29 September 2011


it's fun getting packages in the post. This came on Wednesday morning but i was at college so i came home to a nice topshop parcel..If only more was in there! I could of bought a lot more but I just don't have the money!
T-shirt and Cardigan H&M
Shorts borrowed from my brother then cut up (whoops) Levis
Belt Charity Shop

Outfit from today, Can anyone actually believe how hot it's been. Brighton was on the news last night cause of how hot it was down here! crazy shit. Wore this outfit with no tights but the photos don't show that. And I was still boiling! Ah omg i love this weather..Even though it's showing the signs of Global Warming hah! but non the less I'm trying to make the most of it. It's going to be 29 on Saturday apparently!! had a rather lazy day it was a SDS (Self Directed Study) day at college today so no tutors were in and that means I slack allllll day and do no work! I'm so not a good student am i. Well I got a bit done but the tea breaks seem to happen far too much! then i went and met some friends after college and had a nice chat. 

I'm sorry for being a little distant from the blog recently like i said in the last post I've just not had time to blog and I'm not really in the mood to at the moment! I'm tired all the fucking time and I'm hoping to get a tripod soon so i can start getting some good outfit pictures as i have a remote now but just need a trip luckily my auntie has one but it's just finding the time to go pick it up. Hopefully going to be a good weekend this weekend but i so need some new clothes so I might go tomorrow and spend the rest of my money i have left over. I took the boots back (YES i again took back some shoes, I am so indecisive) so i have £58 quid to spend on other stuff. I need some more going out clothes as i have nothing but jeans and t-shirts! Ah I wish I was rich!

Hope You've all had a good week so far, so glad tomorrows Friday! 
Love, Rose

26 September 2011

long time no speak

T-shirt, Cardigan and Skirt H&M
Denim Jacket Vintage
Shoes Topshop

Well hello there, I'm a shit blogger! I don't even know why I've been such a shit blogger recently? I have been pretty busy with college it's ridiculous literally counting down the days till half term.
Anyway i wont go into why I haven't been posting much cause there isn't really an explanation.

I wore a skirt for the frist time in fucking ages! I feel weird wearing one. I felt kind of insecure hahah I've been living in my jeans recently and the only time i get my legs out is if i wear shorts! Forgot what it was like to wear a skirt. Outfit is kind of girly for me don't you think? I think it's cause of the pink cardigan! which i do love (it's my friends shh) I think all the colours work well together as they are all light and pastel I think that might just be the photos showing that though. I love my denim jacket so much i forgot about it for ages why did i not realise how much i loved it! and I'm wearing my battered old brogues.

So yes the last time i posted was the day after my 18th! can't believe it's almost a week since my birthday. Where the fuck has time gone!? college was really busy last few days last week and i had a good weekend. me and my 2 brothers had a house party for our 18th and a lot of people turned up but luckily our house was absolutely fine and yeah it was really fun.. did some things i regret hahah but we wont say on here i don't think note to self don't get so drunk you don't remember things.

as i said i am counting down the days till half term, Kind of a bit mentally drained due to college! never done so much work/thinking at a time haha, doing a new illustration project which started today and it's hard and I don't really get what to do but lets hope that changes. I should be doing research and shit like that now but I'm not (times don't change) I've missed doing regular blogging kind of just don't know what to post anymore as my outfits are shit and yeah, I'll get back into it I'm sure!

errr I think thats all i have to say! hope you all have a good week you lovely people. OH i forgot to mention THANK YOU ALLLLLLL i reached 600 (and 3 now) followers which is fucking amazing. I love you all

21 September 2011

Birthday post

Here are a few pictures from my birthday yesterday.
Birthday Lunch was the best
Enjoying the noodles
What i tend to do to entertain myself at college, drawing moustaches on id card
First legal pint with my brothers haha
birthday meal, best steak I've ever had
One of my presents, Paul Smith perfume!
my mum and dad put this up in the kitchen, me and my brothers

so yeah it was my 18th it was good and I'm finding it weird to think I'm actually 18! was a lovely birthday and was nice to do some family things first as well even though i was at college all day but it was ok! Just a few pictures from the day i guess but I will be back to normal blogging soon! I've been a little distant and haven't done much outfit posts that are good or anything. Birthday and college are distracting!

Again thanks so much to everyone who said happy birthday to me on twitter! your all lovely. Can't wait to spend some money on clothes and get some good A/W bits!

17 September 2011

september shopping

I've been a shit blogger this week haven't i. this has been more of a break then my 'blogging break' can't think of why i haven't blogged.. I just haven't! but I'm back and I have some things to show you

I went shopping on Thursday and I wasn't expecting to buy much i only went to take back my shoes. Yes i did take back those topshop boots because i realised how they were a size too small! they hurt quite a lot and just weren't comfortable so i took em' back. so I had some money left over from my early birthday money from my grandparents which i used to buy my camera. So I just went into a weird shopping frenzy and wanted everything. I didn't buy that much but for me it's a lot as i normally only buy 1 thing at a time every so often so yeah. I only got 3 things but hay ho
£19 Urban Outfitters
my first purchase, I've been needing a new bag for a while now and i saw this on the website and wasn't too sure about it i liked it but i thought the whole snakeskin thing would be too much. But when i saw it in store and being reduced to £19 from £48 i had to get it! well ok it was reduced to £22 but student discount got it to £19 so i am happy with it! it's great for college. Fits my camera in really nicely.
£58 miss selfridges
Literally just wrote a whole paragraph then deleted it by accident, Fuck sake! anyway I'll start again. These are my replacement shoes for the topshop ones i bought! I feel a little stupid about blogging about my topshop ones then taking them back haha! I always do it. I need to stop! I'm literally the worst person at making decisions it's a little bit annoying. And thats what I'm going to be talking about now.. I love these but I'm still a little uncertain.  What do you think? I love them and i love the colour I just don't know. (see what i mean about making decisions it's silly!) But thats where you all help..So I'd love your thoughts on these. No doubt I'll take them back but i got them cheaper then they were meant to be cause it was a 20% off day for students so they were meant to be £72 which i thought was quite expensive but i got them for £58!
H&M £12.99
well at least i know i love one thing! this jumper. Ugh I am in love it is so so comfy and warm and it's just such a lovely colour. I first saw it a day before on Chloes blog and i realised how nice it was. We have 2 H&M's in Brighton and i went into one and picked up the 10 but then put it back down to go somewhere and was going to come back later but then i forgot so i went into the other and they only had a 6 or a 12. So I wasn't sure if this was a little too big as i got the 12. I wanted it to be baggy but i thought the 10 was a better fit. But then again i think wearing it in winter it'll need to be nice and baggy to go with the excess layers haha!

Wow this is a long post! I was going to do a video on this but i prefer pictures so ya know this'll have to do! I will get some videos done soon as people have asked me on formspring but what do you think i should do them about? I used my new camera remote today and i love it! i couldn't get a wireless one cause they don't do them for my camera which was a little annoying but it's fine! and my Auntie is letting me have her tripod so lets hope i get some good outfit pictures soon! I am also going to try and get some outdoor ones done too as i have roped my friend in as my photographer  but we'll see how it goes!

Hope you've all had a lovely week I've had a fucking busy one at college and i have blisters on my hands from doing 3D work! I love 3D though (only realised this this week as i thought i hated it) but the teacher loved what i made. In my head it looked like a bit of plastic with some wire stuck through it but to other people it seems to look 'artistic' hahaha!
counting down the days till my birthday, I am 18 on Tuesday the 20th!

10 September 2011

counting down the days

peterpan shirt and jeans Topshop
Jacket Vintage
Back to my old photo booth ways, Sorry about that I was in a rush and wanted to document my outfit but it's hard to do it quickly on my new camera.
This was my outfit from last night, I was kind of hating all my clothes so i rooted around my wardrobe and i found my old shirt from topshop! and i forgot about how much i loved the colour of this. so i paired it with my black jeans and my old denim jacket that i love and voila a simple outfit but one i think i really like! it was kind of one of those days were you look good at the start, ie first picture my make up actually looked nice then you get home you look in the mirror and think fuuck did i really look like that the whole night. OH well!

So last night was okay i went to nandos with my 2 friends just for a meal and when we were leaving a man came up to us showing us a restaurant/bar that had opened up like a second away from nandos in a really nice little alley way (never thought I'd say an alleyway is nice) but yeah you went up a little alleyway and it was at the back. We went and he showed us around what it was like and offered us a free cocktail. Lol at the fact none of us were 18 nor did they even ask so we went with it.. And a few later we were sitting out the back with 2 friendly (drunk) people who didn't have a table so sat with us!
we talked with them for ages they were lovely, and the girl gave me some good advice, straight away she said ' i can tell your really shy' which made me think SHIT am i really that shy? then she said to my other friend 'she really doesn't need to be shy she's so stunning'
that women was nice haha, but no way am i stunning but it made me think..I do need to start being more confident with myself. I mean i have got a lot better since last year but yeah thats what i am going to do i am going to be more confident from now on! lets see how this goes shall we.

Hope you all had a lovely Friday and a lovely Saturday day! I spent my whole day in bed which i'm not ashamed off. It was pissing down outside for most of the day which was miserable but not when your all comfy in bed with tea! so I'm not complaining about doing nothing today. Tomorrow I think I'm going to actually try and be a good student and finish off my project work from this week! it's already so much and I've only been there a week. were doing a textiles project monday so thats good.

Love, Rose sorry for rambling on this post
10 days till I'm  18 fucccck

08 September 2011

Weird week

Outfit 1, Shorts and Jumper Urban Outfitters
Outfit 2, Leggings Topshop Jumper Urban Outfitters Scarf Vintage Jacket Vintage Levi
Hello people, I'm back! wasn't gone long was i? I knew it wouldn't last long. But it was nice to have a break i guess it made me think things and shit like that haha.  so I'll fill you in with the week I've had

I went back to college Tuesday and i was dreading it. But i went and it was quite shit.. but then isn't everyones first day back shit. Been split up from everyone i know but oh well I guess thats going to happen in life sometimes isn't it!
Tuesday went ok and so did the rest of the week. I've become a lot less...well I've stopped caring so much how my work turns out. In some ways thats good as i now just DO IT instead of worrying about making a mistake and worrying about 'oh no I'm shit at drawing' i just do it and yeah. Guess thats what 1st year taught me. I'm not saying i love college, i kind of hate it. But I'm just going to stick at it and can't wait to get on to Oct/Nov where we choose our pathways and i can finally concentrate on textiles.

Pictures are a few i took this week, First is the book my Auntie got me! I love it.. It'll be great for college as well! such a amazing designs in there. A few outfit shots from this week too not that there good ones but the first one is my usual the shorts and my UO knit jumper. Then my outfit from the other day..I don't wear this denim jacket enough! I've not really worn it at all to tell the truth. I got it from my Auntie and it's really old as you can tell as it's faded and has a rip on the elbow but i kinda like it because of that! scarf is from Portobello market a few years ago.

I'm kind of still a little distant. I'm not sure blogging isn't really getting me excited at the moment! I'll get better though i promise. I'm hoping to do some shopping soon as i am in desperate need of a coat (after the rain storm the other day i got drenched) so I am on a look out for a nice one! also just need a whole new wardrobe re vamp as i am fucking bored shitless with mine! I've ended up wearing one of my brothers shirts because i hate most of my clothes hahah!

Anyway i hope you've all had a lovely week! I wasn't even gone a week? I'm so bad at sticking to anything..Guess it wasn't much of a blogging break! but at least everything is sorted with college and my best friend so thats nice. Definitely need to sleep a lot this weekend! 9-5 everyday is taking it's toll already! forgot what it was like after a lazy summer. Can't wait to get into this year and hope that something good happens.I want big things to happen haha! hopefully with my modelling but who knows. I did have a random old women come up to me today in the street she was staring at me then said ' oh wow you look like twiggy' thanks old women! it's a massive complement

04 September 2011

the morning after

I guess this is a kind of catch up post as i have been a little distant on here recently. A few photos from Saturday which was a joint family birthday for my Auntie (uncles partner, that makes her my auntie right?) and my baby cousins 1st birthday. It was lovely yet i felt like i was going to throw up most of the day after being a little too drunk the night before but more on that later.
It was a lovely day with family and my aunties french family who i don't get to meet that often as they live in france. The best part of the day was the velcro wall..SO much fun! except my hair got stuck so that wasn't nice. 

I've never featured any pictures of my brothers on here, I don't normally speak to them (lol) or spend time with them so this was a rare occasion, seeing as were triplets you'd think we would be more close. the second picture is one of my brother Joe and my cousin Charlie and the 3rd picture is my brother Tom. but you can't really see his face cause he's upside down on the velcro wall. 

So as for Friday it was great it was my friends 18th but the night ended a bit shit, and can't be bothered to talk about it but i need to make it up to my best friend. me and my 2 brothers were all a little worse for wear that family party day but we still managed to eat all the food (OMG the food best food I've eaten in a long time)

So that was a little catch up and a look into what i did on Saturday. But this is also a little goodbye blog as i am going to take a small blogging break just because i want to sort things out and I'm just not feeling very happy at the moment. College is shit i went back Friday and it's just shit and I'm in a little dillema weather or not to carry on or just to drop out so I'm in a little bit of a shit mood right now due to everything. but I will be back soon. Knowing me this wont last long but yeah i think i need it.

So goodbye for a while people, I will be back soon. but in the meantime you can follow me on twitter as i will be updating on there like i always do

01 September 2011

it's all about the boots

Boots, Topshop £65

Hello new winter boots! I've been searching for a while (yes i start A/W shopping early) and i finally found a pair that i am in love with. Well to be fair I wasn't sure at first but I've been wearing them today and i think i like them! I love the little suede turn over thing at the top. They are quite similar to my old boots but these are nicer i think hahah, what do you all think?

Wow i can't believe it's September! my birthday month. the month i turn fucking 18..I don't want to grow up! this year is going SO fast and I am back to college tomorrow to do my last year. fuck thats scary!
Right now I'm trying to sort out my project that i had 3 months to do and have left it to the last day, it wont get done it's a photography project so i can tell already i just wont do it. Ugh i wish i was more motivated! I'm scared for the second year at college I'm worried I wont be able to cope..I found first year hard.

Enough of my moaning! I will get over it and i am a little happy about going back to see everyone at college and because we get a whole new lot of foundation students from other colleges coming into our class to do the foundation art course while we do the extended diploma which is equivalent (i think?)

Love, Rose