30 October 2010

I'm back and with a new mac

testing out my new mac haha

kind of laughed to myself at the title. it rhymes! yes i am immature. Anyway I'm back! after a long and slightly cold week in Cornwall. I didn't really want to come home as it was so relaxed and nice but guess it's back to normal. i got back Friday evening at about 8 after a 7 hour car journey. worst thing! i had a great time though and it was lovely seeing the people i've been going to cornwall with for so long. we go as a big group of families. we've all known each other since year 1 in primary school so we've grown up together. i hadn't been last year so it was lovely seeing everyone! especially all the kids my age. and one person in particular but we won't go into him. haha sorry had to write that!

I have missed you blogging world! so it's great to be back. I will be on top form from now and will post everyday (hmm well i say that) but I'll definitely try anyway. my blog is going to be blog about my life. more about day to day things. like outfit posts then writing about what happened in my day. or photos from a day ect. i don't know! but why not try something different? my blog isn't really going anyway so i got to lift it off it's feet abit. the thing i love about Cornwall is the charity shops. i couldn't get enough of them, they're so much better then any of the ones in Brighton so i thought I'd try and do as much as possible. but sadly we only went twice. but the first day we went i couldn't find anything and then we went into one little charity shop and i found 2 things. I bought a tapestry bag for £2.99 and a knitted jumper for £3 i think. i threw the labels away so i can't remember that much. but all you need to know is they are a bargain! we went again to some charity shops but i wasn't feeling too great ( i got an awful cold on the second day, just my luck right?) so i wasn't really up for looking and just moped around while the others looked. it was okay though.

I almost forgot to mention i have now got a mac! i am like an excited child i love it. i got the white one ? not sure the technical name haha but anyway. it'll probably help me blog more because of the good webcam on it. I know it's not great quality but i like it. so yay! I don't have a camera today as my parents have taken it. so i sadley cant take a picture of it for you. but i can use it to take pictures of other things!
I think I'll do a double post today. maybe a 'day in pictures' post for you all.
Hope you all had a lovely half term and didn't get ill like me.

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  1. So jealous of your Mac, I'd love one, a laptop is pointless for Uni work when most of my work is done on a Mac. Glad you had a good time away! I do intend to visit Brighton again soon, should be visiting my friend there soon, and I'm gonna get him to show me around :D xxx


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