15 January 2013

its mint

Striped Top, Primark
Belt, Dads
High Waisted Jeans, Topshop
Boots, Topshop
Necklace, The Little Deer

It's really starting to irritate me that I can't manage to get full body outfit pictures just snippets of each section of my body hah! Oh well one day I guess I also realised I never show my face in outfit pictures anymore I guess thats lucky for you hahah. My room is just too small (its not even that small just got big furniture) so can't seem to find a place to do it. Hope these are ok though.
Anyway onto the outfit I bought this jumper the other day in H&M to fuel my mint addiction and I got it for about 7.99 cos of a £5 off voucher they were giving out. This jumper is really lovely and its cropped, you can't tell from the pictures but it has a silver zip going all the way up the back which I like although it is rather pointless and the zip is painfully cold when you wear it with nothing underneath. I paired it with my high waisted Jamie jeans from Topshop. Now I love Topshop jeans and they are the only jeans I ever buy, for some reason I just am stuck with buying Topshop ones and can't seem to change out of it. But these ones aren't as good as some of the other ones I bought. I love them don't get me wrong but I bought them and didn't wash them first and they just kept dying everything dark blue even my legs! and then when I did finally wash them a lot of the dye came out and they became faded. And they were 40 quid so I dunno I think if I could've found some other high waisted jeans I wouldn't of bought these. But non the less I do love them and I am so glad I finally do have a pair of high waisted jeans. 

I want to mention this amazing necklace I bought for 2 quid YES! only 2 quid. Its from the very lovely little shop called The Little Deer I'm not being biased just cause there a Brighton company (lol) they have some really lovely modern and vintage pieces (I bought a lovely vintage mustard jumper for 7 quid too which will be featured in another outfit post) and some really amazing jewellery, so I recommend checking them out!

Not much has happened since the last time I blogged I can't believe were already 15 days into January its crazy! I'm on a serious job hunt right now cause I just need to start saving for things later in the year. 

Today is the UCAS deadline and once again it looks like I'm not going. I was kind of set on going the year after my 'year out' so applying this year but it doesn't look like its happening, I feel like I should be worried but I'm just not... I think its just not right for me right now so why do something your not certain on when you know its going to cost you a hell of a lot of money. I'm kind off set on just moving my life to New Zealand. I think whats going to happen is I'm going to set off to New Zealand in about August/September time when my boyfriend goes back over, not sure if I'm going to go back with him straight away or just meet him out there. And travel around NZ my boyfriend lives in Auckland and said he wants to show me as much as New Zealand as possibly so that would just be bloody amazing. As well as hopefully Australia and like Fiji for 7 months and while doing this I'm going to apply for university over there. As their term starts in March which means I have from September till March to go travelling then study textiles for 3 years over there. I'm kind off really, really wanting to do that so badly. At first I thought why the heck did you get yourself into a relationship were your boyfriend is going to end up living right over the other side of world your just going to get your heart broken but I can't say goodbye to him in August and never see him again so I need to go. I have to go!

Sorry for the rambling, sometimes it's nice to write down the things you want to do instead of having them all in your head. I hope you've all had a good January so far, I'm still wishing for a bit of snow woke up to a tiny layer on Sunday morning but we have had none since then! 

Love, Rose

03 January 2013

Old but new

Jumper- Urban Outfitters (OLD)
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Vans
Necklace- Little Tea Cup

Ok this is a slight cheating blog post cause i took these outfit pictures months ago, and I mean months and months ago. But never got round to blogging them for some reason. This was when it was warm enough to venture outside in just a jumper, oh how I miss that weather! I kind off used these just cause I had a massive urge to blog today but atm I'm kind off stuck in a style rut (when am I ever not) and so I'm not that inspired to actually blog about my outfits. And I've never blogged about these jeans in a outfit post before I don't think. Simple outfit I tend to not go much into colour anymore like usual apart from my mint jumper I like neutral colours as I feel, safer? is that weird. Weird how your style changes over time though I don't think i'd wear an outfit like this right now, I kind off just wear the same thing every day, jeans jumper and beanie.
I hope you all had a lovely christmas I sure did it was really nice actually and my boyfriend spent it with my family which was good as last year he was all alone after coming over from New Zealand in August with no family what so ever so I wanted to make it a good Christmas for him. I didn't get much but I never really do but I've never cared all I care about is the FOOD, shit the food. I've never eaten so much in my life, I had a sickness bug a few days before and didn't eat for 3 days and the day I ate was actually christmas day so... You can only imagine.
I thought I'd show you some things I did get, just cause I dunno.
Boots- Topshop
these boots were from Ed and I am so happy, the boy did good. Although I got told by my mate that he roped her in cause he stressed so much, so I guess.. She did good hah! but I love them and I can't wait to wear them.
and this is what I got my boyfriend BENICASSIM tickets. Its his 21st in February which is pretty big so I wanted to kind off spoil him and do a joint thing. Ok I know some people would get their boyfriends more, or I guess spend more on them but I dunno but this means a lot to him cause he was spose to go last year but didn't and was so annoyed, and its a few weeks before he goes home to other side of the world so its a nice last thing to do together. I AM SO EXCITED specially as I just found out Azealia Banks is playing fuck, Anyone else going? Let me know!

Again I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I went a bit over board (I got sent some great disco pants from Glamorous which are slightly too tight and i can't do the zip up hahaha but its my mission to fit into them so I can blog about how great they are) so yes I did go a bit overboard on christmas and have turned into a turkey. I also hope you all had a lovely NYE I don't set new year resolutions cause it sets me up for failure cause I never do them but I guess one would be to blog more! lets hope I do it. I'm hoping 2013 will be a good year hoping January will the month I get a job then I am going to save, save and SAVE and then travel as much as I can. hopefully! but the exciting thing is that I think I'm 100% going to New Zealand in August when Ed goes back, I have the money so yeah exciting/scary shit eh.
Love, Rose