12 February 2011


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sorry for the rather boring post. I am sat here feeling sorry for myself! I've got a hangover a bad one..Never drinking that much vodka ever again don't think I've ever been that sick before, Anyway enough about that! my day has been very very boring so there for i haven't got an outfit post and i didn't not want to post. I mean my posts are becoming so so boring at the moment! I'm finding it very hard to find a balance between college work and the blog, yes my life does not come in to this as art work IS my life right now, so much work to do! I've got to spend all day tomorrow getting it all done for the portfolio review on Monday! 5 big projects to get done for Monday, This is going to be fun right! the inspirtation is all from tumblr. not many photos just thought I'd show you a few images i like at the moment. I really really want to do that to my shorts! the first image. It looks so cool, i also really want my belly pierced have any of you lovely people got it done? if so how much does it hurt. sorry once again for the lack of blogging! I'm thinking off maybe putting my blog on private for a bit until i get back in to the swing of things I hate not being able to blog as much it's really annoying! I love blogging its such a relaxing thing to do. to sit down and just write about my day and what has happened to me, it's like a diary to me gets my feelings out when i'm down at times. I know i always go on about it but valentines day is really not a fun holiday for me! I'm going to try and block out the thought of it on Monday, even though there is a possibility somethings happening with a boy in my class..looool embarrassing. On that cringey note i shall go! I'll be back to my usual self soon i hope. GOODBYE

I don't normally enter anything as I never think I'll get any where from doing it. but i saw this and i saw the likes of Lily entering it so i thought why not give it a go! I didn't realise but the closing date is tomorrow and i wouldn't normally pressure people in to voting. not that i am but i think it's not a good thing to post a blog post about this but oh well! So i just thought I'd ask for your help! if you want to ..Please vote it would mean a lot :)

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  1. I've had my belly done and it didn't hurt because they froze it, was just sore afterwards but it was bearable :)
    Good luck with all the work! I've had a very bad vodka hangover today aswell hahah i swear vodka is satan

  2. I never find your posts boring, always nice to listen to someone who seems really genuine and has the problems that I tend to suffer with! Don't put your blog on private :O you may loose all excitment for your blog, it's hard to balance it out; I'm finding it hard myself. It'll get better though, I'm sure.

    Also love the tye-dye sorta shorts, they look so nice! Would look great in the summer, on a beach.... with a tan... I can dream.. :P

    I know how you feel with vodka, I rememver being 16/17 and I got so pissed it was to the point of seeerious embarassment! I passed out in the loo for an hour on the floor... ha!

    Good luck with getting your belly button done, I've never had it done myself however a couple of friends have and theres seems fine! you'll probably just feel a pinch, depends on your pain threshold. Oh and good luck with the guy you like... hopefully something blossoms... ;)

    Good luck with the comp too, I shall vote!

    Katie. x

  3. I hope you don't put your blog on private :(, i am not a blog subscriber so cannot read any blogs if they are on private,as i am sure many of your other readers are too.

    My friend got her belly button pieced about 10 years ago, she was 16 at the time and it bled like hell !! Plus isin't it old fashioned(?!)

  4. I love those photos, especially the last one. Ombre is my favorite hair as of this moment.

    Vodka is the devil!
    My navel is pierced, and has been since I was 16.
    Don't put the blog on private, just keep it running.


  5. I've had my bellybutton pierced for 4 years and I've never had a problem with it. It's the easiest piercing I've had, I love it! I always keep the same small silver bar in it though.

    I hope you manage to do all your work on time, art sounds so stressful! x

  6. Oh boo poor you, hangovers are the worst. All I can do is literally lie down and try not to move and hope that it goes away blah. ALthough, obviously it does go away and once you're back to your cheery self you will forget all about it, and then go and get drunk and hungover all over again hehe!

    Hope you get all your art work finished! And ooo hope things go well with this boy too - how exciting!

    Also, I've given you a Stylish Blogger award :) Obvs, you've probably had a few of these already and if it's not something you fancy doing then absolutely no worries I completely understand :) x

  7. These photos are wonderful. hope you feel better soon :)

    stcymargaret.blogpsot.com, I'm doing a giveaway!

  8. so not boring, how do you find so much to write about when you've done hardly anything except art?xxx


  9. Art can be so stressful. I go to art school aswell can be very full on. I've had my belly button pierced it really doesn't hurt as much as you think it will. X

  10. Ahhh sorry you're feeling a bit down at the moment, I always find a nice cold glass of coke helps with a hangover :) I don't find your posts boring so don't worry about that...xxx

  11. cute post nonetheless! hope you lose that hangover soon! :)



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