28 April 2011

Long weekend

Hello everyone, I am sorry for not posting since Monday! I've been pretty busy with college as i went back on Tuesday and it's already hectic! and my brother had the camera this week so i couldn't actually take any photos. Well i did get a few before he took it and uploaded them! but never got time to actually write the post. so i shall do it now!
Jeans and Vest H&M|| Belt Borrowed| Cardigan Beyond Retro| Shoes Office
so this was my outfit today, I went for the simple outfit cause i wasn't really bothered as it was only college and i was only in till 1! so i went for jeans and a vest top. the vest top is actually new i bought it when i went shopping the other week. And i really like it I know it's just a plain white vest but it's actually a really nice fit. I got it in a size 10 so it was a bit baggier. Also the back is nice it's different to any other strap tops i have. These are my summer shoes i have worn them to death last summer and i am just getting into wearing them again it has to be pretty warm to wear them as otherwise my feet get freeezing! but yeah i love them. they were £55 from Office last summer! Need to get them re healed i think.
Dress Topshop
so this was the dress i mentioned that i bought! I've wanted it for ages and after i bought it wasn't sure about it. It always happens to me i am SO indecisive. But i think I'll keep it cause i do love it a lot! It'll be lovely in the summer when i can wear it without tights and with no cardigan.. Well it would be lovely now if the weather would go back to what it was like last week! yeah so what do you all think? shall i keep it. I think i might wear it out tomorrow

So thats all I've got to show you right now, once again sorry for the lack of posts this week and sorry for the rather shitty outfit photos! AND sorry for rambling on.
I want to say thank-you as well to everyone on twitter who said good luck to me about the casting! it really made me smile and feel more confident when i went in. It went well..I tried to be as confident as i possibly could be and i got my test shots done and walked for the judges (my walk wasn't very good as i have never really done catwalk before) but i tried my best and i guess thats all i can do! So i am just waiting to hear from them really.. they said about a week or so. I'm trying not to get my hopes up cause i probably wont get it there were so many tall skinny 'models' there! i felt a bit odd being there as i don't se myself ever being able to do modelling. But anyway! I do hope i get it as it would be such an opportunity!

oh before i go i have just come across such a lovely blog! she lives in Brighton and i want you all to take a look if you can. she has great fashion sense i am quite jealous! http://lucia-fashioncloud.blogspot.com/

25 April 2011

Sunday blog week 29 done on a Monday

Well i guess my 'blogging break' didn't really last right? Oh well! I like to blog so i don't want a break from it really

001. Photo was taken the other day I didn't have any nice ones from today so I am sorry about that. But yeah I'm kind off really tired right now and a lot is happening and I'm stressed! All is good though i just made a hell a lot of money on Ebay so i am looking forward to spending it on some things i desperately need

002. my weekends been good i spose I sunbathed for most of it and got a little burnt but i am no where near as tanned as i hope to be :( lets hope it happens soon! spent the night at my friends watching only way is essex last night, didn't end up going to the beach cause we were too lazy to go and had a lot of revision to do. Well i didn't i had my sketchbook but ya know i didn't do any of it!

003. today i spent the day shopping. I got 2 things which is a little disappointing but I'm going again Thursday so i hope to get a bit more! I need to stock up on some good summer clothes. It's weird I haven't been shopping in months literally. I didn't know....how to do it hahaha! was weird. But i bought a dress I've wanted for a while and i will feature it in a post next week.

004. so it's college tomorrow and i literally feel sick tio the stomach about going back ( thats probably really not a good thing) but i just think it's depressing going back! stuck in a studio all day while the weathers really nice :(

I was going to do some week in photos but the photos wouldn't upload and i am actually falling asleep writing this.
I hope you all have a lovely week this week! Only 3 days at college and have a 4 day weekend so i don't know why I'm complaining so much!

23 April 2011

Floral Number

Top H&M| Shorts Urban Outfitters|Shirt Vintage|Sunglasses Primark|
also really hating my hair in these photos ew!
Quite a lot of photos and there all pretty shit to be fair. Oh well!

This is what i wore today, It's my new shirt! My mum got it when she was charity shopping today and i love it. It's a little big but it's still nice to wear over instead of a cardigan. so yeah i am happy with it! I also wore my shorts of course! summer staple right there i have to say, i don't think i will be taking them off. then my strap top. Quite a simple outfit but great for this weather
this weather is ridiculously hot! I was melting today it was so warm. I met my friend from the station and we went to sunbathe in Pavilion gardens. Stopped off at mc Donald's first of course i had a caramel milkshake. SO good

I haven't got much to say, I'm off to my friends tonight as i haven't seen her all week to get a takeaway then tomorrow it's my friends birthday and people are going to the beach in the evening so that'll be nice. then a massive shopping day on Monday as it is well and truly needed! I hope i get some good things
hope you all had a lovely day in the sun today I think i might do a little break from blogging as i need to crack down on some work. but knowing me i will get bored and post again on Sunday but lets see how it goes..if it works i will speak to you all next week!

20 April 2011

Isn't it lovely

Top Wallpaper Rose
 Shorts Urban Outfitters
yeah couldn't find a good place to take a photo so it ended up being my bed.
Hello lovlies! as you can tell I am in a much much better mood then yesterday, my post yesterday was so...Depressive. I'm not depressive so don't you worry! I think it's cause i had a lovely day today a day in which i did fuck all but i really love doing that sometimes. I'm the kind of person who yeah loves to go out meet people and shit but then i do love sitting on my own listening to music and drinking tea. Maybe I'm older then my actual age. Anyway this is the outfit i wore today my new lovely top from Wallpaper Rose which i still absolutely love. and my trusty Levi shorts which seem to be glued to me. 
the things that get me through, Well apart from the sketchbook i was just showing you what i am meant to be doing. But my macbook and blackberry i could not live without. so yeah i spent the day doing my sketchbook. well OKAY truthfully I've not done anything it was just sat in front of me. but i tried okay? And it's only 5 so i will get a bit done this evening i hope.

so as i said before i am in a lot better mood then yesterday. I'm feeling a lot more confident at the moment and  a lot more myself! I love this sunny weather it brings out the good in me i think hahaha. BUT i have some exciting news. I got an email from Brighton Fashion Week asking me to go along to the model castings! I couldn't believe it when i got the email. My friend a few weeks a go showed me the website and told me too apply and i thought well i might as well try not thinking anything would happen after it as nothing like this happens to me. but i got an email back! and i am invited to go along to the casting on Wednesday and hopefully (not putting my hopes up too much cause i probably wont get picked) be picked to model in the fashion shows there. I was so nervous but i want to thank everyone on twitter who congratulated me and told me to GO! it made me smile so thank you!
so yeah i have had a lovely day in the sun and i hope you all have too! 

19 April 2011

Spotty Girl

Dress Topshop|| Belt H&M|| 
Okay this was an outfit i wore on Saturday. I didn't get round to posting it. and to be honest I'm not sure why I'm posting it now? It's a crappy photo booth pictures! I need to start getting good photos for this blog cause i normally do them in the mirror or on photo booth and thats NOT good! Hmm. Maybe i should save up my money to buy a new camera.
So on to the outfit. I wore this on saturday and it was actually really warm that day. Well i wore it with tights and my blue cardigan when i went out. I wasn't sure on the dress as it's a bit girly for me? I'm not sure it's not my usual kind of dress. and it's not actually mine it's my friends but i thought I'd borrow it.

 my day has been spent doing (well trying) to do sketchbook work but the sun has distracted me so i have been sitting in the garden for most of the day and will be for the rest of the afternoon. My plans got cancelled buuut i didn't really mind cause i wasn't in the mood for going somewhere today anyway much rather sit in the garden. Hows all your days?

My posts are becoming shorter and shorter at the moment and even more boring. not feeling this blog right now, Maybe i need a bit of a break, but when i don't post for a few days i miss it! blergh i don't know. someone talk to me on twitter to cheer me up

18 April 2011

Wallpaper Rose

Hello lovelys, I'm actually sitting in the garden writing this. 5 in the evening and it's still really warm! ah i love this weather so much.
I came home this afternoon to find my package from Wallpaper Rose so i was a very happy person. And I looove my new top! I bought the Jen tee in burgundy and i love it. I put it straight on when i opened it and i haven't taken it off. I can tell it's going to become one of those pieces that i wear ALL the time (like my breton stripe top) Anyway I'll show you a picture

Thats all I've got to say really, Nothing much has happened since yesterday so i don't have much to ramble on about. I'll just leave you with the pictures and that is it.

Hope you've all had a lovely day i spent mine getting an early breakfast in the lanes, drooling over Topshop clothes that i can't have and then sitting in the garden for the afternoon. All in all a pretty good day! one last note. Has anyone else read the Big Chill line up announcements? Kanye west headlining, Katy B, Jessie J and more.. YES PLEASE! anyone else going?
speak to you all tomorrow

17 April 2011

Sunday blog week 28

Denim jacket Vintage || Playsuit Topshop ||
okay so i did actually just do this post but for some reason none of the photos where uploading or something? I don't know! it was pissing me off so much and i get angry at the littlest things so it wasn't good. but anywho I'll do it again. I think this might be the first time..Ever that i haven't rambled on at the start without putting photos first. Woah whats wrong with me. Well don't be alarmed my rambling will now come after the photos. So yeah this was my outfit yesterday, the weather was warmish (truthfully i can't actually remember what i did yesterday..Worst memory ever) so i have no idea where i wore this. but i did end up wearing it to my friends but without the jacket. the jacket is actually a vintage Levi one apparently? i got it from my Auntie and she says it's old as the Levi sign has a capital E instead of a small e? who knows. I wore it with my Topshop playsuit which i bought last year in the summer i think i love it but never wear it for some reason.
I've got a different sunday blog layout this week if you hadn't already guessed. I'm going to do a sort of 'Week in photos' sort of thing. not sure if it's going to be every week but now that i have my blackberry i always just snap pictures out and about and i thought i might aswell show you my week. 
The sun from last week,  can't believe how warm it was! 
Where I've spent most of my week. Lazy shit, I love my bed too much though
Some research work i started, shit page and i want to re do it but blergh i can't. does anyone else do sketchbooks and just not do them right? just me ok.
Wagamamas lunch in Portsmouth on thursday. God it was good
This was early today, after our early breakfast in town. we sat in the sun. I wish i hadn't put tights on it was so warm!
so I'm not sure if i like the way I've laid this out? bit too picture heavy right? Tell me what you think though!
so I hope you've all had a lovely week and weekend! and i want to say thank you for being so nice to me about my video. I was worried about it cause i sound a bit like a 13 year old boy.  
I'm not going up to Milton Keynes anymore and I'm not going to London tomorrow either. God i am so un organised (well truthfully it's my friend who is unorganised I'm more OCD to be fair) oh well! i don't mind though I'm sure I'll get up to London some point even though i am having withdrawal symptoms and neeed to go there (or even better i need to move there NOW)

Tomorrow is going to be spent either sunbathing in the garden doing work or sunbathing with my best friend before she goes back to Milton Keynes!
Also quickly want to say I've added a lot more things on Ebay!

11 April 2011

Sunday blog week 27 done on a Monday

Vain bastard.
001. Firstly i want to say i am very sorry this is a day late! I completly forgot about it yesterday and i was busy. And again I'm sorry this is a late post too! I've been..Well I haven't even been busy today! I was in bed most of the day watching all of series 1 of  the only way is essex and then all of series 2. I am now up to date with it and thanks to my friend Lily i am now addicted too it. 'Lookin Reem, Smelling Reem, Being Reem. Reem'. had to add that link I'm sorry. See how addicted to it i am?

002. the very vain photo was taken just as i was leaving on Saturday. I think it was, It was so so so sunny this weekend in Brighton it was ridiculously nice! and i have some tan lines on my legs which i am very proud off i normally always burn and it's not even summer yet and i have tan lines. Yay the little things that make me happy hahah. so yeah most of the weekend was spent sunbathing in pavilion gardens with friends, It was nice. 

003. today was spent in bed and tomorrow might just have too be the same. I see a pattern occurring, I am so lazy it's ridiculous! if it's sunny I'm going to get on with some art work as i am away all of next week so i wont get any done and it has to be done! you can all help if you like. I have to research some fashion designers and they have listed the usual, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. but i was wondering if any of you had any influential designers i could research to make my sketchbook exciting? anything would help! 

004. the rest of the week is a lazy week. I think I am seeing a few college friends this week for tea and sunbathe (oh please sun stay!) and wednesday i am going shopping in Brighton. And i am going shopping again on Thursday but this time it's with family. Can't remember where we are going but i think it might be in Southampton? or Portsmouth ...god knows! but that'll be good as i want to get loads of new clothes for the warm weather we are all having. and then on Friday i am going up to London but not for shopping which is unusual for me! i am going to go visit some exhibitions knowing me and lily we will end up shopping as we probably wont be able to find any good exhibitions. Anyone know any good ones on at the moment (preferably textiles/fashion ones)

005. I will stop rambling now so i hope you've all had a really lovely sunny weekend like i had and i hope the weather is still as nice as it was. It was a little cloudy today in Brighton and windy which was annoying but I'm hoping tomorrow is lovely! 

09 April 2011


I never know what to call these posts anymore. But because of the AMAZING weather today I've decided to call it sun hehe so imaginative. This is the outfit i am wearing today
some more outside pictures for you! the sun wasn't out in my garden this morning as i get it in the afternoon mostly. but oh well it's still lovely! I'm off out soon to go sunbathing and i am determined to get a tan!! lol at my tiny garden, god i wish i had a big garden with grass and all! but i can't complain at least i have somewhere to sit. I'm going to be spending a lot of time in there this easter as i have loads of art work to be getting on with and it'll be nice to do it out in the garden! I'm wearing my levi shorts again i can tell already these are going to be glued on to my backside for most of the spring/summer! may have too stock up on some more in different shades of blue! I'm wearing it with just a plain strap top from H&M and my topshop cardi. I love this cardigan it was great for the transition between autumn and winter and now it's great for spring as it still keeps me warm but is thin enough to be cool and not over heating! rambling on a bit i'll cut it short. I love this cardigan! I'm also wearing my leopard print belt for a bit of print as otherwise it would be quite a boring outfit. you can't really tell in the photos (or maybe you can) but i put some tan on the other day and omg it went wrong NEVER again am i wearing fake tan. I'll just be pale and interesting as they say hahaha!

Hope your all having a lovely Saturday even if the weather isn't that good. It's meant to be 22 down in Brighton today so i am looking forward to that! and the fact that i don't have to get up on Monday morning is making everything a lot better. Oh i also found out that i did make it into second year at college! I am happy all the stress is over i can have a clean slate when i go back and work extra hard (got told of for talking too much mwahhaa) but yeah i have decided that i am going to be a extra good student (not that i don't work fucking hard?) but yeah i'm going to make it my life as it's what i want to do and stuff. I am bit pissed of with myself as i was meant to go for breakfast this morning and it was nice and sunny and it would of been nice! but i over slept and missed it ugh. I never normally over sleep but i must of been more tired then i thought i was! anyway have a lovely saturday you lovely people.

oh another quick note my ebay things are all ending tomorrow it'll be lovely if you check them out!

06 April 2011

6th April

Couldn't think of a title for this post so I'm going to be boring and name it by the date.

I'm blogging from the garden! can you believe it. It's so so so so warm today in Brighton so i got out of college early came home and I'm now drinking tea in the garden. It feels nice! I could definitely get used to this, bring on summer! I'm trying to work on my tan as i am pale as a ghost and it's pissing me off. I don't tan very well i normally just turn red which isn't very attractive. Anyway due to the amazing weather i decided to take outfit pictures out in the garden. Not great quality cause i only took them on my mac but oh well at least there is some sun in the pictures.
excuse the college name tag. I hadn't taken it off (thats how eager i was to get out in the garden haha)
had to include a cat picture didn't i? I'm wearing my breton stripe top AGAIN! no change there. It's so classic and simple and i just love it so i will wear it a lot I'm sorry, I then just teamed it with my usual body con skirt and my topshop cardi that i didn't picture here cause it was actually too hot to wear it. I did also wear tights and loafers but you can't get a tan through tights now can you?

the sun is making me sleepy so I'm not concentrating much on this post haha! But i am very happy right now i had a lazy day at college and a lovely afternoon in the sun! I also found out that i think i've passed and gotten on to second year. I don't want to get my hopes up cause I wasn't sure if i had or not (it's all confusing) but i did get called back to talk about my presentation which is bringing my mark down. Blergh stupid presentation! I hate it.

Anyway i shall leave you all to have a lovely sunny afternoon but i will leave you with the link to my ebay as i am a hassler like that! so check it out HERE

05 April 2011

Sheer shirt

 i am going to start with talking about the outfit normally i just ramble on and the last bit of the post is my outfit well not today people! so this is what i wore today I was opting for the more comfy outfit as i am just so tired. I wore my beige sheer shirt from new look that i haven't really worn that much before and i wore leggings!! first time in ages actually. I do really like this shirt i don't know why i don't wear it more often? I will start i promise! I need some new cardigans as i don't have many..Well i only have 2 i actually like and they don't go with everything in my wardrobe. I did have a look today but i didn't actually see anything i liked well apart from one thing that i REALLY need in my life. I saw it on Ellie first and i thought oooh thats so nice, it's the playsuit. and then i saw it in topshop today and i fell in love even more. It's not even that expensive (well for topshop anyway) i think it's 30 something. So yeah i want it bad! i also forgot to mention i got new brogues from primark. I love them! and wore them today good to have a plain pair of black brogues right and i haven't ever had heeled brogues before!

My week has been a good one so far, well kind off. It's assessment week this week at college so i handed my portfolio in 9.30 sharp on Monday and it has now been marked. If i get told i have a interview tomorrow it means i have got a referral and will have to go back in to projects to get myself in to second year. Which i am hoping i wont have to do but no doubt i will! so i am shitting myself right now cause i find out whether or not i get into my second year of college. Ah wish me luck please!

Thank you again for all the comments! I'm not feeling this whole blog at the moment. I know i moan a lot but this blog isn't going the way i want? I'm not sure. Blergh! hopefully my negativity towards it will go away soon cause i don't want it to get so bad that i quit blogging.
One last thing before i collapse in bed and fall asleep. Please check out some of the things i am selling on ebay it would mean a lot! as i have to pay to get my camera lenses fixed soon :(

Hope you all have a lovely week this week and hopefully I'll post again tomorrow. If my blogging bad mood goes away!