25 February 2011

A bit too lazy

Tiny bit ashamed at myself for being as lazy as i am. for the last 2 days all I've done is sit in bed really...Well today i got a bit of work done but truthfully i did that in bed as well hahah! Oh my god i need to sort my life out.
I don't have an outfit post today as well, I was in bed so i took some pictures of my day for you.

1. All the clothes I'm selling on Ebay at the moment. I tried my best to fold them neatly but I'm not very skilled in that area. If you'd like to see some of them then please do check out the items on ebay

2. The work i got done today, cutting and sticking. Tee hee i work hard don't i! But from the fact that i didn't get anything done today means i can't go out this weekend really, I don't have much planned anyway so in some ways i guess it's good. I might get some work done! I hate not having anything to do on the weekends especially in half term! but the next few weekends coming up are busy so it'll be good!

3.Hoping to go to this exhibition, I saw it in a magazine and cut it out to put in my enrichment book. Anyone else thinking of going?

4. Watching mean girls earlier, Always puts me in a good mood! If you follow me on twitter you would of read my depressed/sad tweets haha, Everyone gets those days right! I think it might be because of work load not going out the house today and i haven't seen my best friend for over a week! but I'll be fine tomorrow. I mentioned on twitter about not spending time with my mum recently. we used to go to lunch every sunday and the lovely  Gem mentioned that i should say something to my mum, so i did! and i think she's taking me shopping tomorrow and for lunch. or we're going Sunday! but it'll be nice. I love spending time with my mum

Sorry for the rather boring post and well, not fashion post! but i didn't like not posting so i thought I'd fill you in with my day. I know it is a boring day but oh well! I'm now sitting here looking at the clock wishing i was going out but no I HAVE TO DO THIS WORK! literally got so much to do it's unreal and yet i still find the time to be on tumblr and twitter. I'll never learn
another exciting thing is i think i may be going to Paris Fashion week!! I'm not 100% sure but my uncles wifes is french and her parents know someone who works in Fashion and they are hopefully getting me tickets to go see some shows! I couldn't be more excited. Even if i don't go to fashion week i think I'll still be going to Paris so what ever happens it'll be SO exciting. I'm thinking off brining my best friend (which she doesn't know about yet) she'll be happy! I don't want to get my hopes up (lol ok i already have) cause it might not happen!

Thanks again for the follows and comments. And thanks to any of you who have looked at my ebay! It'll be a huge help if i earn some money from it, so Thank-you! I'm thinking off changing my whole blog around tomorrow if i get time, I've been wanting a new header for so long and i just don't like the way my blog looks at the moment! hmm if anyone has any suggestions then it would be much appreciated!


  1. That's what I shall be doing next week sweet: cutting and sticking for my stylist portfolio ;) Lovely jubly! I seriously want to go to that exhibition too Rose, I might drag my best pal in to London with me over the Easter break, totes think we should go on the same day and see if we spot each other! Eeep, so exciting about PFW, I went last year and it was one of the best experiences of my life! Also, I run a blog design service sweet ;) xx

  2. hey, I see you got the h&m wedges! (know it was a few posts ago but I've not been on blogspot for a while! also hemel hampstead is near me, did you check out the primark? :) and omg i will be super jealz if you get to go to PFW, how amazing!

  3. there's nothing like a bit of mean girls to get you out of a grump!

  4. Paris Fashion Week!!! Amazing! Have fun and take loads of photos if you go!

    PS Scissors on the bed is sooo unlucky! xx


  5. dont worry haha I have those lazy days where all I wanna do is just chill in my bed, been like that all day today actually - except for when I went to go and get my maccy Dee's - obvs only moved for food loool


  6. This is what I shall be doing all weekend. Love you blog:) Come check out mine sometime x

    p.s I followed you

  7. I really need to set up my Ebay account to sell some items, i'm too lazy to do it, i've been meaning to for like 2 weeks haha! Mean girls always puts me in a good mood too, found my DVD of it earlier this week, i was majorly happy! xx

  8. Mean Girls is always a good movie to watch, and I love spending time with my mom as well. Hope you have fun!

  9. I love Mean girls! Seriously. Best movie ever!! It's so much better than Mean Girls 2.. I was disappointed by that!

    KF x

  10. I like watching men girls...have fun!



  11. paris fashion week?! you are one incredibly lucky girl rose!xxx


  12. haha i love your depressed tweets ^-^ they motivate me to procrastinate more

    and cannot express how jealous i am of you going to fashion week! have fun and take lots of pictures....of nice french men haha :] xx

  13. Hope your ebay goes well, I love the daisy playsuit/dress piece you've got! I've just blown £350 on there for a new camera so at the moment moths are flying out my purse!

    Your work is looking really good! I love collages and stuff, you should show them on here more. :)

    Mean girls is a great movie however I've never been keen on some of the characters, that film sort of changed my mind about them and they can be entertaining!

    Also very jealous about london fashion week, I hope things work out and you get to go!

    Also I got your email about the header, sorry for taking so long to reply I haven't checked it in a few days! Its something i'd be interested in and you have a lovely face to draw!


  14. haha bed is my favourite place in the world thouhg :).

    Helen, X


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