09 February 2011

We could of had it all, rolling in the deep

title is from the AMAZING new song by Adele, It's been stuck in my head for the last few weeks i love it, go have a listen here.

Anyway i am back and with a outfit post! (i hear you all scream with excitement lolz) Finally back in to the blogging cycle, I have missed doing outfit posts. I have to say though this is not a good one as i was in a rush this morning and it always takes me ages to get the right photo as i don't really have much good places too take any photos. AND my room is horrendously messy so it's a bit of a blah photo but oh well! my lifes been a bit hectic at the moment, Well especially this week! theres work sheet sall over my room at the moment and I'm feeling pretty stressed due to the work, and i have to get everything finished for Monday as i have my interview for second year (so so scared) I hope i get in to second year!! I am starting to get bored of my clothes at the moment it's just the same old same old, defiantly in need of something different! or maybe something called SUN. I'm not normally a summer person i mean i love it of course but i don't like my fashion sense in summer, well i didn't last year anyway! it was shit and i didn't have enough money to buy new clothes because i was spending the money on nights out and festivals. But this year i hope it's better! I have a lot of clothes that i think i can tie in with spring/summer as  well as what I'm wearing now in the colder months so all is good i hope!

one was taken this morning before i went to college with my coat on and everything and then the second was taken when i got in from college. I wore my playsuit AGAIN with my friends big blue cardi that i seem to have borrowed taken. it's really big for me but i like that cause it's lovely and warm and aaaah. Defiantly what i needed for a whole day at college. I try to go for more comfort then style hahha my scarf is something i don't know if i've mentioned on this blog. I bought it a few years ago at Portobello market for £3! defiantly a bargain. I wish it was long enough to wrap around twice though. but oh well! my hair has been pissing me off so much at the moment! I just don't know what to do with it, it's very meh and boring in my eyes i wish i had a slight curl to my hair but i don't!! i hate it at the moment.
Scarf vintage| Jacket Topshop| Playsuit H&M| Necklace Primark|
Tomorrow i am going to H&M event. 20% off for students! YAY I am going to buy a pair of wedges that i have been wanting for so long. They are suede and black but when i went in yesterday they didn't have my size in the black only in the leopard print ones. So I'm hoping SO much that they get them in for tomorrow! as they will only come to about £12 which i think is pretty good. I am going to wear them with my jeans and also as going out shoes!

so as i was saying before about my hair, the fact that i hate it at the moment! I thought I would show you something i have come across. It's not new as it's been in the bathroom cupboard for ages but i used it the other day and i quite like it! might give it a go tomorrow, It's...
Sorry for the crap quality picture
Tommy guns Mouse. I don't know if many people have heard of Tommy Guns! I hadn't but it's my mums best friends hair salon, he is such a lovely man! and my mum was actually the one to teach him how to hair dress properly! oh i wish my mum had stuck at it. He now has salons in London and New york! so we get free hair cuts and free products. So i thought why not try it out! I'm going to use it tomorrow to give my hair a bit of volume as today it looked so limp and lifeless! I'll let you know how it all goes.

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  1. i have those black wedges, £15 yay!
    they're gorge and i'm sure you'll love em

  2. Love your necklace; i've been looking for one like that for ages!!

  3. oh ive seen the leopard print wedges but i think theyd be nicer in black! i'll have to keep an eye out. i know its not much help when youre sick of it, but i love your hair! xo


  4. Love that outfit, especially the scarf!
    Also agree that rolling in the deep is an amazing song, had it on repeat since I got her album

  5. I am in love with that playsuit!


  6. love this outfit, that scarf is so gorgeous:) personally i love summer dressing and i bet you will look gorgeous all summer! xx

  7. Ahh its that playsuit again! I love it, I want it myself haha, the shape is lovely. The belt really adds that extra something, something! You look very casual but keeping it trendy!

    I love that song, I can't believe shes only 21! She seems so down to earth too! I need to get her album, heard great reviews about it.

    I'm so jealous of your long legs missy! & Your ankle boots :O I need a pair like that myself, I'm on the hunt!

    My room is messy too, eerything is eveywhere, i can tid up but after a day it'll be the same, im just a clutterd kinda gal! ha!

    I agree with getting bored with clothes, I feel as if im wearing the same stuff cuz of the shit weather. Plus its hidden under a coat anyways so I think why should I bother etc... but hopefully it will warm up :)

    My hair is the same at times, I wish I had a curl to mine but I have to using curling tongs, but just on the ends and they seem to last the day if you add abit of curling product in it - but with this weather you never know!

    Very jealous you're attending an H&M event! I love the wedges they have, I fancy myself a pair but around my area they'd probably be like 'why is she wearing wedges in this god damn weather!!!!' - thats why I'd love to live in London, I felt so comfortable there!

    I mom says she regrets not taking up hair dressing when she has the chance, but atleast she makes good cakes! Thats an interesting product too and can't believe he's made it in New York... impressive!!!

    another long post haha, but I can't help byt natter on...

    Katie. x

  8. Gorgeous outfit!
    ++ your totally right Adele's new song is amazing, she's got such a beautiful voice xx

  9. Love Adeles new song- I know a dance(well half a dance!) to this song, its my favourite!

  10. The scarf is lovely, what a bargain! x

  11. Love the scarf, try doing a loose plait while your hair is damp and letting it dry for a bit of a wave? x

  12. Cool blog, you have such a cute english style :)

  13. you look so great :)



  14. What a sweet outfit! you're very lucky to have such lovely long legs! xx

  15. i really like your scarf! and it's like a real bargain too :)


  16. Super gorgeous outfit - and blog, love it! :-)


  17. I LOVE Adele! I'm obsessed with this song too! I love her old album and I'm really excited to hear her new one too yay! Loving the denim and fleece jacket too - that's soo cute! And good luck in your interview - I hope it went well :) x


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