24 February 2012

down by the sea

Coat- Forever 21
Jeans, Loafers- Topshop
Stripy top, belt- H&M
Scarf- (stolen from brother)
Bag- Beyond Retro
(yes I know i have a hole in my jeans, long story short don't drink 3 bottles of wine then trip up. not fun)

After having my blog for almost 2 years this shamefully is my first ever out door outfit pictures! and full body outfit pictures as well. I've reached a new level lolz, And seeing as I live in Brighton I thought it would be a good idea to get some down the beach. Went down there with my friend and it was actually so nice haven't been down in ages but forgot how peaceful it was down there. Wore my usual (someday I WILL step out of my comfort zone) new stripy top from H&M which I love, never thought of pairing leopard print with stripes but I think it works quite well. 

This week has been a really, really busy one. Had a shoot on Monday up in London which was fun but it dragged on and didn't end up getting home till about 8.30 and I'd left Brighton that morning about 8 so it was a long day, then I had full day at college Tuesday and Wednesday and then went to London once again for my portfolio review at LCF the day was lovely as I spent it in shoreditch with my dad and I haven't spent time with my dad in ages so yeah. But I didn't get offered an interview at LCF so was a bit of a waste of time hahah. Not too bothered to be honest! I don't think university is for me right now, but I do have another 3 interviews to go so I'm not worrying too much. Today has been a relaxing day after spending all day in London the day before so I just met up with my friend and went round town. my Friday night is spent eating my weight in hobknobs because I'm not out (kill me I so want to get drunk right now) I have to be up at 6 tomorrow morning as once again I'm up to London, gots me a shoot, I have to be at streatham hill by 8.15 which isn't going to be fun, once again I'm going to feel sorry for the photographer as I'm going to look half dead. But hopefully it'll be good I think it's going to be a good shoot!

busybusybusy, which is why my blog is taking a backseat again! can't wait to get all this uni shit over with and college over with. Booking a holiday on sunday with my friends, KAVOS HERE I COME LEWL. 
Hope you all have a good weekend and I will hopefully do more outdoor pictures more often! 
Love, Rose

12 February 2012


 I recently went to a H&M student lock in event at the Brighton store which offered 20% off, and me being me I bought 2 of the most boring pieces of clothing in the store. BUT I don't care cause I really do like them. First one being yes, yet another stripy top! except this one is a little thicker and has a gold zip on the back (trying to defend myself for buying another one) but yeah I really like it and I think it'll look good with my levi shorts when it gets a bit warmer. Another purchase was this black vest top which has a sheer longer back. Tried getting a picture but they didn't come out great, it was only £7.99 as well which is good! thats without discount. I also bought a denim shirt but it was a Medium mens size so I'm taking it back cause it's too big, Hoping to get another one though cause I really want one. And now an outfit with the stripy top
stripy top- H&M 
Levi jacket- no clue
Leggings- H&M
Scarf- Portobello market
Necklace- RubyRaeLove

Now I'm going to defend myself here, I normally steer clear of the whole leggings as trousers type of outfit cause I do really hate the look off see through leggings with short tops but I thought I could make an exception with these ones as they are quite thick type of leggings. I bought them recently in H&M when I was in a 'not being able to afford disco pants' depression. So I thought these could fill my need for a while, a poor girls version of disco pants in some way. Although they are completely different but yeah whatevs. I've been living in them recently they are just so comfy to wear to college. I paired my new stripy top with my denim jacket which I have no idea where it's from cause my Auntie gave it to me as it used to be hers. And my checked scarf from Portobello market which I love and only cost 3 quid. Still loving my little skull necklace from RubyRaeLove. I'm obsessed with it and I wear it almost everyday, I've also gotten really into painting my nails recently cause I've been good and let them grow! these 2 nail varnishes from Revlon are my absolute favourites 

I hope you've all had a great week, I am so so so SO fucking happy it's half term right now! although i do have a crazy amount of portfolio work to do but I'm off to London on Wednesday for a few days with ma good friend Amber who is also a blogger which means it's an opportunity to get some outfit shots done. I'm going on Wednesday and will be back Friday so it's going to be a nice break. I also found out I have a portfolio review for London College of Fashion which I was SO surprised at, I mean it's not an interview but it's a step closer! I'm panicking a bit as it's in 2 weeks and I have no way near finished my portfolio. I'm also up to London again on the 20th for a photo shoot. Times like this I wish I lived there! 
Love, Rose

01 February 2012


Well hello, remember me? Surprised if you do! I've blogged once in January and I'm a little shocked at myself. I don't know how it happened but don't you worry I'm going to make February my month of blogging and get right back in to it!
I've missed being out of the loop of the blogging community it's felt weird, I've had a lot going on recently and especially with Uni interviews/preparations coming up college has been one stressful mother fucker. Don't think I've ever had so much work to do before in my life! but I'm back on track with it all and hopefully be ready for my Uni interview for UCA in Farnham.
I actually don't even know what to write, I'm sure I have a lot to say and catch up on and probably had a lot of things to blog about so I'm going to try and include as much as possible. I've got some photos of recent weeks just some snippets of outfits/daily life so I'll post that so you at least remember what i look like!
new favourite shirt and I'm wearing my hair up more
College has taken over my life
another outfit snippet, layering up for the cold
definitely not my usual style but I bought these for £6 from Primark. And I love them!
my new necklace from Ruby Rae Love which I am in LOVE with. wear it almost everyday
What my days are spent at college (not my phone. I wish I had an I phone)

Last photo, from the other  day. Cats always make you feel better!
Right I know this is a mismatch kind of post and something I kind of hate doing but I thought I'd post today because it's the first of the month (bloody hell!) and I want to start a fresh with things.

Oh a few things that have happened, I've been feature on the Strike website so check it out if you like HERE
And I recently re made my tumblr due to just wanting to start fresh and a few things which happened but yeah so if you want follow me on there! 

Again I want to say thanks for sticking by me it means a lot and I hope you've all had a lovely January. Januarys always a weird month! A lot of things have happened which is weird. But I have a lot of things to look forward to in the coming months so yeah. Lets hope I can keep on top of the blogging

Love, Rose