13 May 2013


| Blue Vest Top Primark | Jeans Asos | Jumper C/O  SheLikes

Rose wearing colour, I never would've thought it. But here you go! I am wearing bright blue.
There is no way these photos are good enough to blog but I think we all know by now that this is the best I can get. I really need to sort out some sort of way of getting better pictures. Going to try and make a make shift tripod. Anyone got any tips?
Anyway onto the outfit. I got sent this lovely little cropped jumper from She Likes. Quite a while ago now but I am such a bad blogger I haven't blogged about it till now. Its perfect to wear with these high waisted jeans.
Primark has really stepped up its game recently I bought this vest and 2 more for £5 each which I was a little but funny about it but then i slapped myself and said ROSE its a fiver for fuck sake. And remembered that I wanted some of these silky vest tops from Topshop that are going for £18 so I ended up getting £3 for £15 so Its allllllll goooooood.
I bought this blue one, a black one and a white and black one. All are really nice and nice fabric which isn't normally the case for Primark. I also bought some really good dupes of the Topshop Joni jeans from there for a tenner! 

I've had a very crappy week so far and have been quite stressed. The kind of stressed where tiny little things make you either punch a wall or cry for example I asked Ed to go to the shop and he didn't come back with Haribo so I burst into tears, for hours... But as type this it all seems to be working out, as you know I got my IPhone stolen from some mother fucking dick head  BUT it was in fact insured on the house insurance so I am now getting a replacement in a couple of weeks so I am very happy about that! And I have managed to sell my Benicassim tickets which has made stress fly out the window and I can now become very excited to plan 2 more weeks in Spain. Asked before but anyone got any places? I'm going to Barcelona for a week then have 2 weeks to plan and I am flying home from Valencia. Looking for another week in a sort of city type place but I also being a girl want some beach time. So a lovely little spanish place with a beach would be perfect.
I am still plodding along applying for jobs and I'm just hoping something will come out of it soon as I have started looking at flights to NZ and holy crap they are quite a lot of money.

Hope you all had a great weekend and I will blog again soon with some better outfit pictures. Going to cinema with Ed on Wednesday to see Iron Man 3 and maybe go for some food so I might get over my embarrassment and ask him to take some. I know he'd get into it loads hahah.

Love, Rose

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10 May 2013

Instagram 2

1.  Fed a squirrel some pizza and it enjoyed it
2. My old dog Blossom - 17 and still going strong (ish)
3. BBQ on lumpy land (If you can see the lumps behind) 
4. Same day 
 1. No make up tired face
2. Beaching it with Edward
3. Finally grew my nails and tried my hand at Nail art..
4. Best burgers in town. 
 1. Sunday Roast made by the gods (MY MUM) SO GOOD
2. OOTD before it started getting warm
3. New Summer clothes buying (Shorts from Zara, Crop Top from Primark)
4. Newly legal driver Lily
 1. A fun day out in Thorpe Park, I hated you stealth
2. Ed in his new Hawaiian shirt Oh I love him
3. Pedalo likes his belly rubs
4. Trying to catch up with Ed while he rides his skateboard
 1. Average Brighton picture
2. Clock tower being covered in t-shirts
3. Catching the last of the sun in the garden with beers
4. Another one of Blosom

 1. Squished
2. My favourite pyjama bottoms (Primark)
3. My obsession with Gelly Hi Shine isn't stopping soon
4. Trying to get organised! Scaaary shit man
1. Lovely sunset from my bedroom window
2. Same night amazing sky!
3. New nail varnish
4. Chilli Cheese frys from the Diner when I attended the AX Paris event.

Thought this would be a good idea so you could see what I've been up too lately. These aren't really in order which is annoying me slightly but oh well. I haven't been up to much as always my life is pretty boring but my best friend did pass her driving test so we've been taking little trips, First was Thorpe Park! mainly been sitting in the sun, looking for jobs and trying to sort out my New Zealand plans.

NOTE TO SELF DO NOT EVER GO CLUBBING- Slightly depressing.. No VERY depressing, I had my IPhone stolen last night in a shitty fucking club so I probably wont be 'instagraming for a while'  until I either get a new one or die in a hole. I hate loosing things or in this case getting things stolen.

08 May 2013

8th May

| Dress Topshop | Jumper New Look | Shoes Vans | Bag Beyond Retro | Belt Primark |

Long time no see. I have been a bad blogger once again I thought I was back into it regular posting and all but seems not, I am back with a very shitty outfit post for you but I just really wanted to blog so thought these would have to do. Definitely need to rope my boyfriend into being my outfit picture taker. 
This is a go to outfit at the moment now the suns been out. I love the dress but I only love it as a skirt it looks so bad as an actual dress, On me anyway its just so unflattering for my body. But I paired it with my cropped black new look jumper which is the best buy cause I wear it ALL the time! and my trusty vans. I've been quite brave this year and done no tights quite a few times. But always having to put a jumper on as well cause we all know what Englands like. 

Haven't got that much to say really nothing much has happened in the last month, All I'm doing is plodding along STILL looking for a job. I'm starting to feel like no one will EVER hire me, I either hear nothing or I go to an interview and will be unsuccessful, Like yesterday I was so wanting to get the job at Sea Life Centre and I didn't get it, Oh well 2 more interviews this week so we'll see how they go. thats life eh!
All I've been doing really is enjoying the sun and trying to make the most of the time I have left with Ed. Its may now which means its 3 months till the love of my life moves back to the other side of the world. I try not to think about it and try to just get on with things but its making me sad, BUT i have a lovely summer planned with him and we've had a great few weeks. My best friend passed her driving test so its been good to show Ed more of Sussex with little drives, AND show him Thorpe Park. 
Just can't wait to spend 3 long weeks with him in Spain, and then eventually I will go off to New Zealand.
Oh talking of that I have set up a Blog Shop to fund some of my New Zealand travels. Obviously not much but I'm trying everything right now to get as much money as possible so selling a few bits and bobs. More will be added soon! Please take a look as it would mean a lot to me

I hope your all well and I hope I am back to normal blogging soon.