28 September 2010

I never know what to call these posts? I find it hard! anyway i think this is the first time I've posted 2 days running. I've actually remembered to take photos I'm surprised at myself. So today i was at college all day again. it's becoming abit repetative, I'm not enjoying college at the moment.

so this was my outfit, shamefully i wore the same cardigan as i did yesterday. but who cares! it's just so comfy and warm i had to. the weather wasn't great today it was muggy and cold. so i wore my leggings (topshop) and my stripey top (H&M). It's actually a really boring outfit but i was too knackered this morning to think about style. I wore it with my new furry boots which i featured in my last blog post.

I was going to show you my makeup and stuff like that. But i uploaded all the images and then some reason they all went? ah so annoying. And now i don't have enough time to finish this blog off. so i aplogise for that..i'll do a proper one tomorrow, any suggestions on what i should blog about? Give me a challenge, It could be a new feature 'Challenge Wednesday' or something haha.

27 September 2010

Monday blog week 4

 Monday blog. I actually remembered this time! so this post is going to be a bit different to the normal 'Monday blog' because I have some photos to show you. of the things i bought in London! and what i wore at college today. so i got £300 for my birthday and I think i spent £200..but I'm not sure cause I'm too scared to look just in case I'm dissapointed and actually spent alll my money! but anyway heres what i bought
urban outfitters boots.

1.These are my new favourite shoes. I saw them on them on the website and wanted the Brown ones so badly but i went into the shop and they only had black in my size. but I'm still in love! I'm also even more in love because they cost £38 and i was almost going to buy some for 90 something from Office! so i am a very happy chap.

Topshop Floral shirt

2. this isn't a great photo of this because it's on my mannequin with other things but this is the floral shirt i bought from Topshop (£48). I've wanted it for ages and they had a size 8 but when i tried it on it had a mahoosive rip in the arm but just in my luck they had a size 10 petite so i bought it! I wore this to my birthday meal on Saturday with a black playsuit and brown belt. Loving this shirt 

Topshop Jacket , H&M playsuit

4. I apologise for the crappy photo but this was on my way to college this morning so i got a quick snap! this is my new jacket the denim with sheepskin fur in (£48). I'm still not sure I do love it but I'm not sure if i should go for the leather jacket with sheepskin fur in. ah i can't decide! you lovely people help me decide, Should i keep this jacket? Also underneath is my new burgundy cardigan but you can't really tell. I have a better picture for that though so it's all good.

4. oh god never realised how awful this photo was. And i apologise for the lighting! this was when i got back from College so it was about 6 o'clock. this is the cardigan i bought from Urban Outfitters. I love it! I've been wanting a burgundy cardigan for so long and this ones really nice. It has  really nice like black leatherish buttons. It cost me £38 i think, so that's pretty good!

5. this is the necklace i bought from Topshop, It was only a fiver so i thought why the hell not! i never wear jewellery so i thought I'd buy it. and i have wanted it for a long time. it goes with everything too so it's great. I was happy because i got money off at Topshop cause i used my student card! i spent £98 but only paid £88. still alot though! i don't think I've ever in my life spent that much money!!

Okay so that is all that i bought...Oh wait no it's not! i bought a oversized bluey/green cardigan from Beyond retro but i just remembered i forgot to take a photo! it will probably be featured in a up and coming outfit post though so don't you worry! I didn't buy that much in London. but the things i did buy I'm really pleased with!. I also have some other things to show you. I thought I'd include outfit post aswell for this Monday blog. 

so this was my Monday outfit! i wore this to college. I tried to go for comfy but fashionable at the same  time, I wore my new burgundy cardigan that i am in love with. I wore it with this new playsuit well i say new i mean it's new to me. I swapped clothes with my friend I gave her my American apparel pull over jumper and she gave me her playsuit. I think it's a pretty good swap. the only problem is is the playsuit is a size 14 and I'm a size 6/8 soooo it's a tad too big. It doesn't actually look that big in the picture! so i have to wear a belt with it most of the time. but i like it! I also wore my new primark tights that i must say i love but have had to be thrown in the bin when i got home because they have got too many ladders in them. SO annoying that's the problem with buying primark tights. but i like them too much not too. They are a grey colour with polka dots. I also wore my brogue which i haven't worn in years. They're abit battered. I can't actually remember how much they were but they're from Topshop. I also wore my primark socks which shockingly there actually knee high but i couldn't find my good socks in the morning so had to pull down knee high socks. My feet were abit tight in those shoes but oh well. So that was my college clothing for today. now onto tomorrow!? i have no idea what to wear. this is hard anyway i'd also like to show you some new jewellery that my friends got me for my birthday
this is my new ring! It's huge and my fingers looks small next to it hahaha. I love it though! as i was typing this i pierced my ear again. did the second hole! i think i did it too close to the first..but oh well

My minds gone blank I was going to write about something else but it's completely gone from my mind!. Anyway i hope you enjoyed my Monday blog! and I will post again soon. hopefully. Also thank you to all the comments and new followers I love you all. would anyone like to suggest some tasks or tips that i could do as a challenge post? If you get me..email me at rosedl@hotmail.co.uk or tweet me at http://twitter.com/roseedl

                                          Rose xo

23 September 2010

Birthday Blues

I apologise again (been apologising alot recently on this blog) I haven't posted in a few days. my life is pretty hectic at the moment. College is taking it's toll on the old Rose. Who is lazy and doesn't get up. But is now having to get up at 7.30 and gets home at 6 everyday (feel sorry for me?) so Yeah It's been manic and tiring so i haven't had much inspiration on any post. and it was my birthday of course so i was busy. I am so excited because I'm off to London on saturday to shop till i drop. Got about £300 for my birthday so I'm spending it wisely, New winter boots and some chunky knitted cardigans i think! anyway this post is a quick one as i have alot of college work to get on with. But i thought I'd show you what i was thinking off buying on saturday! I'd love to hear your comments on the things i choose, It's always nice to know what people think! so i was having a rummage through Urban Outfitters website and of course i found lots of lovely things i wanted. So here you go. 
1 . It's not like my normal style but that's what appealed to me. I love the neck line and sleeves and it looks very elegant (is that how you spell elegant? god knows my dislexia is kicking in tonight haha) . the neck and sleeves are velvet which I love!
2. This cardigan is perfect, exactly what I've been looking for. They have a range of colours so I think I'll find it hard to choose from them! I'm loving the burgundy colour and cream. The only downside is is the fact that it's £65. But i do have £300 so maybe i could spare with £65 cause i have been wanting one like this for a long time. 

3. I love this t-shirt! I have a bit of an obsession with floral prints so this t-shirt just has to go straight onto my wish list. because I'm at  college now and I'm sitting at a desk drawing and painting all day i need to be comfy and have loose clothing. So I'm trying to invest in baggy t-shirts and cosy cardis so this top would be great, stylish yet practical
4. This colour is my new winter favourite. It's so lovely and feels wintry too. I think I'll definatly be buying this cardigan when i get to London. perfect colour and perfect shape. It's kind of a blazer look but a cardigan so it's got a really nice shape to it. Loving it! (sorry my writing is becoming less and less interesting as i go along. I'm becoming very tired)

I was  going to do some more cause theres so much i want. But I'm falling asleep in the keyboard so i must go! I finished my college work while writing this so at least that's all done! oh and i just want to say Hello new followers! thankyou for following the ramblings of Rose. I have been getting new followers each day and it puts a smile on my face when i slump back home at 6 from college. so i couldn't thankyou enough. So the next time you hear from me should be Sunday, I am going to London saturday day and then have my birthday meal with my friends in the evening so i hopefully will blog about what i wore then, what i wore to London and what i bought in London. And then I'm off to a party after my meal, So hopefully I'm not feeling too worse for wear on sunday because i need to fill you in with my purchases. 

                                                                  Rose xo 

21 September 2010

What is your favourite fashion accessory?
I would say rings are my favourite, I love them. I don't actually own that many rings but the ones i do have i wear all the time! I also love scarf's. I have so many of them and wear them all the time (in the winter obviously)

Who's your fashion role model? (In real life and YouTube/Blogging?
I don't really have one specific person.  Maybe people like Alexa chung and Daisy Lowe. And in blogging i would say Lily Melrose i love her blog and her style is so laid back and nice. So i would say i get alot of outfit inspiration from her and some other blogs. I normally just go around and search blogs to see what people are wearing or look on Lookbook/chictopia!
What do you always carry with you?
I can't leave the house without my phone! and my purse. and my keys aswell..I also normally carry a camera with me either my Nikon film camera or if i don't want to carry that much i will take my Lumix digital camera. I feel like if i don't have my camera or something to take a picture with then it's horrible what if something amazing happens and i have no evidence of it haha? maybe I'm stupid for thinking that but yeah.
What would you describe your style as?I don't really know. Probably laid back, at the moment definitely! Being at college and all i always dress comfy also because I'm using alot of paint/ink and i don't want to wear nice clothes and get them ruined. so yeah at the moment my style is defiantly laid back. Sorry that's such a boring answer! maybe my styles boring at the moment. I really hope not!

Favourite: jeans, sunglasses or heels?
I don't normally wear jeans but i just bought some jeans from H&M and i guess there my favourite. But that's only because they're the only jeans i own. My favourite sunglasses would be my ray ban lookalikes from Urban Outfitters. I love them and always wear them when it's sunny! Favourite heels..hmm well i don't wear heels but i guess my favourite heels are my prom shoes. Cut out detail black suede from new look!

What inspired you to blog about fashion?
Well to be honest I'm not actually sure! I think i was looking through chictopia one day and came across someone's fashion blog and i thought oh wow that looks fun! and the person i had looked at had the same style as me so i thought well..maybe i could do that aswell. So there you go! my blogs still pretty new and at the moment i don't think it's that great! but I'm working on it

What is your favourite fashion store/shop?I like Topshop, H&M, Miss Selfridge. Also i like charity shops. there always good to find some key pieces to wardrobe! 

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
I'd say, lace is my favourite! It's so girly and lovely. I don't own that much lace but i wish i did. maybe that's something i should invest in? I also like velvet

Who is your favourite designer?
Paul smith, I don't own ANY designer clothes but i love Paul Smith. i also like Paul & Joe. Thats lovely. god i wish i owned some designer clothes

Who/what inspires your style?
Everything. Most of the time I see people on the street or some pictures. Sometimes even lookbook or whatever. Seriously, inspiration is all around us, you just have to look.

What would you choose to do - buy something in high quality or make it yourself if you could?Hmm it would be nice to have things high quality, but the feeling of self satisfaction when you've made something yourself is always so nice! so i would say make it myself. I do love sewing and dress making. I got into it a few months ago but i should try and keep it up!

I just  want to apologise for not doing a proper post in quite a while! It was my birthday yesterday ( I'm now 17!!) so i was busy and I've been really busy with college too. but some exciting news. so far i have £300 from my birthday and should be getting abit more so on Saturday I'm going on a shopping spree in London so I will show you all lovely people what i bought! and I'm telling you now..it's going to be ALOT of things so brace yourself haha

                                                              Rose xo

17 September 2010

Autumn wardrobe

Hello! It's a friday and I'm exhausted. It's not good who knew college was so tiring? So yeah the last time i blogged was on tuesday and that was the second day off college and now I've finished a whole week! I love it. so exciting and can't wait to start all the projects. enough about college and now onto clothes clothes clothes. Since being at college for a week I've realised how hard it is to find a different outfit for each day seeing as i don't own that many clothes (in my opinion, not my mums she says i have too many) so I've been browsing some website and of course i found some great things on Topshop. I'm really loving it at the moment. all the autumn things are so nice the colours are lovely too such a the wine colour. I think I'm going to be wearing alot of burgundy, wine colours this autumn to brighten up my wardobe. I was also having a look at the zara website! It's great i love it. So i got a few outfit inspirations on that to show you. so i'll go on to Topshop first 

so the first one which is the spotty shirt, the other day in H&M i bought an oversized floral shirt but it wasn't right and seemed to drown my figure abit. But i saw this on the website and loved it! I'm really into stripes and spots at the moment so i thought it was great. so as you can see I've set out a picture of my autumn outfit. this is the kind of thing I'd want to be wearing this autumn! I used to love jeans and then i found the magical things called leggings and never went back to wearing jeans! but recently I bought a pair of jeans from H&M. it was £10 of denim so they only a tenner so i thought why not!? I had wanted some jeans for this autumn to pair with my lace up boots. so the ones i bought are really nice. but i love these ones from Topshop they're such a nice colour! and they're high waisted too so that makes them even better. i think teamed with the spotty oversized top they would look really good. I'm also loving loafers at the moment I bought a pair from primark ages ago! and i never stopped wearing them but they are now a bit too battered to even try to walk in so i want to buy some more. I've also got a bit of an obsession with scarf's, I buy loads and my mum hates it! i have about 10 scarf's. but i only own one woolly scarf and it's black so it's not  very exciting I love this one from topshop it's such a nice colour and i think it would go with alot of things. the only downside is it's £16..maybe I'm being abit stingy with my money but i don't think i want to pay £16 for a scarf? maybe i might have to though seeing as it's such a lovely colour! on to the lipstick. I have never worn lipstick before and i really want to try it out. I'm not sure if i would suit it but i love this lipstick from topshop and it seems like such a lovely colour. I also like it because it's called 'Brighton rock' and of course i live in Brighton! i think i might buy it. my local topshop don't sell much of the make up range but luckily next weekend I'm going to London to spend my birthday money (which is on Monday yay!) so i will be snooping around the make-up area. this necklace is lovely I love cameo things. I have a brooch and some earrings but i haven't got a necklace and i was shocked and very happy that this one only costs £7.50! for topshop i think that's pretty good. normally there jewellery is quite expensive so I think i might just have to buy it. I'm loving tapestry at the moment. a few months back i bought a tapestry bag from Urban outfitters and I use it so much that it's becoming abit battered. not sure i could part with it at the moment though it's like my baby (i will show a picture in the next blog) but i really like this one from topshop! and it's quite cheap, I spent £50 on mine and this one is £40. maybe when my baby breaks I'll buy it! i think that's all of it covered? oh also I'd like to thank-you for all your comments and stuff i really love hearing from people and i love thinking that people actually read my blog! cause i really enjoy blogging, even though I don't do it frequently. I really should! maybe when i settle into a routine at college I'll start blogging alot more. oh and i have gained some followers aswell I'm not up to 21! ha ha some people may laugh at that but I'm happy to have any amount of followers. even if it's 10 or 100 i don't mind! so thank-you all for following, And i should blog again tomorrow cause i went shopping today and bought a few things but unfortunately my brother was using my camera so i couldn't take pictures to show you. and i want to show you all my new double bed I'm putting up tomorrow. so goodbye! and i hope you all have a lovely Friday evening. Lets hope it's better then mine. I'm knackered so having an early night!

                                           Rose xo 

14 September 2010

Monday blog 3

Sorry I missed my Monday blog yesterday! I was so so busy. it was my first day at college yesterday and it was really hard work and then i had to come home to finish my summer project and i didn't finish till 8 then i fell asleep cause i was so tired. God knows how I'm supposed to cope with this it was only the first day! so yeah i apologise

1. so as i was saying i started college yesterday and so far i hate it. my parents are telling I'm overreacting but I'm not OK!? hahaaa. this week isn't too bad because it's the induction week and i start at 9.30 and finish at 3 and on Tuesdays and Thursdays i finish at 1 but that is only for this week and starting Monday (which is my birthday aswell!) i go in at 9.30 till 5 . YES 5 this is horrible. i have no idea how I'm spose to cope with those times I'm so tired already and i finished at 1 today. ergh not looking forward to it atall. 

2. and as i mentioned before aswell it's my birthday on Monday the 20th! I'm going to be 17 ah scary. I think I'm going to go for a meal with some friends the Friday after so i will blog a picture of what i am going to wear. I might do it in advance so i have an opinion on the outfits. Also I'm hoping to get some new clothes for my birthday too so lets see what i get! I'm excited. and the weekend after my birthday I'm going up to London with a few friends so i can spend my birthday money. I'm thinking portobello market and Oxford street. I've only been to Nottinghill once and portobello market was just amazing. so can't wait to go back.

3. I might not be blogging much this week so i apologise in advance. I'm having to tidy my room so i can get ready to put my double bed in but at the same time as clearing it out I've got loads of new art stuff from college so it's kind of not working! my room is a mess and it's so annoying. I cant wait to get a double bed I'm hoping to go to Ikea and get new duvet covers and stuff. so yay! i was abit disappointed because I'm not getting any comments recently. Is my blog really that boring? so because of that I've decided to do a poll. you can email me some questions at rosedl@hotmail.co.uk also you can email me some suggestions for what i should blog about or even email me some advice! it's always nice to get advice. or you can talk to me on Formspring so thank-you lovely people and i will be blogging soon (hopefully)

                                                              Rose xo

06 September 2010

Monday blog 2

Finally i have good quality pictures. I have a new camera and i couldn't be happier! it's not a proper photography camera or what ever they are it's just a digital one but it's better then using my phone!. so anyway here is my Monday blog week 2. 
Today was good. My friend got back from holiday so i went to see her and we went to town and Starbucks i also had to go to college with her because she had an interview. so that was abit boring but apart from that it was nice! sorry about the bad photo. I was in a rush to get a photo because i forgot about this blog. and I'm not looking my best right now. In other good news my Auntie has given birth to a baby boy last night I'm so excited cause it wasn't meant to be born for another 3 weeks so it was a surprise. I'm going up to London on Saturday to see it I'm excited about that too cause i love love love London. the new baby is going to be called Charlie. and Chuck as a nickname i was happy about Chuck cause i love Chuck from gossip girl! i was a tiny bit dissapointed cause i was so looking forward to having a girl cousin but oh well i love babys! so my week is quite busy. for me anyway. tomorrow I'm going shopping all day to get college clothes which I'm in desperate need off so i can blog about them when i come back. lets hope I'm on a role with shopping cause i need to get some actual clothes. I'm thinking of spending most of it in primark/H&M cause i just can't afford to buy things from topshop at the moment which is annoying! sorry I'm not concentrating on this blog right now cause Big brother come dine with me is on haha i love it. I'm abit dissapointed because i didn't get any comments on my last blog! was it THAT boring?  I apologise if it was. I'll try again next time, so for now it's goodbye!
                                                                     Rose xo