14 February 2011

Not so happy valetines

Hello everyone! and Happy Valentines day. Well for the ones of you that are in a relationship. and if your not i feel your pain! even though i do like being single wouldn't it be nice to have a boyfriend haha? well i hope your days were good what ever happened!

I had to get up early this morning so i did not put much effort into my outfit at all! I went for the comfy option as i was up and out the house by 8.20 which also = to a very moody Rose.
Cardigan Vintage| Top H&M| Leggings Topshop|
sorry for the crappy macbook pictures
so as you can tell I was in a very comfy outfit, A big jumper and leggings. This t-shirt used to actually be a long sleeved one from H&M and I've probably mentioned it on this blog a lot of times before. The other day i got bored and decided to cut the sleeves off. I'd seen a similar top in Topshop that day and was considering buying it but cause of the redic prices in there i thought meh why not just make my own! obviously it wasn't done well (slaps hand as i am meant to be a fashion/textiles student) but i did it late at night and so yeah..Thats my excuse anyway. I used to wear this top all the time but now it's getting a bit warmer or is MEANT to be getting warmer i thought why not change it so i can wear it for summer. I can imagine me wearing it loads in summer with my high waisted shorts. I've just realised in the last picture you can see a bit too much bra-ness! Better keep an eye on that when i wear this again. I think i cut that side a bit badly. I've tried a different way of wearing my hair today i clipped the fringe up each side.. I liked it. It felt nice not having to keep pushing my annoying long fringe up so it didn't look flat! if you get me. So i think I'll be wearing it like this again tomorrow! 

Had a good day today even though it was Valentines day. I was in college at 9 which wasn't that great but i handed in all my work so there will be no more moaning from me! even though i have just got set a new project. And then was home by about half 11! just what i like. I have been sitting at home drinking tea and watching day time tv all day. It's been nice! even though i should of got started with the new project. It's another Illustration project and it's only 4 days long which is quite good in some ways. We picked a piece of paper out a hat and i picked out Marilyn Monroe. And what i have to do is do different Illustrations using different media from a portrait of her. I think this could be fun! I hope i get into it. 

So i hope you all had a loooovely valentines day. Or if your like me and blocked it out your mind then i hope you just had a lovely Monday! Was defiantly in need of a starbucks and my best friend but she was at college today! oh well..Maybe i should just go all out tomorrow and get TWO Starbucks to cheer me up. 


  1. Ooh the t-shirt looks good with the sleeves cut off, I think I've seen that Topshop one and it is similar, definately better doing a bit of customizing and saving yourself some money!

  2. I'm single, so just blocked it out like you!
    Nice top :)

  3. Here's to the single pringles! :P Happy Valentines day! <3

    Love Ellen

  4. your hair makes me so jealous xx

  5. haha i'm single too but i don't really care! just focus on bright sights of being single, there's much more fun enjoying life than being in a relationship! we'll have the time for that, won't we?
    kisses, a.

  6. I actually really like the way you cut that top, I haven't seen a top in that style with stripes. Valentines day is a bit tacky - single or not! I'm just getting a Dominos with my man. Also you are so lucky you can wear your hair off your face like that, looks lovely on you. I've probably said it before but i'm super jealous! Clip in extensions for mee :( x

  7. My guys over in America so just having valentines day on my own! Don't even have any chocolates to entertain myself with haha

  8. looove tops that show a bra like that! and i clipped my hair back like that too today :)

    the marilyn monroe project sounds really interesting, please post some of your work!xxx


  9. you look lovely as always! your hair is perfect :) i almost had 2 starbucks today haha, i bought a frapp at the beginning of my lunch hour and had to talk myself out of buying another on my way back to work! i'm terrible xo


  10. Your hair is so pretty! I like your blazer!

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  11. I love this look, so casual and cool :) Hope you had a fab Vday :)

    The Flower Girl


  12. valentine's is so unnessecary! lovely outfit :) xx

  13. Cute sweater. And don´t worry about having bad Valentine. I ignored it and had a great time with friends-I think this is the way to go for single girls. Enjoy life and someone will come :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  14. Starbucks always cheer me up (: haha
    You have a lovely blog !

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