25 October 2011

All about the shoes

I wont wear these much, But I couldn't not buy them. 
They were £19.99 from H&M and I think I love them.

Not got much else to blog about at the moment which is depressing, I'm not sure why I haven't blogged I've just been doing other things. I broke up from college on Thursday so I'm on half term now which is a nice break. I will get back into it soon hopefully but this week is going to be spent finishing off 2 months worth of college work for assessment (wish me luck) 

In other news I am so excited for this weekend coming up! on Sunday I am off to BINTM Live with my best friend she bought me the tickets for my 18th which was lovely of her. I've already mentioned this but I thought I'd tell you all agian. I am so excited! just got to decide what to wear. Maybe it's a good time to wear these shoes! or is that too dressy? tell me what you think, I'm thinking maybe wearing them with jeans. so I guess I just need to get through this tedious week of crappy art work.

I will blog again soon, with some better things too.
Love, Rose

18 October 2011

Muffins and Tea

writing this while eating a cream cheese and salmon bagel, mm mornings are good
Striped t-shirt: H&M
Cardigan: Monki
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
not a great outfit picture at all but i thought I'd blog it because i couldn't be bothered to re take them at the time, this was before i found and made my amazing camera stand (lol jk it's a pile of boxes but it does the job okay-ish) I'm loving my camel cardigan i wore it yesterday again but with jeans as it was fucking cold yesterday! Oh ma days I wore my hair up for the first time in ages as you can see from the first picture! it just went 'right' for once and I've not been able to do it again haha. if anyone knows any good tips on topknots or just nice messy buns then please send them my way as i want to start wearing my hair up more!
just a few pictures from my day at the V&A yesterday, It was nice! we went up with college. Not going to lie i really didn't enjoy the postmodernism exhibition i know a lot of people have said how good it is but i just didn't get it..I know your not meant to but it just wasn't the stuff i like! Not really sure why i just didn't like it that much. But there was another little exhibition called the power of making and i LOVED that! It was so amazing I think it's cause i prefer the whole making side of art..So there was some amazing pieces of 3D things. Can't really explain it so you'll have to go see it! but it was great. then we had another 2 hours to look round the V&A so we decided to go get some muffins and tea..and don't they look fucking amazing! they tasted it too. Didn't really realise how expensive the V&A food was but oh well! muffin was worth it.
Today I've decided to have a day off, bad isn't it? but this week is a bit of a miss match week because most of our course are in amsterdam for a trip and the rest of us are just left..so we're doing crappy stuff (well thats what i think) so i decided to have a day off and sort out my bedroom and get cracking on my personal statement not that I've done any of it yet tomorrow I'm off Devils Dyke to do some landscape drawing with college.. Not looking forward to the cold as it's always SO bad up there!

Anyway I hope you all had a good Monday.. not that most Mondays are good! but got through it okay haha. I'm getting back into blogging a lot now! so thats a good sign. I'll see you all in my next post
Love, Rose

16 October 2011

roll with it

Shirt (worn underneath): Forever 21
 Shorts :Urban Outfitters
Jumper: H&M
Ring: Primark
It looks like I'm back into the swing of things with blogging! this was my outfit from today..I'm loving the whole jumpers with the collars over the top so i decided to pair this grey jumper with my polka dot shirt! which i haven't actually worn that much since i bought it! also paired it with my denim shorts that I've been wearing a lot recently! I actually quite like this outfit. I did wear it with my hair up at first (First time evs) I'm trying to start doing more to my hair as i am quite lazy with it. I'm trying to perfect a top knot but it's not working so well at the minute! my necklace is a little clock too on the other side and my mum got it from an auction where she works really cheap so thats lovely. She also got me a lovely little watch but it doesn't work.
Another thing i want to show you is my purchases from Monki that arrived the other day! is it sad i was really..really excited.
so here it is! I love it ALL. I bought a mustard t-shirt which is more sheer then i thought but still lovely. I've been wanting some mustard in my wardrobe for a while so i think this is great..And will look good with jeans and a chunky scarf. Then i bought a camel cardigan which I've been wanting for a while I've fallen out of love with most of my cardigan - i guess thats what happens when you wear things too much but i bought this and i love it. Camel is gooooood colour, then finally i got the chelsea boots that i think everyone knows about!! so cheap too I love them. I was worried because of them being cheaper then normal that they would look cheap too but they don't! can't wait to wear them with thick socks in the winter think I've finally found my perfect winter boots after searching for ages..and failing miserably at it!
so luvin the cold weather right now.

so thats all I've got to say, I was going to post this earlier but fucking internet was being so slow and wouldn't upload my pictures. last week of college till half term which i need BAD! can't wait to sleep for a week..even though i can tell already that I'll be catching up on my work seeing as it's assesment the week i get back. Off to the V&A tomorrow with college which i think will be good were all off to see the postmodernism exhibition I've heard some amazing thoughts on it and its always good to get up to London! Hope you've all had a good weekend mines been pretty lazy but it was nice.

Love, Rose

13 October 2011


Jumper, shorts and bag Urban Outfitters
Tights Primark
didn't realise till now that i was wearing all Urban Outfitters, outfit from today..Pretty simple like every other outfit i seem to wear! so thats all i can say really hahah! I never know what to write on blogposts much anymore.
I ended up getting my tragus pierced! I got it done on Monday and it didn't hurt at all if you'd like to know not one bit. Well tinyest bit haha! when she put the bar in. Now I've got another piercing I feel a little addicted I forgot the rush of piercings was so addictive. I want another one!!

Hope your all well, I am still blogging just a lot less then normal due to college being hectic. Can't wait till next week cause it's a last week and we're going up to London and the V&A with college and thats about it! nice lazy week I hope. Hope you all have a good weekend I have nothing planned as of yet but then sometimes things are always good left unplanned.

Love, Rose

08 October 2011

it's about time

I seem to be finding it harder and harder to actually blog, I don't even know why. I guess I'll start with showing you what I have bought in recent weeks. I got some things from Missguided
this is what i bought with the voucher i won on Beth's blog and i absolutely LOVE it! I don't own much 'dressy' stuff so i thought this would be a good investmant. I do really love it! and i wore it last night. Only problem is it has a hole in it already? I'm not sure what to do
snippet of my outfit, Who else is loving Autumn? I've been wearing pretty bland outfits but i really like them so i don't care. Plain outfits put with coloured lips! I'm loving the cold weather but I so badly need to stock up more on warm clothes and some winter boots!

I guess I want to say sorry for not being a very good blogger recently, I looked at how many posts i posted in September and it was only 8!!! thats not good. So I am going to try and get back into it. Even though i really hate my blog at the moment. We will see i guess.

Had a good week last week i got really into doing my fine art project and was so surprised at myslef for loving it so much! i travelled up to London on Tuesday evening as i had a very early start the next morning as i had a shoot at 8.30! was a great day (so tiring) and was lovely to meet Jazmine who was doing the styling for the shoot.
so thats all i have to say really. All my posts recently have been half hearted so I'm not really sure about them! I will hopefully get back into it soon. Have a lovely rest of the weekend! mines going to spent watching xfactor in bed due to being a little hungover but on top of that i have flu! so not good. And I'm poor so it's a bit shit!

Love, Rose

02 October 2011


Warning, This might be a long post i have a few things to say. And a few photos to show..But then again i might surprise myself and make it a short post! not promising anything though.
A few photos from yesterday, Went out for lunch and shopping with my good friend. Was a really really lovely day as i hadn't seen her in a while and kinda made me realise what a good friend she actually is. For my birthday she bought me Britain and Irelands next top model live tickets! I'm very excited were both going on the 30th of October! It's going to be a good day I'm sure I'll get loads of pictures. Anyone else going? So yeah yesterday was a lovely day and the food was bloody amazing. If any of you come down to Brighton go to Giggling Squid a lovely thai restaurant and i had spring rolls for starter and chicken pad thai for main and it all came to 6 quid! amazing. 
there was meant to be another picture but for some reason it wouldn't upload. Anyway i bought some new shorts yesterday! they are cord black shorts from Topshop. I love em' thats why they are in my outfit posts coming now! they cost me £25 with my student discount so pretty good. Oh I also forgot to mention i won Beths giveaway on Anchor of Roses and won myself a £20 Missguided voucher which made my day very good! so thank you so much. Can't wait for my parcel to arrive so i can show you what i bought

Vest- H&M
yes this is my sunday outfit, A very comfy one! I love it actually I've been wanting a checked/plaid shirt ..I dunno what they're called but I've wanted one for ages and I was looking for ages yesterday but couldn't find the 'perfect' one and then i let my friend borrow my cardigan and i borrowed this to go home in..Probs going to 'borrow' it for a while now cause i love it a lot. Yeah sorry Lily you wont get it back for a while!
Can't quite believe the weather at the moment it's so..Weird! I am loving it though. I was looking forward to the start of Autumn but what evs i love the sun 
So yes as i said at the start this is probably going to be a long post and it's not actually that long in my surprise. Well the exciting thing that happened was the tickets for BINTM live but i already told you about that. OH no there is 1 more very exiting thing I've got a very exciting shoot lined up for Wednesday that i couldn't be more happier about. I haven't had a shoot in a while cause of LFW and agency being busy with that but yay i am so excited more excited about the fact I will be meeting Jazmine because of it. Added pressure for me I hope I'm good enough! haven't had the deets yet but I'm hoping it will happen.  so that is very exciting and I'm looking forward to getting back up to London and doing a shoot again i do love em'
So thats about it really. I've had a bit of a shit weekend well it was going okay until yesterday afternoon. Ugh feel a bit shit about stuff, just the fact i feel like I'm being replaced or loosing one of my friends. It's not ze same anymoooore! oh wells I'm sure it'll be okay I'm just going to leave it and get on with my week. college is draining me and this week it's fine art so expect some over the top 'I want to drop out' tweets from me these coming days. I know already I'll say it! but when thats over we have a good week planned with college to go to the V&A and stuff like that so that should be good. 

Oh i was feeling a little shitty towards the blog too i mean i'm just really not liking blogging at the moment but i think I'll be away from the blog a lot these few weeks as college is taking over and stuff like that so maybe a break will be good for it! 
I'll see you all when i next post! Love, Rose