03 October 2010

Lazy sunday

Why am i so lazy on a Sunday? I really don't know. I've been in bed since about 3 lusting over clothe websites. for the past god knows how long I've been looking through Dixi. I can't believe how good it is! the clothes are amazing and still pretty cheap seeing as there vintage. I found this website off Kim's lovely blog. everyone go look at her blog it's amazing. Also there's a 10% off code for Dixi for all readers. But don't just use to discount code READ the blog it's amazing! anyway i found it off Kim and i haven't looked back. I'm loving so many things on there. So i thought I'd show you some things i defiantly want to buy 

Tabitha Black Sheer Blouse
Tabitha sheer blouse £18
Sophie Cable Cream Cardigan
Cable Jumper £28

Diana Mauve Sheer Blouse
Sheer blouse £20

Diana Apricot Sheer Blouse
Apricot sheer blouse £20

theres alot more things i want but i thought I'd show you my favourite things. Those sheer blouse are just amazing. I've been wanting a sheer blouse for a while and i was going to buy one in H&M the other day but it was just a plain black one. the colours of those two are just lovely. And only £20 each!? pretty cheap in my eyes. the black sheer blouse is lovely too. I know i said i was going to buy one in H&M but this one seems to be alot nicer. even though it is just plain black it's hangs so nicely and i think it would look lovely on. the cardigan is my favourite. I want one so bad and this ones pretty cheap too. 
(as i was typing all that i realised that the top 2 items are sold out, just my luck aye?)

on another note today i had to take back a dress that my friend bought me. it was a size 6 so it fitted but it was a petite so it was more like a top then a dress on me! so i took it back but because I'd lost the receipt i had to do exchange and i couldn't find anything for £26. after a long browse round Topshop with my mum moaning at me as it was raining and she needed to go home and make dinner, i made a decision. I bought this cable knit jumper. I wanted it in cream but they didn't have my size  so i went for blue...I'm not sure about it? that is why i blogged about it. I was going to ask for your opoion. do you think i should take it back and spend 40 odd quid on something else? or keep it. I do like it but on me I'm not sure. I think it might be because it's abit long. maybe it's meant to be like that but i don't like that fact. So i need your help! i may even take it back and buy those two shirts from Dixi! 

also wanted to post a poll on stuff about my blog. I want to make you lot happy. the people who read my blog, oh as were on that subject i have now got 27 followers..it's goin up and i couldn't be happyer! lets hope it keeps going up because i love the feeling of when i log in that i have more followers. It makes me so happy. so yeah anyway what i was saying was i think i want your advice on what i should blog about. 
do you think i should blog 
  • outfit posts only?
  • Wishlists
  • my inspirations in fashion
  • General life storys on what has happened in my day
  • Art work i do at college (have to admit..most of my art work is shit)
  • Things i have bought that week
Anything..you lot give me some suggestions and I'll do it!!

                                                  Rose xo


  1. K I officially need that grey sheer blouse and cable knit cardy in my life! Looks like a really nice store, and from Kim's post, it sounds like they really care about their customers which is always good :)

    Well done on the new followers sweet, I hope it just gets bigger and better for you! I think you should post more outfits and things you've bought. Maybe some general photos from day-to-day life as well? I'm a nosey one and love posts like that!


  2. Thank you for the link to my blog :) Glad you like Dixi as much as me! I'm loving their new stuff, just not sure I have the money to be able to buy everything I want! :(

    Hope you're well lovely xx


  3. I think your blog is adorable, and you shouldn't worry too much about pleasing anyone. As long as you enjoy doing it, people will enjoy reading it.

    I like the cable knit sweater, but unless you're in love with it I'd take it back and exchange it for something else. Topshop do have some exciting knitwear in at the mo so I'm sure you'll find something that suits.

    Those sheer shirts are gorge btw

    Claire xo

  4. oh, i adore your cable knit jumper, it's lovely! i'd love a jumper like that, i just don't think i could justify spending forty pounds for it, but i think you should keep it, it will last you all the way through a/w! :)

    love, jazzabelle. xx


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