21 February 2011

sunday blog week 21 done on a Monday

Thought I'd show you all my rings.  Rope style rings are my mums and so are the plain silver ones. nothing that interesting! I'm also wearing H&M gold nail varnish

001. Hello everyone and sorry for the late 'Sunday blog'. Yesterday i spent the day at my nans up in Hemmel Hempstead. It was okay i guess! tad boring but we had an amazing sunday lunch so i can't complain! i got back around 6ish and then just sat in bed for the rest of the evening and eat.

002. and thats exactly what I've been doing today. I was meant to get up early to have a costa with my friend but she ended up getting the train earlier then we expected so i didn't get to say goodbye. So my plans for the day we're cancelled! I wasn't that bothered though as i have sat here doing nothing in bed and i actually quite like it. I'm thinking off maybe getting out of bed around now and doing some work buut knowing me that wont happen.

003. The rest of my week i don't have many plans really either, pottering around the house most of the time i think haha. I do like half term but i've been set so much work it's kind off boring! I better get started on some of it though I've got to get through about 5 whole projects and re do annotation, presentation and some i have to just re do the drawings and the outcomes. Hmm this could be hard and i think it's going to take a long time! thats why in some ways it's good that i have nothing planned cause i really need to get it done. My best friends gone away for the week which is sad! but she said she misses Brighton already and she's only left this morning hahah. Oh Brighton how i love you!

004. so yeah I'm thinking off getting a lot done this week, with art but this blog as well! I want to start putting more effort into it and actually getting some good posts down. I've been a bit blah with it recently. I'm defiantly going to take some pictures for the blog shop this week as my mum said she will help me with all the post and packaging malarkey. not very good with things like that! I'll probably get that done tomorrow so keep an eye out for some new things on there. not promising it though! will defiantly be up this week.

005. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and will have a lovely half term! tell me all your plans. I'm jealous people who are in London and going abroad, I might be going up to london though which will be nice. This week is also 15% off at Urban Outfitters for students!(well i think it is i got an email but it doesn't say anything on the website) I'm trying to save my money this week so maybe by the end of the week I'll have enough to treat myself to something who knows! I'm loving the tan sandals at the moment. I think I'll do a wishlist tomorrow as well as i have a lot of things i want at the moment! (which i have to add..I CAN'T AFFORD. Waah i need a job)

Thanks again for all the follows and comments! I am sort of close to 300 followers. I will repay you all soon with a giveaway! I was going to do one for when i reached 200 but it didn't end up happening!


  1. Love the rings! My plans have been cancelled too haha, my friend got grounded just a day before we were gonna go, sad times! Hope you're well sweet x

  2. Glad you had a nice day in bed haha!!
    I have been having such a busy time already and a busy week ahead! I will try hard to keep posting though!
    I wish I lived somewhere exciting like brighton:)
    Good luck on the followers, I'm still hoping for one hundered... Then a giveaway!
    Ellie xoxo

  3. Thanks for the heads up about the student discount! I didn't even know you get a student discount in there. Hopefully it's on, even though it's not on the site! x

  4. I adore those rope things, they're beautiful! nice paired with the nail varnish, i need some shimmery/glittery nail varnish myself!

    Lazy days are my favourite days ever. I only got up to shower and wash my hair. Nothing better than really refreshed in a new pair of pj's! I should crack on with some work though, wish I had half term to get it out the way haha.

    Looking forward to your shop, be interesting to see the items you're going to sell!

    Thanks for the heads up on UO, i might have a butchers, but I'm trying to save a little for my berlin spending money next week. I bet they'll have something I really want but a silly price! always tends to happen with them.

    Good luck with the followers, I've witnessed it grow and grow! great stuff :)

    Katie. x

  5. i laid in bed all day yesterday, it was so good! i was gonna do it today but decided i needed to buy some banana shampoo/conditioner instead!

    i have loads of work for the holiday too, so annoying, revision and projects (why oh ehy did i choose graphic design!). those brown sandals are lovely! i've been really into heels and wedges but i have no where to where them! xx

  6. So jealous of your week off! I always leave all my work until last minute during time off from College I'm a bit like yourself I think. Looking forward to your blog shop! I keep meaning to upload stuff to ebay but the effort is too much ha x

  7. thankyou for the comment! lovely blog, im looking forward to the new stuff on your blog shop! thats a good idea, i might open a blog shop when i have made enough stuff! xxx

  8. I'm a bit jealous you have work to do, I kind of miss it! Although I have re-occuring nightmares that I have an art deadline due and I haven't even started my project and I've turned up to school without my sketchbook, so maybe it's for the best I'm not at school anymore...

  9. enjoy your half term :) i totally miss school holidays - working full time is awful! hope your art is going well? xo


  10. love the rings, the rope style ones are lovely i love silver rings. wahhh i need a job tooo! :) xx

  11. opposite problem to you, too much art work and too little time! have a good half term rosexxx


  12. oh your on half term im jealous x

  13. thank-you for you lovely comment my sweet,
    ooh really that's so cool, i wish i could draw/paint like that! i'm so jealous <3


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!