29 November 2011

grey skys

Award for the worlds worst blogger? Yup thats me. Haven't blogged again it's all been so irregular my blogging pattern and it's starting to annoy me. This post today is just a catch up post to show you what my life has involved these recent weeks. 
good breakfast? non. BEST breakfast
I've spent most of this week in bed ill as you can see from the Halls packets! worst flu I've had in a while and it's made me bed ridden. Always feel so guilty not going into college cause there is so much work to get done but oh well I guess I'm just going to have to catch up can't do much about it! find it quite funny as i can't hear out my ears (not sure why a cold can do that to you?) so i seem to be screaming at people without realising. SORRY so i guess at the moment that is the reason why I haven't been blogging. Unless you want me to blog about my really fashionable pyjamas.
went up to London on Friday which was when i was just getting ill so probably didn't do me much good. But it was nice, stressful but nice. I went up for a casting for Adidas which to be entirely honest i didn't really want to go cause i thought i don't think theres much point I wont get it (lesson learnt never think like that) so i ended up going (wow some fit male models attended not gonna lie lolz) and i heard some news yesterday that apparently i did get the job! exciting times for Rose right here.. Well I've got to get through the fittings this week but I'm hoping I'll get it. But I am so excited! don't want to get my hopes up toooo much though. I also had another casting for a magazine but haven't heard anything back from that. While running around London trying to find my casting places I ended up in Forever 21 (how could i not go) and this is what i bought
my new winter coat, fucking finally ay! I went in and saw this and fell in love. Then i saw that it was the last one in store and was a size L. Fuck life...BUT it fits (just) so i just had to buy it, cost about £35 i think which i think is amazing for a winter coat as i almost forked out £85 for a duffle coat.

so thanks for sticking by me on my little hiatus from the blogging community and again thanks for getting me over the 700 mark which is bloody crazy so i love you all. How is it December on Thursday? It's crazy and it's actually so exciting I love love love winter so i am a happy person except i don't have a advent calendar as of yet which is a bit depressing (yes i am 18 not 8 but i still want one OK)
Oh almost forgot to mention would mean a lot if you could vote for my friend Ambers nail design, all you have to do is like Fearne Cottons page and then vote! Here

I will blog soon with a outfit picture hopefully going on a shopping trip tomorrow so will rope my friend in to take some pictures
love, Rose

23 November 2011

Leopard print

so last week I won Sophies little shops giveaway, her shop is called Little Me and stocks some really beautiful collars and I was so happy I won!

Gotta love it right! I think I'm going to be able to team it with some great things, So Thank you!

Just a short post today as I literally have nothing else to talk about, I haven't posted in a week again? Anyone else having the fucking trouble of it being too dark to photograph outfits. I wake up when its dark and i get home from college when it's dark. Aw great
Anyway hoping to get some posts lined up soon! otherwise I'll be annoyed, really hatin on ze old blog right now.
This weeks been good so far i guess and so was the weekend! went out to town for the first time since i was 18 (h8 the fact most of my friends are still 17) and it was good. Feeling a bit ill so I'm going to get into bed and drink tea.. I'm so hoping I haven't got tonsillitis
Hope you've all had a lovely week I'll be back soon with better posts hopefully
also getting quite excited cause i am like 5 away from 700 followers, crazy shit
love, Rose

14 November 2011

Chiara Fashion

Burgundy Skater Dress £14.95
Quilted Jacket £24
Knitted Blue Jumper £14.95
Beige Knitted Jumper £14.95
Black Body con dress £6.95
Black Skater Skirt/Burgundy Skater Skirt £9.95

The lovely people over at Chiara fashion emailed me a couple of weeks ago asking if I'd like to collaborate with them. Of course I said yes! I never normally get things like that sent to me so it was actually pretty nice to. They have a lot of lovely bloggers collaborating with them too. Follow them on twitter to find out more. 
Anyway I've started off with a wishlist post (yes i have just realised I've got the burgundy dress there twice lets just say i guess i liked it a lot so it's there twice, damn i need to get better at doing collages)
Chiara fashion is something I hadn't heard of before but i was pleasantly surprised when looking on the website. Affordable yet they have some really great pieces! I really do like the fact it's so simple and plain. I don't wear dresses much but I think this burgundy skater dress is really really lovely, And I do really like the shape of skater dresses. I need/want those fairisle knitted jumpers, aren't they just lovely! especially the blue one.

Just a quick post today as I am quite busy, Hope your all well.
Love, Rose 

13 November 2011


T-shirt mens section Primark
Jeans Topshop
Loafers Topshop
Bag Urban Outfitters
Cardigan/Badge Vintage

2 posts in a row, I'm on a fucking roll.

First proper outfit pictures taken by my best friend Lily so thanks for that bbz, What do you think of them? Think I'm going to start trying to do more like that. It's hard though but I'll get it done more often! Scuse my face in the first picture luvin it lolz. these were taken in Brighton Museum (never normally venture in there unless i have to) I had to do some project work for starting back on Tuesday!
Anyway this is a pretty simple outfit which i wore into town today I seem to be dressing more and more like a boy recently it's just so comfy and I'm living in my jeans! I really love this stripy top it's so comfy and yeah kind of wish it wasn't so high neck though. Loafers look like they've been run over they are so so awful at the moment I've worn them to death literally. I need a new pair but I don't know what ones to get I think I'll look in Topshop again, I wish i could just re buy these ones I've loved them so much (as you can tell from how battered they are)

Nice weekend, Quite a relaxing one actually. It's nice to be back to normal with my friend. I did go get my belly pierced earlier i think i have a slight addiction to them?! I actually can't stop I only got my tragus done like 3 weeks ago now i have my belly. Hmm! Oh wells I'm not too sure about it but fuck it.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, so happy I don't have college tomorrow the thought of waking up would kill me. 
Love, Rose

12 November 2011

catch up

Hello people! I hope you remember me. I haven't been gone too long but I've not posted in 3 weeks which is quite bad I guess my life has been pretty busy! I did a post yesterday but i deleted it cause i didn't like it but any who I'm very sorry I've not been a blogger recently! I will be back into it now I've had a stressful time at college recently, was hating it a lot but I passed my assessment with a Merit so all in all it worked out! had a good few weekends which is nice everything is quite good at the moment. I guess I've just been too busy to blog but I always just haven't really wanted to or known what to actually blog about! but here is a little 'haul' type blog post to show you all the things I've bought recently! 
Top £6 Primark
Stripe top £6 Primark
little primark splurge, lol not a splurge i spent £12. I bought a new stripy top which was much needed after my H&M has become a bit faded and old looking. This one i picked up in the mens section which i normally don't go in but i tell you know i will be going back! they have some good things in the mens section. Also bought this lace top. Wasn't too sure but i just bought it and i quite like i t! might buy it in the blue colour as well.
Scarf meant to be £7 but had 30% off, New Look
Jumper £27 New Look
few things i bought from New Look, I am in love with the Snood I haven't really taken it off since buying it! lovely autumnal colour as well it was meant to be £7 but had 30% off which i thought was pretty good and if your good at maths (which I'm not) you can work out how much it was. Don't really know what 30% off is hahah. Also bought the blue wooly jumper! so cosy and i can tell I'll wear it to death this winter i love the buttons too!
right now onto the things I picked up at BINTM live.
Shirt £12
Nail Varnish £2
Surprisingly the clothing there was cheap, Well the stall i got this shirt from was! it only cost me £12 which i think is really great. I haven't actually worn this yet I haven't really worked out what to pair it with but i do love it! I also got this nail varnish I'm not really into nail varnish, if you can be 'in' to nail varnish at all haha. But I am trying to grow my nails so i thought if i had a nail varnish i liked it would stop me biting them (it actually worked be proud of me) so this is a really nice black and sparkly luvs it. 

so i think thats about it now, I'm really wanting a new coat I bought one from River Island but unfortunately it's too big and i don't think it really suits me, fallen in love with a duffle coat on asos website but they've sold out of my size (PLZ asos re stock it)
Again i am sorry for being so distant with my blog recently doing this should hopefully get me back into the swing of things. We'll see!
Also i said this in my last post (which then got deleted) so I'll say it again, but my good friend Amber has just started a blog and would be lovely if you could go check it out! love the fact she's got a blog now haha, check it out here

Love, Rose