybe rent a room somewhere. I want to be independent as much as possible.
If anyone has travelled to New Zealand even if it was just a holiday I'd love to read some blog posts about it, I am staying mainly in Auckland as that is where Ed lives but will be travelling around both North and South island in my 2 years there so would love some suggestions. As well as Fiji and Australia! I am excited to say the least.

I hope some of you don't mind that this blog has turned into a different kind of blog but to be honest, I wasn't much of a 'fashion' blogger anyway eh 

Love, Rose   

03 August 2013

Spain with my main man

I would firstly like to apologise as I am sure everyone that follows me on Twitter and Instagram will have seen most of these pictures.
I am home! And very un happy about it. I spent 3 incredible weeks in Spain with Ed and to be back home is just horrible. 
I'm not sure if anyone is interested in my holiday but I thought I'd share a few pictures of it and tell you about what we got up too.
the first 7 days were spent in Barcelona and it is by far my favourite city, I can't wait to visit again. We stayed in the gothic quarter of the city which is the old part and it was beautiful, our apartment was in the most perfect location and that was probably one of the best weeks the 3rd picture is the view from our balcony. We then headed (EXTREMELY hung-overly may I add) to Girona which is about an hour away from Barcelona heading up North. This place was beautiful, Stunning. I have a lot more photos of it but I didn't want to bore you all so the the 4th and 5th are from our time there, the 4th being the house we stayed in. Amazing to say the least! we had a very relaxing and lazy 10 days there and I fell in love with Girona. After that we headed down to Valencia for the last 5 days. Valencia was my least favourite of the places we went but I wouldn't say its bad, Just Barcelona and Girona were hard to compete with as they were just amazing.
We did so much these past 3 weeks that I couldn't write it all down and I wont as I know it would send people to sleep, 
I'd like to add though (this isn't sponsored just think people should know) that Airbnb is probably THE best website, All 3 of the places we stayed in in Spain were booked through Airbnb and they were all amazing. And so cheap! Everyone should have a look if you are travelling places as they have so many rooms/apartments etc in so many different countries, really is a life saver

This post is a rather sad one for me as I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact Ed is now on his way home to the other side of the world. I miss him incredible amounts and I'm not dealing very well with it, I feel sorry for anyone that follows me on twitter. BUT Its for the best and its got to be done, Thats all I keep saying to myself, there isn't much point in me being miserable as there isn't anything I can do that'll change it and make him magically turn up in England. I am very heartbroken but I now have 2 jobs to keep me occupied and I am counting down the days till I see him again, Although thats quite hard as I don't actually know when I am seeing him!! I'm hoping to get to New Zealand by 29th of October to surprise Ed on our 2 year anniversary so we'll see I guess! Just gotta keep truckin and makin the money.

This is also a little sad post as this will be my last post on Rosedl, I am saying goodbye to my little old blog for the moment, I'm sad but to be honest its been a long time coming I haven't blogged properly in months and months.
I might not be gone for ever though as I think this blog will turn into a travel/lifestyle blog when I embark on my trip to New Zealand as I would really like to document a lot of it. So hopefully I'll be back with a new blog and a new name and a new way of life.