13 November 2012

13 november

so yesterday me and my friend Lily went on a spontaneous trip up to London and it was fuckin fun, Went to the usual and did shopping and then after a long day we needed a beer so went to a pub in covent garden and had a pint. Annoying our trains were delayed/cancelled so we decided to get drunk in pubs instead and ended up on a terrace over looking Leicester Square.
mulled cinnamon pear and apple warm drink thing in camden and pretzels.
Leather jacket c/o Very.co.uk
Hoodie American Apparel
Shirt (barely seen soz about that) Urban Outfitters
Scarf Urban Outfitters
Jeans Topshop Leighs
Shoes Converse Second Hand
Bag Vintage 

Lol at those outfit pictures, got dark so they aren't great and I don't take it seriously so I look like a dick in most of them, but this was the outfit I wore to London. Probably more practical then 'stylish' but the weather was shite and I was not up for being cold so layered up. I wear my Leather jacket kindly gifted to me by Very ALL the time, basically every day I love it had it sent to me ages and ages ago but never found a way to wear it nicely but recently I've been loving it. Just a general 'Rose' outfit really, Jeans and converse so I can't really say much so thats it
Yay I'm finally back into blogging (i hope)
Love, Rose

07 November 2012

All in white

Why hello there! I normally hate starting a blog post off with writing I like to write after woulds but I think you all deserve some explanation. I am so sorry I have been the world shittest blogger over the last, well I was gonna say 2 months but I haven't been a good blogger for about a year now haha AH so annoying I love it but I just can't get into it as I used too. I wish I had some fantastic life to make up for the fact I haven't blogged but lets be honest, I don't. I've been working, looking for work and sleeping thats about it. the Last time I did blog was my birthday and I did have a wonderful birthday shitty being 19 now though its a in between age! I loved being 18. From then on I've literally just been spending most  days with my boyfriend and looking for a job, All I need is a job right now as I'm trying to save up to go travelling and stuff like that. Anyway I hope you all forgive me for being the worlds shittest blogger and I do want to say a fucking huge thanks to you all cause even while I've been gone I've been gaining followers so its rather lovely! Anyway on to the outfit.
Jumper- Charity Shop, Scarf Urban Outfitters Sale, Jeans Topshop Leigh, Converse Pre owned or what evs (Dirty Harrys Brighton), Gelly Hi Shine Barry M Shade Blueberry

A very, very casual outfit here I'll be honest with you and say all my outfits are basically this but different colours etc. I tend to wear just jumpers and jeans now a days with vans or converse. comfy to the max aye? Winter is my favourite time ever and I do kinda hate the fact it gets dark late I still love the crisp weather and the fact I can wear jumpers all the time, I don't like the way I dress in summer and I just prefer the way I personally look in winter. I bought this jumper in a charity shop and I love it! I've never owned a white jumper and for me this could be worrying as I tend to get my clothes messy all the time but yeah I like the way it looks with this grey scarf I bought recently, got it for a fiver in Urban Outfitters I was so happy! I have a thing for scarfs, I have way WAY too many. Wearing my trusty old Leigh jeans from Topshop that I made a hole in.. not on purpose, damn I wish I hadn't fallen over as I do love these jeans but the hole is just irritating, And my banged up old converse which I got for 15 quid and there an outfit that Rose wears basically all the time, If you ever met me in real life you'd realise how lazy I am at kind off making an effort with my outfits! I also recently bought this Gelly hi shine nail varnish from Barry M in the shade blueberry and I looooove it. I don't really tend to like blue nail polishes on me at all  but this one is just amazing and so shiny

I think I have a few more blog posts in the running so thats a good thing I guess hah, wont leave you all hanging as long as I did before (well I hope I seem to say that every time) I hope you've all had a good few months and I will blog again soon,
Love Rose