20 September 2012

20/09/2012 19 years old

Mint Jumper- Forever 21
Jeans- OLD Topshop
Shoes- Vans
Hamsa Palm Necklace- Little TeaCup

This is basically how I dress every single day of my life. Jeans vans and a jumper! simple but its so effing comfy, This is my new jumper from Forever 21 that I bought recently and I am in love with the mint colour! I'm actually so tempted to buy all the other colours they had stocked in this jumper, I think it was a like peach colour and black. £11 for a jumper is something I can cope with. I paired it with my very, very disgusting and old topshop jeans that I seem to live in? I should throw them out. And my trusty black and blue suede vans, and there you have it a simple outfit. 
I wore this for a trip to town my my friend Lily and yes these are taken in H&M changing rooms lol.

Rather boring and short post as its actually my birthday today. I'm am now mother fuckin 19! scary shit right. 
I'm going to the pub later with my family and my boyfriend, as its also my brothers birthdays too. If you hadn't guessed or knew already were triplets so we have to share today (yay for me) So were going for a pub lunch/dinner and then I'm off out with some friends.

18 September 2012

Recent Purchases

Now i am the kind off person who (well I like to think) is sensible with my money but recently that thought has gone out the window and I have just gone kind of crazy on the shopping, But I am now stocked up on things as I haven't been properly shopping in months and months so it's actually rather nice! here is some of the things I've bought in the recent weeks.
Jeans- Topshop £40
Finally got myself these every time i went in they never had my size but yesterday was my lucky day! I love them. Was a tie between these or a new pair of black they have in which are so good, kinda grey/black with burgundy lining. Might go back and get those too hah.
Sequin Top- Topshop £36
Now this is so unlike me spending 30 odd quid on just a vest but I fell in love with this top and had to buy it. I was in town looking for something to wear for my birthday and I don't do dresses so I thought a nice smart dressy top will do! and I got this one. I love the navy colour too. 
Shorts- Urban Outfitters £38
Fuck I still feel a bit funny when I realise that I just bought a pair of plain black shorts for almost 40 quid! But I absolutely love them. They are so flattering and are high waisted which is even better! this and the top above are going to be my birthday night out attire I think!
Peplum 3/4 length top- Primark £5
I finally got myself a Peplum top! After seeing them on fucking everyone. I was shopping alone in Primark and came across this on its own and in my size so I thought I had to get it! and I kind off prefer the longer sleeves then the other ones that are more like vest. And for a fiver you can't really go wrong.
Cut Out Shirt- Forever 21 £12
Went on a bit of a Forever 21 shop when I first got some money into my bank account cause I remembered how much I loved my last things I got from there and wore my polka dot shirt to death! this is something that isn't me at all but I really like it! and think it'll be good to wear out and to dress down layered under jumpers! 
Mint Jumper- Forever 21 £11
Black Jumper- Primark £6
Two cheap jumpers, I fucking love the mint one been wearing non stop! the colour is just gorgeous. the black one is also great only 6 quid from primark and its so thick! can't wait till Autumns in full swing.
Nike Blazers- £66.99 'Early Birthday Present' 
Studded Flatforms- £20 Tribeca

Jumped onto the rather large bandwagon and got myself a pair of Blazers! I have wanted some for so long when I first started seeing them around and wanted some burgundy ones but they weren't available in the UK neither were many. Then I left it but since I had some money I thought fuck it I've wanted them for so long and bought them! I am in loooooove. I wanted the grey ones originally but annoyingly my boyfriend bought himself some grey ones a couple of months before me and so I ended up getting black. But tbh black goes with everything don't it.
Bought these flat forms after seeing the beige ones online, but went for black again as I thought it would be a sensible idea. Haven't worn them yet but I bought them to wear on nights out when heels/wedges are a no go these give height in a good way! 

Wow that was a big post, Hope you enjoyed it and now that I've kind off gotten back into actually buying clothes/ wearing nice clothes and not looking like a tramp then I believe my blogging life may come back! I have a few posts lined up so should be blogging. Although when I say that it seems to take me months to get them done but hay ho. Haven't done much since I last blogged if I'm honest I've been on a job hunt for most of it but getting no where! anyone else feel my pain! UGH job hunting sucks. 
ITS MA BURFDAY IN 2 DAYS I'm excited but I'm quite upset about growing old and not being 18 anymore, 19 is a proper age I have to start doing proper adult things, NOOO
Hopefully It'll be a good birthday right now I'm fighting the urge to go look in my chest of drawers as my boyfriends stashed my birthday present in there, bad idea Ed you know how much I can't resist! 

hope your all good and all you lot that have just started Uni/College, GOOD LUCK!
Love, Rose 

01 September 2012

Roses are grey

Top [To be worn again/Vintage]
Jeans [Topshop]
Coat [Primark]
Necklace [Little Tea Cup Jewellery]
Converse [Dirty Harry Brighton]
I got sent these rather lovely pieces of Jewellery from the also lovely Chelsea over at Little Tea Cup Jewellery I love the pieces they are so small and dainty yet are brilliant quality and can see them lasting a long time. Unlike most jewellery I own I always manage to break them soon after getting them! but these are brilliant quality.
This outfit is quite boring, but then again aren't all my outfits? but I thought I'd show you my new top I bought. In Brighton we have the Laines and a lot of the shops have little like clothes racks (if thats what they are called) outside them selling t-shirt, shirts etc for cheap prices. So I went looking at the to be worn again stall and  came across this top in the £5 rail and fell in love. Its a little battered and I should probably have asked for less cause its got a hole in it but whatevs a fiver is pretty sweet for a t-shirt if you ask me. I really love the grey Roses and how they are a little faded. I teamed it with my trusty black leigh jeans from Toppers and my new grey converse which were a present from my Boyfriend, which actually only cost £15 from Dirty Harry which is also a Brighton shop that sells like second hand/vintage style stuff and I saw these and had to have them! I also wore (which i mentioned above) my new necklace from Little Tea cup Jewellery and I'm in love with it! I love the hamsa palm anyway but this one is just so lovely and I quite like the fact the chain isn't too long, so If you haven't already go check out little tea cup its got some great pieces in there! I will probably be featuring the cross earrings in a outfit post soon as I have been living in them as well. On another note I finally snapped up the in famous khaki and leather jacket that everyones been talking about. Now I was going to splash out and buy the more expensive version in Topshop cause I did fall in love with that one. But I saw this one in Primark one day and thought hmmmm maybe I could save a bit of money, but me being me I left it and of course it stayed on my mind so I went back thinking that because its Primark and I'd left it a few days there would be none left but I happened to find the last 8 and decided it was fate (lol) so I bought it. Now I do like this jacket and it is perfect for the Autumn months but I do wish I'd maybe manned up and bought the more expensive version just for the quality and sheer nice-ness of the Topshop one. I always kinda don't like the fact this ones a bit long at the back, I like coats that don't cover my arse too much. Not sure why? but yeah, anyway I do like it and at £25 you can't really go wrong!

Sorry once again for being a pretty shit blogger it seems my blogging routine from now on is once every so months. Haven't been up to much basically all I do with my life right now is sit in bed and watch Breaking Bad (if you haven't already seen it then shame on you, you need too) but Breaking bad is now on a break or some shit so I'm back to actual real life and I've started to man up and look for jobs and start my life rolling. Not going to uni in September is playing on my mind a lot. As you know I did get offered a place on a rather good course at Farnham UCA university but being a dick head I am I've decided not to go? Someone explain to me why?? Anyway I'm hoping its a good thing to do and that something good will come out of it but who knows. Couldn't really deal with another 3 years of education straight away so I think a year or 2 out would be good for me.

Hope your all good and are all looking forward to going back to school\college (HOW THE FUCK IS IT SEPTEMBER ALREADY) tis my Birthday month though which I'm looking forward too.
Love, Rose