09 April 2013

Instagram 1

1. First picture on my IPhone. Of course it had to be of my cat
2. Oh another one? This is big cat looking rather cute
3. My main man Edward. I love him
4.Looking after the hilarious Charlie my cousin.
5. Easter lunch of mussels. Heaven in a bowl, especially when you mop the sauce up with bread.
6. Bread and butter pudding
7. My first 'Selfie' LOL hello squinty eyes.
8. My bed that I never leave
9. New Jumper from she likes. Featured in a outfit post soon (I hope)
10. Mustard Jumper kind of day.
11. Trying out darker lipstick
12. Stealing my mums converse
13. Being serenaded my Ed he likes to play me this
14. Scrambles 
15. I could eat this all day everyday (bolognese) 
16. A rather nice looking sun set in Brighton
17. Vans all the way
18. I try my hardest to resist but having a shop at the end of your road is just too much
19. New necklace! H&M
20. You've been framed watching last night (Primark PJ's)

Well as you can tell I am now an instagram whore.. Can we all applaud for finally getting rid of my Blackberry!
I am happy to be in the world of the IPhoners and I think I may do this regularly so you can keep up with my EVER so exciting life.. I'm joking by the way I do nothing most days. Follow me on Instagram my user name is roseedl

I will be back outfit blogging soon lets hope and I will see some? of you at AX paris tomorrow! I am pooping myself to put it politely