20 October 2010

Style crush

I'm feeling abit down recently about this blog! I lost another follower. Only on 33..what is happening! oh well lets hope the rest of you that follow my blog enjoy it! and i do appreciate all the comments i get and do read them! So i've decided. When i get back into the swing of Blogging. I'm going to do more of a life blog..So I'll be taking pictuers of what i wear everyday then telling you about my day. I'll also do the occasional wish list and stlye crush but i think I'd like you all to know about my life! and what i wear of course. Is that good? someone give me some advice! my heads not in the blogging mood right now and i really wish it was cause i was doing well last week! getting loads of comments and followers. it always feeels so nice. But anyway tell me what you think i could improve about my blog. what things i should post the layout, my new idea..anything! you can email me at rosedl@hotmail.co.uk or twitter me at http://twitter.com/#!/roseedl have to warn you, i ramble on abit on twitter!  so beware. or you can just comment on here! so thank you.

anyway back to the post. I thought I'd have a search through lookbook/chictopia and even just gracia website and other things to find some style inspiration for the winter months.

black shirt - black shoes - brown bag - black jacketblack Topshop cardigan - orange Topshop dress - black Forever 21 bag - black ForRiver Island dress - black jacques vert blazer - black next purse
H&M jumper - SuperTrash jacketblue Levis jacket - purple Wera blouse - beige H&M pants - brown second hand shogreen vintage jacket
I completly forgot to link you to these lovely peoples lookbooks. Naughty me anyway i was having a snoop around Lookbook and these are the trends I'm hoping to incorporate into my wardrobe this winter

1. love love love this outfit. I've been wanting that H&M leather jacket for so long and they've only jsut got it in my size so I'm off to town on thursday (late night shopping on thursdays) to go grab it. Praying it wont sell out in 2 days! anyway I seem to be loving the whole grunge look at the moment. mixing pastel colours like pink and lilac with hard edgey accessories and jackets. also loving the knee high sock look that girls got going on! Might have to try that
2. so as i was saying about the gurnge look. this is the kind off thing i was thinking off. I love her dress and i love the colour. She's teamed it all with black so it gives it an edge. This is what I'll be trying to incorporate this winter!
3. kind of the same for this post. this time with bright florals. I was in to the whole floral look this summer. but it seems to have backsided and now I'm going for the plain Jane look. College does no wonders for my fashion sense! especially when using ink most days. So I'm going to go all out in the winter and dress to impress even if it is just for college. Loving the boots this girl is wearing, Might have to invest in some biker boots.
4. I've seen this playsuit alot in H&M. and i keep eyeing it up. but never being brave enough to buy it. I'm not sure if i have enough confidence to wear a jumpsuit. this ones so lovely though, i bought a shirt in the same print a few months ago but took that back, I think i might invest in this cause i do love the print. another grunge look there aswell. I'm abit obsessed with leather jackets at the moment! i think i need one in my life also i love this girls hair! it's so lovely. I really want to get my hair like that. dying it and cutting the fringe. hmmm maybe i should. Maybe a new do for the winter months? what do you all think.
5. loving this look. The whole messy but fashionable look. I love the trousers I'm quite into the whole camel/cream colour at the moment. I have a old Levi denim jacket that's about 50 years old or something? god knows but it's really old and faded and ripped. I LOVE IT but i never have the right moment to wear it? may sound weird but i don't think my stlye suits it. so I think i want to wear it with my winter outfits.
6. loving this cosy outfit. The cardigan looks so lovely and warm. Also loving this colour. the pastel colours are in my wardrobe right now and i love them, especially lilac

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  1. don't worry about losing followers, it's a sad part of life! great picks x


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