29 July 2011


Jumper Urban Outfitters
Jeans Topshop
Sunglasses Primark
I'm becoming a shit blogger, I haven't posted much at all this week and what i do post is pretty shit. I think it is just the fact that I am so un inspired by my clothes at the moment and just in a blah mood! but I'm getting paid on Thursday and i have some money from ebay stored in my bank so i will have to spend some dosh soon, It's in need anyway!
This is the outfit i wore today, I'm not going to lie to you..This isn't my jumper i borrowed it off my friend but we can just pretend it's mine cant we? I do really want it. It is an outfit that doesn't seem to photograph well as it does look better in real life..oh well!
so this week has been work work work, every evening is pretty hard actually but i just keep thinking about the money so ya know i can get through it..Well i did! and on Tuesday or Monday i am off to Newport Pagnell for a weekish with my best friend

Right i am off as i am sitting in bed watching keeping up with the Kardashians cause i am fucking tired and feel dead, tomorrow my uncle auntie and cousins are all coming down so it'll be nice to see them all as they were the ones i went to Turkey with a few weeks ago! so it'll be lovely. I was meant to go off to London on Sunday for a photoshoot but it's been cancelled due to make up artist pulling out so it is being rescheduled, Was kind of looking forward to it as i haven't had much work recently so yeah! but oh well if it's rescheduled thats good
Hope you've all had a lovely week and have a good weekend! I'll post again soon.

25 July 2011

25 Jul

yep i have a messy room
Shirt charity shop
Jeans Topshop
Shoes Topshop
firstly i apologise for the 'mirror' picture, but my outfit wasn't photographing well. Not sure what the whole leg crossing thing is..Apologise for that as well.. I look like a dick!
Anyway yeah I'm going to admit i am writing this half asleep/falling asleep. So I'm sorry if i say stuff that doesn't seem to make sense.
Weird day at work today, Phone lines were down so we couldn't really call people as it was all crackly, Pretty pointless when working in a call centre but oh well it went quite quick. I'm thinking of quitting soon as i am applying for a job at Tkmaxx (lol) my friend works there and it's good pay so yar.
This shirt i bought in a charity shop earlier today, I wasn't too sure about it as it was an XL and goes down to just above my knees so it's pretty hard to tuck into jeans etc, but i loved the pattern so i just had too!
I need your help..A lot! my 'manager' lol dunno the main person at Strike got in contact with me and asked me if i would consider getting a fringe cut in. I presume she means a straight cut fringe but then again i don't know. BUT i really do want one i mean I've always wanted one and they said they think it'll suit my face, but what do you think? I would do it straight away if i didn't have a fucking annoying cow lick at the front of my hair line. So if i have a fringe it never lays flat and always seperates because the weight doesn't hold down the cow lick, if you have no idea what a cow lick is then this probably isn't making much sense. I don't really know what else they are called, or how to describe them? hmm anyway what do you all think! and do you have any tips on cowlicks that may help me if i DO decide to get a fringe.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! And i shall post again soon. I'm so looking forward to getting some money soon i need some new clothes. I am off to newport pagnell (close to milton keynes) soon i think so i will do some shopping there.

22 July 2011


Playsuit H&M
Belt Charity Shop
Cardigan Topshop
Nails, Collection 2000 'fruit loop'
hating on my hair in these photos, I so wish i had the courage to dye it cause i hate the colour it is in these photos..I don't think it's normally this colour but when i adjust the colour a little on Iphoto my hair always ends up looking a lot ginger then normal. Oh wells! I do need a serious hair cut..Lucky my mums a hairdresser so i save a lot of money it's just persuading her to do it (mine takes ages and i always moan)
Right this is another pretty boring outfit, I seem to be going back to all my old ways as in clothes wise. Like my last outfit post i wore my bodycon skirt which i used to LIVE in no joke and now I am rekindling my love for this playsuit which as well i used to live in. Probs cause it's all I've got..No clothes is dreadful!
So I had my second day at work today and it went better then expected, i was kind of dreading it because..well because i hate working I am so lazy and being on the phone for 4 hours straight draaags on like a bitch. BUT it was fine and it went quite quick. Didn't make a sale but it didn't matter! I just keep thinking through my mind when I'm working..Keep going keep going money money money hahah I am so weird but it's true the thought of having money in my bank in a few weeks is just making it a little more bearable. It's not even that bad I'm just lazy, I've got 4 close friends working there so I don't really know what I'm moaning about..
I never ever normally include my nail varnish in my posts because well, I never wear it! I do sometimes but i am really indesicive and always take it off after about a second so this is the only nail varnish I've had on for about a week! I LOOOOVE IT. Sadly it's not mine which isn't good! I will just have to go out and buy it or just 'borrow' once again off my friend Lily. It's a lovely peach/nude colour and yes i love it. God i need to sort my nails out though looking at this picture! I am in the proccess of growing them. Well trying my absolute hardest! I've had a habit of biting my nails and most of the skin around my nails since i can remember so my nails are always sore and red and I hate it! why do i do it to myself haha? so i am stopping and trying to grow them all nice so i can lovely nails and do nice designs like Kim

OK i am going to stop rambling now, Hope you've all had a lovely week and I hope you have an even nicer weekend. I am having a lazy one probably (hopefully) seeing my friend who i haven't seen since a week before i left for turkey so thats about 4 weeks ago WAH! missin her.
Love, Rose

20 July 2011

20 Jul

Denim jacket Topshop
Top and skirt H&M
Belt Charity shop
Shit weather, why can't it just be summer weather? I've kind off lost hope in it and started dressing for A/W cause i loves that season. I've kind off lost my blogging 'mojo' and I'm just not inspired by anything at all and just had nothing to  blog about. My outfits have been shit so I don't want to show you them so yeah. Lets hope I get back into the swing of things soon.

I'm writing this just before I am meant to be leaving for work. Yep you heard that correct Rose has a fuuucking job. Finally! it's only in a crappy call centre but a jobs a job and moneys money. And I need some! so I am proud of myself. It's every week day 5-8 some days 4-8 and Fridays 2-6. So pretty good i say. I think I'll prefer doing it in evenings as i have all day to get prepared and do stuff so i don't have work in the middle of the day.

I wore this because this is the only relatively smart? not even smart is it. but otherwise i was going to wear jeans and i thought that looked scruffy so i wore this. Belt is from charity shop, My mums a good charity shopper.. I wish i took after her but i don't. Hate the first photo omg my head is so pea like

Before i go i wanna say THANKYOU to all of you as i reached 500 followers this morning, i was very shocked so I just want to thank you all now for being so lovely. I wish i could do a giveaway but I haven't got the money right now..But I hope you do realise i appreciate all the comments I receive and everything!


15 July 2011

Why is it always the same

Jumper H&M
Shorts UO
Bag Vintage
Ring Turkey

I've failed once at trying to write this blogpost, not sure if it's a sign for me to give up. But no i am powering on
I'm in desperate need of new clothes it's becoming a little bit ridiculous. You've seen this outfit before many of times but I wore it today while running errands (LOL) in town, All i did was go to post office and bank and then shop for the rest of it, depressing for me who has no job or money but not so depressing for my rather workaholic ( re read rich) friend. First time I've worn my hair up in public. Pea head shown to the world. I'm becoming more and more lazy with my appearence. after coming home from Turkey I haven't bothered wearing make up because i didn't wear any when i was there and i now hate the feel of mascara, I used to slap on the mascara like there was no tomorrow with eyeliner. Every single day! I am a changed person

I'm feeling pretty ill right now so I'm annoyed feel so sick blergh, I'm sitting in bed with tea and reading perous diary ever since watching Dirty sexy things on E4 i have become obsessed with his photography. Ah what i wonderful job he has.

I'm off to wallow in my illness, I'm hoping I'll feel okay tomorrow! I'm sure i will, I am just an over reactor. I tried writing over reactor and it came up with overeater..I am that too yes. 
thanks for all the lovely comments on my video blog, I hate watching it i am so awkward in front of the camera but straight after i put it up an anon on tumblr asked me about 10 questions in a row..eager beaver hehe
So i shall get round to answering them soon i hope. And you can always ask me blog related questions here!
Oh one more thing. A very happy birthday to Jazmine!!
Please check out my Ebay listings too HERE, I'll love you forever
Love, Rose

13 July 2011

Q&A blog video

oh ma days i am so good at editing videos it's unreal.
sorry for my awkwardness, but thanks again for all the questions you all asked! and my head seems to be cut off? god knows why
After recording the whole video, i then realised I missed out questions! GOD DAMN IT! I'll do another one soon don't you worry, 

Oh and one more thing. I can count i just missed out number 7 after filming because i answered it shitly

10 July 2011

I don't like being here

Bandeau bikini Topshop
Shorts Urban Outfitters
Top H&M
Jewellery Turkish Market
Boring boring outfit i know! but all i did today was sit in bed and potter around the house so you know it wasn't really worth getting 'dressed' for. I did eventually get dressed though as i wasn't in the mood to stay in my pyjamas all day and i put this on and sat out in the garden but came in after a little while cause i was cold LUVIN ENGLAND.
Still having a few holiday blues, not as bad as the first day back though cor blimey they were bad! I didn't even want to look out my window to come to terms with being in England hahaha. So i decided to put this outfit on to kid myself that i was in a hot country but it didn't seem to work but oh well!
All my new jewellery on today i love them both. Not sure if it's good to do double turquoise but i don't care. So i did film the video today which you all was nice enough to ask me questions for! buuut i wasn't sure if i should upload it cause i did it in a rush and i am so so shit at talking to the camera so i may do it again!

Trying to get back into my blogging mojo I'm finding it hard to write in my normal happy self hahah not sure why as i am pretty happy today! I'm sitting in bed with an earl grey tea and watching marley and me. thats what sundays are for right? well mine are anyway
Trying to sort my life out, I need to do something different. I need a job! or volunteering or something different in my life. someone help me bring me out of the rut i am in...PLZ! I hope i get some modelling work soon. Haven't heard from them in a while so i am a little down but it'll work out i am sure! I mean it's all still in the first stages.

Anyway sorry for the rather boring post and the boring outfit i just wanted to post tonight as blogging really calms me down and relaxes me, anyone else feel that?

Have a nice sunday everyone Love, Rose

09 July 2011

I'm back

Well I did do a post earlier about my holiday but i deleted it and started again! I'm not in the right frame of mind today so instead of just showing you my holiday pictures which i might put a few on the end of this post i thought I'd show you what i bought while i was away!

I didn't expect Turkey to be as cheap as it was, So I got a lot of lovely things for a really great price!

Ring 40 Lira roughly £15 in England
so here is the first thing i bought, Well actually I bought this on the last day but it is my favourite thing so I thought I'd start with it! It is a lovely turquoise ring from a market stall in the village where we were staying. And it cost me 40 lira which is roughly about £15 in English pounds. It's real silver and real turqouise so I thought £15 was actually pretty good for it! And look how lovely it is. I'll get more pictures of it soon. And I can tell I'll be wearing it so much! I always always ALWAYS loose my rings so I am going to have to be extra precious of this and not loose it. 
Bag 35 lira so about £13
this is the bag i bought, I always see people with these and I love them! and I think this is a fake because well..they were selling loads of fake Gucci bags and Mulberrys so i doubt this is real but I don't even really known the original ones of these so I don't think it makes much difference to me! this cost me £35 so cheapish again about £13 in England which is great as i normally spend way over £40 on bags well..apart from the odd primark £9 one. I love the colour too, I was going to get a dark blue one but then i realised they didn't have it so i chose this grey\blue one.
Bracelet 10 Lira about £3
I didn't realise at the time when i bought this that it was only £3!! It cost me 10 lira but i had no idea what that was in english money, I am glad i bought this then! it's a lovely turquoise bracelet kind of like the ring.. I see an obsession coming along don't you. I really like this and i can tell I'll be wearing this a lot too!

Right so thats all the things i bought for myself, Oh i bought some turkish candyfloss but i didn't need to show you a picture of that.. And most of its gone now hehe! so i had the best time ever and i don't think I'll ever forget it. I love turkey! I want to live there NOW all i would need are my cats and a few of my friends and I'd be happy. 
I'm having holiday blues today. but not just little ones it seems to have hit me hard as a brick i came home yesterday after about 11 hours ish in total of travelling i got home at 10 in England and i came home to find my brothers having a house party. Any day is okay but not that day i had just got back all i wanted to do was sit and sleep but no the fucking idiots are inconsiderate and have drum and bass fucking load. And then i got woken up at 4.30 with my brother coming home with one of his friends and they kept me awake till about 6 in the morning and then i woke up at 8.30. SOOOO I am pretty knackered today and I'm feeling sad from being in England and blah! I am an emotional wreck so i will stop writing before i bore you all

oh I'm emotional too because i watched the harry potter premiere and speaches and omg i am so excited/sad that the film is coming soon! I finished reading the Dealthy Hallows book while away and omg i loved it. I am on a mission to find all the others and read them, someone wanna post me theres for me to keep (go awn you know you wanna)

Oh and before i go i want to thank you all so much for the questions you all asked me i have a lot! so i will hopefully be doing them as soon as possible. And thank you all for sticking with me while i was gone for a week! I will be back to my normal not crying and annoyed self by tomorrow hopefully! need to come to terms with the fact i am back in shitty England for a long time now hahaha.

Love, Rose

01 July 2011

See you in a week blog

This should be a scheduled post. I did this yesterday (lol today, this is confusing it writing it in the future) wah i dunno. anyway i wrote this yesterday when i was distracting myself from packing. I spent most of the day reading harry potter in bed hehe WHY did you lot not tell me how addictive and amazing it is! i can't put it down. I can tell I'll be happy reading it by the pool. So yeah as this goes out I'll probs be on the plane..Or even there maybe! my flight is at 10.30 so that is why i am scheduling it as i wont get it done in the morning. 
Just wanna say sorry i didn't get my video done! I was going to seeing as i did little else but my brothers were home and its a bit embarrassing talking to a laptop. But don't worry I've written down the questions I've gotten so far (keep em' coming if you like, you can ask me anything! seeing as i don't think I've written much about myself LOL just kidding i have but if there is anything more you want to know just ask and i will answer in the video) I'll probs get it done when i get back sometime
I hope you all stick with me while i am gone, I am only away for a week! so thanks again for all the lovely comments I am so almost to 500 followers which is crazy so wanna thank you all. 

(I'm hoping the next time I post I will  be nice and tanned..but we wont count on it)