11 December 2012


I went to Amsterdam on the 3rd and here are some pictures.
Not amazing pictures but shows you a bit of what Amsterdam is like, I went on the 3rd of December at 5 in the morning and endured a 14 hour coach journey there. I would swear and moan a hell of a lot about it but the fact it cost me 4 quid to get to Amsterdam I feel like I cant, yes really only 4 quid! the journey wasn't even that bad (Megabus btw) hardly anyone on the coach so had a whole 2 seats to myself and met some lovely people, so once arriving on Amsterdam we had a mean time went to the Anne Frank house, Van Gogh Museum and the Heineken factory and got drunk, Was a real nice time and I cant wait to go back to Amsterdam again. Although it is SO FUCKING COLD THERE like omg I thought I would be all good cause I'm from England but hell no its so much colder there, had to wear about 16 layers everyday hence the no outfit pictures hah. But it was all worth it cause its just so so beautiful there and the just atmosphere there is amazing, everyone is so friendly and well, very very stoned. We stayed in a really amazing place at the Orfeo Hostel it cost about 10 euros a night and was just basic and nice, in the perfect place with nice common room to drink beers in and nice staff. I enjoyed it and for 10 euros a night you can't go wrong! we were close to dam square and the bulldog coffee shop so it was a really great place to be. Not gonna lie but it was a mission to find and we got lost so many times at like 2 in the morning but getting lost in Amsterdam is probably the best thing to do found so many amazing things and beautiful streets.
not much else to say really was only there for 5 days but if no ones been to Dam and are thinking about going I say DO IT its the best place ever and I want to go back now, Only thing is it is pretty expensive there but nothing too bad you just have to budget, also the 2 euro salads in the supermarkets are amaaaaazing so tbh you can eat pretty cheap there. Just watch out the pints in the pubs/bars are so expensive yet the cans in the supermarkets are 70 cents. So yeah!
Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if any of you have been to Amsterdam and what you thought! or give me some suggestion on where else to go in Europe I'd love to hear as I am hoping to do a lot more travelling.

10 December 2012

Nike yo

Jumper- Mens Primark
Leather Jacket- C/O Very.co,uk
Jeans- Topshop Leigh
Blazers- Nike 

Hello Everyone, Again I leave blog post too far apart but oh well, This is an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago just before it got too cold to only wear 1 jumper. ITS FREEZING NOW I CANT DEAL! I bought this jumper from the mens section from Primark I always shop in there I find they have quite a few nice things the only thing I don't like about this jumper is the fact the neck is so high and suffocating but I really like the colour of it for winter, wore it with my trusty jeans once again. Trying to find another pair to buy as these are just discusting now the bum has gone so faded and thin that I'm worried any second the back will just rip open and expose my arse. Anyone got any good suggestions on jeans? I only EVER buy Topshop Leigh jeans and 1 pair of Jamies hah seems to be the only ones that fit okay I always find it hard to find ones that fit round the waist and are skinny enough round the ankles/legs. Damn you tiny ankles! I've been trying to wear my blazers a bit more seeing as I spent 60 quid on them. I think I'm just lazy cause they need to be broken in but i cba to wait for that and its so much easier to just throw on my vans and converse which are already battered. I do like my blazers so I guess I should give them a bit of lovin. Hoping to get myself some Nike Janoski either the grey ones or black. All I do is wear grey or black now it seems!

I've just lined up a scheduled post so I wont be gone too long but this time it's something different, I just got back from Amsterdam! and had the meanest time and got asked to do a blogpost so I decided to. Just photos and all that, Ahh I love you Amsterdam I'm so sad to be home (was only away 5 days lol) but England seems so ugly now! Can't wait to go away again hoping to get to Berlin next time as I've heard its one of the best citys anyone got any other suggestions, I'm hoping to go somewhere with my boyfriend for his 21st so would like to know anyones suggestions of places in Europe it's hard to find somewhere cause he did travel round Europe for 3 months after coming over to England from New Zealand so he's been quite a lot of places. A lot has been going on recently from going away and finding out a close friend passed away that its made me realise what I really need to do with my life and how I need to stop taking life for granted.

Love, Rose