31 May 2011

Cheap Lace

woo i have finally got myself a charity shop bargain, i could do better but i mean for 99p i am pretty happy. Love the fact my college is in the centre of town..Lunch time charity shopping may have to become regular. So yeah that is my purchase! It is pretty long so i guess it'll only work well when tucked in or i might take it up a bit if i can be bothered to use a sewing machine!
I've really got to stop being so lazy at taking photos, in the mornings i don't normally have time to take pictures and set the camera up right so i always take mirror pictures which to me is a big NO NO! hahaha. but yeah oh well I am lazy so you may have to deal with it! this is my outfit today nothing major and something i always wear but at least I'm not wearing my jeans again! sorry but i tihnk they might be glued to my legs i can't take them off they are SO comfy! and that is saying something..I am NOT a jeans person so these must be some pretty good jeans. Okay I'll stop talking about jeans.

Final major project hand in today, FINALLY Over thank fuck for that! feels good not to have work to in the evening, first time in months..well yeah! (shh i do have an essay but we'll forget bout that ok)
so i am off to London tomorrow with one of my friends, she's doing some prom shopping and i shall be helping! I may just have to join in and try on some heels..And sadly i think i may have to spend a lot of my camera fund because i am in need of some retail therapy. I did get an email about another casting tomorrow (wooo 2 jobs in less then a week! I am very happy) but i can't go because i am with my friend. I mean i wish i could but yeah..I guess there will be more! so it's okay.

29 May 2011


I've started using lookbook again. Just thought I'd let you know!
also i deleted my sunday blog post because it was just TOO boring for my liking and i am a bit ocd so i had to delete it. but i will do one tomorrow or when ever i have something interesting to say

28 May 2011

In the rain and hail

Top H&M
Jeans Topshop
Shoes Office
Bag Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses Primark

soz for the paper hanging out my bag in the first picture. I tend to take a lot to college and forgot to take it out for this photo. wow I'm finding it hard to actually write today Ugh probably because I'm in a little bit of a bad mood, probably due to the work load i've got looming over me FMP hand in is on Tuesday and i am no where near finished. I've set this weekend for work work work work.. but so far that hasn't happened! I spent most of the day in bed watching outnumbered. Oh well theres always tomorrow!
Right on to the outfit, This is what i wore the other day to college i love love love my jeans so bloody much, literally think i have an emotional attachment to them..Best 30 quid i've spent i have to say! 
I am a changed person. I never take my jeans off anymore! quite a simple outfit pretty classic , breton top and jeans with my office sandals which annoyingly got kind of ruined on Thursday

so yes on to Thursday! if you follow me on twitter you will know all about it i guess. I had my first ever photoshoot having only been signed to strike for a week! well i hadn't even sent the contract of and they had already got me work! I was so so so surprised. but yeah i went to London Thursday morning scared shitless but it ended up being such a great experience, It tipped it down and was hailing and thundering most of the day and i was in Hampstead Heath park in shorts and a sheer top..Interesting
I thought I'd gotten hypothermia but literally it was so good! the photographer said she loved working with me so i guess thats a good sign from first ever photoshoot! i will hopefully get sent the photos in about 2 weeks so if i can i will share them with you!

Enough rambling for me, Hope your all having a better weekend then me! It's a bit shit i don't really have half term either but i do have wednesday and thursday off and i am going to London to stay with a friend, we will probably be going off to portobello market ect so i am very excited! may have to dip into my camera fund but who cares i am in need of some new clothes!
before i go i wanna say a big thank you for all wishing me luck! your all so lovely

24 May 2011

Nerves get the better

t-shirt orginial American Apparel, Shorts Urban Outfitters, Tights Primark
here is a picture from the other day of how i wore the Twiggy t-shirt. Pretty simple but i quite liked this outfit! 
t-shirt H&M, Cardigan and Jeans Topshop
i didn't go bare foot btw i had my office sandals on
this is what i wore today, I don't think I've done an outfit post yet with these jeans I have tried before but jeans never seem to look nice in photos and make my legs look un flattering thats why I ended up giving you a mirror photo picture as it worked better and showed the whole outfit. Ugh can't wait to get a good camera! 
Not really got much to say at the moment I am so tired and college is getting pretty stressful so i am feeling exhausted most nights. 
One thing i do have to say is i got a call from Strike today saying there is an opportunity for a shoot on Thursday. thats all the details I've got so far buuut i am shitting myself why do i have to suffer from nerves? I've never done any modelling before so i am pretty scared about it. I'm hoping i can actually go as i have college but might just call in sick. I also have to travel to London all on my own and get to East London...Gah never done it before but I'm hoping it'll be a good experience to get me started as i will have to do this a lot. I haven't even sent off the contract yet and they've already got me work! I like this.

So thanks again for all the congrats your all lovely. sorry for the rather boring post i am not in the best of moods (over tired i think)

22 May 2011

sunday blog week 32 & Twiggy t-shirt

001. okay so i should start off my saying i am extremely sorry..Very bad blogger right here! I've not posted all week and I don't really know why? I think i was just feeling un inspired to post and nothing much had happened and i was wearing most of the same clothes and blah yeah..College has been stressful so i wasn't feeling great! buut i am back but i probably wont be posting much as it's getting down to the series part of the final major project so i need to concentrate as i didn't do much work last week. artist block i think? god knows! 

002. so i guess i have a lot to catch up on..Firstly I have some VERY exciting news! well you probably all know by now as i did announce it on twitter but i went to London on Friday which was SUCH A nice day, I went off to Herne Hill and had a meeting with the lovely ladies at Strike model agency and i am now signed to strike models! (well i haven't signed the contract yet but when i do) literally never in my life thought this would happen to me! I think 2011 is a good year so far.. I've always wanted to do this but i never thought i was model material. Well i am too short but the women said i was good for editorial fashion and beauty? I'm really scared about this but it has given me such a big confidence boost so i can't wait for it all to happen! but yeah thank you ALL for being so lovely to me and saying congrats on twitter! means a lot it really does
003. so yeah as i said i went to London for the meeting and after that me my mum and my auntie spent the day in London having a lovely lunch in Soho (I had calamari mmm) and then we went off to libertys to have a look round. I love it in there and could spend hours and hours if i had the time. I'm missing London i have to say, God i want to live there so bad! but i guess cause of this modelling i will be going up a lot more then normal!
the average tourist picture right? not normally one for tourist things but had to get a picture.
004. Wow i do have a lot to say, for the rest of the weekend I've not done much else walking round London really did exhaust me so i have been in bed (as well as being lazy) which isn't great for my work load but ya know!

005. I did manage to get out of bed today to make a DIY t-shirt. It didn't really work that well but i like it anyway. I've been trying to find a Twiggy t-shirt for ages and then i thought well why not make my own and save the money? and i luckily found some transfer stuff under my bed! this was a little experiment before i do the real thing. and the only white t-shirt i owned was my Rr one from American Apparel so annoyingly there is a massive R behind twiggys head but i dunno i think i quite like that? But yeah i will be making another one of JUST twiggy in the next few days when i get down to primark and stock up on t-shirts (thinking off making a few with different things) so here it is 
006. so what do you all think? i also got sent some lovely little hair pins from Crown And Glory this week so i will show you them some time this week! I've been too busy and tired to take any photos as of yet.

Hope you all had a very very lovely weekend and i will be back this week hopefully!

(sorry for talking so much in this post)

16 May 2011

sunday blog week 31

001. Once again i completly forgot to do a Sunday blog. Wah blogging really isn't on my mind right now and i wish it was. College is taking over just over 2 weeks to get my Final Major Project fully done and then we're on to starting our personal statements (yes i thought it was a bit early seeing as i'm not going for another 2 years i could be stupid though) soo college is really hard right now and i need to try as hard as possible

002.  And today i didn't try hard, you know those days where you wake up and you already know your too tired to function? well that was my day. I literally couldn't stop yawning and didn't get much work done when I'm tired i have no ideas and no ideas means i can't get anywhere with my project and i so wasn't' in the mood to get the sewing machine out at college so i just tried to count the day away till i could go home

003. and since I've been home I've been in bed drinking tea, I was so tired i even forgot to have dinner! and that really isn't like me. Going to have an early night tonight!

004. so as i mentioned a lot before i am going up to London on Friday! I was going to be spending the day up there doing a bit of shopping but me and the family are pretty skint right now so we're just going up having a bit of lunch and getting the train back home. But it'll still be a lovely day  i hope! I'm trying to decide what to wear to the interview with strike, I'll probably do a post as you lot always help.

005. right now i'm doing some research into some new cameras, i want to get myself an SLR especially for summer, I want to get into photography as i used to love it but i've never been able to afford a good camera. But now i can! well i'm thinking of getting a cheapish one i found one for about £250 which i was surprised at so i am thinking off getting that (too lazy to remember the name of it) so yeah as you can tell i am too tired to think and i am just rambling on about being tired

time for bed i think. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and have a good week! I update a load more on twitter so if you don't already following my ramblings on there

14 May 2011

Stripes once again

Top H&M
Rings H&M
Cardigan Topshop
Shorts Urban Outfitters
Loafers Topshop
Hello, I'm not posting regularly at the moment am I? I'm sorry don't shoot me. I am just really really busy with college at the moment Final Major Project is taking over my life but I'm doing good at the moment so it's okay!
Wearing stripes again essential in any wardrobe I think awkward just realised I'm wearing my striped top in my last 3 posts... And I'm wearing my levi shorts again, a pattern occurring? I need some new clothes pronto (loool never said pronto before hahaha)
Sorry for the bitten thumbs *note to self stop biting my fingers* in the ring picture and the mirror one..I'm not usually in the mood to lean my camera somewhere cause i don't have time in the mornings. I can't stop wearing these rings! I love then too much and they give my outfits just a little bit of colour now and again.
So this week has been a good week, A very tiring week i wont lie I've been at college most days 9-5.30 so i am exhausted. Well to be fair i did leave at 12 yesterday.

So this Friday i am off to London! I have a meeting with Strike Model Agency which I am very excited about and can't believe it's happening! will probably spend the day round London as well. Anyone in London on Friday?
Hope you've all had a lovely week and are having a good weekend so far, I'm hoping to post more regularly this week but I'm not sure it'll happen as it's getting to the crucial bit of the FMP so I need to work as hard as possible. I might show you a few of my textile ideas to get some feedback cause feedback always helps me actually.
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10 May 2011

Shorts are a daily need

firstly i am sorry for wearing my breton stripe top AGAIN, oh and on that note thanks to the lovely michelle for mentioning me in her breton stripe top outfit post!

I'm back! no blogging break for me..It's just boring without this blog so i did say before i wasn't sure how long I'd be back for but i'll have you know it will be for a long time! i like to blog so i don't want a break form it just yet! even though right now it is distracting me from my work.
But i need your help so college work can wait.  I bought these shorts today in Urban outfitters like my other Levi shorts but black! I've been wanting a pair for so long and i finally found a good pair..but i want everyones opinion on them as i am quite indecisive about things. I know the photos aren't great but what do you think? are they a nice cut..I quite like them because they are REALLY high waisted which is what i like in a pair of shorts. but yeah everyones thoughts are welcome and you will be helping me

Sorry for the very short post I am meant to be doing sketchbook work and probably shouldn't even be on the computer but i had to show you them, and i had to tell you some exciting news! as i was writing this post i got a phone call from Strike Model Agency asking me to come in for an interview up in South London!!! literally in shock right now..Me a model? nah.
But it's put me in the best of moods so i just thought i'd tell you all! I am so excited, No idea why they asked me to go for a casting as i am quite short? but any who YAY! I'll keep you all updated on it! now it's the challenge of trying to get the day off college next week AND deciding what to wear..

Edit- I forgot to mention i reached 400 followers yesterday so thank you very very VERY much! it means a lot that the whole 400 lot of you lovely people read what i ramble on about.

09 May 2011

Time goes fast

Hello people! I am back. Sorry for just randomly leaving without an explanation but i just felt the need to put it on private for a bit till i got my head together. I mean i wasn't gone for long was i? only a few days but it did help. Before i left i got some anonymous hate and it put me in a bad mood and then i thought blergh forget it i just want to stop this blog so i decided to put it on private for a bit. but i'm back! not sure for how long I'm thinking of maybe going for a bit again as i am in a lot of stress due to college and should be concentrating on that more then this.. but then i could say the same as twitter, facebook, tumblr ect so ya know!
not really a good outfit photo really is it? Hmm oh well! I thought I'd show you all my new cardigan though which i posted about last week when i went shopping but never got round to getting a picture of it..I love it! I mean it was £38 which is a little ridiculous for a cardigan but i don't really mind. And I've been needing a cream cardigan for SO long! been wearing this outfit a lot recently just because its so comfy and practical for college.

Not much else to say really, I should be back to normal from now on but I'm not sure..We'll see how it goes.
Also I am thinking off buying a good SLR camera and would love it if you could all recommend any good ones that you use or something, I have around £250-£350 to spend so not really that much for a camera i guess. But yeah would love to hear what you all use! 

Thanks for sticking by me and i will hopefully post again this week.

04 May 2011

May Day

Cardigan, Shorts Topshop|| Vest H&M|| Belt, Tights, Bag Primark||
This was my outfit from today, simple plain and probably not an outfit i actually like! but at 7 in the morning with little sleep i wasn't really caring that much. But i thought I'd show you this outfit cause i am wearing my new shorts from Topshop. I wasn't sure about them as they weren't exactly what i wanted (was looking for the more distressed ripped ones but hey ho these will do) they were pretty cheap only bout £23 with student discount so i thought why not! i think they are better without tights though to be fair so hopefully you will see them in a better outfit photo soon (plz weather warm up a bit for me)
Today was a nice day, college was nice a little hard and VERY boring at points as i had a bit of a Art history lecture..most boring thing i've ever sat through. Chewed most of my pen off due to boredom does anyone else do that?
the new project is hard, it's a mock FMP so all you art people will probably now about them. So the brief is really well..brief! not much info and we kind off have to make our own brief in a sense. And i am not very good at independence lolz i sometimes like to be told what to do especially in briefs. but you know what i think this might be a nice change so i can do what i want!
Right on to other stuff. I went shopping after college today and i bought a few things
this skirt i bought from H&M for £6.99, a bargain in my eyes! I like it cause it looks like the AA ones but it's a nicer colour. 
I love these rings already and I've only had them a few hours, cost me all of £3.99 from H&M! I love them and will be wearing them to death i think.
so that is what i bought, I am quite happy with my purchases. I did also buy a cardigan but for some annoying reason the picture of it wont upload! oh well i'll save it for tomorrow
Right i am off to paint some flowers, I'm trying to do loads of work for my FMP so i am cracking on with it! it's a good theme and i am going down the textiles route so i think I'm going to enjoy it. once i get over the whole first starting bit. Does anyone else get that? find it so hard to actually start but once you get into it's completely fine. especially in sketchbooks the first page is always so daunting hahaha

02 May 2011

Sunday blog week 30

Once again i am sorry for doing this on a Monday. The bank holidays and things are messing with my head! i completely forgot it was Sunday yesterday.  The photo is what i am wearing today shorts are H&M and so is the top actually! walking H&M advert aye. So i am going to do the whole week in photos again cause i quiet like doing that. I'll try do it most weeks but sometimes i don't get as many photos. But yeah here you go!

Week in photos
Aren't these mugs cute? Had to get a picture. This was just before the casting i went for a cup of tea with my mum. It helped with the nerves i have to say!
I know i know i work so hard at college. This was on Thursday when i was meant to be doing a tonal drawing of a flower..But this was much funner
After my little moment there i did end up getting a bit done, not finished yet.  It's a little sketch so nothing great
who i spent my day with yesterday, I love my little cousin Chuck (Charlie) and it was a really lovely day
if you've never tasted this stuff you need to. Well thats if you can go to turkey and get it. My best friend came back from turkey the other day and brought me this back. It's sort of Turkish cotton candy. literally omg so addictive and THE best thing I've ever tasted. right ok i'll stop now! 
so i hope you've all had a lovely long weekend i certainly have!
Can't leave a post without mentioning the royal wedding right? I wasn't going to watch it as i am not into the whole royal stuff but how could i not! Her dress was stunning and it made me a little emotional (look at me?! I'm a changed person) i was mocking the whole thing before but i was SO glad i watched it i really got into it and loved it. So you lot have proved me wrong everyone went all out and it was a lovely event that i think people will all remember for a long time!

My weekend was good i went out Friday got a bit too drunk and probably embarrassed myself and got punched in the face by my friend. By accident but it fucking hurt! and then slept saturday Sunday spent the day looking after chuck and with family and then saw my best friend last night and came home today to sit in bed eating scones and tea watching antzs and putting off doing work. A nice weekend! how was yours?