31 October 2010

A little worse for wear

so today i have to say I'm not feeling my best, i went to white night last night and well i don't remember much from it. i stayed out till about 2/3 in the morning. the atmosphere was so good that night. so many people out and about around the streets of Brighton all having a laugh. was pretty good but lets say i'm feeling the effects of it now. But because i wanted to blog today i thought I'd show you what i wore last night. i didn't take a picture last night..for obvious reasons. so i took it this morning excuse the horrible face.

really bad photos using macbook. and i'm in bed so i couldn't really be bothered to get up. but what i wore last night was my black playsuit that i never seem to take off! it's so comfy. but not the best idea when you need to loo at 2 in the morning hmm. anyway i wore it with my floral sheer shirt from Topshop. i never really have an opportunity to wear this because it is so dressy but i'm trying to find a way to wear it as a day time look. maybe some jeans tucked in? we will have to see. 
i also wanted to do a day in pictures post. so i think i might do it on this post? i keep doing more then one thing in a post and i don't think i like it. but i always want to do something then have another thing to say! but i think i'll keep post to one thing at a time.
bit of an odd post today..not really feeling it at the moment. Back to college tomorrow so outfit posts will be a must!
also i have just gone past 1000 views! woohoo. thankyou all for commenting and looking at my blog. it makes me smile, oh and i also want to say for all the people that comment on my blog from now on i will be commenting back on ALL the comments i get. so keep checking back to what i have said!


  1. Gorgeous blouse, looks like a dead ringer for Acne!

  2. I love the blouse! I wish I looked that gorgeous with a hangover!

  3. love the floral blouse its gorge xxxx

  4. Kb- thankyou! good old topshop is where mines from

    Emma Jade- aw thankyou! i would have to disagree with that staement haha, your so pretty! x

    kirstyb- thankyou xxx

  5. i really like this blouse :) i think tucking it in jeans is a good idea and also if you wear it with a skinny belt it'll also look more casual :) xo

  6. lydia-lee - thankyou! x

    jennie masters- i think i'm going to try it out tomorrow i have a £1 skinny belt from Primark so i'll try it out x

  7. Cellardoor Magazine- Thankyou! good old topshop buy x


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!