08 July 2013

I'm off

That isn't accurate just couldn't think of a picture to go with this lol.

I am gone, Once this goes live (10am Monday morning) I will be finally reunited with Ed in Barcelona.
And I am so fucking excited
I thought I'd do a blogpost to just explain why I'm gone (if anyone cares) and why I wont be blogging.
I am off to Spain for 3 weeks to spend my time with Ed
When I get back I'm not sure what is going to happen to my blog, I'm either going to keep up with it or let it go. I will get back and I'm pretty sure I wont be in the frame of mind to do anything apart from work towards New Zealand as when I get back from Spain I wont be seeing Ed for at least 5/6 months. I know we can get through it and I know it'll be for the best but fuck me it's going to be hard, VERY hard.
So If this is a goodbye then I want to say thank you to everyone, But i will most likely be back.
And anyway, I'm sure this will turn into an adventure (haha) blog when I finally make my way to the other side of the world

I will still be tweeting and instagraming while I'm away!

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