16 October 2010


I'm back! and will be now for good. hopefully, unless i get another massive work load..sorry for the lack of blogging this week and yesterdays well..not so interesting post but today i have an outfit post and all for you lovely people!
is it just me or do the pictures take f***king ages to upload! it really annoys me. maybe i should just copy and paste them..anyway moan over. here is what i wore! i was doing work in the morning for college so i didn't have much time to get ready. so i throw anything i could find. but it seemed to have worked.
today was an annoying weather today one minute it was freezing and cold enough to wear gloves and scarf's and then the next it was warm enough to wear just a t-shirt! so annoying. so it was hard to find something to wear but this is what i chose

i can't stop wearing these shoes. there my fav. so warm and comfy

I have to rush out! sorry but i will post again tomorrow


  1. love those shoes, they look so cosy :) xo

  2. i love those boots, where did you get them? x


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!