05 October 2010

Monday blog week 5

I'm sorry it's a late Monday blog! I was so busy yesterday and it was a pretty eventful day not in a good way.

001. so yesterday i had an awful day at college. I haven't been enjoying it recently it's such hard work and all my work is shit compared to everyone else's..maybe I'm overreacting but i just don't think I'm right for this course. but if i don't do it i wont get to do textiles and fashion in the second year so i best stay at it!. anyone got any tips on how i could stay relaxed at college? anything would help!

002. So yesterday after i finished my awful day at college i went round to my friends house to see 3 of my friends, who i haven't seen in a while cause of college and yeah. it was nice! then in the evening i went to go  see Mumford and son play at the Brighton Dome. My dad works as a security guard there so he got me 2 free tickets on the night even thought it got sold out in 30 minutes. so that was all good apart from half way through the night i felt really faint because i was in the standing bit at the front and it was boiling hot and i hadn't eaten since breakfast and all i had for breakfast was a spoonful of muesli..actually wait i had an apple at lunch so i guess i hadn't eaten since  then. so yeah i felt really faint then next thing i woke up and i was on the floor with people standing around me. I had actually fainted!! so weird I've never fainted in my life. it was a horrible feeling and annoying because i didn't see the last bit of Mumford and son and they did my favourite song :( oh well!

003. so all in all my Monday was pretty bad. I'm sorry for the rather depressing and bad mood Monday blog. I'll make sure next week is a happy Monday blog! but on some good news I'm ordering my macbook this week (finally) my Aunties ordering it for me because she's at Uni and gets discount i think! So yay thats good. lets hope that cheers me up.

Anyway i better go. I'm meant to be catching up on all my work but I'm sitting in bed watching him & her.
hope you all had a good Monday and that it was better then mine!

                                                                    Rose xo


  1. Aww lovely, hope you're feeling better today! Fainting isn't good, be sure to eat some more :) And I hope you got to see at least some of Mumford and Sons <3


  2. awww, sorry to hear about your bad day, hope you're more cheery now and college isn't getting you down!
    You look cute in the pic- i like the headband!! xxx


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