31 October 2010

A little worse for wear

so today i have to say I'm not feeling my best, i went to white night last night and well i don't remember much from it. i stayed out till about 2/3 in the morning. the atmosphere was so good that night. so many people out and about around the streets of Brighton all having a laugh. was pretty good but lets say i'm feeling the effects of it now. But because i wanted to blog today i thought I'd show you what i wore last night. i didn't take a picture last night..for obvious reasons. so i took it this morning excuse the horrible face.

really bad photos using macbook. and i'm in bed so i couldn't really be bothered to get up. but what i wore last night was my black playsuit that i never seem to take off! it's so comfy. but not the best idea when you need to loo at 2 in the morning hmm. anyway i wore it with my floral sheer shirt from Topshop. i never really have an opportunity to wear this because it is so dressy but i'm trying to find a way to wear it as a day time look. maybe some jeans tucked in? we will have to see. 
i also wanted to do a day in pictures post. so i think i might do it on this post? i keep doing more then one thing in a post and i don't think i like it. but i always want to do something then have another thing to say! but i think i'll keep post to one thing at a time.
bit of an odd post today..not really feeling it at the moment. Back to college tomorrow so outfit posts will be a must!
also i have just gone past 1000 views! woohoo. thankyou all for commenting and looking at my blog. it makes me smile, oh and i also want to say for all the people that comment on my blog from now on i will be commenting back on ALL the comments i get. so keep checking back to what i have said!

30 October 2010

double blog

so as i said before I'm doing a double blog today because..well because i can! i felt like i should because i missed last week. and i wanted to show you my charity shops finds. which was sadly not that much.
I've also decided to lay out the post different, photos first then pictures? is that good. or is it better the other way around.

so on to charity shops. the ones in cornwall are just amazing! in mostly everyone you go in you'll find something. this was the first time we went charity shopping and i got 2 things in 1 shop. that would never ever happen in Brighton. they never seem to have good things. so what i bought was a knitted embroidery jumper. I love this bluey colour at the moment. i have a cardigan the same colour from beyond retro and i never take it off. so i am abit in love with this jumper. it's so comfy and big (but not too big) so yeah it's all good and i think it only cost me £3? BARGAIN. the other bargain i got was this tapestry bag. I already own a tapestry bag but i thought I'd buy another one. this ones great it's actually massive so i could fit so many good things in it for college. and maybe even fit my laptop in there. so it's great! i love the colour aswell. the one i own is quite light with brown straps but this is black so i like it. and again it only cost me £4. can you tell i love bargains? I've got the charity shop bug and i think I'll be doing it again. i just wish Brighton had better stock in their charity shops. i think you have to go there at the right time. but what time is that?! anyone got any tips on how to be a succesful charity shopper. let me know if you do.

so i hope you all have a lovely weekend and a good Halloween. I'm not dressing up or doing anything on actual Halloween seeing as i have college next morning at 9 and have alot of work to do  but tonight I'm off to white night. every year Brighton hosts white night, not really sure what it is seeing as i've never been but i think theres just loads of 'things' around Brighton open all night. so should be fun?

I'm back and with a new mac

testing out my new mac haha

kind of laughed to myself at the title. it rhymes! yes i am immature. Anyway I'm back! after a long and slightly cold week in Cornwall. I didn't really want to come home as it was so relaxed and nice but guess it's back to normal. i got back Friday evening at about 8 after a 7 hour car journey. worst thing! i had a great time though and it was lovely seeing the people i've been going to cornwall with for so long. we go as a big group of families. we've all known each other since year 1 in primary school so we've grown up together. i hadn't been last year so it was lovely seeing everyone! especially all the kids my age. and one person in particular but we won't go into him. haha sorry had to write that!

I have missed you blogging world! so it's great to be back. I will be on top form from now and will post everyday (hmm well i say that) but I'll definitely try anyway. my blog is going to be blog about my life. more about day to day things. like outfit posts then writing about what happened in my day. or photos from a day ect. i don't know! but why not try something different? my blog isn't really going anyway so i got to lift it off it's feet abit. the thing i love about Cornwall is the charity shops. i couldn't get enough of them, they're so much better then any of the ones in Brighton so i thought I'd try and do as much as possible. but sadly we only went twice. but the first day we went i couldn't find anything and then we went into one little charity shop and i found 2 things. I bought a tapestry bag for £2.99 and a knitted jumper for £3 i think. i threw the labels away so i can't remember that much. but all you need to know is they are a bargain! we went again to some charity shops but i wasn't feeling too great ( i got an awful cold on the second day, just my luck right?) so i wasn't really up for looking and just moped around while the others looked. it was okay though.

I almost forgot to mention i have now got a mac! i am like an excited child i love it. i got the white one ? not sure the technical name haha but anyway. it'll probably help me blog more because of the good webcam on it. I know it's not great quality but i like it. so yay! I don't have a camera today as my parents have taken it. so i sadley cant take a picture of it for you. but i can use it to take pictures of other things!
I think I'll do a double post today. maybe a 'day in pictures' post for you all.
Hope you all had a lovely half term and didn't get ill like me.

20 October 2010

Style crush

I'm feeling abit down recently about this blog! I lost another follower. Only on 33..what is happening! oh well lets hope the rest of you that follow my blog enjoy it! and i do appreciate all the comments i get and do read them! So i've decided. When i get back into the swing of Blogging. I'm going to do more of a life blog..So I'll be taking pictuers of what i wear everyday then telling you about my day. I'll also do the occasional wish list and stlye crush but i think I'd like you all to know about my life! and what i wear of course. Is that good? someone give me some advice! my heads not in the blogging mood right now and i really wish it was cause i was doing well last week! getting loads of comments and followers. it always feeels so nice. But anyway tell me what you think i could improve about my blog. what things i should post the layout, my new idea..anything! you can email me at rosedl@hotmail.co.uk or twitter me at http://twitter.com/#!/roseedl have to warn you, i ramble on abit on twitter!  so beware. or you can just comment on here! so thank you.

anyway back to the post. I thought I'd have a search through lookbook/chictopia and even just gracia website and other things to find some style inspiration for the winter months.

black shirt - black shoes - brown bag - black jacketblack Topshop cardigan - orange Topshop dress - black Forever 21 bag - black ForRiver Island dress - black jacques vert blazer - black next purse
H&M jumper - SuperTrash jacketblue Levis jacket - purple Wera blouse - beige H&M pants - brown second hand shogreen vintage jacket
I completly forgot to link you to these lovely peoples lookbooks. Naughty me anyway i was having a snoop around Lookbook and these are the trends I'm hoping to incorporate into my wardrobe this winter

1. love love love this outfit. I've been wanting that H&M leather jacket for so long and they've only jsut got it in my size so I'm off to town on thursday (late night shopping on thursdays) to go grab it. Praying it wont sell out in 2 days! anyway I seem to be loving the whole grunge look at the moment. mixing pastel colours like pink and lilac with hard edgey accessories and jackets. also loving the knee high sock look that girls got going on! Might have to try that
2. so as i was saying about the gurnge look. this is the kind off thing i was thinking off. I love her dress and i love the colour. She's teamed it all with black so it gives it an edge. This is what I'll be trying to incorporate this winter!
3. kind of the same for this post. this time with bright florals. I was in to the whole floral look this summer. but it seems to have backsided and now I'm going for the plain Jane look. College does no wonders for my fashion sense! especially when using ink most days. So I'm going to go all out in the winter and dress to impress even if it is just for college. Loving the boots this girl is wearing, Might have to invest in some biker boots.
4. I've seen this playsuit alot in H&M. and i keep eyeing it up. but never being brave enough to buy it. I'm not sure if i have enough confidence to wear a jumpsuit. this ones so lovely though, i bought a shirt in the same print a few months ago but took that back, I think i might invest in this cause i do love the print. another grunge look there aswell. I'm abit obsessed with leather jackets at the moment! i think i need one in my life also i love this girls hair! it's so lovely. I really want to get my hair like that. dying it and cutting the fringe. hmmm maybe i should. Maybe a new do for the winter months? what do you all think.
5. loving this look. The whole messy but fashionable look. I love the trousers I'm quite into the whole camel/cream colour at the moment. I have a old Levi denim jacket that's about 50 years old or something? god knows but it's really old and faded and ripped. I LOVE IT but i never have the right moment to wear it? may sound weird but i don't think my stlye suits it. so I think i want to wear it with my winter outfits.
6. loving this cosy outfit. The cardigan looks so lovely and warm. Also loving this colour. the pastel colours are in my wardrobe right now and i love them, especially lilac

19 October 2010

Winter is coming

so today's outfit is a very wintry outfit. I had to wrap up warm because it was so cold out! today i had to go to college at 12.45 for an assessment of all my work for the past 5 weeks! and i was petrified. in the end i passed and my tutor was really happy with me cause I'm doing an Art and design course and she said I'm doing really well seeing as i came from a textiles background. so all is good! and the old stress free rose is back! and should be back into the swing of blogging too. Lets hope anyway. so what I'm wearing today is my American Apparel hoodie which i have to say seems to be glued to me. ever since I've bought it i haven't really taken it off. apart from the odd wash of course! but i love it. it's goes with everything and goes under denim jackets so well. LOVE it. recommend it to anyone that needs some kind of winter jumper. i always thought they were too expensive but i realised £38 isn't too bad for a thick jumper like this. I'm also wearing my Topshop hook and eye dress. bought this a few weeks ago but never wore it. but i love it! i feel really comfy in it and i think it suits my figure quite well. it seems to hide my stomach which is a good thing! i like the length aswell. not too short (well some people may disagree with that) and not too long either! just the way i like it. it only cost me £26 so i must say i am very happy with it. I am wearing my trusty topshop boots. Love them..there getting abit battered recently but i think that adds a nice touch to them. don't like wearing shoes that are clean and new. need them to be broken in and have the worn effect. Socks are also from topshop. very warm i must say! oh almost forgot about the scarf. I've had it for so long now! i love it (Even though it itches like hell) it's from H&M from a long time ago but i always wear it! lovely and warm. I think i've featured this bag before but it's my satchel from Primark a cheap one only £9! it's really good for college. cause i have to carry so much it's a great size. i hadn't used the strap before but i put it on today and i love it! so much easier to carrying it on my arm.

So i hope you've all had a lovely Tuesday! I'm currently sat in bed watching TV. i think i deserve a lazy afternoon due to the amount of work I've been doing over the past couple of days. it's all been for the best though and now i don't have to worry anymore because I've passed! so i am a happy person. Also i probably wont be blogging much next week. actually let me rephrase that. i probably wont be blogging atall as I'm in Cornwall for the week with my friend Amber and her family. So i wont be taking my laptop with me. I'm looking forward to it because Cornwall is one of the best places for charity shops so I'm hoping i can find some good bargains!

the pictures at the top were meant to be at the bottom. but it's decided not to work for me! i was getting very frustrated with placing the pictures. it never seems to go right for me!

18 October 2010

Whats in my bag

I'm one stressed Rose right now. I have so much work to do and i have just knocked over a pot of ink. over lovely clean white floorboards. not good, and now i have no ink to do my work! everythings going wrong. So i decided to take a break and relax, blogging does relax me.. it lets me get all my feelings out (cheesy) buut it does. Anyway i saw Lily Melrose's blog about 'what's in my bag' post. and i thought why not do that! i thought it would be a bit of fun so here we go

my beloved Urban Outfitters bag
Note book and fine liner


House key (excuse the chipped nail varnish!)

Hand cream by the sanctuary spa

my purse £16 Topshop 
Student ID badge

Have to say this was a 'not carrying so much' day. normally i have loads of stuff. i have to bring so much stuff to college it's unreal. surprised i haven't broken my back yet! 

I'm so sorry my posts are so boring and uninspiring. I'm finding college hard at the moment and i have so much work i just don't have any motivation. Lets hope i get back into the swing of things soon cause this is awful!

16 October 2010


I'm back! and will be now for good. hopefully, unless i get another massive work load..sorry for the lack of blogging this week and yesterdays well..not so interesting post but today i have an outfit post and all for you lovely people!
is it just me or do the pictures take f***king ages to upload! it really annoys me. maybe i should just copy and paste them..anyway moan over. here is what i wore! i was doing work in the morning for college so i didn't have much time to get ready. so i throw anything i could find. but it seemed to have worked.
today was an annoying weather today one minute it was freezing and cold enough to wear gloves and scarf's and then the next it was warm enough to wear just a t-shirt! so annoying. so it was hard to find something to wear but this is what i chose

i can't stop wearing these shoes. there my fav. so warm and comfy

I have to rush out! sorry but i will post again tomorrow

15 October 2010

Hello! I feel out of sync with the blogging world. I haven't read any blogs or been on a laptop for 3 days! I've had ridiculous amount of work to do for college so have been spending all day at college till about 5/6 then coming home and doing work all evening till about 10/11 then sleeping..and the same the next day! it's been hell. and i still haven't finished half of it. So a fun weekend planned for me! not. 

So i apologise for being so vacant right now but I've had to much work and haven't had any time to even think about blogging! but today I'm having a day off with work so here i go!

I was looking through the topshop website earlier at all the 'new in' stuff. And i realised i kept thinking oh wow i like that and that and that. so i thought I'd show you some of the things i want but most probably can't afford

Petite Peter Pan TunicLong Sleeve Peter Pan Collar TunicHorn Button Tapered Trousers
Knot Tassel ScarfConcealer Duo in LightKnitted Stitch Open Cardigan
Nails in SketchJersey Leopard Peter Pan Collar DressBold Sunflower Tunic

1.Basic Peter Pan Collar Tunic £28.00
2.Horn Button Tapered Trousers £40.00
3.Basic Peter Pan Collar Tunic £28.00
4.Knot Tassel Scarf £16.00
5.Knitted Stitch Open Cardigan £38.00
6.Concealer Duo in Light £7.00
7. Jersey Leopard Peter Pan Collar Dress £35.00
8.Bold Sunflower Tunic £28.00
9.Nails in Sketch £5.00

wow i have alot of things on my wish list. And the annoying thing is i have no money! NEED a job now..anyone who lives in Brighton wanna give me a job? would be much appreciated. anyway thank you for still following me you 34 people! it means alot  seeing as I've been very distant at the moment. My assessment is on Tuesday so hopefully after that I'll be settled and less stressed and the blogging can begin, Also in the half term I'm in Cornwall for a week. so it looks like i probably wont be blogging that week either. gah this is bad! I don't want to leave you all. But i might have my macbook by then so i could bring it with me and you can follow my tweets on http://twitter.com/#!/roseedl

08 October 2010


Is it just me or does everyone find getting piercings addictive? I love the thrill of it. I mean i wouldn't go as far as getting say my..eyebrow pierced. but i love my piercings i have now. I don't have an outfit post for today so i decided to show you all my piercings. Maybe your not that interested. but it's something that i love and it's about me so it might be good. you can all get to know me more! (cheesy sentence there)
so here i go. My first piercings where of course my ears. I don't think i know anyone my age who hasn't got their ears done! i don't normally wear earrings but recently i have been. I also recently pierced my seconds! and i have my helix pierced. I think it's called helix, or just the cartilage of my ear done. I did both those by myself. well my cartilage was done by my best friend Lily at a festival. NOT i repeat NOT a good idea.
my other piercing is my nose! i loooove love love my nose piercing. even though it was a pain for a long time! but now it's all good. I got it done just over a year ago. I got it done on my birthday so i always know when it was!

Boring post i know. but i thought I'd show you some stuff about me!

07 October 2010

Shopping trip

Because I was having a few bad days this week i decided to spend my dosh. On clothes of course..
I bought the knitted jumper in Topshop last weekend and decided today to take it back because i wasn't liking it that much. so here is what i bought!

this dress I've wanted for ages from Topshop. My friend has it and i felt abit mean for  getting it but who cares. I wanted it before her! it's a size 6 but it seems to be baggier then i thought it would be? hmm not sure. but i love it. going to wear it with thick wollen tights and my denim jacket, Can't wait!

This top i was going to buy in Topshop when i went to London too. I needed a plain vest and this ones good. It's got the burn out detail on it too so it's really good. and a lovely colour. I love the zip at the back too. i wasn't sure if i should get the blue colour or this one. but i chose this one. I apologise for my face/hair I'm knackered and just tied my hair up.

theese are the pack of rings i bought, they cost me a pound!! yes a pound. I couldn't  believe it. very happy.
but the only problem is that when i got home i realised there a large. Which doesn't really fit so thats abit annoying :( but if i put the silver one on after another one then that holds it in place so i guess it's okay and they were only £1 so it's okay!

i brought this cute little bracelet too! I don't really own much jewlerry so i thought it was really nice. It's so cute and small. It was pretty cheap aswell. i think a fiver? or a bit more. I am loving Topshop right now!

So those were my purchases. I also bought a nose ring aswell! but not from Topshop. I will post a picture if i ever get brave enough to put it in. In my local Topshop (Brighton) they have just got the makeup section! And i couldn't be happyer. it's not that big but it has some great stuff. I'm loving the lipsticks and all the nail varnishes. I think I'll be stocking up on new colours for the winter makeup. I would love to try more lipsticks out. cause I've never really been brave and confident enough to ever wear it! so maybe that could be a little task for me this winter. I'm actually getting excited about winter. I thought I'd hate it  but i actually really like the  cold weather at the moment. Maybe it's just so i can wear my new winter wardrobe. but i love wrapping up warm in my new fur denim jacket with a big scarf and boots! I feel alot more confident now then i did in the summer for some reason.
In other news. My moaning over college has now gone thankfully! I think i was just having a bad day. But I don't want to drop out anymore I do love it. And i don't know why i was thinking about leaving!?. I admit yes it is hard and it's exhausting me. but its what i need to do to get where i want so i better stick at it!

I couldn't be happyer. I am now up to 31 followers! I logged in and pow lotsa new followers. I love it! keep them rolling. Thankyou all for the comments and follows. it means alot.

05 October 2010

Monday blog week 5

I'm sorry it's a late Monday blog! I was so busy yesterday and it was a pretty eventful day not in a good way.

001. so yesterday i had an awful day at college. I haven't been enjoying it recently it's such hard work and all my work is shit compared to everyone else's..maybe I'm overreacting but i just don't think I'm right for this course. but if i don't do it i wont get to do textiles and fashion in the second year so i best stay at it!. anyone got any tips on how i could stay relaxed at college? anything would help!

002. So yesterday after i finished my awful day at college i went round to my friends house to see 3 of my friends, who i haven't seen in a while cause of college and yeah. it was nice! then in the evening i went to go  see Mumford and son play at the Brighton Dome. My dad works as a security guard there so he got me 2 free tickets on the night even thought it got sold out in 30 minutes. so that was all good apart from half way through the night i felt really faint because i was in the standing bit at the front and it was boiling hot and i hadn't eaten since breakfast and all i had for breakfast was a spoonful of muesli..actually wait i had an apple at lunch so i guess i hadn't eaten since  then. so yeah i felt really faint then next thing i woke up and i was on the floor with people standing around me. I had actually fainted!! so weird I've never fainted in my life. it was a horrible feeling and annoying because i didn't see the last bit of Mumford and son and they did my favourite song :( oh well!

003. so all in all my Monday was pretty bad. I'm sorry for the rather depressing and bad mood Monday blog. I'll make sure next week is a happy Monday blog! but on some good news I'm ordering my macbook this week (finally) my Aunties ordering it for me because she's at Uni and gets discount i think! So yay thats good. lets hope that cheers me up.

Anyway i better go. I'm meant to be catching up on all my work but I'm sitting in bed watching him & her.
hope you all had a good Monday and that it was better then mine!

                                                                    Rose xo

03 October 2010

Lazy sunday

Why am i so lazy on a Sunday? I really don't know. I've been in bed since about 3 lusting over clothe websites. for the past god knows how long I've been looking through Dixi. I can't believe how good it is! the clothes are amazing and still pretty cheap seeing as there vintage. I found this website off Kim's lovely blog. everyone go look at her blog it's amazing. Also there's a 10% off code for Dixi for all readers. But don't just use to discount code READ the blog it's amazing! anyway i found it off Kim and i haven't looked back. I'm loving so many things on there. So i thought I'd show you some things i defiantly want to buy 

Tabitha Black Sheer Blouse
Tabitha sheer blouse £18
Sophie Cable Cream Cardigan
Cable Jumper £28

Diana Mauve Sheer Blouse
Sheer blouse £20

Diana Apricot Sheer Blouse
Apricot sheer blouse £20

theres alot more things i want but i thought I'd show you my favourite things. Those sheer blouse are just amazing. I've been wanting a sheer blouse for a while and i was going to buy one in H&M the other day but it was just a plain black one. the colours of those two are just lovely. And only £20 each!? pretty cheap in my eyes. the black sheer blouse is lovely too. I know i said i was going to buy one in H&M but this one seems to be alot nicer. even though it is just plain black it's hangs so nicely and i think it would look lovely on. the cardigan is my favourite. I want one so bad and this ones pretty cheap too. 
(as i was typing all that i realised that the top 2 items are sold out, just my luck aye?)

on another note today i had to take back a dress that my friend bought me. it was a size 6 so it fitted but it was a petite so it was more like a top then a dress on me! so i took it back but because I'd lost the receipt i had to do exchange and i couldn't find anything for £26. after a long browse round Topshop with my mum moaning at me as it was raining and she needed to go home and make dinner, i made a decision. I bought this cable knit jumper. I wanted it in cream but they didn't have my size  so i went for blue...I'm not sure about it? that is why i blogged about it. I was going to ask for your opoion. do you think i should take it back and spend 40 odd quid on something else? or keep it. I do like it but on me I'm not sure. I think it might be because it's abit long. maybe it's meant to be like that but i don't like that fact. So i need your help! i may even take it back and buy those two shirts from Dixi! 

also wanted to post a poll on stuff about my blog. I want to make you lot happy. the people who read my blog, oh as were on that subject i have now got 27 followers..it's goin up and i couldn't be happyer! lets hope it keeps going up because i love the feeling of when i log in that i have more followers. It makes me so happy. so yeah anyway what i was saying was i think i want your advice on what i should blog about. 
do you think i should blog 
  • outfit posts only?
  • Wishlists
  • my inspirations in fashion
  • General life storys on what has happened in my day
  • Art work i do at college (have to admit..most of my art work is shit)
  • Things i have bought that week
Anything..you lot give me some suggestions and I'll do it!!

                                                  Rose xo