30 November 2010

nothing to say

Stripe T-shirt- 7.99 H&M
Ring- Pack of 4 Topshop on sale £1
Snood- £7.99 from H&M

The title kind off says it all really, I don't have much to say tonight!.
the picture is awful, but i hate doing a blog post without a photo! i have no make up on and i'm literally feeling like death right now haha.
It snowed last night in Brighton! i thought i was going to have a lovely snow day today but instead i had a icy walk to college and a cold day today, so not as good! but i do love a bit of winter weather! I came home put on my warm socks and had tea and then chicken stew..yum. I was going to do an outfit post tonight to show you how i wrap up warm for snow but i came home and just flopped on to my bed and haven't really gotten out (apart from for the tea and stew) I'm feeling a bit ill tonight too, got a sore throat and a runny nose which is annoying! please don't be ill for snow day please please please.

But i've seen a lot of people doing video blogs on their blogs, So i thought i would do one! I'm a bit nervous actually cause i've never done a video blog before. But before i do one i need something to talk about! so i thought i'd get you all to ask me some questions you've been wanting to ask me. Anything really, why i started this blog what i do at college ect ect, So if you would like to leave them in a comment and if i get enough i'll do a video blog this week or next week. depends if i get round to it! but if i don't get enough questions then i might still do one and just ramble on haha. oh and you can also email me at rosedl@hotmail.co.uk and ask me some questions or on Formspring..Well i'm not sure if i should post my formspring on here because of the amount of abuse some people are getting. but anyhoo i'll do it.  http://www.formspring.me/Rosedl

so hope you all had a lovely Tuesday, and get the questions rollin in

29 November 2010

Sunday blog, done on a Monday week 10

Sorry for the late 'sunday blog' I completely forgot about it. so it's a 'Monday blog' now haha

001. This is a happy picture? Don't think I've smiled on a Sunday blog before. haha how depressing does that sound! but i am very happy today, It's been such a good day at college! I did lots of Fashion designs and i realised how much i enjoy doing Fashion illustration, when they're completly finished (going over them with fine line and wash hopefully) then I might post them up to show you!

002. on the note of college I'm ABSOLUTELY loving it right now. I love my design team we have such a laugh, me Hannah and Lawrence just joke most of the time. and still get work done..what a bonus! I'm really nervous though because on the 16th december were having a fashion show to show case our Fashion pieces that are made from cartridge paper. And i have to model..aaaah scared! I'll let you all now how it's going, I will be taking pictures of the piece we make when we start to make it which should be soon

003. so the week i have planned will be a week full of college, BUT it's meant to snow tonight and maybe i'll have a day off tomorrow..I'm really hoping i do! the weather forecast did tell me it'll be heavy snow Thursday so i'm kind off looking forward to that. I Do hate snow sometimes but i've seen so many peoples blogs and they've all had snow and it just looks lovely. not sure if i have the correct clothing for that kind of weather though!

004. so as it's christmas ever so soon (eeeee excited) I think tomorrow I'll do a christmas wish list, full of lovely christmassy thinks that i am hoping to get. I normally get money for christmas but i might ask for presents this year cause it's always nice to have something to open under the tree! I don't think i've been this excited for christmas, i'm not sure why i am? I mean i normally am excited but this years it's gone a bit over the top. haha! even though I'm now 17 i still love it. sitting down with the family having great convesations and eating loads..whats not to love?
not concentrating that much on this post i apologise! but Miranda is on and it's making me laugh alot.

Just want to say a massive and i mean a GIANT thankyou to the lovely Irene from irene and da blog
she mentioned me in her blog post and i have had a lovely lot of new followers, page views and comments. Makes me so happy, so much love to her <3

28 November 2010

10 things i love

I got tagged by the lovely Emma at vintage net voodle to do '10 things i love' post. I've done one like this before but it was longer. and i thought i'd do another one so you lot can get to know me and what i love!

1. Gossip Girl
I don't really know what to say because there is no words to describe my love and obsession for Gossip girl, now some of you may think i'm exaggerating, but no. I LOVE IT! don't you just wish you had their lives? on a bad day or a rainy day if i have gossip girl then my day is instantly better. I like to sit in bed with tea and my cats and watch it. wow writing this is making me want to re watch all the series, hmm maybe if i get stranded in snow this week that can be a plan. 
2. Tea
now who doesn't love a good cup of tea? if you don't then i am offended. no i joke but i'm addicted to it. I drink it twice a day EVERY day and i couldn't live without it. the phrase 'tea makes everything better' is something i live by. 
3. Family and my Home
I love my family. We have bad times, really bad times and good times but we all still love each other. I'm a triplet so my brother mean a lot to me, we don't get on that well and we aren't really close but deep down we love each other. I don't think i could go a long time without seeing my family or even calling my mum. I'm still living at home because i'm 17. but when i go to university or move somewhere i will defiantly be missing them.
4. Cats
I adore animals, I have 3 cats and 1 dog, and i love my dog ever so much (she's 12 so i've had her almost all my life) but i have a love for cats, a very obsessive love for cats. I love nothing more then sitting at home and stroking my cats, my friends tell me all the time that i'm going to be end up being a crazy cat lady with 100's of cats. i'd actually quite like that, apart from the crazy part. but 100 cats..why not!

5. my room and bed
i spend literally all my time in my room. My house isn't exactly the biggest, i mean i'm not complaining cause it's not small but it's not that big. so i love having my own space to just sit and right my blog and tweet! and since i got my double bed i'm in there most of the time. I do my college work on my bed i eat on my bed i drink tea on my bed. see a pattern forming? so yeah i love my room and my bed!
6.  Textiles
I have a passion for textiles. I did textiles at school for 2 years and i fell in love with it. I love creating things and the satisfaction of when you've finished something and you think 'oh wow i made that'. I love it! i also love making things on a sewing machine. I love being creative!

7.  Twiggy
gotta love twiggy ay! she's amazing, and so beautiful. still at the age she is she looks amazing! People keep telling me recently i look so much like her, i personally don't see it but it's one of the best compliments i've ever been given. I Love her so it's so great. she's very inspiring. also just read that she was born on the 19th september, a day before my birthday! wahey.
8. London
I love London. I wish it was my hometown but sadly it's not! I love the exciting lifestyle everyone lives there. some people think it's crazy that i love how busy it is there. but thats the fun of it! it's so exciting, everyday would be something new. I know one day i WILL live there. i'm hoping to go to Uni there when i finish College.
9.  Winter
some people think i'm crazy when i say i love winter. yes it's cold and rainy but i love it! i love wrapping up warm to go out in the cold. wearing multiple layers and sitting in Starbucks having coffee to warm yourself up. who couldn't like that? it's great! and winter means..Christmas!!
10. Starbucks and Costa
I love Starbucks. Sitting in there on a rainy day having a chai tea latte or a hot chocolate with your best friend. it's just lovely! I love warm drinks, ie tea hot chocolate.. and on the note of winter i love all the winter menus for Starbucks and Costa, it makes winter just that little bit better

27 November 2010


i just typed a whole paragraph and deleted it. sometimes i amaze myself at how stupid i am. so i will start again! I need your help, I'm in desperate need of a new coat and I've seen quite a few that i love but of course i can only afford 1 so i need your help in deciding which one is the one to go for. So i'll list a few and you tell me what you think!

1.so first one is this leopard print coat, It's not my usual style at all! but i've been really wanting a fur coat recently and my friend at college comes in in her lovely warm one and i have a lot of envy of it. So what do you all think? i think it's a really nice leopard print not too bright if you know what i mean? and it's on sale at the moment. £29.99 from New look

2. next up is the duffle coat from New look. Everyone needs to own a duffle coat right? i know theres a lot nicer ones on the market. Which you'll see in a bit. This one is quite a nice length though. I don't like coats that are too long because it makes me look really short. This ones a little expensive for a new look coats it's £49.99 

3. this is one i'm really thinking off getting. I've been looking for it in the shops for ages but i haven't found it in my local new look. I saw Lily from llymlrs had it and it looks so lovely on! but it doesn't look too great on the website. I really wanted to try it on in the shops but yeah annoyingly couldn't find it. and now on the website they only have size 14 and up. I'm hoping it'll come into stock again because it's just so lovely. I really love the camel colour right now so this is great. and it's pretty cheap too. £39.99 from New look

4.  I've seen this coat a lot in topshop and every time i see it i want it more! it's such a lovely colour and such a nice fit. like the leopard print coat it's not my usual style but i'm in love with it! especially the fur collar. only downside is the price, It's more expensive then the new look coats but it's probably worth it right? £89.99 from Topshop 

5. I've mentioned this on my blog a few times now. but i thought I'd mention it again! I still love this coat. But i realised i haven't actually seen it in my local Topshop? hmm. again it's not my usual style but I'm trying to be a bit more.. different with my style. so maybe this coat is a thing i need! again it's quite expensive but i guess it's a good price for a good coat. it's £89.99 from Topshop

6. So now onto Urban outfitters. The shop i am obsessed with at the moment. I haven't actually seen this coat in the shop but i really like it! it's a kind off new take on the duffle coat. I like the length and the hood! and of course..the colour. the price is again expensive £125 but i think it would be worth it!

7. so i tried this coat on the other day and i fell in love! it's kind of the same as the one above, but it's alot longer. I loooove it and i think this is one of my favourites. I've asked for it for christmas but i'm not sure if i should go for another one on the list. I love the hood on this coat it's quilted and lovely.

so those are all the coats i'm loving right now. A lot more then i thought actually, It's going to be hard to choose! so thats why i need your help! what do you all think? what ones would suit me the best. 

No outfit post today as i'm actually still sitting in bed watching TV and drinking tea, I've got a lot of work to finish but it's too cold to get out right now. it's meant to snow at 12 today, but it's 10 past 12 and i see no snow. So fingers crossed it doesn't. don't get me wrong i love snow but i'm just not prepared today. I'm meant to be meeting my friend for lunch but i really don't know if i can be bothered to get out off bed, this cold weather is making it harder and harder each morning! especially college days. Anyway thank you everyone for all your comments on my post yesterday! made me happy.
if i get time i might try and get a outfit post for today, but i don't know if it's going to happen.

26 November 2010


 Hello people! first on the agenda today is to say sorry to everyone. I have not blogged since..tuesday i think it was! Haven't done that in a while but i've literally been so tired and un inspired at the moment. I don't know what came over me! I think it's the lack of funds and extra work load. Started the Fashion project so I've got a lot to do! I shall be up and running on the blog front soon enough. I'm having a lazy weekend because I'm literally exhausted. So i've decided to do absolutely nothing and just pot about around the house and getting some extra work done on this project. I want to aim for a distinction in this project seeing as it's Fashion and it's what i want to do! so i need to do some work. so as you can see from the picture above i am wearing my head scarf AGAIN. it's been stuck on my head all week. I've never realised what a good thing a head scarf is to own. It makes an outfit so much better and adds a little something special to it. It can hide bad hair days or greasy hair days. just marvellous my hair looks really blonde in that picture! i'm really tempted to change my hair, i want to dye it either dark brown or blonde but my mum would kill me. OR get a fringe I'm not sure! maybe something new for the winter months. talking of winter months it's supposed to snow this weekend luckily at the moment it doesn't seem to be snowing but who knows it could. I'm kind of hoping it wont because I'm not prepared for the coldness i don't think. if it snows i might just hibernate in my cocoon of a duvet for a few days, sounds like a plan to me.
so the picture below is just a random one really. But i thought i'd show you my nails! i'm proud of myself i've stopped biting them and they actually look quite nice in the photo! I've never had good hands/nails I've always bitten them and i always have red finger tips (something wrong with my blood vessels at the end of my toes and fingers according to my doctor? who knows what it is) but it's not nice! but they look quite nice in the photo. I've been trying to take care of my nails and hands in the winter months because mine always go really dry and red. anyone got any good tips on how to stop biting nails?or in my case the skin around the nails. if so please tell me! it would be much appreciated.
Nail Varnish, Barry M| Ring 'borrowed' from my mums jewellery box|

So sorry for the very random post. Not much to say really! I'm sitting in bed drinking tea and catching up on misfits and gossip girl. EEE gossip girl is getting good isn't it!!
I've seen alot of bloggers do follow friday so i thought I'd give it a go!

1. Jennie - I know Michelle from Daisybutter has mentioned Jennie before but i thought i would too! it's such a lovely blog and i love how she wears such cute dresses and lovely jewellery. so go and have a look at her blog :)

2. Irene - This is a great blog. I love Irene! she is a textiles girl like me and she has such a lovely blog :)

3. Emma - SUCH a lovely person and always takes time to comment on peoples blog. her blog is just lovely and it's always on my top read list. everyone go take a look <3

4.Lydia - last one is Lydia-lee her blog is so simple and well written. She has such great style but still adds her own individual style to it. have a look at her blog, she's also having a great giveaway too with some amazing prizes, so take a look!

So theres some people i think you should have a look at!

23 November 2010

Headscarf or no headscarf

Another outfit post today! except it's done with my macbook because my camera ran outta charge. but first i'll tell you about my day. I think i like these posts. Outfit posts and then telling you about my day? do you lot mind me telling you about my well..Boring days. mostly filled with college? hmm comment to tell me what you think

Anyway today was a good day at college, i was a lot happier so there for i had a good time! a good laugh with Hannah made it a lot better. for this new fashion project (or as the tutor likes to call it sculpture project?) we've been put into design teams, so the whole class has been split into teams of about 10 and we all work together in designing a collection of 'body sculptors' made out of paper. So my team got Africa and British empire, so Victorian really. I love my group! we all get on so well so it means we've all got good ideas on what we want our pieces to look like. Me and Hannah have a laugh together too so it's all good! today someone did spill ink ALL over my A1 design sheet so i was a little peed off because now i have to spend tomorrow doing it all over again when i could be getting on with extra work. but yeah apart from that my day was rather good! Now on to the outfit.

T-shirt Topshop| Blue cardigan Beyond Retro| Head scarf Beyond Retro| American Apparel jumper| H&M skirt| Primark tights| Denim and fur jacket Topshop|
so today i wore the same sort of outfit as yesterday, I'm not the kind of person that has enough clothes for each day of the week thats just me. So i normally wear outfits similar but i change them a bit. Like this one, I wore the t-shirt and skirt yesterday as well as my American Apparel jumper but i ALWAYS wear that so that doesn't really count haha! so yeah i wore those today too but i changed it a bit by wearing my  blue knitted cardigan from Beyond Retro, annoyingly today though the collar started to unravel because it's been knitted. But i might just take the whole collar off anyway! i always need your help! I wore my scarf from beyond retro today as a headscarf and i wanted some thoughts on it? What do you think..does it look good or just not right? Tell me! i quite liked it but i kept thinking it was going to fall off so i had to clip it down with a lot of bobby pins, but it stayed in place for most of the day!

so a bit of a short post today. Haven't got much to say! but yeah just thank you for all the comments once again! it's so great i love it. and i should probably try and plan what i'm going to wear tomorrow. tempted to wear the same thing but i can't..3 days in a row isn't good. I might wear the headscarf again though! not sure if it will go with any of my other clothes. we shall see! hope you all had a good Tuesday

22 November 2010

Moody Monday

Hey hey people! I am feeling a lot happier today. even though the title of this post is 'Moody Monday' it's only because i couldn't think of a post name, and me and my friend were being moody all day today for no reason (ever get those days your moody but you don't know why?)so yeah i just want to say a HUGE thank-you to everyone that cheered me up yesterday buy commenting on my post! it really was great. After i had a hot chocolate i did feel a lot better anyway! i think i was just really tired. Anyway i do have a outfit post today! but god did it take long. Every photo wasn't going right i either looked miserable or like a ghost soo it took a long time for me to be satisfied with anything! and I'm trying to find a good place to take a photo because of course i take them myself, would be a bit embarrassing asking my brothers or parents to take a photo of me. I normally lean it on my TV but it seems to be a bit high up! so yeah i'll work on it ;) I've got quite a few photos in the end. Some from Macbook because it's just so god damn easy!

so this first one is from Macbook, but i wanted to show you what i did with my hair today. I thought i'd try something different because my hair is just SO boring right now. I had it up all last night so it had gone quite curly so i decided to clip it to one side of my head and have my fringe in a middle parting? hmm not sure if i like it, because it doesn't really stay like this all day. But i think i might try it again!
so on to the outfit...

Skirt H&M| Cropped T-shirt Topshop| Tights Primark|Jumper American Apparel| Scarf Beyond Retro|

 Sorry about the awful photos. i ended up having to stand on my bed to take them, they lighting in my room is just so awful! I might try and start taking pictures in the morning, i find it hard though cause i get up at 8 now and then leave at 9 so i don't normally have time to take any pictures..I'll work at it though!
anyway my outfit today was a simple one because i wasn't too fussed about wearing anything that nice to college today. but in my surprise this outfit turned out ok! I tried to dress it up a bit with my new scarf from Beyond Retro. I do like outfits like this, simple yet fashionable. The scarf does make the outfit in my opinion because it would just look so plain and boring without it! and of course i wore my trusty Black boots AGAIN. I really need to get a new pair of shoes. I've seen a lovely pair of brown boots from Urban Outfitters that i really want. not sure if i can wait till christmas? I wore some thick tights today, I hate wearing thick tights because i've realised (and this picture defiantly shows it in my eyes) that they make my legs look quite chunky and small..hmm but they are so cosy, I think i'm just being over critical of myself yet again! anyway i hope you have all had a lovely Monday! I'm just glad my Monday is over because i do hate Mondays. Tomorrow at college we're watching past years Fashion shows to get a jist of what ours is going to be like! i'm so excited. I really want to model the body adornment piece we make but i'm not sure if other people would want to do it. some people don't want to but i think it's SO fun!
 also thought I'd add 2 pictures at the end. One of my AMAZING hot choclate nom nom, and it's in such a cute cup too
and of course a picture of my cats, my friends always tell me they think I'm going to end up becoming a mad cat lady when i grow up, wouldn't mind that? I love ma cats.
Anyway thank you for all the comments and stuff! and i shall be blogging tomorrow.

21 November 2010

Sunday blog week 9

 I almost completly forgot about Sunday blog!

001. I don't think i've ever felt in a worser mood right now. i don't know whats wrong with me i'm just..not myself?  I feel like crying right now

002. I went to town again today with one of my friends that i haven't seen in ages! It was lovely. But i wasn't feeling too great and i was feeling really faint earlier in the day. I think i'm going to go to the doctors about it, i think i'm probably anaemic. which will mean i'll have to have a blood test! ew ew ew noooo. lets hope i'm not!

003. My week has been good. I was only at college for 3 days and we started the Fashion project which i couldn't be more excited about! and then i had thursday and friday off. it was weird because i missed being at college! I'm loving it SO much right now i just want to go back. can't believe i'm even saying this?!

004. right now i'm sitting at home drinking tea with my cosy granny jumper and my scarf watching deck the halls. don't you just love cheesy christmas films! i've got a lot of work to do but i don't think i could face doing it right now. i think i might cry! as you can see from the last photo ..i seem to have given up with work!

005. sorry about the very boring and quite depressing but i'm really not in a good mood. and i'm really not feeling this blog right now :( i have only got 1 page view today and it just all seems to be going downhill! i think i'll be fine tomorrow! lets hope

006. don't you just wish you could change time? I was meant to go to a party last night at my new college friends house but i didn't go because by the time my friend got out of work we were already half hour late and i wasn't feeeling great and i was exhausted. And i know regret SO much not going, it's put me in a bad mood because i really should of gone? she probably wont invite me to anything again so it's really upset me. maybe i'm just being paranoid? urgh
I've just realised how red i look in these photos? no idea why! my cheeks look so red haha
anyway i will stop being depressed and let you get on with your sunday evening! i hope everyones had a good weekend? Tell me about it xo

20 November 2010

love of shoes

So annoyingly i don't have an outfit post for you lot today. I wanted to show you my outfit yesterday cause i actually quite liked it, but yeah i forgot and my friends were round and i didn't want to be like oh yeah can you take a picture of me please.. so i didn't! and now my tights have ripped so it sadly wont be the same the next time i wear it! but oh well, I'll take a picture the next time. So yesterday i went to the new and very very amazing Urban outfitters that has just opened up in Brighton. I wasn't excited before but i am one happy shopper right now. it's amazing much better then i thought it was going to be, the shops so brilliant and it's massive! but the only bad thing is, i went in there with about 10p in my purse it was the most horrible experience. i wanted literally EVERYTHING and had no money. But i just kept thinking in my mind 'christmas soon christmas soon' so i shall hopefully be spending my money in there! or i'll get my mum and dad to get me some things from there. it's a tad expensive though but it's just so worth it. some pieces are just lovely. I would show you all the things i want from the website but i think it might go on for too long and i don't really have time today as i have a lot of work to do. fun work though! drawing victorian clothes. starting Fashion project Monday and i couldn't be more excited, and theres a fashion show at the end of it all too so it's all very exciting!. anyway what i wanted to show you today was my shoe collection...i say the word collection very loosely because it's hardly a collection but it's a few pairs of shoes i manipulated in my textiles project. I went up to my old secondary school yesterday and got them back! so heres some..

 so these are my first shoes, I did this for one of my final pieces, they took 10 hours to make! i first  paper mached (sorry don't know how to spell it!) a cheap primark pair of heels. they took SO long to dry. i then had to rip up all the sweet rappers, oh yeah i didn't mention..it's all made from Roses sweet rappers! I'm surprised i didn't put on about 10 stone but i had to eat SO many chocolates to get enough rappers. I was sick of chocolate after that. so yeah then i just stuck loads of strips of rappers on the shoe and on the bottoms, theeeen i did latch hook for the rug effect on the side of the shoe! so yeah they took me SO long to make but i'm quite proud of them. they've gotten a bit battered now but no one made things like that in my textiles class they all made like embroidery so i thought i would be a bit different and try it!

 These also took me ages, i did these after my final piece ones because i had to carry on with the project after so i could get a better mark. So i made these, they were also some cheap pumps quilted pumps from Primark. i got blisters on my hands from doing this cause it was so hard to push the needle through dedicated right? haha.
 these i did last minute because we had loads of time left before we finished year 11 so i decided to go back and make some more shoes. These were some old shoes from Topshop that had gone a bit old and smelly. i punched holes in them with a belt puncher thing and then stuck the flowers thorough and put glue around it. this was tedious because the flowers kept falling out and the glue wasn't drying got VERY frustrated but i finally finished them. i don't particularly like these but yeah i thought I'd show you them
 these were my converse i did. I probably shouldn't of stitched on these because they were quite new converse that i had never worn but i didn't really want them so i used them, but thinking about it now i would probably wear them now..I only have an odd one left in my wardrobe, oh well! this took me so long too as it was so hard to push a needle through the thick fabric but yeah i thought these looked quite good with all the buttons! i then stuck some lace onto the tongue and back to make it look better.

So sorry about not having an outfit post this week. I wasn't sure if i wanted to post things about my art/textiles because i wanted it to be a Fashion blog. but because i haven't got anything else to show you i thought i'd do this! hope you enjoyed them, and tell me what you think of them..
Will defiantly have a outfit post for you lot tomorrow. Because if i don't then i am a bad bad blogger! meant to be going to be a party tonight but i might cancel it and finish off all my work hmm decisions decisions.
thank you everyone that follows and comments i really appreciate it! i haven't had any new follows for a while now :( i'm stuck on 58! not that thats bad i love you all xo