30 January 2011

Sunday blog week 18

i normally only do 1 photo on my Sunday blogs but i thought I'd do something different today. I thought I'd do a 'Day in photos' Even though this has been one of the most boring Sundays I've had in a long time (actually i'll rephrase that..It's been one of the most boring WEEKENDS i've had in ages) this art work is killing me! anyway here are some photos of my boring weekend. 
(i just realised I'm wearing my college name badge. ignore it! i just have to wear it for college)
Firstly i thought I'd show you my outfit i wore the other day. I'll admit i cannon't remember when i wore this! But i found it on my camera and i know it was sometime this week so i thought I'd show you it. I wore my Topshop shirt which i am in love with. It's such a lovely colour! and goes well with the tones of my clothes i think. If you get what i mean! then i wore it baggy over a body con skirt and a pair of sheer tights. then my trusty denim jacket and American Apparel hoodie! a simple outfit!

the horrible horrible work i've been stuck doing all weekend. well this is the stuff i've finished! still got a whole lot more to do. First one if my initial designs. It was a quick 5 min drawing for each one set by the tutor i prefer doing quick sketches as i'm not very confident with my drawing so they seem to turn out better when i have no control over what i'm doing if you get what i mean. I have to draw something there and then instead of pondering about how it looks and rubbing out ect. so i like doing that. not the best deisgns i've ever done they are quite boring in my eyes but oh well! i added a ink wash to them aswel to make them stand out more. give me your thoughts on them please! the second sheet is a quick drawing sheet too. some of them we're 7 seconds. I quite liked doing this. I liked doing blind contour drawings and drawings with my other hand as i don't have control on what I'm drawing and it ends up being a more free and better looking drawing. 

bit early to start buying sunglasses? that was my initial thought but why the hell not! they we're only £2 from Primark and i thought if i don't get them now they will be gone in a week! i love them. I don't normally suit sunglasses cause i have a big forehead and they don't seem to sit right on my nose hahah. but i like these! I can tell I'll be wearing them to death in the summer

This is my new piercing! I did it myself on saturday (thats how bored i was with my art work) I know have six piercings! do any of you have any piercings? if so tell me

Very very sunny in Brighton today! But it's the weather that is very sneaky. you think it's warm but when you step outside you freeze to death. Well seeing as i haven't been out today i don't think it matters to me! I'm hoping to get out the house for a bit before i rip up all my work sheets due to boredom and craziness (urgh i hate work) I'm supposed to be going for a coffee with my best friend but i think i might just meet her for a walk and a chat! thats always the best thing to take my mind off work. So my evening is going to consist of drinking tea and drawing shoes. Oh and a bit of P.s I love you, I'm preparing myself for it as i have never cried so much at a film before..This is one is SO sad.

Thank-you all for the comments! I know I've been a bit distant this week and my posts haven't exactly been good. I'm sure I'll be back to normal Monday if i get my work load done and have a new clean slate. YAY! but thank you again for the follows and comments it means a lot! 

oh and i apologise for not doing a video! i keep promising one and then i let you all down. I'm sure I'll get one done soon just depends on things. but i do really want to do one ( i hope i don't sound like a man on videos, I normally hate the way my voice sounds) 

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28 January 2011

Friday feeling

I always post on a Friday?? Probably because i don't have a life..Lol joke! well actually with all this artwork i kind off don't! It's taking over my life.
Sorry for not posting since Tuesday! I've been pretty busy at college trying to finish off my 3D project (Which i HATE. I am awful at 3D work) i thought I'd enjoy this project because it was a shoe project and I like designing shoes but the  fact that we had to recreate our shoe designs with some wood and wire was not a fun part. i hated that! but i'll stop moaning for a bit. I have the spend my whole weekend finishing it. All i can say is that i will turn in to a cup of tea by the end off it, tea always gets me through the work load i get.

I kind off don't have anything to say, I've had a pretty good week. Good things happened especially on Thursday. And then some bad things happened with my best friend..Even though we've got it sorted now! what it was was she mentioned to me about friends drifting apart and then went into a whole debate about how we probably will drift apart and how sad it'll be. I mean maybe we will but do we really need to think about that now? And we've said to each other we will do EVERYTHING to stop it from happening. even if we do go to different unis across the country from each other we WILL still be best friends. Has anyone else had this problem? I haven't even finished first year of college yet so i don't know why she brung up the fact we might drift apart. It made me sad! but it'll work out..We're best friends after all...

we did work it out and spent the day talking in starbucks with a coffee and a chai tea latte for me (I'm addicted i have to admit) so all is good! I didn't have any money though which was rather depressing i had about £4 so i spent it on a starbucks and a £3 ring from boots! heres what it looks like.
Yes, I know i need to paint my nails! ew they look horrible
So finally got myself some new jewellery. I needed a new ring and i looove this one! very gothic but i love it.

Sorry I'm being boring tonight I haven't really got much to say! I've not done any outfit posts for ages :( waah I'm sure I'll be back to blogging on Monday. I'm starting a Fashion Illustration project and i couldn't be happier. i hope this'll be fun!! Anyone recommend any good websites for fashion illustration where i can get some inspiration from? Right i have to get on with some art work *shoots self in head* ok that was a bit far but this art work is making me want to die! I hate it. but it needs to be done I'm hoping that if i get a Merit in my Fashion project and this one then my mum might buy me a pair of shoes I've fell in love with!! If i find them on the new look website i'll link you all. So i bettter get cracking and get this work done! thank you all for the comments and follows! you all make me so happy.

Oh and a massive thank you to Alice featured me in her blog post. It made me happy! so everyone go look at her blog too cause it is so lovely and so is she

Also I'm hoping to get a video done this weekend, not sure if it'll happen and i know i keep promising one! so who knows. I hope i can do one though i just need to find something to talk about hahaha. And I'm sorry to all the people following my blogshop. I have kind off abandoned it. I was going to sell my clothes but I'm not sure when it'll happen cause i've not got the time at the moment to sort it all out

25 January 2011

Well isn't this fun

I can already tell this is going to be a boring post. I'm not in the mood right now I have a lot of college work to finish off and it's getting stressful. We had a massive talk today about the progression onto the second part of the course I'm doing (Subsidiary diploma if anyone wanted to know, Well it used to be called National Diploma) and soon I should be going on to do a extended diploma in art and design level 3. This is scaring the shite out of me. Wont go into it but I'm terrified and i don't want to be split up into different classes cause i love my whole group! Oh well.
Anyway on to the outfit! I wore my topshop baggy t-shirt for the first time today, It only cost me a tenner so i thought it was a bargain and now i have things to wear it with. I teamed it with my denim shorts and my spotty tights. Quite a gothic outfit i thought hahah! Didn't feel like me. But i did get compliments more today then i do normally? Hmm weird. I do love this top it's so comfy, Very see through (Which i realised just as i was walking out the door and had to put a vest underneath) Annoyingly my vest broke half way through the day so one of the straps has come off..Maybe I'll cut both off and it'll be a strapless top! I also tried a different place of taking my pictures. I did it in my bathroom! personally don't like it at all the lighting is awful anyway cause it's dark but yeah. I feel like i look much bigger then i am in real life in these photos. Urgh the more i look at them the more i want to delete them!!

Blogger just isn't being my friend today. It's not letting me layout my pictures nicely and it's really peeing me off!! I hate these photos (feeling really ugly and blergh today) so i didn't make them extra large like i normally do hahaha. I dunno if i prefer them small anyway! So today my skin is bad. Well bad for me! I haven't had spots in so so long for some reason! I always did have pretty bad skin but it cleared up this winter and today was just not a good day. Maybe it was due to the alcohol and cigarettes i had on Saturday? who knows but i defiantly wont be doing that again.

I'm sorry, I'm in such a meh mood. Can't really be bothered with the blog today :( I'm very sorrry and i apologise! I will be back to normal tomorrow as i have a relaxing self directed study day all day. So i will be able to take a lot of tea breaks and it wont be stressful! it'll be all good. I'm going to be up all night finishing designing some shoes for this project! Can't wait to show you some of my designs. There not the best they could be but i found it really fun! I'll take some pictures tonight to show you. Then I'm going to have to decide what to wear tomorrow. Is it just me who normally plans the night before? even though i normally change my idea in the morning.

thank you for all the comments and everything I appreciate it!

23 January 2011

Sunday blog week 17

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001. First of all I would like to apologise for being a bit boring this week! I haven't posted regularly and the posts i do do aren't really that exciting, I wasn't really getting into blogging last week! It was a stressful week at  college (when is it not!?) so yeah. But i am back to my normal self now so i will be posting regularly from Monday

002. So my weekend has been a good weekend which is a surprise. Cause on Friday i thought nothing was going to happen but it ended up good! friday i stayed round my friends house just for a catch up. then i spent my day doing nothing and trying to get my work done. Which i have to say was unsuccessful! then last night i went to my friends and then loads of people turned up and it ended up pretty good! Feeling a little rough now. Vodka and red wine..NOT a good mix. And i have a lot of bruises from somewhere or something i don't remember. Oh well life goes on!

003. This week is a new start at college, We're going on to do a design/3D project, Which means it's not more life drawing!!! WOOO so happy about it. And the project is a shoe project so it's right up my street! Defiantly want to do something with shoes when I'm older. My mum is dying for me to be a shoe designer but i doubt it'll happen! I'd rather do more fashion and textiles then shoes. Even though that is fashion. I don't know! I'm rambling

004. I'm getting my mop of hair cut today. Finally! It's in desperate need of a cut it's all dead at the bottoms with split ends. I'm not getting much off the length cause i like how long it is at the moment but I'm getting my fringe cut shorter so that it's not longer behind my ears. I prefer it shorter

005. i wrote this post saying that i got 200 followers and then i lost a follower. Maybe i should stick to not saying anything about followers, Cause you know what..It's not all about that! I don't mind if i have 1 follower or 1000 i just like to think people listen and read what i write and relate to me. thats what it's all about! I personally think.

006. I'm also hoping to do a video soon! I love watching blogger videos they are really entertaining! It might be a weird think to say but i love finding out what people sound like in real life? If you get me! It's good. So I'll hopefully get that done this week. I know i say this every week but i find it hard doing one (I'm ALOT shyer then i thought) and my family are always in so I'd rather do it without them cause they might think I'm a bit weird talking to my laptop so hopefully that'll happen this week. Any suggestions on what i should do the video about? Otherwise I'll probably ramble on like i always do about nothing and it wont be much of an exciting video.

If you read all that then i salute you. Thank you all again and I'll hopefully be back to my less boring self on monday! I promise

5 to follow 

I just want to say how sad it is that Irene has felt the need to delete her blog!! she was such a lovely girl and i loved reading her posts and speaking to her. She always had the time to comment on my blog and was such a nice person to me. Some people are just horrible aren't they? Lets hope she comes back soon :(

20 January 2011

It's thursday already!

Hello again! I'm back and to my normal self, Well I'm still a little ill but I'm getting better! I couldn't be happier and thank you for all your comments. I'm going to be honest here and say...I don't really have anything to write about today, I'm feeling very meh and college didn't help. Was the most boring day! we did literally nothing and was just so uninspiring and boring but i did get to go home early so it's not all bad, And I do sit next to someone good now. So i don't know why I'm complaining! but yeah i haven't got much to say today. I'll show you my very bad outfit post from Wednesday because 'SHOCK HORROR' i wore jeans. I couldn't believe myself, I wasn't feeling confident in them but y'know it's always good for a change. Not great photos cause i was in a rush to get out the door and go to the museum. I'm always late!
Jeans H&M| White t-shirt Marks and spencers| Cardigan Topshop| Grey Jumper American Apparel| Loafers Topshop| Bobble scarf H&M
so a very lazy and comfy outfit. I was sitting on a museum floor all day drawing skeletons so i wasn't in the mood for something reasonably nice. These photos aren't that bad actually! I didn't like the way the jeans looked on me but they look ok in these photos i guess. I defiantly don't suit jeans in my eyes! i find them so...Annoying! But maybe I'll wear them again when i am more confident with them. Sorry for the horrible Mirror photos. I rely on it too much! i can't find a good place to take any photos and it's really really annoying me :( I need a good camera and a stand. Or a bigger room (wouldn't that be nice) so as i said before college was awfully boring today and we have something called 'SDS' it means self directed study in the afternoons. this means the tutor goes out the room and does her own thing which means..normally! we all go home, which where not meant to do but who cares. So today i went to town quickly with my friend and bought the new look shirt I've been wanting for ages! I am really happy as i got 20% student discount as well so it came to £17 instead of something like £21.
so this is what it looks like. I bought it in a size 8 and it does feel a tiny bit short on the sides and a bit tight on the arms..But I think it's fine! I'm not sure if i should take it back and get a 10 so it's a little baggier and comfier..Hmm i don't know! what do you all think? I know it's like my topshop one but i do love it! this is how I'm thinking off styling it.

The reason i took a picture of the back was to show you the see through..ness! don't think thats word but hay ho. so yeah it's very see through and I'm not sure if it's agood idea to wear nothing underneath but i don't want to wear something underneath and ruin the look of it and colour, I only own a black vest really? Or a white t-shirt. I guess i could put a white T-shirt underneath. I'm not sure the front is that see through though as my hair does cover it hahha. tell me your thoughts please! and these are the shorts i mentioned in this post here. I love them! the colour is just right and i think they will be great for summer as well. EE so excited! thank you to all your advice, I'm defiantly feeling Reading at the moment just the fact i don't have ANY money and it does seem to cost a lot :( who knows!

sorry this photo is so big, I just HAD to add it! I love my cats and this photo is a photo of my very loveable and very chubby cat. Awww i love him! his name is pedalo hahahaa I did not name this cat so don't blame me for the silly name!

do any of you have any cats?

18 January 2011

Sunday blog week 16

I apologise now! I forgot to do a Sunday blog because i was in London and i posted about my purchases. And then i have been ill since. so i am doing it now!

001. I am ill! and not happy about it, I have a horrible cold and can't really breathe out of my nose. Urgh i hate being ill it's so annoying and it's so awful having days off college because it means i'll be so behind on my work that I'll have to catch up then get behind on the other work it's like a on going circle of doom. 

002. the photos were taken today on my day off, I got so bored i took them! I wasn't going to post today but i thought you deserved a post since i haven't since Sunday! i was meant to get all my work done today but of course i didn't. I just ate toast and drunk tea ALL day and now I'm dreading  going back to college due to the work load, Oh well I'll never learn will i!

003. I haven't really worn my new clothes out yet, Well on Monday i wore my new shirt and i loved it, so comfy and i love the colour. A good buy i think! but tomorrow i think I'll wear my new skirt. I'm off to a museum tomorrow with all my college friends for our project so it'll be a relaxing day of just drawing. We're going to the booth museum If you don't live in Brighton you probably wont know what it is, But it's full of stuffed animals and bones. EW EW EW i hate it in there

004. so i haven't really got anything interesting to write about today, I seem to be just rambling on about nothing. Tonight I'm going to sit drinking lemsip (blergh i hate it.) and watch my big fat gypsy wedding. Love that programme! lets hope i can stay up for it i seem to be falling asleep already. Even though i did have a 3 hour nap earlier.

005. So i hope you've all had a lovely week so far! it's going quite fast it's Wednesday tomorrow! and it's almost the end of January, where the hell are the days going. I don't like it! i know a lot of people are saying they want winter to be over, but I'm defiantly more of a autumn winter girl then a summer one. I don't know why! I just prefer all the clothes and colours of A/W oh well! I think this summer will be good. I'm meant to be going to a few festivals, 1 is Big Chill and then i might be going to Reading too. Is reading worth it? I'm more into the whole chilled festival vibe, just sitting on the grass with friends listening to good music not the whole moshing and stuff. hmm i'm not sure! Reading is SO expensive. Tell me what you think! or if any of you can recommend any small unknown festivals i might like?

thank you all! I'm almost at 200 followers so I'm hoping to do a giveaway but lack of funds is kind off stopping me, I really do want to though!

Love, Rose 

16 January 2011

Londons calling

Hello lovely people! I am back from my wonderful day in London. everytime i go there i want to live there even more then before and there was no change in that today, I NEED to live there it's amazing. I visit it a lot as my family live in earls court. I don't understand when people say they 'don't like London' I mean how can anyone say that? the atmosphere there is amazing. Okay I'll stop! all you need to know is that i AM living there soon (hopefully lolz)

so on to the point! I spent a lot of my christmas money today i think i have £20 left. I went to convent garden then around Soho then Carnaby street then of course Oxford street. And this is what i bought!
these are the two things i got. Well actually i got 3 but i'll show you the other one in a bit, I got a new pair of cut off denim shorts! I decided to go for a light colour because i already own a dark denim pair, they cost me £28 from Urban outfitters! I was so tempted to buy a pair of heels in there but i said no because it was inpractical. The other purchase is a skrit from Topshop! I never wear girly skirts like this but i loooooove it. I think it cost £35 i'm going to wear it tucked into a baggy white t-shirt. I love it!
this is the other purchase, My new shirt from topshop! I love it too. I was tempted to get the creamy colour but i seem to like this kind of copper colour better so i bought this one. it's so versatile and will go well with anything i think it cost me £35 aswell. Yay for London! I love the new things i got. I didn't get THAT much but i did only come with £100 and i have £20 left which I'm hoping to spend on a sheer beige shirt from New look. so all is good
pretty crap pictures there. I don't have any good ones of my outfit! but it's what i wore in this post HERE
god i re do my outfits waaaay too much. But i'm not the sort of person who can afford to have a different outfit every day of the week! i went for more comfort then style today though, cosy jumper and a scarf aswell.

right I'm off! my evening is going to be spent watching dancing on ice and drinking well deserved cuppa. 17 going on 75 i think?? I'm at college tomorrow so I'm excited to wear ma new clothes, thanks again for all the lovely comments and stuff. It means a lot

update- I got an email from London Fashion Models and it says i have been invited to 

London Fashion Week Networking Event (Jan 28, 2011)

Just wondering if anyone else has heard anything from them? I'm not sure if it's real or anything. If it is i am chuffed as i have never been invited to an Event before,  this is the website so take a look HERE

(After posting i realised that on the website it says you have to be 18+ to enter the venue. Well thats a bummer seeing as I'm 17!)

14 January 2011

Friday Friday Friday!

I can never think of titles for these posts, oh well!
Sorry for not posting yesterday I've just not been inspiried or anything, was a bit down yesterday and the weather really isn't making it any better! I do feel a bit out of sync not in the blogging world but with just..Well this may sound stupid but i don't have internet on my phone anymore and i'm not coping well! I need my phone fixed. So yeah! i haven't been on twitter and haven't spoken to people on twitter for ages, I love speaking to bloggers! so if you are a blogger and like to chat like me then please go follow me on twitter.

Anyway, today was boring thats all i can say! College was the most boring day ever i did absolutley nothing except cut and stick things into my book. I ended up just leaving at 3 because i was so bored, and the good person (lolz) had a day off today so it wasn't fun without him!. Now I'm bored and stuck at home doing nothing, The weather today is horrendous..now i'm one of those people that love winter i could even say i prefer it to summer (maybe thats a bit far) but today i HATE winter. Please rain just go away! I cannon't cope with it. so me being me i decided to go for a playsuit and sheer tights? Not a great idea when it's gail force winds and rain. oh well! one day I'll learn!

had to do that. I thought it looked pretty good haha!  a little square of random pictures

1. Me and my cat
2. Me and my cat, again
3 once again me and my cat (a pattern forming?)
4. oh something different, I have myself a moleskine. I'm thinking off using it as a kind of illustration book that i have to do for college, with fashion illustrations and designs and all stuff like that.

Nice bit of plaster action going on there. I cut my finger at college OKAI

so there you go thats what i wore today, I did have a bet with my friend that i would wear jeans but y'know i didn't of course! I'm not confident or comfortable wearing jeans so i just don't. The playsuit is my trusty H&M one that i bought off my friend seeing as it had sold out EVERYWHERE and i really wanted it. It's actually a size 12 so about 3 sizes too big but oh well i belt it so it's fine. then the cardigan is my friends too i borrowed it for today cause i was in the mood to wear something big and comfy and the jumper ticked all the right boxes. I do have a headscarf in but you can't really see it. I need to find out a good way off wearing a headscarf because i don't do it right. Hmm anyone know any good tips?
I did find out some really awful news earlier, I know it'll be fine but i have a gut feeling that it wont. who knows i just need to hope for the best

My Friday night is a boring one, I was meant to be going out but because of lack of funds and well... Laziness i decided against it, I'm just going to go meet my friend a talk then go home again. Oh well i like lazy fridays i get so tired after college i just don't know what to do with myself apart from drink tea and sleep! what are all you lot doing this friday night?

oh before i go! I have recently (well today in fact) discovered a great blog everyone go look at tattyboots it's a really lovely Fashion blog that has just started out!

Have a lovely weekend Girlies! I'm going to London (which i have mentioned a lot of times already) on Sunday so i hope to get some great bits! 

Anyone else going to London this week?

12 January 2011

Wednesday 12th January

fuck it's the 12th already! (excsuse my french) I cannon't believe that! Where does the time go.
today I'm feeling happy! I had a relaxing day today at college and left at 1 then just went shopping round town with a few of my college friends. I didn't get anything though! I was planning on getting a sheer shirt from new look but annoyingly they had sold out of the colour i wanted. I was not a happy person! I always wake up in the morning and think right I'm going to be adventurous and wear something different today.  But it just never happens! I just stick to the same old clothes that i feel comfortable in. I have to say i did almost wear Jeans today! but i took them off just before leaving because i didn't think they looked 'right'

(sorry for the awful lighting on some of the photos!)

so as you can see i went for the safe option here! I wore my trusty black playsuit which i have to say i haven't worn in ages. Forgot how much i loved it. I wore it with my new cardigan that i can't seem to take off my back. It's glued i tell you! bit trampy me wearing it so much but it's a cardi it's not like it gets that dirty! and i do wash it when i don't wear it so y'know (trying to justify my point here guyz) i wore it with my black spotty tights again. Worth the £2 i have to say! great value. They have a few rips but not as much as i thought they would considering there from primark. and i wore my new necklace out aswell! still can't believe it was £1.50 it's just oh so cute. The nail varnish i have on in the necklace picture is my new Barry M nail varnish! it's like a dark red colour, I would look at the bottle but my friend is borrowing it at the moment so i can't! oh and i wore my H&M belt today that i have had for yonks. I haven't worn it in ages though so i thought it deserved to be worn! 

Tomorrow i am determined to wear something different. I think i'll wear my jeans who knows. But if i do i'll wear it with the cardigan cause the colours go! ah dilemma. What do you all think? And I am excited as i am going to London Sunday and I'm sure I'll get some great things! I checked the bank today and i have £110 pounds to spend on clothes clothes clothes. Better spend it wisely 

11 January 2011

To buy or not to buy

Well actually it's to take back or not to take back! I need you lovely people helps. I bought this dress from Topshop the other day and it cost me £40. Now if you know me well I am very stingy with my money and £40 in my eyes is a lot on just a dress, so i have to be certain on it. That is why i need your help! cause I'm not certain on it. I bought it in a size 6 petite at the time i didn't realise it was petite (maybe i need glasses who knows) and so yeah! I mean it fits perfect I'm just worried it's wrongly short as in you can see my arse cheeks. I'll let you be the judge of that!

not great photos. Finding it hard to find a good place to take photos! But yeah this is the dress.. What do you all think? I'll also include some more photos of what i wore it with today! then you might get the gist of what it looks like normally
so thats what my outfit was today! I wore it with my new spotty tights which i love and I'm surprised they haven't ripped more then they have seeing as there from primark! I do like the dress I'm just not 100%! very undecided person me. 
I also want to show you what i bought in primark today, typical i always find good things when i don't have much money on me! saw some great things in there today but this is what i bought 
as you can see from the first picture it was only £1.50!! and i love it, it's a real locket as well. Defiantly a good thing from primark. they have some good jewellery in at the moment, And some good dresses and tops, i was actually impressed cause normally my local Primark is really bad with nothing at all.
I've just found out I should be going to London on Sunday so I'm looking forward to spending all my money! the last time i went to london i did a really good shop and got some great things. I've got about £100 maybe? So I'm sure i can get a few good things! I'm hoping to get over to Jazmine's local charity shop and vintage shops she posted about. My uncle lives close to there and I'm going there first before going shopping so i might pop round to the charity shop and see if i can snap up some good things! 

So my day was a good day today, I had a lot of work load and i still do! I haven't really been on twitter or anything for the past 2 days, it's been a bit stressful! but I'm back to normal and i should do an outfit post again tomorrow, I'm thinking off wearing my new jeans that i haven't worn to college yet! one thing that did make my day bad was a argument i had with my friend, I was right in the end but you know they didn't see that and it's all blown out of proportion but i don't care! I can stick up for myself and i know i am right. (note to self DO NOT lend people money ever it'll just end badly)

Love, Rose