02 February 2011

I'm back

Hello everyone! I'm so very sorry about being a very bad blogger this week. I've just got NO time to sit down and write a blog post. And when i do have time I'm just too tired to even have anything to talk about. But tonight I'm feeling more myself and not as tired. And i had nandos with the best friend so thats put me in a good mood! and my work actually came out alright today. Well in my own mind anyway. Thats what the post is about! I don't actually have any outfit posts or anything (sorrrrrrry!) but i do have some pictures of my Fashion Illustrations. And I'm in need of a lot of help! now i know there is some artists out there and i know you'd LOVE to help me..Right? hahaha well i hope you are! cause i need some good criticism on my work. I'm finding Fashion Illustration a struggle. A lot harder then i ever thought it was going to be so my work isn't coming out amazing. I'm such a perfectionist! but anyway I'll show you some of the ones I've done this evening and today
This was my first draft that i drew, I drew it with a stick and ink and then blew the ink to make it drip down the bottom. It's simple but i quite liked that.. We we're allowed to take this Fashion Illustration in any direction we wanted and well..I took it this way! I like how it's very simple and how it just shows the structure of the folds and the jawline..

I then experimented with colour and different things with the same template

I then tried out spreading the ink further down the page. And tried out some different eyes! i just splodged ink on the page and blew..I think they turned out okay! still a very simple design, what do you think about the design? Is it TOO simple or is it okay. Don't worry about saying it's shit if you think it is! I don't think it's the most amazing thing ever. I need criticism and help so feel free to say anything!
This one is the same template like most of them. but i used a water colour wash background and tipex to edit out some of the lines and then i splattered ink over the face and watered down ink over the background too.

this one was being cut out at the time but i thought I'd take a picture. I thought I'd try out some different colours on this one what do you all think? still a very simple design.

I ruined this one a bit i think. I don't like the pink on the background but i tried out lips on this one. I think they look a bit shit really..The more i look at this one i don't like it haha!

I then tried out a whole figure drawing because we weren't allowed to do just face/shoulders on all of it so i decided to try this. Simple design again!! I think i like simple things haha. I drew the figure using a stick and ink and splattered coloured ink and water colour on the background.

So there is some of my designs, I've got to do loads more and come up with a final design..So i would love your help! what do you all think?

I'm sorry if this is a boring post for most of you and i do expect to loose some followers or something due to it haha! but i do love getting feedback on my work and this blog is a great way too do it.
I will be back to my outfit fashion posts by the end of the week i'm sure! I've not really been into fashion due to the fact I'm so tired and we're using ink all the time so I've been wearing pretty boring outfits that would not be suitable for show hahaah. Thank you again for all the comments!

                              Love, Rose


  1. i really like your illustrations. well done! the first and last ones are my favourite xx

  2. i think the simplicity of the design is good as you can show it in lots of different ways (as you have here). personally i like the full figure one the best! x

  3. beautiful, i love how the eyelashes come out x

  4. wow these are beautiful, very well done. the eyelashes are just lovely! you're a very talented lady xo


  5. I love the 3rd and last one, your illustations are raw and edgy x

  6. Yaaay fo' Nando's ;) Love your illustrations, I'm working on some figure sketches for my portfolio and I'm finding it so difficult at the moment, but seeing yours has really inspired me, especially the splattered ink one! xx

  7. I love them! Especially the third & last ones :)

  8. I also find drawing illustrations difficult- trying to draw the human figure and in an interesting way is so hard!! I think youve managed to do it though love the use of different mediums, i love washed colour ones aswell! xxxx

  9. Oh I love your style you drew these in, you nailed it perfectly!

  10. first of all, I wouldn't worry about losing followers, I'm pretty sure most people like to nosy at this sort of thing! I know I'm hoping to post some of my own work on my blog I just haven't got round to it yet! when I do you'll have to let me know what you think haha :)

    anyway I just wanted to say that you're drawings are looking really good, I think its great how you've experimented with line and you shouldn't worry about them being quite simple because there's so much you can do in illustration just using line drawing and any other kind of mark making. there's really no certain way you're supposed to do it, so just keep experimenting and I'm sure you'll develop your own style in no time! :)


  11. love how you've started off with something very simple and developed it with the colour etcxxxx


  12. Nice pictures!

    and you do look like twiggy!!!! xxxx

  13. Great artwork. I'm so behind but never do any-my fault really!!

  14. Oh wow! These are really something - what a great idea. I love the last one especially, what a great effect. Thanks for the comment, as well, your very sweet! Panda xo

  15. Right, your first drawing seems really delicate - the detailing of the creases in the dress is lovely and I like how it looks quite 3D against the model. I like the idea of using a stick to draw with! Really interesting concept, and the blowing of the ink really makes it different.

    The eyes on the next drawing remind me of the t-shirt eyelashes that were on a topshop tee a while ago! They look really artistic!! I don't think it's too simple at all, I like the minimilist style of it. Adding too many things can draw the viewer away from the little details e.g. the folds of the outfit.

    Now drawing three is when things show more of a development, I like how you've experimented with an orginal idea and it's turned into a painting using mixed media, whereas the previous ones show more of a idea, a form, if you get what I mean?

    I think number 4 has to me my fabourite because I'm personally drawn to abstract sort of shapes, and the cut out detailing really works alongside the coloured ink! I love how you've dragged the ink down further more, it adds a nice effect!

    I would say the fifth is my least favourite however I visually cropped the image to leave just the face with a little of the background (it looks like lipstick stains - i love it!). Theres just something about that face that I really like, it's as if shes winking with the right eye!!!

    The last one is lovely, you can really tell you've considered all your previous ideas to create an outcome. The spots of colours work so well together with the harsh outline of the figure.

    Hope that helped you a little, advice is probably not my strong point but also I like the fact you've spent time on these and it's nice to know you're thinking about ideas and stuff, experimenting is the way forward! :D

    I enjoy seeing other bloggers work so it's not boring at all, hope to see more!!!

    PS: I only just discovered your email today that was sent during jan and it was lovely! I sent one back but wanted to thank you on here also! anytime you need some help just drop me a message!

    Katie. x

  16. Rose these are really beautiful :)

  17. These drawings are amazing. Love your style too.

  18. Oh I love your illustrations I wish I could draw. My favourites are the ones with colours particularly the pink one you edited with tipex and the one with the different coloured lines. x

  19. these are really beautiful!
    im no artist, but these are nothing to be ashamed of!
    you should do more full figure ones xxxx

  20. wow !!
    love last cut :)

    watercolor effect very nice


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