04 February 2011

It's that Friday feeling

Spotty tights Priamrk| Blue cardigan vintage| Playsuit H&M|

Once again I am posting on a Friday, someone give me my life back? I'm sitting here doing art AGAIN. literally haven't had a break all week and it's so exhausting I'm doing a Fashion Illustration project at the moment and i am enjoying it. BUT it's SO SO hard. I'd just like too say thank you for all your lovely comments it really did make me smile! I like to get feedback because i don't normally get feedback from my Tutor.

I know my tutor obviously isn't a bad teacher otherwise she wouldn't be doing it. But there are some people in the class that are fine artists..people that can draw amazing drawings and i am not one of them. And i don't mind! that's not what the course is about but it seems like my tutor only takes notice of them..she never gives me criticism of my work so i never get anywhere with it. I do things that aren't great  but then isn't it all about learning from your mistakes? Hmm I don't know! but it's starting to pee me off actually. Oh well! college is good at the moment i love everyone there and especially like this one boy..lolz feel like a 13 year old! but it's all good. College is stressful but good at the same time.
I just want to apologise for being such an awful blogger recently. I just can't multi task from work and blogging and then sleeping as well. Which is what i want to do most of the time!

I'm hoping to get a video done this weekend. Who knows! I always say it but i think i will...
I've got nothing planned tonight which is a shame but to be honest i think if i did go out i would fall asleep straight away so it's probably for the best. Then tomorrow theres a party going on but i think i might just sit in with my best friend. The weather is really putting me off going out at the moment. It's like gail force winds out there..Defiantly would rather be in bed then out in the wind. Hopefully tomorrow I'm going to town to get some new bits and bobs. I'm in desperate need of some new underwear! all girls need pretty underwear, may even get matching ones. It's depressing me though as Primark are getting Valentines day underwear sets *shoots self in head* who else doesn't see the point off valentines day? Maybe it's just the fact I don't have a boyfriend!

I promise to keep you updated with my (boring) life more often! I hate not blogging. It's one of the best things I've done, I'm so glad that i started this blog and i love to think people can relate to me and actually read what i write. It's gotten me thinking off jobs i want to do. I might start trying to intern for some magazines and see how that turns out. Or intern for some Fashion placements. any of you got anything you think I'd be interested in! something for me to get my foot in the fashion worlds door.

Thank-you all, you lovely people! Thanks for sticking with me while i have been a very dedicated -hmm ok maybe not SO dedicated as i should be- Art student. I am doing a lot of work so i am hoping to get a good mark! sorry for the rather boring and rambling post..I have things to say but I don't know how to write them so i seem to have just rambled. I promise to be back on top form tomorrow!


  1. I've been struggling to complete work for over a week know, I know how you feel. Thats annoying about your tutor, when I did A level art my art teacher ignored me as well because I wasn't any good at fine art... I lie, once she ripped my work into pieces and threw it in the bin because it was 'bottom of the barrel'. Got to love those 'quirky' art teachers. Just keep pestering her until she gives some constructive advice?

  2. Your so pretty, and your smile is lovely... JEEEEEALOUS! haha, and I've got some of those tights somewhere but they
    have holes in.. but what do you expect for a couple quid ay? and your tutor doesn't give feedback? that's strange!
    You need to keep pestering them to give their opinion of it, but sometimes I reckon student advice is better than
    the tutors!

    It's the other way round at my uni, there's this one bloke who's amazing at drawing, he paints photo realisticly!
    however the tutors look at it and think - "Yeah, thats nice, you can draw but what else is there to it?" and I do
    see where they come from but he's got such talent and he tells me he thought he'd learn something but he hasn't
    developed his abilities in the time we've been there. Uni is all about modern art which I also love but I reckon
    they should take their time to appriciate his work and others work that doesn't fit into what they normally 'like'.
    It's very biased, I find they have their favourites... it's a shame really!

    Looking forward to your video, I find it interesting to know what bloggers sound like! I haven't got a video recorder
    or else I may of dabbled in it, but I'd probably feel a little uncomfortable as I'm a bit shy! You seem rather confident
    though so I'm sure you'll have no problem chatting away! :D & tell me about it! the wind is awful, I'm dreading walking
    to work in it tomorrow, and plus with the rain I'm going to look battered! So I don't blame you staying inside, I
    prefer that to going out clubbing anyways! I need new underwear too, and valentines is pointless but I suppose when you're
    in love it'll be really lovely!

    I've seen bloggers writing about the Elle internship on their website so perhaps check that out? It seems quite exciting
    to be honest! Look forward to tomorrows post! :)

    and I know what you mean about feeling like a 13yr old girl! I'm constantly falling in love with guys at uni as you
    see new people everyday and I honestly feel like I'm at primary school sometimes with the way I react, its like
    falling in love on public transport haha!

    Katie. x

  3. I'm so glad its the weekend too! I'm exhausted.com - I'm still not used to this proper full time work malarkey lol! Aw I hope you're art work is going well I completely feel your pain, school and uni were seriously stressful with the amount of work we had to do blah. And I would say go for it and get as much work experience/ internships as possible in all different areas, then you'll know what you enjoy best, that's what I did and I learnt so much and had such a good time. Although some places won't take people under 18, but don't let that put you off and good luck :) x

  4. your so pretty rose

    good luck with that certain boy ;) wish i had a boyfriend for valentines day! or any other day for that matter...


  5. You're hair is crazy good!
    Sorry you seem to be frustrated with your tutor - know the feeling.Glad that college is otherwise good but gadz....I need feedback too. After every essay I always book an appointment with my tutor on how to improve and go over my weak points. I'm such a geek ;)

  6. You are noooot boring, I really like and enjoy reading your blog, I wish I could write all this.. I think I always say it but is true, I feel the same way with my illustration class... But I think your illustrations are really cool! Good luck with the boy x)

    Have a nice weekend!


  7. way hay for the weekend and love spotty tights x

  8. love your polka dot stockings!
    ♥ www.wildatheart-blog.com

  9. I'm not sure why my comment has appeared like that, it looks all out of line haha! oops!

    Katie. x

  10. i took art for a level and it's obviously nothing in comparison to what you're doing, but i guess there's some level of empathy there! i hope you get everything done in time without getting too stressed! (:


  11. Ohh i know how you feel! I did art for a number of years and theres always favourites where the teachers seem to nourish them much more than the other students. You can't help but sometimes feel that they think you're a bit shit at art >__<. But keep your head up high and prove them wrong!


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!